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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on Alex Barron’s run for State Representative. (See the Idaho section.)


The Idaho primary election is now less than a month away.  And the the general election will be in about 200 days. With the Mexican Beer Name Flu pandemic socialist distancing kerfluffle, the Idaho primary will be entirely via absentee ballots. If you haven’t yet registered to vote, then please do so, ASAP!  As most  SurvivalBlog readers have heard, I’ve endorsed Alex Barron for a State Senate seat, in western Kootenai County (District 3). He is a godly man and a truly conservative man who deserves your support. Since public speaking campaign events have been curtailed, this makes mailings to voters much more crucial. And of course those mailings are expensive. So please make a contribution to Alex Barron’s campaign. There is now a web page hosted by Redoubt News with his position on some key issues.

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ACLU Sues Idaho Over Law Banning Biological Males Who Identify as Transgender from Competing in Girls’ Sports

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Video: North Idaho Protest – Sandpoint Long Bridge. (April 17, 2020.)

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An Idaho farm is giving away 2 million potatoes because coronavirus has hurt demand

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From the Good Simple Living vlogging family: What Should We Build First On Our Off Grid Homestead?  (BTW, I recommend subscribing to their YouTube channel. Click on the “Bell” icon.)  They specifically asked for advice, so I do have two recommendations:  First: If you build living quarters in the back of your shop (making it a “Shouse”), then insulate it well, and frame it stoutly, to provide a building materials or hay storage deck, overhead. And be sure design it for the long term: What will be the uses of those rooms and the storage space above have after you eventually move in to your house? Wood shop? Storage room? Tack room? Frame for the requisite doors, accordingly. Remember: You can always frame for those eventually-needed doors now, and temporarily panel over them, with plywood. Then, after you move to the house, you can simply remove those panels and install utility doors. Second: The fenced garden area may look huge now, but it will quickly fill in, with various plantings. And you’ll need room to maneuver a tractor. So you should consider attaching your greenhouse to the outside of one end of your garden. Just build it with doors at each end, so that you can access it from both inside and outside of the garden. Unless you are going to be pasturing an ill-tempered bull, then there is no need to put the greenhouse inside of the garden fence. Oh, and since you’ll be off-grid, it is particularly important to build a greenhouse with a lot of non-electric solar roof vents. I’ve found those passive vents to be very trouble-free.


There was a big anti-lockdown protest in Helena, Montana, on April 19th: Hundreds rally at Montana Capitol to protest pandemic restrictions.

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Bullock lays out some metrics for phased-in lifting of restrictions

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Justices rule against Montana homeowners near Superfund site

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Montana Tech 3D-prints coronavirus masks, face shields for frontline workers

Eastern Oregon

Oregon-Idaho onion farmer facing major losses due to pandemic

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More than 200 gather in Redmond to protest stay-at-home order

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Helt asks governor to let ‘essential’ medical procedures resume in C.O.

Eastern Washington

Spokane: Man Booked on Felony Assaults after Intentionally Coughing on Officers

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Republic police chief calls ‘stay home’ order a ‘draconian restriction’

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Eastern Washington meat plant sees cluster of 47 virus cases, remains open


Wyoming becomes last state to hit 300 confirmed cases; more than half have recovered

JWR’s Comment:  Of the American Redoubt states, Wyoming and Montana appear to be the least Wuhan infected. This map shows how light the population density is in the Redoubt, and how that geographic isolation contributes to our delay in receiving this pandemic.

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How do Wyoming’s state-ordered closures compare to those in other states?

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Jackson Hole Fire/EMS rescues trapped dog

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  1. Mr. Rawles.
    Thanks to you and your Blog my family was so well prepared for this situation that we hardly knew there was a shortage of anything. Keep up the excellent work, we need people like you, “a sane voice crying from the wilderness” . God bless and keep you and yours.

  2. Hmm, maybe I’m just another fat, balding, gray haired ( what there is of it ) , opinionated, stuck in a rut old fat. BUT, a male is a male is a male is male and a woman is a woman is a woman and no matter how many operations and hormone treatments you / they have, they are still what the good lord and mother nature intended. A male sex change only changes the the outward look, but underneath they are still a male, period.

  3. Walla Walla sweet onion season is near. Buy local!
    Seeing those onions going into the ground is tough. My wonderful mother in law used to say, “onions are healthy”. Isn’t there a way to process our bounty and help our farmers?
    Eastern Washington and Oregon grow some of the best sweet onions in the world.
    God bless the Idaho potato farmer. Another best in the world product.
    Don’t forget about those great watermelons grown in Eastern Oregon.
    We need to support our family farmers!

