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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at protective mask legalities.

45 Volcanoes Erupting Worldwide

I found this linked by way of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor: There Are Currently 45 Ongoing Eruptions With Eruptive Activity From 52 Volcanoes at Some Point so Far This Year

The Lowdown on Virus Lockdowns

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Tucker: Are coronavirus lockdowns working? Here is that vid and Tucker on it all. JWR’s Comment:  It is noteworthy that the video that he excerpted was recntly removed by YouTube’s censors, after more than 5 million views.

Illinois: Masks Both Mandatory and Illegal

Reader D.S.V. sent this: Illinois Governor Pritzker Orders Masks as of May 1, But Mask + Gun = Felony Under Illinois Law

State Codes Related to Wearing Masks

State Codes Related to Wearing Masks. JWR’s Comment:  Some of these laws have been over-ridden during the current pandemic, but some have not!

AG Barr Warns of Unconstitutional Lockdown Restrictions

Reader Tom C. sent us this: AG Barr Directs Prosecutors to Watch for Lockdown Restrictions That Violate Constitutional Rights

A Wyoming Artesian Wonder Ranch

This new large ranch property listing in Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin with a huge artesian well caught my eye: 1397 Wyoming Acres and Off the Grid. It is right on the Montana state line, and priced at less than $700 per acre!

Pig Farmers Consider Culling

AgWeb reports: Pig Farmers Exhaust All Options to Avoid Unprecedented Decisions

Producers Warn: Protein Shortage in Coronavirus Era

Over at Breibart: Producers Warn America Is Facing Protein Shortage in Coronavirus Era.

Vaccine Quantum Dot Skin Tattooing

Reader G.W. sent us this background piece:  Quantum Dots Deliver Vaccines and Invisibly Encode Vaccination History in Skin.  G.W.’s Comments:  “More detail, from a website dedicated to secular genetic engineering and biotechnology. Note that the Quantum Dots in this case aren’t the colorful ones described in other articles, but dots that fluoresce (it doesn’t say what the stimulating light source is) in near-infrared (which is detectable by cameras with their infrared filters removed). The dots described in this article would not be visible under ultraviolet light without a modified camera, making them even less likely to be detected by non-medical personnel. With the world clamoring for a COVID-19 vaccination, and a secure, foolproof way of proving each person has been vaccinated, the technology is for the first time in human history ready to implement the Mark of the Beast. If you notice the article dates you will realize that the Globalists / TPTB have had years to prepare for this moment. Time will tell if they’re ready to ramp up production to vaccinate – and Mark – the whole world. I’m not saying we should panic. I’m not saying they’re going to actually do it. I just think this means we are very, very close and it’s time we start thinking about how we are going to respond to the whole End Times scenario should Jesus tarry.”

Bill Gates Stored Food at Home for a Pandemic

Simon sent us this: Bill and Melinda Gates Stored Food in Basement Years Ago for a Pandemic

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      1. I’m good. I live the lifestyle. Appreciate it though.
        I was just stating it for those considering buying one on that stimulated money and trying to stock up meat at the last minute that they are too late.
        Folks need layered approaches. To meat it’s fresh as in raising it and being able to butcher it, frozen, hunting, canned, LTS etc.
        I’ve got family that works in a big store and they are saying late June for them.

    1. Henry: That fact that the Gates family stored food for a possible pandemic will send the
      the anti vaxxers and the conspiracy nut cases into the high speed woobles.

    1. I watched this entire video – they may mean well, but make several big mistakes in their logic – probably the most significant of which is not accounting for the “selection bias” in those who are tested.
      The testing to which they are referring is not a random sample of the population – and indeed far from it – they should (and may) know better.
      Also – the claim that the difference in numbers between Norway and Sweden is not statistically significant is laughable – they should also know better.
      That being said – the video is worth a watch – just keep in mind they make several serious mistakes and their logic is partially incorrect.

