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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at travel controls to stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

Mutation Could Make COVID-19 Vaccine Search Futile

Reader C.B. sent this from Fox News: ‘Significant’ coronavirus mutation discovered, could make vaccine search ‘futile,’ study says

Are Checkpoints Targeting Out-of-State Residents Legal?

DSV sent this: Covid-19 checkpoints targeting out-of-state residents draw complaints and legal scrutiny

The article begins:

“When the number of coronavirus cases began to skyrocket, several states, including Rhode Island, Florida and Texas, took the unprecedented step of setting up border checkpoints to stop nonresidents who might be carrying the virus.

In Florida and Texas, state troopers are requiring motorists from out of state and their passengers to sign forms promising to self-quarantine for 14 days. Florida, Rhode Island and Texas also require travelers to provide an address where they plan to shelter — and advise them to be prepared for a ­follow-up call or unannounced visit from public health officials.

While the efforts initially targeted residents of New York, which has the most coronavirus cases, they quickly expanded. At local checkpoints for people entering the Florida Keys and North Carolina’s Outer Banks, police ask motorists for ID. Only those with a local address or proof of residency, such as a special resident permit or utility bill, are allowed to proceed.”

Draft Plan To Reopen American Economy

At Zero Hedge: White House Leaks Draft Plan To Reopen American Economy

Brandon Smith: We’re Not “All In This Together”

C.M. sent the link to this from Brandon Smith: No, We Are Not “All In This Together”…. A snippet:

“[The Prepared] are the people that saw this event coming ahead of time and spent many months if not many years stocking supplies and training to survive it. The Prepared were smarter and had more insight into the reality of the situation than most people. If we were to apply evolutionary standards then The Prepared would be at the top of the food chain, the alpha species, but let’s not let this go to our heads; there are many downsides to being a member of The Prepared.

In a just world, the masses would be going to The Prepared for answers to the crisis, and some do, but overall I think The Prepared will be more hated for their predictive capabilities than admired. This is why prepared people have to stick together, organize and protect one another; because the day is coming when they will be targeted as enemies of the collective.”

Ed Snowden: Coronavirus Will Lead to Loss of Freedoms

Reader Tim J. suggested this: Edward Snowden warns that governments may use coronavirus to limit freedoms

Michigan Gov. Dismisses Massive Protest as “Stunt”

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Michigan governor dismisses massive protest as a ‘political stunt’

Chart: The Occupations with the Highest COVID-19 Risk

H.L. sent us this from Visual Capitalist: Chart: The Occupations with the Highest COVID-19 Risk

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  1. Of course Governor Gretchen had to dismiss 10’s of thousands of people taking time and money to speak their mind, a “political stunt”. Now that the government and media are loosing credibility for lying to us about the severity of the “Scamdemic” they have to do something to cover themselves for the destruction they have done to us. People are seeing through the lies, and seeing this for what it is, a planned event coordinated worldwide by the Freemason leaders of every country, to further enslave us, and cover the defective banking system.

  2. Reader C.B. sent this from Fox News: ‘Significant’ coronavirus mutation discovered, could make vaccine search ‘futile,’ study says:

    “The study, published on the repository, notes researchers were able to analyze a sample of SARS-CoV-2 from India on January 27 and found a mutation that “leads to weaker receptor binding capability.” The receptor, known as ACE2, is an enzyme in a person’s lungs.”

    (If this statement is true, then this is kind of mutation we could hope for as it reduces the effectiveness of the virus primary means that cause illness. If it already is mutating in this way, it may continue to become less virulent as it continues to mutate. This is one reason to maintain self isolation as long as possible as viruses usually become less deadly as they mutate. Another reason is that medicine may be developed that reduces the severity of the disease, and reducing the need for a vaccine. Hydroxychloroquin is now widely establishing it self as an effective drug, and is increasingly being used in the treatment of CoVid-19.)

    “Currently, there is no known specific medicine to treat the novel coronavirus.”

    (Despite the very encouraging clinical results using hydroxchloroquin on now thousands of recovered patients by many doctors around the world, the Globalist controlled media would have their audience believe that hydroxchloroquin is not significant.)

    1. If there is any new scientific data it isn´t, the test in France proved unsuccessful, the test in sacandinvia failed dangerously and the test in China was considered unscientific by one of the worlds leading experts.

      By all Guidelines of ethical development of medical drugs i know of, hydroxchloroquin has most likely failed and that is very optimistic at best.

      I´ve over 30 years of experince in this Industry and i´ve seen drugs failing on the last Inch before production

      If there are thousands of recovered patients around the worlds then where is the proof of their existence, their recovery and that it was brought by hydroxchloroquin?

      1. Be on the look out for the videos of doctors who have had success. It could be that if one is not looking for it, it will be missed. Treatment with hyroxychloroquin is most effective when used with in the first 5 days. Miss that window of opportunity, and it’s effectiveness is greatly reduced. This may explain the various failures mentioned. It must also be used with high doses of zinc, otherwise it either not be as effective, and have bad side effects if no zinc is used. The drug has been in use for 50 years. IMHO, vaccines are more risky than this drug. There is no way I will get vaccinated.

          1. I greatly appreciate the Scientific Method, and insist that it be applied properly, however, as a pragmatist, I realized that by the time proper science provides it’s best, 100,000 of thousands may perish during the years it requires. The men practicing medicine are not conducting scientific research, but their clinical results should not be ignored during this time that we are at war with a pandemic that is also destroying the global economy, and our liberties. The knock on effects of this virus will be more severe than it’s CFR. Any method should be used, even trail and error that promises a low risk is necessary, and should, and is employed in medicine in one form or another routinely. That is why is doctors have a ‘practice”. By it’s nature, living things are inherently unpredictable. Some will respond to a course of treatment that others do not. This is in part due to genetics and other factors. I also know that perfection is the enemy of good enough. We do not have the luxury time to wait on science, as we are under siege.

          2. From Tunnel Rabbit’s reply: “…by the time proper science provides it’s best, 100,000 of thousands may perish during the years it requires.”

            Agreed. Scientific data is important (and my own background leans heavily into this kind of assessment), but some decisions must be made in real time especially since it is a matter of life and death for too many. More than 40,000 Americans have been lost to COVID-19. These were preventable deaths, at least in so far as SARS-COV-2 is concerned. It’s not that decisions should be made flippantly or frivolously, and without any regard to facts… It is that sometimes decisions must be made without the benefit of hard-and-fast statistically significant data.

          3. AFAIK this method of experimental threatment is under medical ethics and international law restricted to cases when there is no other reasonable method of healing available.

            I don´t ignore the results of this doctor´s, i don´t´ve seen any proof of the existence of any results and their “successes” could be coincidence, luck or else.
            Maybe they would´ve been recovered without Maybe even better without in the worst cases they didn´t recover well because of the threadment.

            I personally´ven´t seen any proof of successful use hyroxychloroquin

            Remember Contergan

            There is a reason such studies take a Long time before they reach human test objects, healthy human test objects and after These Tests are concluded and proved satisfactory they get to patients.
            This takes a Long time and overwhelming majority of the medical Projects stop dead before they reach human participants

        1. Tunnel Rabbit, Information available >quickly on the Internet indicates:

          1. Some doctors outside the USA are testing chloroquin; Not hyroxychloroquin.

          2. Some people don’t receive an antibiotic with the hyroxychloroquin.

          3. Zinc with the hyroxychloroquin is also mentioned, as helpful too.

          4. I have a great deal of faith in American Medicine, for treatment and ~~>>>honesty. [With the attitude ~ No one on Earth today is walking on water.]

          5. The numbers in the foreign tests are small. The sequence of events as to becoming ill, and then the time period to later receiving hyroxychloroquin was not well documented. [In a quick search]

          6. We also know that hyroxychloroquin is a (1) readily available and (2) inexpensive too. [I’m NOT saying that the ~all the naysayers would let someone die, for another twenty-five cents in their pocket.]

          7. It seems >anything supported by Donald Trump, automatically causes a response of opposition to his ideas, by his opponents.

          1. 2 i don´t see how antibiotics would be helpful against the Virus?

            5 and normally it´s not a good sign if this proves uneffective or dangerous then,

            6 If one of the naysayers is one of the Worlds leading experts i do very carefully listen and my professional experience in this area warns me of being euphemistic, for decades i´ve worked under one Primary principle that what i produce does help the People healing not making it worse!

          2. ThoDan, flu >viruses and cold seem to affect the respiratory system ,and make them susceptible to pneumonia. … There’re explanations on the internet about how the flu virus can lead to pneumonia.

            This is from our CDC cdc(dot)gov/coronavirus/2019.

            The largest cohort of >44,000 persons with COVID-19 from China showed that illness severity can range from mild to critical38:

            ~Mild to moderate (mild symptoms up to mild ~~>pneumonia): 81%
            ~Severe (dyspnea, hypoxia, or >50% lung involvement on imaging): 14%
            ~Critical (respiratory failure, shock, or multiorgan system dysfunction): 5%
            One of the dangers of getting sick, especially for old people, is the possibility for developing pneumonia. … Pneumonia is caused by a ~bacteria. [Covid 19 as ThoDan correctly said is a virus.]

