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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at how solar superstorms are projected to affect the national power grids.

All 50 States Have Declared Disasters

Linked over at the news aggregation site: All 50 states under disaster declaration for first time in US history. A snippet:

“All 50 states are under a major disaster declaration for the first time in U.S. history, after President Trump approved Wyoming’s declaration Saturday.

Within 22 days, Trump declared a major emergency in all 50 states and most territories through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The final disaster declaration occurred on the same day U.S. surpassed Italy to become the country with the most deaths from the virus.

Trump approved the first major disaster declaration for coronavirus in New York on March 20, followed two days later by Washington and California, the early hot spots of the virus. New York has become the hardest-hit state, recording 188,694 positive cases and 9,385 deaths from the virus, according to the state’s health department.

The U.S. Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, Washington, D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico all received approved major disaster declarations. American Samoa is the only U.S. territory that has not received a disaster designation. “

3-D Printers Get Past Biometric Security

Reader C.B. sent this: 3-D printers help override biometric security measures

Solar Storms: Where the Power Might Go Out

Reader A.D. sent us this fascination article about the threat of solar superstorms: Where the Power Might Go Out. Take a close look at the included maps. Here is a pericope:

“Whether or not *your* power goes out during a solar storm depends on two things: (1) The configuration of power lines in your area and (2) the electrical properties of the ground beneath your feet. In areas of more electrically resistive rock, currents struggle to flow through the ground. Instead, they leap up into overhead power lines – a scenario that played out in Quebec in 1989.”

Buying Seeds Now Prohibited in Michigan

H.L. sent us this astounding news: Buying seeds now prohibited in Michigan — but booze, pot, lottery tickets OK

Virginia Governor Signs Bill Banning Private Party Gun Sales

Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam has signed several new anti-gun bills. One of these bills bans the private sale of modern firearms. (So-called “universal background checks.”) Thankfully, pre-1899 guns, like those that I sell, are exempted. A snippet:

“Governor Ralph Northam today announced he has signed several landmark gun violence prevention measures into law, including legislation to enact an Extreme Risk Protective Order, require background checks on all gun sales, mandate reporting of lost and stolen firearms, prevent children from accessing firearms, and reinstate Virginia’s successful one-handgun-a-month policy.”

JWR’s Comment: Conveniently for Northam, all public gatherings are currently banned in Virginia, so there is no opportunity for public protest.

Vermont Bans Farmer’s Markets

Reader A.K. sent this: State Shutters Farmers Markets.

BuzzFeed: This Pandemic Is Not Your Vacation

Reader “Ch.” sent us the link to this, over at the left-of-center BuzzFeed News: This Pandemic Is Not Your Vacation.  Ch. Notes: “This article is filled with entitlement, wealth hating, white hating, and willingness to violate property rights and the constitution.”

The Amazing Disappearing Greenland Movie Trailer

Any ideas on why the movie trailer for the comet impact disaster film Greenland was only available in the US for a couple of days, and was then yanked? (The only surviving copy on YouTube appears to have Swedish subtitles.)  Probably just distribution problems, since most theaters–except some drive-in theaters–are closed.

Giant Asian Hornets to Invade the US

Giant Asian hornets that can ‘kill with a single sting’ to invade virus-stricken US. Here is a quote:

“Asian hornets are similar to European hornets that live in the U.S., but they are not native to America.

They are large insects measuring almost 2in long, originally from Southeast Asia, that prey on small creatures – especially bees.

Just one sting is enough to kill someone allergic to their venom.

The yellow legged critters were accidentally introduced to France from China in 2004 and they have been spreading rapidly throughout Europe and other parts of the world ever since.”

Illinois Provides Grace Period for Gun Permits

Reader DSV sent this: Illinois State Police Extends Expiring FOID Cards, CCW Permits Due to Coronavirus Emergency

African Locust Outbreak Returns–Now 20 Times Larger

Another from H.L.: African Locust Outbreak Returns; Second Wave Approximately 20 Times Larger

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  1. What governor “Blackface” did after the massive protests against gun control, and the majority of counties becoming sanctuary counties in Virginia, should send a loud and clear message to Americans. The message is politicians of this mindset don’t care what you want or think. No amount of verbage or peaceful protest matters to them. They will gladly urinate and defecate on the Constitution that they took an oath to uphold. Keep that cartridge box full and at the ready.