    2. This is good example of how the media is being censored. Without the ability to have a healthy discussion or public debate, the truth is suppressed. Although I believe these doctors are mistaken in a number of important ways, they certainly have the credentials and should be heard. Main stream media and the internet controlled by Big Tech, such as Google, are suppressing traditional American values, to promote an international corporate agenda.

      In the case of Covid-19, the medical community can not thoroughly discuss the problem and possible solutions, and are being steered toward a conclusion that only a vaccine can save the world. Big Pharma is in control. Big Pharma, and the insurance companies that control our health system are using the opportunity to profit, but mostly to do the will of their owners. Bill Gates is a leading actor for the insanely and perverted wealthy elite that seek to establish what is commonly referred to as a New World Order. That is who our enemy is. Many promising medical treatments for Covid-19 are being kept out of the news and off the internet. so that they will not become legitimate alternatives. And the many scientifically illiterate views on both sides of the political spectrum, also play into the confusion that allows a vaccination and health system styled surveillance program to become accepted widely as the primary solution. They want to be able to use force to install a medical tyranny that will be used to control the world, and rid it of what eugenicist’s like Gates and associates consider are persons who are ‘useless eaters’. It is the first big step toward the Beast System. But it may not be the Beast System yet, as public depictions do not exactly square with the Biblical description. Regardless, there is no way I will take their vaccine as I agree with this oft quote Quaylism, ”shot in the head, shot in the arm, either way you are dead”.

      As certainly a questionable remedy for Covid-19, the vaccine it is certainly a viable ‘Trojan horse’, a vehicle of control, that can possibly cause early death. Your neighbor who is politically correct may get the harmless stuff, but I would get the bad stuff. Or perhaps, the nano technology embedded into the invisible markings or the vaccine itself could be used in conjunction with chemical/biological part of the vaccine to do us harm, or to track us via our ‘smart phones’, or both. We cannot know. But we do know that they do not wish us to be well. It is not about a cure, but to control us, and to herd us toward eventual slaughter, one way or another. They have fired the first shot in a high tech war against humanity. If you do not believe this to be true, consider that the greatest delusion that Satan perpetrates is to convince us that he does not exist.

      And here you thought I was only a gun nut, or radio nerd. BTW, here are plans to build cheap and easy yagi’s for 3 Ham bands. Turn 4 watts from a Boafeng into 25 watts using one of these yagis. After the first one is built, the second one is much easier. You’ll want one or two for your friends. If I only had the crowded 2 Meter band to use, I would use a yagi to exclude more than 75% of the stations that might be using a particular frequency, and those scanning or sweeping the band looking for traffic. Use a tone so that you will less likely to be jammed with a hot mic. Also the receiving radio will open on the strongest signal if it becomes necessary to punch through using a 50 watt mobile on an antenna with 8 Dbd’s of gain that is over 300 watts. 300 watts can also bounce 2 meter signal all over the place, or deflect a stronger signal over hills, and into dead spots. It is possible to bounce a signal of a rock face on a mountain like a que ball. During war, all Amateur licences might become suspended, and alternate means will be necessary to avoid detection.

      If you only have a Boafeng, add a mobile that can serve as a base station radio. Marine Band radios are an option for those who cannot program and will only need radio in a WROL situation. But it is better to get a radio you can use on a daily basis now, so that you can drop your cell phone into the garbage can at any time, and avoid being spied on. Here in Montana, part of the population already uses radio regularly. It is already apart of life here. The smart phone is not your friend, it is tool of control. It even trains you to become dependent upon it, and to use it in certain ways. Remember Pablo’s dog experiment, or ‘behavioral conditioning’?
      We are that dog.


          Here are less detailed plans for antenna with less gain, but more band width. It is called an ‘optimized wide band antenna’, or OWA yagi antenna. Beginners can use the materials from the first PDF on yagis to build these plans for a wide band yagi that cover all of 2 meters. I prefer these yagis. This 2 meter yagi can be scaled down for MURS by reducing the dimensions of the 2 meter yagi. If 153 Mhz is the center frequency for the MURS antenna, divide that frequency by the center frequency of the 2 Meter yagi, that is likely 146.000 Mhz. Multiply the percentage difference of the specifications used in the 2 meter yagi plans to get the specifications for a yagi tuned for MURS.