            I was just quickly reading about the Wuhan Flu Coronavirus, and some sites said an antibiotic was given too. [It was just information; NOT from Mount Sinai as for medical treatment.]
            My basic comment was hyroxychloroquin is a (1) readily available and (2) inexpensive too.
            THE DOCTORS might decide the drug works for the Wuhan Flu Coronavirus.

          3. For ThoDan: The antibiotic is to combat the bacterial lung infection that this virus promotes. The Hydroxychloroquine functions in conjunction with the zinc. It’s the zinc that kills the virus, it’s the HCQ that aids the zinc in entering the virus cells. Again, it’s the zinc that actually kills the virus. Add concentrated oxygen to keep the other organs from dying, and people are getting cured.

            I also won’t take the vaccine whenever Big Pharma comes up with one. I’m an old guy, 68, and I have my own health issues. The vaccine, any vaccine, is likely to be a death sentence for me. It may not be the live or dead virus cells in the vaccine that does the dirty deed, it is likely to be the aluminum, or the mercury, or the other heavy metals that are the adjuvant for the vaccine. Even Big Pharma has admitted that their vaccines do nothing without the adjuvant, they just don’t work.

            Answer this question for yourselves: Do you really want to take a vaccine that is backed by Bill Gates, that he benefits from financially, that is planned to be on the market in 18 months or less, that is made in a factory bought and paid for by Bill Gates, that is going to be fast tracked into production, that is likely to be forced on you and your family? For me, not only no, but HELL NO!!!

            Do you really trust Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx with their financial ties to Bill Gates? With it’s really crappy track record, do you trust the CDC or the NIH or the WHO? Do you put your faith in the government of the United States or the United Nations?

          4. Charles K,

            HELL NO on taking a vaccine! They are going to add a quantum dot digital certificate to the vaccine to prove you have had it. If you don’t have the digital certificate you won’t be able to work or travel/buy or sell. What does that sound like? The Mark of the Beast. HELL NO! Jesus, YES!! Fauci works for the Gate’s Foundation. Don’t trust them for anything. It is better to be martyred for not taking it than to take it and be cast into hell. Lord Jesus prepare our hearts for what we may be facing in the coming days. I pray that we may all escape all of these things that are coming upon the world and that you will put your wings of protection over all of us that believe on your name. May you quickly add to our ranks those who don’t know you and sit on the fence. please wake them up.

          5. For Charles K. and Lily,

            “Answer this question for yourselves: Do you really want to take a vaccine that is backed by Bill Gates, that he benefits from financially, that is planned to be on the market in 18 months or less, that is made in a factory bought and paid for by Bill Gates, that is going to be fast tracked into production, that is likely to be forced on you and your family?”

            “For me, not only no, but HELL NO!!!”

            Couldn’t have said it better myself. smile.

          6. Charles K, Avalanche Lily, and Krissy,


            Aside from the health/physical reasons of why not to take this vaccine, this vaccine will be linked to “certificates of immunization” and that will lead to Gates’ dream of micro-chipping, which sounds so much like the Mark of the Beast that it makes the hair on my neck stand straight on end! The Gates Foundation is the largest financial donor to the WHO, and this is just another step towards his life’s goal of population control, just like his father who was the head of Planned Parenthood. Fauci is the bought and paid for puppet to help carry out Gates’ dream. Scary!
            Not only must we prepare physically and materially for what’s coming, far more importantly we need to be prepared and strong spiritually!

          7. @GGHD

            Then it seems to me, giving antibiotica to fight a bacterial infection makes sense

            @Charles K.

            Replace that with Dorsten, Charite and the Robert Koch Institute and the answer is yes and i put very Little faith in the US Goverment since James Mattis left.

      2. I’ve read some of those published “failed” studies and I noticed they are using anywhere from 2.5 to 4 times the daily dose of hydroxychloroquin that the docs in the US are prescribing as part of their recipe. It’s amazing how many people have cardiac issues when they’re given 2.5 to 4 times more than what our docs here are prescribing! I also didn’t see zinc in those studies where they’re giving huge doses.

        1. OF COURSE we all want chloroquine or zinc or whatever to work! But hopeful anecdotes really don’t help despite us being desperate for good news. These structured controlled studies are essential and actually the fastest path to knowledge about drugs’ problems and benefits. These experts are trying to save lives, not live out anyone’s apocalyptic visions of Big Brother’s master plan (Amateur internet plague ‘experts’ not withstanding). The trials will need some time to complete – that’s reality. But it’s a proven path to success! Facts matter, and science works.

          1. Unsure of France’s test but read Brazil’s and they were using high doses, both in their “high” dose arm and in their “low” dose arm. Saw study repeated in MSM article. They sensationalized the cardiac issues and buried any details, such as dosing, numbers in the study, etc– MANY paragraphs later. Sad.

  3. Re: Brandon Smith: We’re Not “All In This Together ”

    Essentially it will come down to a battle between the ‘haves’, and the ‘have nots’.
    Any convenient rationalization that comes to mind will be seen as sufficient justification to demonize and raid preppers. A smaller community that is geographically separate, may be able to muster a defense, even if only loosely organized to discourage nearby towns people. Radio can help bring a community together as does a common language. It is a good thing that the MURS radio frequencies has been adopted by many preppers. Low powered radio can serve as a party line, and increase a sense of community. Do not use tones, or PL’s on these frequencies as others who can still hear you, will not be able to talk to you. Use tones only if you wish to ignore your neighbors as you will not be able to hear them. Also scan CB, MURS, GMRS and FRS, and sweep the 2 meter band to hear if there are neighbors conversing. Have extra radios to be given to neighbors who may be of help to each other. As the Army use to say, without commo, you got nothing. Of course be very careful about what is said on the radio as there will be others listening.

    1. Rabbit…
      This hits on your recent article (and numerous comments) regarding community commo, neighbors working with and helping their neighbors. Staying in touch and helping each other without regard of profit or nefarious reasons. And as always, thanks for the comms tips and advice.
      73 and God Bless

      1. Community Comms 2,

        I’ve programmed countless Baofengs and mobiles for token amounts or for free, even made antennas in preparation for a time when cell phones and Internet connections will be relatively expensive, or non-existent. Communication is vital to a community, be it only a message board at a local store or a tree, or porch that is central, it is useful. I’ve been quietly arming, or setting up informal networks for years now, that have no connection to myself, but installed are always common frequencies, such as on the MURS band. GMRS can also be used. The local Ham repeaters can be listened to widely, and used to disseminate information. Enabling the broader community who has interest is a relatively small act that can have huge results in the future. We cannot do this alone. If there are more pockets of preppers who can hold their ground, then we are all stronger as a result.

        Call it enlightened self-interest. If the supplies and equipment of preppers fall into the wrong hands, then it can be used against the rest of us. I cringed when knowing some preppers have significant equipment and supplies that they cannot defend well, because I know it would likely fall into the wrong hands some day. Although the ‘collective’ is not now well equipped, it may some day be well equipped and become a vicious gang.

    2. Thinking if your community is close enough, there are some non-airwave communication options as well. The railroads went from telegraph to what they called a “Block-phone” system; a series of phone lines between train stations ( in “blocks”) and also to a main dispatchers’ office. These systems operated the same as “Field Telephones” in that they used batteries and a wind up generator to charge the batteries and send a ring signal down the line. Field telephones can be set-up in a hurry. There is a community called Stelle, in IL that has a solar powered phone switch. They have free calling between homes but not free for long distance. Y’all stay safe.

      1. Community Comms

        Here is a YT vid on how to make your own field phone using old dial, or push button phones, a 9 volt battery, and one 150 to 300 ohm resistor. It is literally child’s play. As a kid fooling around by connecting a speaker directly to phone lines, I could simulate dialing by breaking the circuit repetitively, and contact the operator who would assist me in making calls. In this case, simply cutting and attaching a 9 volt battery and a resistor in line using the red or black wire, we have enough power to talk. Existing wiring already in ground might be used once the phone service is no longer available due to a societal collapse. These wires are color coded. Simply crossing wires on one end, and using a mulit meter on the other end, check continuity. Or use a battery on one end, and a light, or buzzer on the other can also confirm that circuit, or wire pair is found. This method using a battery can also be used to signal that there is an incoming call. And should there be no phones available, it can still be used as a simple signalling device, or a way to tap out your own brand of code, if not Morse Code. A store bought intercom system could also be run on inexpensive military surplus WD-1 wire. For security sake, It is best to bury the wire.

  4. Brandon Smith’s article linked above is excellent and worth reading. He really does nail it on the different sorts of people imo. Particularly noteworthy is the description of those who would use this virus as a way to jam through all of their socialist ideals by taking advantage of a panicked citizenry and the need to provide for financial assistance to some. From all of the pet “pork barrel” projects that will be funded through this to all of the expanded social service endeavors, they will find ways to do this. And once we have these in place they will not be easy to remove. How we will pay for this is beyond me.

    Theoretically I’m supposed to receive $1200; that will be welcomed and I have no problem taking it as it’s a mere fraction of what is being handed out to rich corporations and fat-cat executives. Of course it hasn’t arrived yet and I have no clue when it will. I suspect part of this was to shut up the masses by throwing them some crumbs. I’m not eligible for anything else being self-employed. I’ve started up my outdoor 1-person business. It is actually sanctioned by the gov starting tomorrow but I was going to do it anyway; $1200, whenever it arrives, isn’t going to go far…….