    1. What you see is the result of a intentional plan to flood larger cities of smaller states with recent immigrants legal and illegal. Followed by an aggressive voter registration and get out the vote effort to elect Democrats that could not be elected if only citizens voted. Then to parlay that into passing laws that could never be passed by a conventionally elected politician. Your country has been stolen from you. This is just the beginning.

    1. She did ban the greenhouses from opening, which is where a lot of us get our starts. They are not allowed to do online orders or curbside pickup. The Walmart near me has their seed displays wrapped in plastic and marked not for sale. Depending on how the store in question interprets her vague orders, seeds are not for sale. The local greenhouse did ask for and get confirmation from the Gov’s office. They are not allowed to open at all. Mr Lehto is talking about people reporting what they’ve seen on the news, I’m telling you what I’ve seen with my own eyes.

      1. Fortunately I live in a more rural part of Michigan where the locals are essentially telling the governor and her minions to go to hell. Buying seeds and plants is not a problem here and local law enforcement has made it known that they have no interest in enforcing illegal orders from the Governors office.

      2. Thank you for sharing the news of your personal experiences… What is going on in Michigan is a total abuse of power. The nation is watching. Our hope is that tyrannical politicians will be taken to task via every appropriate media venue, challenged immediately in the courts, and at the earliest possibility at the ballot box.

  2. All 50 States Have Declared Disasters

    Of course they did. They want the taxpayer dollars to use on their favorite pet projects. Once they get the relief dollars there’s no accountability for how it’s spent.

    The Governors love slush funds so that they can fund abortions, feed and house the homeless, payments to illegals, starting the vote by mail scam, bridges and roads to nowhere to employ and enrich all their family members and buddies, create thousands more state and local government jobs, this list could go on for ever.

    As the Marxists always say: “never let a crisis go to waste”

    Stock pile guns and ammo, always carry a gun, practice your skills, always be vigilant.

    God Bless

    1. Too true.
      In Portland, they are putting the finishing touches on several “homeless” camps. All fenced off, by reservation only.
      One for men, one for women, one for the lgbtq-wtf crowd. Free tents, sleeping bags, food, etc..

      Yay, I “get” to help pay for that.

  3. Ref: Michigan Governor banning seed sales…
    First off, let me say, as a resident of Michigan, I am NOT a fan of our governor (or several state, house or either of our ‘status-quo’ senate members) and her declaration of Martial Law without actually declaring Martial Law is very confusing and balances on unconstitutional and is a lawsuit(s) waiting to happen for those arrested or charged with non-compliance, BUT……
    just yesterday, I was at both, my local Mega-Lo-Mart and the local Tractor Supply (and yes I wore my mask), and both were openly selling garden seeds, although the Mart’s nursery was closed, seeds were in the aisle and available, no ‘crime scene’ tape closing them off, and FYI: they did have TP (not really needing any but I did replenished our supply with one 12 pk) and rifle ammo was also available.
    I went to Tractor Supply next for wood splitter parts and it was open 100% and had, not only seeds but bushes and trees for sell also.
    Along with pot, liquor and lotto, gun stores in Michigan are still open for business too. No order(s) to close them down… yet.
    Again… very confusing and just going with the flow at this point.

  4. I live in Michigan, the greenhouse down the street is not being allowed to open. Worse, they are not being allowed to do online orders or curbside pickup. They are one of many. The local Walmart has wrapped plastic wrap around the seed displays and put yellow caution tape with “non essential” signs on them. Some of the small stores, like my local hardware store are still selling them, but they only have a handful of packets left. The grocery store I shop is still selling them. They are supposed to have cut off the “non essential” areas of their store, but they are ignoring the order, I think. They are also almost out of seeds.

  5. The Buzzfeed article refers to Skamania County, just outside of Portland, it actually is in Washington state however we do have spray painted signs up that say “Locals Only, Respect our Communities”
    The reason locals out these signs up is because the first few weeks after the Stay Home Stay Healthy orders were put in place our small county was overwhelmed with hundreds of Portlanders and people from the cities hiking, camping and just driving around our county. The problem being is our very small county does not have the funds or people to respond to that many people in emergency. We have no hospitals here and the weekenders already eat up our emergency services funds every April by hiking up Dog Mt. to see the wild flowers and getting themselves stuck due to inexperience or being ill prepared. Take that plus adding a couple hundred more to the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster and our emergency services that we pay for through our property taxes and support through fundraisers all year long are not available to us locals. It really boils down to in consideration for others and the “I have the right” mentality. While I agree they have the right to enjoy the outdoors it’s commonsense and common courtesy to not overwhelm small towns who do not have all the resources that large cities have. Besides, they chose city life, we chose country/rural life, if one wants to be here when SHTF then move rural and pay the taxes for that rural area and support the services throughout the year like locals do.