      1. A Yagi for MURS on Ebay

        While attempting to find plans for a yagi for MURS frequencies, I stumbled on this find on Ebay. For only $53.00, you can buy this 3 element yagi. 3 element yagi typlically have no more than 4.5 Dbd’s of gain, and would magnify a 4 watt Baofeng signal to approximately 11 watts. Using an external antenna mounted on the roof that has no gain might double or triple the range of a 4 watt VHF radio signal. If the range was previously 3 miles, tripled to a maximum of 9 miles, a 11 watt signal out on the same antenna would almost double that 9 miles to perhaps 15 to 18 miles in ideal conditions. Because most situations are less than ideal, a high gain antenna, such as a yagi is needed. The advantage of using MURS is there is no limit on the gain of the antenna. They only limit the height of the antenna to 60 feet above a structure.

        1. 3 element yagi for MURS.

          After carefully examining the specifications, and the build quality of this antenna once again, I can still recommend it. The figure given for the gain is “7 db” that should have been recorded as 7 dbi to avoid confusion with 7 Dbd. My 4.5 Dbd estimate converts to approximately to 7 dbi. It is common mistake, and it happens to be a realistic estimate for the first 3 MURS frequencies as author states that it is tuned to 152 mhz. The gain of this general design us usually quoted to be 7.2 dbi. I might have tried to compromised and accepted a slight higher SWR and tuned it to 153Mhz, but this antenna is optimized for the lowest SWR for the first 3 channels, and where I would use this antenna. The last 2 MURS frequencies that are channel 4 and 5 may be outside of this antenna’s range. Ask the builder for the SWR on those frequencies, and if below 2:1 where you mount the antenna, channel 4 and 5 would then be usable. Always check the SWR of any antenna after it has been installed, particularly yagis. If no SWR meter is available, mount this antenna at least 1 foot, or 1/2 wave length above the ground or roof, or has high as possible, and use channels 1, 2 or 3 only.
          I cannot fault the builder in any way for this design. I would secure the cable to the boom with tie wraps to protect the possibly weak SO239 panel connector as it appears to be afixed with epoxy and uses the connection to the driven element for strength. Otherwise, this is a rugged build. It is based on the well understood and popular 2 meter tape measure yagi popular for fox hunts, or direction finding contests. It has a high front to back ratio, and a null at the design frequency that is useful for direction finding. The high F/B ratio is also a good thing in that there is less signal out the back and it attenuates, or reduces the interception of signals from the rear very well. Additional elements can also easily be added to increase the gain. It would be difficult to save much money by building it yourself.

      2. The hope we have going for us is that they’ve never been able to come up with a vaccine for the other 6 coronaviruses that infect mankind so I’m not sure they’ll be able to come up with a vaccine for this one either. Only time will tell.

        1. That’s right of course, yet as they can manipulate and fool medical doctors, they can sell and force us to use whatever they dream up. It only has to look real.

        2. What I understand you to be saying is that you are so opposed to vaccines that you hope one cannot be created to save lives from the covid-19 virus. Do I understand you correctly?

          1. Hey OneGuy, I should have quoted Tunnel Rabbit before making my response. Here’s what I was responding to:

            “…the nano technology embedded into the invisible markings or the vaccine itself could be used in conjunction with chemical/biological part of the vaccine to do us harm, or to track us via our ‘smart phones’, or both.”

            I have no problem whatsoever with private enterprise making vaccines and individuals electing to be vaccinated. I do have a problem with governments using force to require people to be vaccinated as they are doing in some states against people’s religious choices, and in the current discussion, when those vaccines contain tracking devices which will then be used to decide whether or not we can enter Walmart, the Post Office, etc.