    I am enjoying the “Good Simple Living” vlog. One recommendation that I would make is to preserve all of the documentation from your build.
    The man who built our house 54 years ago saved the original house plans,
    the well drillers report, the septic installation plans, water rights documentation, and later on the property survey.
    50 years from now your children will be grateful.
    Some of this may be available at the assessors office and health department but I do my level best to avoid walking into those places.

    1. Lee,

      Thank you for voicing support for family farmers! Yes, please do support your local family farmers, no matter what area/region you are in. Inquire whether or not you can purchase directly from them. If that isn’t possible, then look specifically for their products in your local markets, as opposed to buying products trucked in from a long distance away, or even from another country. Walla Walla onions are wonderful, and we look forward every year to when they get out here to us in large bags. We get several, and since they don’t hold fresh for a long time, we spend a chunk of time dicing and freezing them for use all during the year. Hopefully the current situation will cause more people to really have the desire to learn how to preserve food, which helps support their local farmers and provides them some food security in uncertain times. Thank you for your support!

  4. I wish I had YouTube watching capabilities but don’t. Excellent advice on “What Should We Build First.” IMO the worst mistake anybody can make on their property (assuming they have acreage) is to build the house first. I’ve wished a million times I could turn the clock back and do it all over again. I think living on the property for a minimum of a year would be the best idea. You really have to get a feel for it: the sunshine, shade, sounds, slope of the land, garden areas, pasture, roads, walking distances between potential areas, using gravity to pressurize your water system, etc. There are 14,715 variables to consider when building a homestead so it’s humanly impossible to consider them all while sitting at a desk drawing out blueprints. The longer you live on your property and walk around it, talking things over with the family, the more likely it is you will consider a larger number of them at least. It’s so easy to get stuck in thought patterns instead of thinking out of the box and letting our minds consider all the possibilities. If we can camp out on our property, or live in a trailer, or as JWR suggests, live in the back of the shop, then we’ll have more time to consider more of the options as we experience the property on a day-to-day basis. It would have made a huge difference for me in so many ways.

    1. St. Funogas,
      You must have an Internet connection and a browser if you are posting here. That means you can watch youtube online too (without an account/login or app), even if your bandwidth is low, as mine is. Uploading videos requires a lot of bandwidth, but just viewing doesn’t require a whole lot. In your browser, just type in and you’ll get there. The family JWR is referencing, can be searched for – “Good Simple Living”.

    2. St Funogas – If only your local guberment would permit a long term to finalize your future house/home/compound plans. Here in Anne Arundel County, Maryland its all about the FEES. Specifically, referred to as IMPACT FEES apportioned as to square footage of structure to be built. I hope and pray your locale has not discovered this methodology to fleece it citizen/property taxpayer.

    3. St. Funogas,

      This is great advice! We live on the land that my husband’s great-grandparents homesteaded over 100 years ago. They started out with a very small house (would probably be called a cabin), and then over the next many years built up the place, with barns, corrals, outbuildings, etc. After 15 years they built the house that we live in today. Interestingly, this house is quite a distance from the original and facing a different direction. I’m sure that after living and working here those years, they knew much better where they would place a home than they did when they first arrived. I’ve always been thankful that the house is where it is now, compared to the first one as well, after my time spent here.

    1. Lily,
      I watched the video.
      Thank you

      I will not take a vaccine.
      I had already decided that before all of this started because I was always afraid that this would be a way for them to control us and I won’t let them.

      1. Hi RKRGRL68,

        Quite serious stuff. But persecution of Jews and Christians has occurred all through history. It has been happening all over the World in Muslim and communist countries. The USA has had it pretty good during it’s history. But now we can see how it could happen so easily here. Persecution has already begun here with the “freedom” laws enacted by the previous administration. By the way, look up the Seven Noahide laws (same as Shariah Laws). This will be coupled at some point with the Mark of the Beast and this will be the One world religion to begin with and then the Anti-Christ will demand the worship be given to him.

        My prayer is that God will hide us under His wings, or take us home quickly and mercifully when it gets too close to us. But whatever he wills, I pray that I will keep His testimony and finish the race that he gave me, well!

        We’re just eating lunch now and will be getting back out into the Main garden shortly.