    And yes, if a vaccine isn’t found that’s effective, I suspect a lot more panic on the horizon. I don’t hold out a lot of hope that there will be an effective vaccine but who knows? And it’s unclear if immunity is conferred by actually getting this virus. What will happen if we can’t develop herd immunity and there is no vaccine is unclear. I’m guessing that as most can’t just self-isolate forever, we will have to take our chances and hope for the best. Many will get sick, many will develop serious long-lasting health problems and many will die. I’m not sure I see any way around that. Even the elites will eventually have to deal with this.

    1. If we ´re very lucky, we could´ve it About that time next year.

      That is if we don´t care that goverments must spend Money like Nothing and we ´ve enough ressources to pay for, especially i think scientists

    2. Ani,

      Off topic in this spot, but just wanted to say that the site wouldn’t let me reply to your comment a few days ago about the Joel Salatin book Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal …. I’ve got that book and have read it more than once, and loaned it out on many occasions. It is excellent, and we also have another book of his, The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer, which is also a good one.

      Also, that homemade feta sounds wonderful! 🙂 We had 3 different inquiries just this week from people wanting to know if they could work out a way to get raw milk, and I thought of you.

      1. @ Farmer’s Wife

        I’ve never read the “Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer”; I will have to look that up. I’ve read so many of his other books but not that one- thanks! And yes, I do miss all the cheese I used to make with our goat milk. It would be wonderful if more people started doing that; our government, in their efforts to “keep us safe” make it so hard though for farmers to sell raw milk.

        1. You can sell if it’s marked “not for human consumption”, as always check your local laws first.

          Brucellosis is not a good way to go. Gram-negative bacteria.

    1. tz…
      (lol) you forgot the last sentence of that conversation…

      Aide: What do you want to do till the next news conference?
      Gretchen: Lets go fishing.

  5. We’re Not “All In This Together” “ because the day is coming when they will be targeted as enemies of the collective.”

    It already happened. I’ve been targeted for wearing a N95 shopping and “not giving it to medical workers on the frontline”.
    Let’s start with “you don’t know me or that I’m not in the frontline as well.” (I am)
    Let’s go with “my personal preparedness overrides your professional lackadaisical attitude of I’ll be taken care of cause I’m just that important.”
    It ended in “its right here and I’ve got more all you gotta do is reach for it.”

    They back off but what I’m confident in is that they went and told someone else to try “and see what we can do about that”.
    That effort too would have failed miserably because of my profession on top of how I would defend it to the death as I was prepared to when they confronted me.
    There shouldn’t be that disparity because of my profession either. NO ONE has the right to take your property because of their needs or desires. It’s theft plain and simple. I don’t care if your a politician, LEO, medical worker or a prepper whos plan it’s is to take others stuff cause you’ve got guns and they don’t ITS THEFT. A national emergency does not override that. I’m a retired soldier, a LEO and an American and that’s the way it is or is supposed to be. I’ve worked my whole life to keep it that way. These new and improved attitudes are wrong.
    Oh and catch me later with that guilt peer pressure junk. It ain’t gonna work on me. I take care of my own first and foremost. That’s my job as a man, husband, father, grandfather and friend.

    1. Matt in Oklahoma… while I may be dating myself I remember a line that went something like ‘ you speak well grasshopper’ … I may be paraphrasing…

  6. This “pandemic” is serious no doubt. But the dem’s who never let a crisis go to waste is using it to try to have the public become mad at Trump and blame him. They want more that anything to take over the US and become the supreme rulers of the county to implement their draconian laws and change the republic into a socialist hell. And of course the ultra liberals and lemmings cannot or refuse the see this for what it is, a coup. This also includes the low IQ voters and the welfare kings and queens to keep getting their free stuff and money.

    1. From your post: “This “pandemic” is serious no doubt. But the dem’s who never let a crisis go to waste is using it to try to have the public become mad at Trump and blame him.”

      Agreed… We believe both of these statements are true. The COVID-19 pandemic is very serious (perhaps more serious than many realize right now). At the same time, it’s also true that leftists are using this crisis to advance a potentially devastating Marxist agenda. We are living through a very difficult and dangerous time in history.

  7. Not to throw to much of a wet blanket on those that expect a wonder vaccine, but beware of a placebo vaccine. 1 % of us could be given a vaccine and 99 % the distilled water. Many of the 99% would be resistant to the virus and would be counted as protected. This is like the flu vaccine ” expect mild symptoms” The effective percentages could be wildly skewed. I would continue but they are coming to get me.

  8. “Are Checkpoints Targeting Out-of-State Residents Legal?”

    This is more complicated than you might think. While the constitution is silent on this the original intent of the constitution was to limit the federal government so in theory anything that it is silent on is a “right” of the citizens. Clearly we have the right of freedom of movement. No state or city could simply say you cannot come here or pass through here. But could a state in the midst of a pandemic and with a federal and state declaration of emergency ask travelers from a place where a pandemic is out of control to quarantine? Of course that would be legal (or more correctly upheld by courts up to and including SCOTUS).

    1. It’ll be interesting to see how this all shakes out. I hope at least one case makes it to SCOTUS to set a standard. I can’t imagine that it could be legal to select who has to quarantine and who doesn’t based only on where you’re from. Either everyone does it no one does. Kind of how cops can’t pick and choose who to pick for further scrutiny on a checkpoint. it’s everyone or a standard, like every 5th car etc.

  9. You do know that border checkpoints are not new in the U.S.A. Check out the Conch Republic from April 23, 1982 in the Florida Keys. The Border Patrol set up a makeshift border crossing at the top of the Fl Keys to catch Cubans, others and drug dealers trying to get into the U.S. illegally. So the locals proceeded to secede, request foreign aid and return to the U.S.A., all “tongue in cheek”.
    However this really happened because a border checkpoint WAS setup at the top of the keys. People working in mainland FL were held up for hours trying to come and go from home. Read about it here You will have to copy and paste.

    I am a resident of Florida, though not in the Keys any more, and I have NO Problem with the current check points. Why? Because we have ENOUGH problems from New Yorkers who think they are the only ones who know how to do Anything. Plus WHY would I want all of the sick folks without symptoms coming here so the rest of us can get sick just because the NYers always want to run AWAY from their problems and blame EVERYONE else for their own non-planning. After all look at all the complaining from Cuomo (he is NOT a good example of a governor).

    Ok enough of my rant for now.

    1. Wow you must have a huge paintbrush to include nearly all 20 million NYers in your broad strokes of people who “want to run AWAY from their problems”. Funny, I don’t seem to recall all those cops & firefighters running away on 9/11, only towards the problem.

    2. Let’s be honest here – the Federal government was like the clueless sheeple we all like to criticize. It didn’t restock PPE in the years after the H1N1 epidemic in 2009, and then the next/current leadership didn’t restock either after another 3+ years to do so. Then they were slow to take seriously the early virus reports in January. Etc. Etc. This is despite numerous earnest experts trying to raise concern for the terrible consequences of inaction. Is that the nature (and problems) of big organizations being resistant to change, or is it the evil plans of evil leaders??!! At the very least, the Federal response has not been clearly articulated in consistent, actionable ways.

      I, for one, hope that we do indeed step back collectively as a Nation after this settles, think about what worked or didn’t, think about how to better prepare for relevant potential disasters, and make some systemic changes. Same old, same old – is not a path to growth.

  10. Two favorite quotes on the site today are,
    “Come on guys just obey my strict and arbitrary authority today so I can restore freedom tomorrow – gosh that’s the snakiest oil ever sold!” – Matt Christiansen
    “We are all forced into a global sabbatical… And we today are being asked in a moment of extraordinary fear, what do we want these systems to look like? And, if we don’t make that decision ourselves – it will be made for us.” – Edward Snowden

    Bee the Hive brother

  11. I have a serious question. Is everyone (mainly the prepared minded) still stocking up, topping off, replenishing, augmenting preps? I noticed that some online retailers decided to “prioritize” orders. I’m still waiting for something I ordered (and paid for) over a month ago. The status of the order, while completed, is pending Fedex. Someone somewhere decided my order was not a priority. I don’t expect it in a few days, but a month is not right. But, I digress. At first, I thought, well I’ll lay off the ordering since the supply chain is strained. But, then I thought, why? If these are things that I deem necessary to care for my large family, some entity should not be de-prioritizing my paid for purchase. The idea of “just get what you need for 1 week” is antithetical to our moral obligation to prepare for our families and our communities. I was just curious as to what others are doing. Are you continuing with supplies or holding/sitting tight?

    1. SaraSue… am continuing with supplies… having to go to multiple locations … taking advantage of “ senior hour “ for shopping as well as stopping on way home from work… I lay my trust in The Lord for wisdom, understanding, discernment, and guidance…

      1. SaraSue,
        I’m also doing the same, replenishing what we use and also always looking for opportunities to add. In fact I just got back from the little store here in town that I mentioned yesterday in my comments (preppers progress section). I was the only customer there so I put in a large order for meat & chicken. The store owner was so grateful for my order that some of the meat I ordered he only charged me the per pound price on the one bulk package I had even though the extra ones I ordered might be heavier. He also thanked me for letting him know last week that Smithfield was closing one of their plants. Since I told him that, this week seems to see more closing of plants and he said that he has already seen a pretty high jump in prices on beef, chicken and pork although I don’t think he is passing that along to customers yet as what I ordered didn’t seem higher than what I have been paying. I truly believe that we are going to see significant food inflation (I really hope Im wrong and I’ll just have a stuffed freezer based on my feeling) but I would rather spend my money on good cuts of meat that my family enjoys rather than cuts that we can “afford “ when prices go up. I used to rely on Amazon for a lot of items too, but now that they are canceling items from my monthly orders, I have started seeking these items elsewhere. I don’t love that they are restricting customers that have been regular spenders to accommodate all of the panic buyers that have popped up since all of this has started. I am trying to decide if I want them to have my business anymore.