    1. We had a similar problem in our rural area at first, until our governor told people from out of state to stay away. The local grocery stores were checking ID – you had to be local to buy. What I wonder about is, what about the folks who have secondary homes here? They pay property taxes, sales taxes, local taxes and depending upon how many months they live in the state, they may also pay income taxes. Those people have every legal right to go to their second homes. In fact, it’s been part of their preparedness plans to have retreat property. I read some news reports that people weren’t allowed to go to their retreats, but no way of verifying that. I agree with you in the sense that I urge everyone in my family to just go ahead and move – get out of dodge before it’s popular to do so.

      1. I agree if it’s their second home and they pay taxes there then great. We also had people driving up here from the cities to buy our toilet paper cause they heard we weren’t as depleted, like our small town store would have a ton of it anyways, lol

  6. I had read about the hornets a couple of weeks ago. Last year the yellow jackets and the local hornets, not sure what kind, were making nests all over the place. I have it on my TO DO list to get hornet spray and I’ll be hanging up traps early this year. We have a normal problem with crickets in our agricultural valley. They seem to come and go every year. The locust plague seems biblical, but it’s hard to determine what is true and accurate these days.

    My two cents regarding the governors (snip snip all the mean things I wanted to say), the Bible says to “pray for your enemies”. Ugh. So hard to do. I just want to scream at them, but I’ll try to do the right thing – pray for them, and pray for the people of each state to vote the bums out and stop putting up with anti-Constitutionalists. If nothing else, the Pandemic has revealed the true colors of the governors and all the politicians. It has also revealed to each of us, who among us are willing to completely forfeit their civil liberties for a sense of safety, and who the untrustworthy folks are (the snitches, I call them). Lots to learn through all of this.

    1. Our founding fathers prayed for their enemies, just before they killed them and look at the wonderful nation they created…. Maybe it’s time to go back to the ways of the founding fathers…

        1. It looked like you were mocking. I wanted to give you a chance to clarify.
          People who come to survivalblog are here to learn, to share, to encourage, to edify. People who come here to mock, tear down, or disparage… well, the site owner decides.

          If I took your comments wrong, then please forgive.

          1. Ok so here ya go:
            It’s for people to think. Shouldn’t have to lay out every little detail so the grey matter doesn’t get a workout.
            I’ve been at this since the 80s and it’s always the feds the feds the feds until it isn’t. Folks been stuck on it for decades.
            We’ve bout got a lynching going towards a town mayor over here cause he’s trying to drum up ticket money for the town on wanting to fine folks walking down an empty street without a mask. He’s scared and backed off as he should be.
            There’s good and bad in all groups but I’ve heard every kinda junk bout sheriffs, 3%ers, militia, emergency preparedness coordinators and local politicians being the hero’s just like all y’all have or even espoused. Thing is your getting a real good glimpse of how things really are.
            There aren’t any hero’s. There’s folks doing their jobs and there’s those just riding it out and those taking advantage of it.
            All you can count on is you and hopefully your team. Everything else and everyone else is sketchy. Just imagine how it’d be if it was a 40% death rate instead of 4%. This was a surface scratch and the locals fell apart. Imagine a spurting arterial hemorrhage and them and their actions.
            Think on it real hard.

          2. In fairness, if a coach or teacher suggests you’re doing something wrong or made a mistake, it is not an attack . Even if they mock to emphasize the point.

            Important to critically evaluate what the facts are — a fact is a fact. Doesn’t matter if it is being laid out by a good guy or bad.

            And if you are sure you’ve thought things through then there is no reason to be upset by a stranger on the Internet.

            Of course, another fact is that Stalin exterminated a lot of Ukrainian farmers by grabbing their crops at harvest time to feed the cities. Because the cities are where the wealth is.

            Something that might reassure folks in the huge cities on the US Eastern seaboard about the feds — while leading the farmers in the Redoubt to count their ammo.

        2. I was not entirely sure of your point either, but now that you have laid it out more clearly I would agree.

          There are good and bad people at all levels and good and bad in every individual.

          And the greatest tyranny will not necessarily come from the federal level. Local tyranny can very well be worse. They do say all politics are local.

    1. Matt, do not be dissuaded from posting here, as your voice is equally as important as everyone else’s, and I find it a refreshing and much needed break from what can be a tedious task of sometimes reading through dozens of almost carbon copy comments. What a sad and boring world it would be if everyone thought, spoke, wrote, and acted the same. Everything must be questioned, and its validity and authenticity determined. Everything.