        May you know His joy and peace in a world where there is no peace,


    2. Yes, this is what is coming. We’ve been expecting this for a long time, and it is now closer to fruition. This is why I live like I do. Trump is speed bump. Unless there is a revival in this country, it will happen. We will treated like the Jews in Nazi Germany.

      1. I think, some folks got a wake up call during this pandemic and there will be a limited revival. If we go back to “normal” for a time, they may fall away again… I think the deception is going to be incredibly overpowering. If Christians have not been in the Word, seeking truth, reading prophesy, begging for discernment, and watching the times, praying and listening and ever repentant…

        I will keep proclaiming. We have no idea who the secret squirrels/lurkers are, may they hear these warnings from this Blog and be saved. This is my foremost hope and prayer.

        Today is Holocaust Memorial Day (Remembrance Day, Yom HaShoah) in Israel. At ten AM the sirens sounded for two minutes all throughout the Land of Israel and everyone stopped what they were doing to stand in silence to remember and pray for all who dies during the Holocaust.

        Blessings to you, Tunnel Rabbit,


        1. Yes, any revival that could happen these days, may occur, but will not be not enough. AJ believes we can turn the tide, but without a revival, it cannot happen. It is fundamentally a spiritual problem and war. AJ is finally becoming a full blown prepper as he clearly sees the Beast System is taking hold now. We have these next months before the election to complete our preparations.

      2. We should not give up hope or fail to pray in earnest that there will be a true revival… Even when things are the most dire and difficult, we must remain in prayer that God will continue to move within the hearts and souls of the fallen, and that the hearts and souls of those who do not yet believe will also be turned. Keep the FAITH. God will unfold the story of the days, weeks, months and years to come as only He can. We are wise, in this time, also to prepare, gathering earthly provisions, building skills, and more.

    3. Lily, Thank you for sharing the video. I believe that too and am asking the Lord to protect her from evil and heal her infection. In addition, am asking for myself for deliverance out of Egypt. The Lord is so good to us. Today, in answer to prayer, my daughters best friend, a believer with type 1 diabetes, safely gave birth to a healthy baby, and mother, father and baby are all safe from covid and any complication! The Lord delights to show mercy. Please, Lord, help us prepare as you want us too.

    4. Anyone else think it is no coincidence that New York legalized the killing of babies up to and after birth just before the Chinese Crud hit New York ? Mocking God and His laws has surely angered Him, and will have real consequences. This is not chance. This is part of His plan, IMO. And it is not over- it is only the beginning.

  5. I would question the safety of placing hay above a shop, valuable tools, or certainly not above living quarters to much chance of spontaneous combustion.

    1. Henry! A good thought about safety… Understanding the risks of barn fires is important because these risks can convey to dwelling spaces in the presence of combustible materials. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the combustion risk of hay!

  6. I also have decided that I will not willing get “Swabbed “ (so they can see if you have antibodies ). That’s something I keep hearing about. I think its a way for them to collect everyone’s DNA to catalogue everyone’ to mass vaccinate when it’s ready. Nope, not me!
    And yes, I know that having blood drawn for a doctors appointment, Ect can already capture all of that but I have been thinking about this swabbing thing a lot and that’s why I think they are talking a lot about it.
    Kind of like the relentless commercials we saw over the last couple years, hey, get your DNA kit, send it in and you can find out your ancestry. (I think those are a trap to capture and catalogue everyone too)! Nope, not me!
    Am I wrong
    At any rate, I feel strongly about this.
    Have a Rockin great day

    1. No you are not wrong RKRGRL68. As much as I am seriously curious, I will also not do a DNA test willingly. Nope!

      Okay, I just wanted to check comments and get a drink of water. Back out I go, to now finish preparing some raised rows to plant carrots and onions. I spent the morning putting manure in this area of the Main garden and rototilling it again. All of the previous “manuring’s” went to the new gardens. Have to boost the original garden, in places, now. 🙂

      It’s gorgeous here today in the Redoubt!

      May you have a Rockin evening,


    2. First time poster here, l’ve been reading survivalblog for about a year now, and I love it. One thing that I think should be pointed out in regards to the DNA testing though, is that a majority of Americans can already be identified, even if they’ve never taken a test. I know of several of my relatives that have taken these tests for example. When you join the military you have your DNA taken as well.
      I think that what is more important is to try and work to get better laws and regulations in place on how this DNA information is used/made accessible, as opposed to going out of our way to not have it taken

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