            If that is the plan, then I hope they fail with this vaccine and yes, much, much better to die free than live as slaves.

            “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” — Patrick Henry

          2. I could say I don’t understand the anti-vax people but I do. They were born into a world where almost all of the childhood diseases that killed roughly half of the population before age 20 was no longer the case, thanks to vaccines. Because of that they take it for granted that they are their children and grandchildren will not die of these diseases so what’s the big deal. I was born before that era and I got the polio vaccine in the 6th grade and the world (especially my parents) were so thankful for vaccines. I spent 20 years in the military some of it in other countries and because of that, over my life I got almost every vaccine known to man. My mother had polio and the thought of her children getting it scared her. Today, no one’s mother needs to be scared of polio. If you are young enough you don’t have the smallpox vaccination “scar” on your left shoulder. I had two brothers and two sisters who never got that vaccination because they died very young from diseases we don’t worry about any more thanks to vaccines. My brother died from whooping cough and we shared a bedroom when I was four and I made believe I was asleep while my mother tried to care for him. If you never actually heard someone with whooping cough thank your lucky stars (and vaccines). If you have heard it you will never forget it. I got it too, I suffered with that terrible cough, I never understood why I lived and my brother died.

            A funny story; my daughter in law was an anti-vaxer. She did drugs and worse and ended up in jail. We got the kids for a few years and made sure that they got their vaccinations. The funny part? That she would believe vaccinations might be bad and yet she did every drug she could get AND at the same time left her children to fend for themselves. But at least she didn’t expose them to those life saving vaccinations, right!

  1. Friends the generational rich historically have always been preppers. They look ahead for the troubles and how to protect themselves and their wealth.

    The Rothschild’s and their ever growing wealth didn’t survive several deadly plagues, a revolution or two, economic collapses, starvation era’s and a dozen or so wars by accident. None of the Rothschild’s suffered the warm embrace of Madam Guillotine during the French Revolution, even thought they were well known associates of the King and Marie Antoinette. They fled to England during that time.

    GOOGLE New Zealand bunkers for a overview of how the “Newly Rich” intend to ride out troubles away from the rest of us. Maybe they noticed how Marie Antoinette was treated compared to the Rothschild’s?

    Listen to what they SAY, look more to what they DO. I am eager to see what our congress critters have been doing in the stock market given their inside information about Federal Reserve actions and their legislations funneling OUR Tax Dollars into companies to “Save the People”….

    1. Once the tyranny starts bragging, it begins committing acts of atrocities. First, just betrayals and character assasination. Later, real persecution (camps, identifying patriots, resisters, anyone truly “honest” gets imprisoned. Lifes destroyed).

      1st they brag about breaking the laws, but later it morphs into destruction of life and promotion of death. The monsters of Marxism (like the ones we beat during Pres. Ronald Reagan).

      Ilhan Omar is on record saying “Somalia is better than the USA.” Not a coincidence, her family worked with Siad Barre to spread Communist persecution in Somalia, her failed state homeland of birth

      First it starts with open bragging.. and later they end up promoting human atrocity. Marxism is barbarism and savagery @ the highest levels

      May God bring revival and find us seeking Him with all our hearts! He’s America’s best and only hope.

  2. There goes the government again with an expensive and complicated design using vaccine dots to mark us. It would have been cheaper to put cattle tags in our ears. I suppose that most of our current breed would go along with it.

        1. Hey, this is all about population control. Bill Gates and his vaccination and his beast mark, is all about population control. His stated goal is to reduce global population by 10-15% through abortion and the use of vaccines. The crimes against humanity that he has committed make him seem like a Josef Mengele, not a computer nerd.

  3. Up-date
    The hospital told the wife they will let them know what there going to do on next week
    If they will shut down the DR. offices in the small towns around us
    They have cut the nurses in her office back to 20 hours a week and she is only working 3 days in the office and one at home
    We always talked about if a Doctor is laid off you know it is bad
    Are governor said on Monday you have to wear a mask to go into any business but changed his mind on Tuesday and said it is not mandatory
    So let me ask this
    You are laid off getting unemployment plus the extra $600 a week for some that is more then they made working would you want to go back to work ?