        Keep on gathering. It only benefits you in the end

        Have a Rockin great day!

        1. Hi, RKRGRL68, Going back a few weeks, an order of canning jars from Fleet came to you, and I think you said you received free shipping. Was that the case, and if so, how did you get it free?
          Ani and I are on the hunt for wide mouth canning jars, but still want to keep our arms and legs in the process, i.e., not paying amazon prices.

          1. Krissy,

            I’m curious to see how RKRGRL68 fared with her jars as well. In my own jar search, I found that True Value Hardware online had good prices on both regular and wide mouth jars. I paid $11.99/dozen for wide mouth jars. I didn’t purchase any regular mouth, but did note that they were $10.99/dozen. Prices might be completely different than that in a different region, I’m not sure. They had free “ship to store” shipping, which I took advantage of. I placed an order, and 4 days later they called to say the jars were in. I had a friend in town pick them up for me, and will get them next time we go in. So if you have a True Value close to you, you might try that option. Amazon prices on jars are simply outrageous. Good luck in your search!

          2. Well, I did learn I got duped by Fleet by forgetting that online stores can post item photos and prices without posting they are sold out. So, as one is scrolling down the page, one “assumes,” that all the items you are looking at that say, “add to cart,” are there. It wasn’t until I decided to fill a cart and see what the shipping fees would be, that item after item was SOLD OUT. Lesson learned. Again.

            Your prices are what I was getting online at Wally’s but are gone now. In person, the grocery store is similar at $11.49/dozen for wide mouth quarts, and I get them when available at Wilco, the grocery store Wheatley recommended to me. My little treasure there was finding the Ball vintage aqua quart jars for $4.15 for package of four. I’ve also been buying the clear half gallon size that have a wide mouth lid. My old supply of jars is a mix of reg. and wide mouth, and realize that will always be the case. (no pun intended)

            I will investigate your True Value tip in my neck of the woods, and report back. Yourself, Ma G and Ani have been used by the Lord to bless me. Prov. 11:35
            “He who refreshes others, will himself be refreshed.”

    2. Yes Rocker,

      Staying stocked up. Even garden seeds. As I find them, I replenish what I’m planting now.

      Folks, don’t reject hybrid seeds out of hand, just manage them separately. Just like a cartridge fires a round, regular hybrid (non-GMO) seeds can still put food in the belly.

      With fhrs low gasoline I will put more into long term storage treated with PRI-G.

      I am getting a new-type home made mask or two to blend in with the crowds better.

      I am increasing my garden production.

      I found bulk flour so bought 50 lbs for $15 and will freeze what I dont use now. Not worried about power loss and defrosting.

      Bought more soil amendment before they get scarce: Lime, blood meal, bagged manure.

      Looking for local free sources of manure. Get a ton of fresh stuff now and let it sit to compost until next March.

      Will get the family cider press and keep it at my place now.

      Saving plastic gallon water jugs to freeze fresh cider this fall.

      Make friends with folks who have apple and pear trees this summer to get free crops in September.

      Preparing plans to make my family favorite PAG. Pear, apple, and grape juice mixed and frozen or canned. Look for sources now.

      Getting a list of who is growing what, pre-planning for summer and fall bartering.

      Contacting folks to ask if we can buy processed rabbit and chicken months from now.

      We buy our firewood, so will try to get several cords delivered this summer so it can dry for next winter. Placing order with supplier now.

      I’m convinced we may see a slight reprieve but we are headed for extreme money devaluation.

      1. Wheatly, I experimented with vacuum packing flour,#5 fit into a single bag,sealed well(no dust in seal area) and was as good as new 5 years later. It can also be vacuum packed in 1/2 gal Ball jars(lids can also be reused if vacuumed and not heated).
        The scenes of crops being turned in and milk being dumped warn me that the agricultural “professional” doesn’t have the brain power to blow his nose. If the store had the resturant 5 gallon “bag in box” cheap would anyone else buy? #50 sacks of onions/potatos can’t be sold/stored? I fear a lot of farms are going bankrupt and gobbled up by BigAg. Food is a very effective weapon.

        1. I have some flour in #10 cans from LDS pantry which they advised me when ready to use, open can and spread it out to off-gas due to odor. Don’t know reason for odor but my tastes are well broken in by 1970’s Army Mess Halls, so wouldn’t bother me, I think.

          I store mostly grain rather than flour, but want to know if you used mylar bags or the clear film? And did you use oxygen absorbers? I think my sealer might suck up powder but I can try it.

          Thank you for the tip.

          1. Wheatley, I used clear plastic when I stored some sale flour (too good of a deal to pass up) and you do have to not draw any flour into machine or use a coffee filter on top to stop dust. I didn’t have any oxygen absorbers but the vacuum was fairly tight so not a lot of oxygen to be absorbed. This was just a suggestion on a fairly easy way to store that big bag of flour with what may be already available around the house.

        2. VT,

          Not sure who you mean by “agricultural professional”. As a farm family who raises dairy, beef, and crops, I can tell you first-hand that it is NOT the farmer who is making these decisions. It is the processor — the middleman who is making that call. A huge reason why, is because so much product in the food supply chain went to restaurants, schools, etc. For example, 40% of the fluid milk in this country goes to schools. Almost all processing plants these days are designed and equipped to be “specialty” plants. That means that one milk plant will be equipped to only process milk into the little cartons you would find in schools. The next plant is set up to only process cartons of yogurt. If you’re the farmer whose milk goes to the plant that only does school cartons, and school is suddenly closed, they can’t process your milk. And to change processing equipment costs monumental money and takes over a year to reconfigure. It’s certainly not something that can be done in a week or two. That same farmer can’t send his milk down the road a few hundred miles to the next plant that processes something else because 1) he doesn’t have a marketing agreement with that processor, and 2) if that plant is still running it is more than likely running at full capacity, most of them are always running full capacity, that’s how they are designed. So the farmer is told to dump his milk by the processor. The bottleneck in the supply chain simply can’t handle it. The same is true with potatoes. No, potatoes can’t be stored much longer at this time of year. They were all harvested last fall, have been in storage all winter, and need to be moved out before they start sprouting. All potatoes in Idaho, for example, go to plants to process for french fries, hashbrowns, frozen products, etc., for restaurants and schools. When those things are closed this long, those plants aren’t equipped to suddenly process and manufacture something else, so the farmer has nowhere to go with his potatoes. They won’t keep much longer at this time of year. It’s the same thing across agriculture. The food supply chain as it relates to processing has become far more complicated than people outside of agriculture realize. The farmers know this, but our hands are tied as we have to sell our product to some processor, and everything in the food chain requires marketing agreements and contracts, and we’re obligated to abide by the processor we sell to. We don’t have other options. Believe me, nobody hates to see the waste of food more than the farmer who worked hard to raise and produce it.

          1. Which is the benefit of staying small and selling mostly direct to the consumer. I did that plus sold to some local stores and that was it. The only way we could do that and still feed the country though would be to have a whole lot more farms. That would be good……..

          2. Ani,

            Absolutely! We’ve been in this business long enough to remember when it was like that. Sadly it’s all a thing of the past. Gradually all the small creameries were taken over or bought out by the big guys. There’s only huge processors now, with too much market control, and not enough competition. On top of that, state health departments think they know way too much and also have too much control. All states need to allow the sale of raw milk. They also need to ease up on the monumental red tape for a dairyman who wants to pasteurize and bottle his own milk for sale. We’ve looked into that option countless times, and it is almost insurmountable, and we live in a state with far less regulation than many. Funny thing is, we can sell eggs and produce directly to people, which I do now, and there is no gov intrusion into that at all. Direct sales, farmer to consumer, is absolutely the direction we need to return to. The benefits would be huge for both!

          3. Farmer’s Wife,I am well aware of the distribution chains in modern ag(30+ yrs in transportation over a decade in LTL/refrigerated food) I am referencing those short sighted, desk bound,no imagination “professionals” that can not seem to adapt to current market conditions. If the choice is to plow under crops or find alternative outlets for your product it should be a easy choice. I specifically mentioned the “bag in box”,5 gal milk(restaurant/instutional) that the normal distribution has collapsed,a simple phone call to many grocery chains with a reasonable offer would have that milk in stores at a very reasonable price and in peoples homes(milk consumption has dropped as prices have risen,this could reverse this trend-milk instead of fizzy sugar tooth rotting water). The other instance was a newspaper report of onions being plowed under because the packaging was set up for#50 sacks(old school/commercial) I understand 2 months ago this could have been a problem as most consumers wanted#5/#10 bags,but now a simple phone call to any grocery chain to have a semi load(#40,000 reffer/#50,000flat bed) delivered to store parking lot for a “truck load sale” would have that load empty in short order. You could also go full rogue, load a truck find a busy corner,put up a sign and see how fast you can collect the money. Sonny Perdue claims to be crushing millions of fertilized eggs as demand is gone but prices haven’t gone down and reports here(SB)are that demand for chicks has skyrocketed,maybe TSC would buy a fair amount of those eggs. The farmers are being constrained by middle men who have little in the way of flexability/adaptability and if they have a agreement/futures contract for the crop but then don’t want to pay/receive the product the contract is void and the producer is free to sell as they see fit(Force Major). This is all dependent on if crop insurance is involved the you know it is just insurance fr@ud. This reminds me of old film and my Grandparents stories of the Great Depression and people starving and crops rotting in the fields or Atlas Shrugged. Thank you for the food,we just need to get it into hungry mouths and money in your pockets

          4. VT,

            Thank you for your well thought out explanation. I am in agreement completely. Unfortunately, so many “back room deals” go on between processor salesmen and the chain grocery stores, it is appalling. We have heard of many instances where exactly what you are describing, coordinating with a store to bring in product for a bulk sale, is turned away by the store because it’s coming from a competitor supplier. Markets are fought for and held tightly behind the scenes, with many things exchanged back room in order to retain the market share. There are many instances of “going rogue”, as you call it, already going on here … just this past weekend a potato farmer in this area who had offered to bring a truck load of potatoes to a large supermarket in this state and distribute them for FREE in the parking lot was turned down by that chain store, because the farmer normally shipped his potatoes to a processor who was not the regular supplier for that store. The farmer then contacted the owner of the bank directly across the street from that store and obtained permission to set up in their lot, put up signs and ads on craigslist, etc., for people to bring their own bags and boxes and get however much they needed for free. He brought in an enormous truck load, and was completely cleaned out in under 2 hours, and was happy to give it away to local families as opposed to dumping them in a field and digging them under. The point is, stores are not always so cooperative either, for reasons not always apparent.
            You bet, farmers are extremely constrained by the middleman. And I don’t know that it’s as much that they are short-sighted or no vision for the future, but rather they have ZERO incentive to get a better deal for the farmer’s benefit. In dairy, for instance, the processors LOVE it when the prices (paid to the farmers) are low, because that’s when they rake in their profits hand over fist. Dairy prices paid to the farmer are set by the fed gov, and it doesn’t matter if prices in the store are sky high or bargain basement low, the farmer gets whatever the federal order price for that month is. So when the fed price is very low, and the stores continue to charge the same or higher price, the store makes some profit but the processor is the one who makes an absolute windfall. This is the norm.
            The same thing has gone on for years in the beef markets. The rancher raising the beef is paid bottom dollar, the stores charge the same or higher, and the 4 big beef packers in this country completely control the whole thing and they make millions on enormous profits.
            Yes, we absolutely need to get the food into the hungry mouths in this country, but sadly, very little of the profits make it into the pockets of the farmer and rancher under the current system. The system has become so manipulated and broken, with not nearly enough competition anymore, that I’m afraid it would require total collapse in order to have a re-set.
            I’ll stop my rambling here. I do appreciate your comments.

    3. SaraSue!
      Concerned for the possibility that your orders might be sent to the bottom of the fulfillment list… That would not be right!

      Our goal is to back fill in so far as it’s possible to do so with extreme safety measures. We don’t know how long this crisis will last, and so want to be sure we’re replenishing supplies in so far as this is possible (and alongside our own gardening production).

      Mail order has worked to some degree — not a perfect solution, but has been reasonably effective. Unfortunately — we are seeing some deterioration in inventory and buying options. COVID-19 is taking a great toll.

      At this point we haven’t made any in-store purchases across the last many weeks, but have used no-contact curbside service a couple times at Tractor Supply with great success. We use the bed of our truck to receive items purchased, and try to plan around weather such that we can leave the items in the truck bed for some period of time (without risk of rain) and then we follow up with all our usual anti-coronavirus decontamination techniques before handling those packages (even with gloves).

      We’ve also developed alternatives for some products. We have run out of the typical grocery store style milk products (and do not have dairy cows or goats), but have canned evaporated milk, powdered milk, powdered buttermilk, etc.

    4. Hi, SaraSue, Yes, I have been adding needed items continuously. I feel blessed if orders end up arriving. Several times order have been accepted, by different companies, and then later canceled. This is was particularly annoying, when Wally’s waited three weeks to cancel my throat lozenges with zinc order. Because of the three week delay, they were sold out everywhere. Great learning experience though. If it’s something one really wants, placing two orders from different companies increases chances of success. When possible, this is my new SOP.
      On a ridiculous, unimportant note, I am happy to say I got marshmallows! One thing I have noticed, is baking soda, baking powder and pure vanilla are becoming sold out, and if still available the prices are doubling and tripling. IMO, amazon is a legitimate selling ground for price gougers. (I can’t think of an appropriate bad word)

      One must read the fine print, and realize that the seller is trying to rob you at five or ten times the normal price; i.e., that is the price for one item, not a case!
      Will I still use them? Of course. These are desperate times with worse on the way,
      and in the future, my grand children will not care who I bought the food from. I do still have an outstanding order from late Jan. or early Feb. for pails of split green peas that I do hope arrive eventually. I love split pea soup. My kids? Not. It’s childhood comfort food for me. I have the ham and ham bones in the freezer, just need more peas.

      Wheatley had recommended a grocery store in the Puget Sound region. I have found it to be a wonderful savings and my regular go-to now.

      I pray your order arrives, and blessings on your week. Krissy

      1. Krissy, Do you know what people used before vanilla started to be imported? Rose water. I made some today. I went out and gathered petals from my “tea roses” and put them in a jar. I poured boiling water over them. I used some to make some Cottage Pudding and Sweet sauce, which is reminiscent of bread pudding.

        Baking soda can be replaced with ashes.

        Baking powder can be made by combining a base (ashes) with an acid (buttermilk/sour milk from raw milk).

        Of course some experimentation is required, and probably a bunch of failed attempts.

        1. Hi, Anon, thank you for the great tips! While I left my rose collection at my previous home, I did have one movable rose in a 3′ deep planter. These last several years it took two men to move my, “Amazing Grace,” tea rose with me three times to three different locations. lol. It was a gift from one of my sons, and is a, “True root,” rose from Heirloom Roses in Oregon. I will delight in practicing your advice and making rose water… Oh, my gosh. Your Cottage Pudding and Sweet sauce sounds heavenly, as bread pudding is one of my favorites. Please consider sharing your recipe 🙂

          1. There are several rose bushes I wish I had moved through the years. But I left them and bought new ones and planted them in the different places I lived. I guess it’s like my legacy. LOL.

            Here is the cottage pudding recipe.
            Cottage Pudding.

            1 ½ c flour
            2 t. baking powder
            ½ t. salt
            ½ c sugar
            1 egg
            ½ c milk
            ½ c butter, melted


            Grease 8X8 pan. Bake 400 degrees. 20-25 minutes.

            Sweet sauce

            Mix together in pan:
            ½ c sugar
            1 T. cornstarch

            ¼ c. rose water
            ¾ c. water.
            Add to sugar and cornstarch.

            Boil until thick, maybe 5 minutes. Turn heat off.

            Stir in:
            2 T butter
            some nutmeg
            some salt

            To make the rose water:
            Stuff a pint jar with tea rose petals.
            Cover with boiling water and leave overnight.
            The next day, strain out the petals.
            I can it in 8 oz jars. Just put it in a pot to boil for about 30 minutes, and it will seal the jars.

          2. What a lovely legacy. I never thought about it like that before. I had a climbing Cecile Brunner that was extremely happy in a giant cedar tree of all things. It did get all day sun, and was 60′ by 30′ and still growing strong when I left. While the bloom in the spring was spectacular, it was the fragrance enveloping you that would stop you in your tracks, sometimes up to 200′ away, just wafting on a breeze.

            Thank you for taking the time to share Cottage Pudding recipe. I will pray blessings on you each time I make it.

      2. @ Krissy

        I LOVE split peas soup; the ultimate comfort food indeed. Especially if I have time to make homemade noodles; thick chunky ones for split pea soup. Yum. Sadly I missed the chance to buy it in bulk locally from the coop so I’ve been buying small bags at the grocery store when I find it; just 2 or 3 at a time so I don’t buy out their minimal stock in one fell swoop and deprive others.

        And yes, I’m not having a good time buying online. I’ve been able to get some things but others never arrive or the day it’s supposed to they tell me it won’t etc. I’m just going back to buying in person whether they want me in the store or not! Went to the hardware store yesterday and they were only allowing 2 people in at one time. I wore my N95 mask and browsed the seed supply, scored 2 dozen wide mouth quart jars(Yay! Finally!) etc. I miss going into a store, seeing the item and handling it. Bought a rolling pin online and after a month it arrived and I swear they turned it on a lathe the day before; maybe with a lot of sandpaper and effort I could use it. Waiting for my refund now. Will find one in a store.