      1. This can go one for a long time a year or more who knows
        They might not have a job to go back too
        Also in are state it is not up to the governor to say who is a needed business or not all places can say the are needed for some reason for the supply chain
        Most Health Commissioner make the choice to close a place or not
        Maybe trying for the income for all plan with this 2K a month to sit home
        I know the wife office is doing a lot of Telemed so might not need the four girls that work with her when this is over

      2. This is happening where I live. A friend who is a manager at a large company tells of having job seekers asking up front how much they will be paid, and then find out it is less than the enhanced unemployment pays and they then turn and walk out.

  4. I understand the thought process about the vaccine and the thought of it as the possible mark of the beast. I have also read that it could use new technology and be what is called a DNA vaccine which is basically gene therapy that alters your genes. Gene therapy is one technology I will not use due to not only the side effects, but the fact that God created our DNA and therefore we are possibly playing god by modifying it. So, for that alone I would not willingly receive the vaccine.

    However, I do not believe it is the mark of the beast as I have recently learned of the argument that the mark is being forced to break God’s commandment of keeping the Sabbath. Remember that God said it was a sign between Him and His people, that it sets them apart and sanctifies them (Ex. 20:8-11; Ex. 31:12-17). The Sabbath is also a perpetual covenant and it takes place on the 7th day of the week, Saturday. Remember too that Jesus, the Apostles, and Paul kept the Sabbath. The Ten Commandments and the Sabbath Covenant were NOT destroyed by Jesus. The Church of Rome changed the Sabbath to Sunday and killed those who didn’t comply. Now we are hearing calls to have things shut down one day of the week after we open back up because it is good for the environment. They will call for that day to be Sunday from what I have heard, making it even harder to obey the Sabbath on Saturday and still make a living (buy and sell).

    Also note that the Bible uses symbols. The mark is to be on our forehead (mind) and our right hand (actions). It is not a physical mark, but a mark of who we serve and who we serve is our god. We are called to love God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our strength. If we love Him, then we follow and obey Him and His commandments. Therefore, I will not follow any proclamation to rest on Sunday (our any day besides Saturday) and not on Saturday. If I am told to work on Saturday, especially if Sunday becomes a day of rest, and I lose my job (ability to buy and sell), then so be it. I will pray to God that He will provide in some other way.

    1. I believe it is both a spiritual and a physical. Also the worship of the beast is the worship of money. The Economic system of the Mark of the beast says you will not be able to buy or sell without the Mark. The computerized system that is set up today can clearly keep you out of it if you don’t have the proper code to get in.

  5. On a lighter note. I was in the bank a couple weeks ago. Everybody was so serious, so out of my mouth comes, ” So it’s okay to wear a mask now when I come in here. Last time I tried it everybody got all freaked out.”

    The girls started to laugh and the mood was broken – at least for a bit. Gotta remember to keep our sense of humor in these times, cause I know that there are lots of days lately that you have to laugh – or you’ll cry.

    1. For sure! I usually go with a red bandana since I can throw it in the wash when I get home and I have a bunch of them. Someone asked me why I didn’t use a regular cloth one, I told him I planned on knocking off the 6 p.m. stagecoach and wanted to look authentic.

    2. Our banks are closed- only the ATM and drive-thru windows, if any, are open. This is too bad as I so wanted to be able to walk into the bank wearing a mask! Yeah, I know, how juvenile, but still……. 😉

        1. Ladies,

          He, he that would be awesome!

          Lately I’ve been wearing my American flag bandanna to cover my 3 inch hair roots but wouldn’t that be a great mask to wear in the bank!

          I think they wouldn’t know what to think

          Rock on

          1. RKRGRL68, A article on zerohedge the otherday might be of interest. Illinois employees/retirees getting 100k+. Several on the list are in the area I left.

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