        1. I’ve only ever had ham and split pea soup without noodles! I never even heard of noodles in it before. Please consider sharing your recipe. I would love to try it.
          I feel your joy on finding the wide mouth canning jars. Doesn’t it feel like being a little kid who found treasure? I, too, try to stay under the radar, as well as not depriving others, and do not buy all that I see. Several months ago, I became alarmed for my preps concerning several things: Seeing into the future that food shortages are coming, as well as understanding the advice of Tunnel Rabbit, that each person will need approximately 450 quarts of food a year. I did not have that many quarts for one person, let alone 25, so my quest began. Please share your successes with jars!
          Bummer on the rolling pin. I prefer marble, but have a wooden French model also that I love. Praying for a great rolling pin for you. For guys reading this, this might be the equivalent to your favorite screwdriver. You want quality.

          1. @ Krissy

            I like really good screwdrivers(any hand tools) as well as good kitchen stuff; equal opportunity! 😉 I did find a decent hardwood rolling pin in a grocery store this morning. I am so sick of trying to buy stuff online and then discovering it’s garbage when it arrives! I want to touch stuff in the store! And even when I find something like the wide-mouth canning jars, I only buy a few packages as I don’t want to be a hog and I suspect supplies are limited. I did find TP today for the first time in quite a while- figured I should grab a pack as you never know…….. They are doing the limits on certain items so stupidly though- TP is limited to 4 packages but that could be 4 packs of 20 rolls or 4 packs of 4 rolls! Oh well, they’re trying…….I only bought 1 pack of 20 rolls though.

            Re: split pea soup- just very simple- split peas, water, carrots, spices(cumin, salt, pepper and whatever you like). Then when it’s nearly done add either packaged noodles or make some(flour, water and egg) and add those to the soup. I love to serve it with a small piece of butter on top which melts nicely. OK, now I gotta make some!

          2. Thank you so much, Ani, for sharing your recipe! I will pray a blessing on you each time I make it… Glad your one package of TP had 20 rolls! I haven’t seen any since early March. Yes, I assumed you loved quality hand tools as well. Didn’t mean to leave you out. I’m sleepless in Seattle again, after just three hours. I’m going to make deliveries to family today. Blessings on your day.

      3. Krissy, if you can’t get your pails of split peas, see if you can get bags of frozen peas from the grocery, then dehydrate them & save them in canning jars. I use the “brake bleeder” method to seal them. They store forever and make pea soup that is just as good. A little more expensive, I’m sure, but worth it if it’s all you can get.

      4. Krissy,

        To make your own baking powder the rule is one part baking soda, one part cornstarch, and two parts cream of tartar. I never purchase baking powder, just mix this up and store in the freezer: 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup cornstarch, and 1/2 cup cream of tartar. Mix well with a whisk and store in an airtight container.

        Homemade Vanilla is extremely simple to make, and the flavor is superb. Once you’ve made your own and tasted the difference in your baked goods, you’ll never go back to the store stuff. It’s only 2 ingredients: vanilla beans and vodka. You can also use bourbon or rum. It doesn’t need to be expensive alcohol, just 80 proof. The flavor is coming from the beans. Vanilla beans are easy to find in most grocery stores right in the spice isle. I just put 5 beans in an 8 ounce jar with the vodka. Store out of direct sunlight, like on a shelf in your pantry, and once a week or so give it a shake. You can start using it in as little as 8 weeks, but I highly recommend waiting 5-6 months, and the flavor is fantastic. The beans can be reused several times too. Once mine is 6 months old, I transfer the beans to a new jar, add the vodka, and start a new batch. So there’s always a jar I’m using, and a jar that’s in the process.

        1. Farmers wife, You are the best! Thank you for taking the time to share. I will do google search for bulk cream of tartar, however if you know of a reliable source that is good to support, I’m happy to follow suit.

          The homemade vanilla recipe is much appreciated. Store bought is so expensive. I am going to take your advice and make my own… Interestingly, while my taste buds do not like alcohol, the one alcohol I chose to store in preps was Grey Goose Vodka. My daughter got such a kick out of that because, “mom doesn’t even drink.” I had a,
          “Schlindler’s List,” vision of needing to trade with it in the future. smile.
          Now I will need to buy more to make vanilla. Who knows, this might become my thing. May the Lord bless your week.

          1. Krissy,

            I have actually never ordered cream of tartar in bulk online, as my local small market carries many spices and herbs in bulk, and I can get the cream of tartar there. The local farm and ranch wives around here tend to buy in bulk and large quantities of everything, as we don’t drive in to town that often, so this market really caters to that. If you can’t find it in your usual store, you can always just cut the quantities I gave in half, which would be 1/4 cup of the cream of tartar (and 1/8 cup of the others). I think the average size jar in the spice isle would probably be about that quantity. Does that make sense? Just make sure to mix it together really well (I usually whisk mine, but I’ve heard of people who insist on sifting it together), and it’s important to always store in the freezer. Also, I failed to mention earlier, you can replace the cornstarch with arrowroot if you have that on hand and prefer it. I’ve done that many times, as I often have more arrowroot on hand.

            Oh, your daughter’s comment followed by your Schindler’s List vision, made me laugh out loud 🙂 I look forward to hearing how your vanilla turns out! May your week be richly blessed as well.

          2. Hello, Farmer’s Wife, Love all the advice. I like to buy in bulk as well. I have always enjoyed having what I need on hand, and can bake or cook whatever I want without the need to drive to the store. I will buy in bulk for savings purposes also. Loved the important freezer tip!!!
            Prayers have been prayed for you. You have blessed me. Thank you.

    5. SaraSue,

      Yes, still replenishing and adding to our supplies. We decided to continue to add things while we still can. We live quite a distance from town, and haven’t left the farm in over 5 weeks, so all of my restocking has been through ordering only. We don’t need to replace any food items, just basically filling in gaps of other supplies as we think of them. I am also extremely irritated by delayed arrival of orders due to somebody at Amazon, or wherever, deciding what is essential here for my family! Especially when it says the item is in stock, they are happy to let you order it and charge you for it, but then don’t ship it out for 3 weeks! I’ve got several orders out like that sitting there in limbo, and I’m not pleased about it. I can understand a slight delay, especially the first week or two of this, but not now and not when those items are obviously in stock. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it either, as some things still arrive in 2-3 days, and they don’t seem to be any more or less essential than the other items. Frustrating! We will be going in to town to pick up everything needed to seed our crops here shortly, and then I will go in to the little grocery store in our small town and get some things there. I like to support the small local stores whenever possible, as they are always very supportive of the farmers in this area.

      1. Ma’am, the delays are a result of Amazon’s and other vendors shipping assets being overwhelmed by the massive increase in online shopping. It’s not that they don’t have the products available, it’s that their shipping capacity is simply that backed up. That being said, they do appear to be overcharging. When shopping for a programming cable, I was able to order 2 from Baofeng’s site and get it in a matter of days, while Amazon was asking twice the price, with delivery time of about a month. Caveat emptor.

  12. Re: Brandon Smith We are not all in this together.

    My father in law told me concept one time that his father had told him. As I recall his father was a wrestler in his youth and passed on a wrestling metaphor to myfather in law that went something like this.

    ” When you are locked in a fight with someone and you feel so tired that you think you cannot go on, remember your opponent is feeling EXACTLY the same way.” The point being that when you are about to give up is actually when you are about to win.

    I think we are seeing this on a grand scale. We the people are locked in a grand struggle to maintain our freedoms against an element of the elite that want to enslave us. This is nothing new. This is human history in a nutshell. It is why people came to America from Europe. What is going on now is no different in substance.

    In 2008 the powers that be used racial politics and racial guilt to install their puppet. They maintained him there for 8 years and did massive damage and built massive power. But despite the large number of sheeple a substantial number of others saw their wealth and freedoms erode and began to be stirred. The powers that be underestimated this movement and just when they thought they could install their next puppet and really take firm control they are shocked that elements of America rose up and fought back electing a brash, bare knuckle brawler to help them fight back.

    The power that be were dealt a massive blow and continued to be dealt massive blows as this guy with a big mouth and terrible hair demonstrated unequivocally that if you leave Americans alone the do not need the powers that be and in fact the powers that be should be eliminated.

    The powers that be trumped up one crisis after another attempting to take down the oranged hair man and failed. They were exhausted and losing.

    So they pulled out the big guns and took an event that happens all the time, the emergence of a new virus that can kill people, and got their propaganda arm to scare the living daylights out of everyone with threats of millions of deaths and other continuously incorrect predictions and wiped out all the progress of the last 3 years.

    The people are now exhausted. They are close to giving up.

    But the powers that be are too. Their illusion is falling apart. The false predictions are falling apart. The people are getting restless. The people are getting angry because they are seeing how they have been duped.

    I give it good odds the people although exhausted will soon find the courage to fight through their exhaustion and fear and deliver a devestating blow to the powers that be and throw off their shackles. The sheeple will shriek, “Flatten the curve!” but eventually the people will dig deep like a good wrestler and shove the sheeple aside into the dustbin where they belong and say, “We are free people, not cowards like you. Sit in the corner and flatten your own @#$_&-+ curve and stay out of our way. We are going back to our business.”

    This country needs to grow a pair and I think as the data becomes more available they will.

    Unfortunately the powers that be will not stop and will cook up something else. And that will have to be fought as well. But I maintain the powers that be are about to be bloodied pretty bad.

    1. Excellent analogy. It is going to have to get to the point where people run out of what they believe are the necessities and suffer before they will fight. They might release a second virus, but the real economic crash is now etched in stone. Price inflation will rob us, and reduce us to third world living standards. The process has begun, the fight is on. BTW, I was a wrestler in school. It is a primarily a battle of wills and skills. Those who want it more, are more likely to win. The fight starts in the mind, and ends up with fists. This is why security will be job #1.

    2. From your post: ” ”When you are locked in a fight with someone and you feel so tired that you think you cannot go on, remember your opponent is feeling EXACTLY the same way.” The point being that when you are about to give up is actually when you are about to win.”

      Well said, and agreed! When you think you don’t have another ounce of strength left, hold right on in there, and keep fighting forward to victory.

  13. Interesting variance in police response to the checkpoints from the always poular, “Orders are orders,” said Adam Linhardt, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, which is restricting access to the Keys to permanent residents,” to “I think it puts police in a very difficult position,” said Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum. “We espouse community policing and suddenly we’re looking at people because they have a New York license plate.” Personally I think they are stupid, unconstitutional and a waste of resources. As for the places where they are keeping actual homeowners away from their legally owned homes on which they pay taxes? I can only hope the ensuing !awsuits bankrupt some of these politicians into oblivion.

    1. Just a reminder about the trials of Nazi’s war criminals. Just because you were under orders that does not absolve you of guilt. This is why in our military you do not have to follow an unlawful order. Nor will you be absolved of guilt if you have.

  14. States and counties restricting the right of travel and denying homeowners access to their property will pass – and they’ll learn a valuable and expensive lesson once the lawsuits are settled. Demonizing the prepared will also pass (mostly) once this crisis is over as one way or another people will have learned their lesson and instead of judging prepared families as hoarders their view might be softened somewhat. Maybe a few wives will ask their husbands about how a future crisis at the household level can be averted. Or vice versa because many wives tend to think ahead. Perhaps we’ll even see common sense legislation that brings manufacturing back to America as the global supply chain risks have now been laid bare for all to see.

    These would all be good things. However…

    I will warn all of you with a great deal of certainty that you WILL be forced to join The Borg (a worthy name for the collective) by giving up more of your money to:

    1. Inflation: The price we will all pay for these cash infusions at all levels. There is a serious risk of double digit inflation if not hyperinflation. It won’t be like Zimbabwe or The Weimar Republic because nimble investors had other currencies or valuables to run to. This will be global. Why exchange out of one currency when another will ecoereince the same devaluation? Maybe it’s a matter of timing and opportunity.

    2. Higher taxes. What do you think states and the Feds will do when their budget shortfalls are calculated? Lay off workers? LOL, ROFLMAO! Don’t you know we are financial slaves to the state? One way or the other, they’ll get their money.

    3. Pension plan bailouts – yes, they’re coming for both public and private plans. These plans will have no choice but to ask for help. This debt will not be monetized by central banks and it will eventually be in the hundreds of billions in the US alone. Governments will need to create bailout funds, with funding by taxpayers to fill current gaps and bonds to guarantee investment. Maybe even a required “extra” contribution by plan participants tomgsin access to their own money, after a significant reduction in benefits is forced upon them. Note that I am 100% against these bailouts but don’t be fooled, the bailouts plans will pass with very little real friction.

    So it’s great that we don’t want to be forced to play in the same sandbox as the Borg, or ummmm collective, but I am assuming that is exactly what is going to happen.

    Preparedness includes a plan for how to minimize exposure to the financial storm that is coming. We are going to need to be creative, nimble, and ahead of the curve.

    Politicians never do all of the above without leaving loopholes for themselves, and smart people watch for those and take advantage of them.

  15. Just my two cents on all this:
    1) Nature is cleansing the gene pool
    2) Perhaps assisted by George Soros and the ChiComs, who really knows?
    3) Liberal elites are using the crisis to further there agenda.
    4) The unprepared are those complaining that the government didn’t act early enough or needs to do more.
    5) How long have experts and officials advised to have food, water, supplies, and 6 months cash on hand? Most everyone on this blog is prepared to ride this out.
    6) The wise and prudent are taking the steps to isolate and distance from the virus, in the same vein as “bugging out”, regardless of when social restrictions are lifted.
    7) Nature is cleansing the gene pool.

  16. The article about checkpoints is interesting. It triggers the question as to you bugging out and when you should bug out and to where? The lesson here is maybe get an additional state ID, not DL with your bugout location address or better a PO box. Other words if you live Texas and your bugout location is in Arkansas, than maybe you should have an Arkansas ID card also. There is no law that prohibits this, you just cant have two different state Driver’s Licenses.

    1. Re: bugging out. So living in a locale to which people from places such as NY, MA, NJ etc are fleeing to, some to their second-homes and others to rentals, I’ve been pondering this a whole bunch recently. I think there is a difference between those who have a bug-out locale and are preppers versus those who are just fleeing the pandemic.

      I would assume that preppers have stuff stockpiled at their bug out locale, that they don’t wait around until things get bad before they head there and that they load their vehicle(s) with as much as they will carry before they leave for the bug-out home. The people fleeing to their second homes etc are often people with the money to have 2 homes and their primary function is for vacation time. They waited to leave til things got bad, arrived at their second home locale and immediately went shopping for huge amounts of food and supplies and exposed the community to any germs they brought with them.

      There is a big difference between the two types of people. I’m still not convinced that a bug-out locale is a great idea and can be counted on but it would seem to me that if that was the way you went, you’d want to be sure you approached it like a prepper and not a second-home owner oblivious to how it felt to the community around you.

      So yeah, I totally get why RI and other states or communities were trying to shut down the traffic coming there from NY etc. True preppers would have left before this happened anyway.

      As for license plates, I do think you’d want to have a way to have a license plate for the state your bug-out locale is located in if at all possible. I know I’m not too pleased to see all the NY, MA etc plates on our roads right now. Bugging out should include blending in and being “the gray man” so having out of state tags isn’t really doing that.

      1. Interesting how JWR has always advocated leaving too early than too late, would have come in handy in this case….Also, registering one car in your bugout state shouldn’t be an issue I wouldn’t think.

    1. The video of bodies in the surf was from another disaster. Refugees where a boat sank or a ferry sinking. I’m 99% certain I’ve seen it before.

    2. While there are other news outlets reporting bodies just being left in the streets unclaimed in Ecuador. It appear the writer over at has taken liberty to splice in different events not relate to Covid-19 to make his video. Sad with so much open source information out there, he found the need to do that!!!

  17. I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.
    I know no way of judging of the future but by the past.

    Patrick Henry, Speech at the Second Virginia Convention at St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia (23 March 1775)

    The point being, if you want to judge the validity of the current coronavirus “pandemic” (I’m seeing it written as Scamdemic) and the severe machinations that our governments, at all levels, are imposing on us all; look to the past coronavirus outbreaks, how they were handled, and what the actual effects were, on all of us.

    We are all being propagandized. Don’t fall for the propaganda.

  18. Just an observation that the rage people are expressing is towards their respective governors that are exhibiting Dictator qualities.
    The media and the left trying to use this virus to defeat Trump by trashing the economy will not working since no one believes a thing they say.
    President Trump has laid waste to fake news and the corruption of Democrat leadership.

    Lastly, even with this pandemic, if President Trump cannot beat a man that has dementia, and cannot hold a cogent thought for more than 30 seconds than we as Americans are in more trouble than the virus.

  19. Avalanche Lily, re the mark of the beast, is it not the case that those who take the mark willingly KNOW they are taking the mark of the beast, that they are aligning themselves with the antichrist, and that all of that happens POST rapture in any case? Meaning the saved who are here now–you, me, and all the others saved–won’t be here when the mark of the beast becomes a thing?

    1. Dear Wade,

      Nope, Jesus only comes once at the end of the Age of Grace. We are going through the Tribulation because that is Satan’s war against mankind and God. It’s the Great test/the Great Deception for all believers. WE will see the Mark and the Anti-Christ and persecution. We are just not destined for GOD’s WRATH which comes at the end of the Age of Grace. So at the 6th Trump Jesus returns and catches up all those of His who have not taken the Mark of the Beast and yet remain alive. Then while we are at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb to His bride, He pours out His wrath on all those who took the mark/didn’t repent during the Age of Grace. Read both Thessalonians and Revelation. By the way after Chapter 7 of Revelation, the Lord repeats the 6th and 7th trumps two more times for a total of three tellings. It’s called Parallelism and is a Hebrew tool, circling back to look at the same events from different perspectives and with more detail. The two different perspectives, is once from the view of events from heaven and also from the earth.

      It’s currently bed time. If you have any questions I’ll get back to you in the morning.

      Blessings and Goodnight All,


    2. Good Morning Wade,

      Gates is laying the ground work, but I think it could really be it.

      Many people will not believe it and will take it in order to eat. Love of money is a form of worship of the beast ( the coming economic system, which will be cashless/digital.) If you don’t trust God to feed you, one will trust money to feed themselves and thus will take the Mark to eat. Look at it as Esau selling his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of Lentil stew!! True believers who have been watching since the day they were saved/made aware of the coming return of Jesus, have been physically preparing to live outside of the Beast system for as long as they can once it is enacted.

      Now we can see how the Anti-Christ can control every single human being through the Internet of things. They only need to pull the plug on fiat paper money and everyone will go cashless to digital currency. Darby and Schofield sold Evangelical Christianity a bunch of lies about the Last Days. Don’t be caught up in the deception. Stock up on food and pray that Jesus will prepare your heart to be martyred if It’s his will for you, and pray that He may hide you. Pray for the trust and faith it will take to believe that He will multiply your food and provide it supernaturally. Pray that He will Hide you, until His return. I think that the Tribulation will begin in earnest either this fall or the Fall of 2021 and then from there we have about six years before the return of Christ. Modern day Israel will be 80 years old in 2028. Psalm 90:10 says that a generation is 70 years and 80 if there be strength. Matthew 24 says that the generation that sees the Fig tree Blossom (Israel), will see the return of the Lord Jesus. Most of us, here now were born within this generation. We will see many things come to pass. This virus is only the beginning of the times of sorrows. Like birth pains increase in frequency and strength, so to the events until Jesus returns. At the end of the labor the contractions are nearly on top of each other, so too shall be the calamitous events, until Jesus returns and raptures us. Because we are not destined for HIS WRATH. Don’t accept ANY digital certificate. Trust in the LORD JESUS to provide for your every need or to mercifully take you home!

      Be blessed today,


      1. @ Lily

        I’m sort of expecting that we will have a “immunity certificate” required in order to go anywhere, work, go into a store, school etc with this “proof of immunity” being either a positive antibody test or getting the vaccine they come up with. And as paper money is just so “filthy”(this is new?) they will ban it and all transactions must be digital. And for those without proof of immunity, one can’t use digital currency except online. So we’d be effectively locked down and unable to engage in any commerce except digitally and with online vendors. At that point one has to hope that there are enough other people around with which to trade/barter etc that also are in this situation. Sounds grim.

        1. Oh Yakirah Ani,

          It is grim. And those who won’t comply will be hunted down. It is prophesied. But if one does take it. You will be forever separated from God the Father for all eternity. It’s that SERIOUS! So as the three Hebrew children were willing to defy the king and NOT bow down to the golden image, and were thrown into the firery furnace and one like as to the Son of Man walked with them and preserved them, as Daniel refused to follow the kings order to Not pray to anyone but the King and was thrown into the Lion’s den, so must we refuse it and TRUST GOD to preserve us or take us home mercifully. If we perish we perish, but we will not bow down to Satan’s system. This IS SATAN’s system. He comes to steal, kill and destroy and to control all! Yeshua is our salvation and He will save us from The Great battle between God and Satan. God will win. And then He will pour out His wrath on Satan and bind Him and will cast all men who have taken the Mark into Lake of Fire. His wrath is to all who choose this Satan’s system instead of trusting in Him to provide for us as He did provide for Elijah in the wilderness with the Raven, and with the widow. In the gospels Jesus several times multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed the multitudes who were listening to Him preach God’s ways. This was to prove that He is from God the Father and was teaching the children of Israel what God the FAther truly requires of His children. Such love the Father has for the Children of Israel and the nations. He does not want anyone of us to perish for eternity. That is why He had to send Yeshua, His son to teach what He really wants and to die for their sins once and for all. In a sense through Yeshua, God the Father Himself died for our sins, because goats, sheep and bullocks couldn’t do the job. In Psalms God says “sacrifice and offering I do not desire, but a contrite and broken repentant heart” paraphrased.

          Here is a song that goes along with these thoughts from Marty Goetz a Messianic Jewish Believer in Yeshua. I love this CD! It’s called “I Call you Friend” It has such beautiful music and lyrics from the scriptures. It’s even better than Debbie Friedman, of whom, I also have enjoyed her music. 😉

          “One Thing I have Asked of the Lord” is the name of the song.

          My other Favorites are “Hebrew Chant” coupled with “Oh Lord Our Lord”, “He is My Defense” Please listen to them from the Album because he has other renditions that in my opinion aren’t as nice as in the album. 🙂

          Here is the whole album:

          May you find much shalom in your heart that comes only from God the Father and knowing His salvation (Yeshuato) in these awful days that are coming, May He protect and preserve you under the Shadow of His wings, until His Messiah Yeshua comes in the clouds of Heaven. Daniel 7:13-14.

          When He comes He will take up/transform us (who are still alive) to Heaven /Rapture all who didn’t take the Mark and believed on Him. He will also take up all those who die for Not taking the Mark up to Heaven at that same moment. In Daniel 7: 21 it says that the the Little Horn which we believe will be the final NWO leader (known to us as the Anti-Christ, of whom many Jewish people in Israel and world-wide and Muslims and supposed Christians who do not know the Word of God, will accept him as their earthly Messiah. Do not deceived by Him), He will “wage war with the saints and will PREVAIL against them. The Saints are all those who refuse to take His mark and bow down to His economic world system. Vs. 22 “Until the Ancient of Days came and judgment was given to the saints of the most high and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.”

          In the end we will win even if we have to give up our lives. In Revelation it says (paraphrased) that “the Saints did not love their own lives to death, and willingly gave them up for the testimony of Jesus” because we know His word and His loving Hand in our lives. WE BELIEVE the bible His WORD and we can now see all that He has said is coming true.. We are fast approaching those days…

          Ani, whose side will you choose? Time is quickly running out. READ the BIBLE. READ the Prophets and the New Testament. The New testament tells us through Jesus how God truly wants us to live and provides more detail of the Last Days and what we are expected to see. The Last two thousand years have been years of Grace. They are about to end. Then Yeshua will return as the Roaring Lion of Judah to Judge the World and Satan and to pour out His Wrath on unrepentant mankind. He longs to save everyone. But we do have the choice to choose Him or not to choose Him. Choose this day whom you will serve.

          Praying for you and all who do not know their Salvation, yet, with much love,


      2. Hi Lily

        So we can agree on some things(neither of us is getting computer chipped!) but theologically we have our “differences”. I guess I hold by what my grandfather, a “black hat” Orthodox Jew always said. His belief was that the righteous of all faiths have a place in the world to come. That’s how I was raised and that’s how I relate to others of different faiths. So I don’t have any belief that my way is the “only way” or the “right” way; it’s the way for me and my people and I’m good with it.

        1. Shalom Ani,

          Glad to hear that you will refuse to be chipped.

          I have a curious question to ask you. What is the first things/thoughts that you think of when you hear the word Pasach/passsover? What first comes to your mind?

          Blessings and Shalom,


  20. Flu Misinformation and Coronavirus Fears: My Letter to Dr. Sanjay Gupta
    By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    Children’s Health Defense

    April 18, 2020

    Again, why I don’t take the flu shot, and why I won’t take the coronavirus shot when it becomes available. We are being lied to and propagandized and I resent the mendacity of all involved, especially the CDC, Drs. Fauci and Birx, and the LMS (the Lying Media Scum).

  21. @ Krissy

    Out of place as I can’t respond to my post(no “replies” left) but I meant just flour and egg for the noodles- forget water. No idea why i typed that!

    1. Ani & Krissy,

      Sorry I’m late to the inquiry about the canning jars

      I was mistaken, I did pay for shipping, I believe it was about $65, but I ordered around 25-30 dozen of pints and larger jars plus a whole bunch of lids and rings. I did notice as well that as I was putting items in my cart the numbers in stock kept changing so I tried to finish up quickly. I don’t regret paying this shipping fee as I also earned a $25 gift card to use later so I figure it worked out well.
      I browsed Amazon for jars but they are a rip off for all of the reasons others have already stated.

      I suspect that Blains is probably low on Jar stock right now, I placed and received my order more than two weeks ago, I hope they stock again soon so hopefully you ladies and others can get what you need

      I hope this helps.

      Rock on

      1. I’ve ordered some more wide-mouth quarts online to pick up at a hardware store in a town where I’m doing some jobs. I grabbed 2 dozen from their small stock the other day but not wanting to be a hog I didn’t take them all! Clearly they are all gone now! Hopefully these arrive. Will see. Trying to avoid shipping charges if possible plus I’ve decided that picking up in person at these places feels fine now; they’re limiting the number of customers in the store to 2 at one time etc. I could be wrong but I’m not too worried.

        I think I’m burnt out of ordering online. Still waiting for an Amazon order from weeks ago that obviously they deemed “non-essential”. Tried to cancel it but they won’t let me although that was like a week ago and it still hasn’t shipped! I really really want our local stores to survive! And I want to go back to buying at yard sales!

  22. Ani,

    Love yard sales too!! Our town-wide one was supposed to be last weekend, happens every year, but sadly not this year ☹️
    Hopefully they will reschedule it for later on.
    I’m not particularly happy with Amazon either. They have canceled items in my monthly order twice now. Glad I over ordered in January & February but I’m aggravated because I wanted those items to replenish some of what we have used.
    Saw a report on Fox News this morning that amazon workers are doing mass calling off, some in the Chicago area so their shipping issues may become even worse!

    BTW that was me responding up above about the canning jars
    I’m having issues with my internet being super slow lately.

    Normally I would go and just buy the canning jars at Blains, but I’m trying not to frequent any place other than the pharmacy to pick up Mom & Dads Medicine to limit exposure to them as they are in their 80’s . There are over 1000 cases in their county. My county has 17 and has stayed that way for 4 days now. I’m hopeful that things will improve, we have 9 days of lockdown unless the governor here extends it.

    Take care and have a Rockin great day

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