  7. The real problem isn’t so much that people are relocating away from urban areas, but that they are stupid. In a crisis situation, stupid people are a nuisance regardless of where they are. They’d be just as big a problem back home as they are in Stevenson. The trouble is that rural communities like these invite stupid people with money to “get away from it all” and still have the comforts they desire. Skamania Lodge wasn’t built for the locals, and just like with Bend Oregon, the people that frequent these places are typically the ignorant/stupid elite from Portland and the surrounding I-5 corridor. So it is with most places in the west I’ve noticed.

    You don’t see a lot of people fleeing to the Palouse, because there’s nothing there for them, unless you are not stupid (the book “Patriots” comes to mind). Those who realize how thin the veil really is see the Palouse for what it really is; a gold mine for the prepper. The more remote parts of the Redoubt, most of Alaska, and a lot of the southwest part of the country is like the Palouse area from a prepper’s perspective, once you start thinking outside the box.

    Whether its a crisis or not, having stupid people in your community is always going to be a nuisance at best. Stupid people don’t tend to last as long living in rural areas, unless they bring a big bank account with them. Even so, it can be easier to account for their recklessness and burden on the area within reason. Not so much the stupid migrants that only realize the immediate threat and knee-jerk run from it like sheep do. Stampedes are almost always more destructive than the threat they perceive.

    Places like Stevenson are a trap. They want the access to all that urban money, but none of the risk. When the timber market left the area, so did a lot of long time residents. Those that were left and those that came later had to do something for an income, or Skamania County would’ve ended up a ghost county. It just naturally made sense to turn it into a tourist destination. As a result, Stevenson is one of the nicest places to spend a week or two that I have enjoyed in my lifetime. There is a price to be paid for that sort of popularity, and fate is collecting on it now. Places like Kellogg Idaho, Bend Oregon, Taos New Mexico, Sedona Arizona, Vail Colorado and so on are all in the same boat. I don’t hear of that many folks bugging out to Wellington Texas, or Echo Nevada, or Raton New Mexico, or Alsea Oregon though.

    1. This is an EXCELLENT Point.

      The Western resort areas that pander to the Rich are showing far higher rates of infection than Appalachian counties with similar populations.

      Eagle County CO (VAIL) has 55000 people(31pers/sq mile) and 480 cases.

      In contrast, Appalachian counties in southwest Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southwestern West Virginia have populations around 25000 (50to 80/sq mi) but only 1 to 6 cases. An exception is Buchanan County VA which has 12 — bought in from outside due to a local college of law and a private school.

      Blaine Idaho (Sun Valley resort) is in even worse shape — has around 22000 people (only 8 persons per sq mile) but 463 cases.

      Jackson Hole, WY is a refuge for the Superrich — but with 23,000 people ( and a very low density of 5 /sq mi) it has 59 cases

      BOTTOM LINE: Make sure your retreat won’t attract a lot of outsiders in TEOTWAWKI . Blue collar income sometimes promotes security and freedom.
      (All the Appalachian counties are Second Amendment Sanctuaries)

      And better morals, in my opinion.

      1. Excellent points. I selected my little spot in the Redoubt precisely because it is located in one of the poorest counties in my state. There’s nothin’ here to get excited about except for sunrises, sunsets, tons of snow, abundant wildlife, crystal clear water, and so much quiet you can hear yourself think. My kinfolk from way back came from the Appalachian mountain region, mostly Tennessee. It’s just a different mindset. No glitz, no glam, other than what the angels painted in the sky, the mountains, and valleys. Just a lot of hard working, mostly honest, folk.

  8. Our church home group met on line again last night. The topic was emergency preparedness. I got outed as being a prepared person, and reminded our members that Revelations contains far more serious circumstances than the trials we are undergoing now. These times are merely a light test.

    Two verses from Proverbs hit me during our call:
    Pv 19:14.”….but a prudent wife cometh from the Lord.” And “Pv 21:20 In the house of the wise is a pleasant treasure and oil, but a foolish man devoureth it.”

    Of course one of our small group said the classic “Come to your house” phrase to me. I just said I have beans and rice so if want anything else you better bring it. But I made it a point that each of us as Christian’s should be prepared to help others. I have work list for anyone who shows up, and a spare mattress with a tub of bedding.

    A package of cup of noodles or top ramen is less than 5 bucks. For 10 bucks you can have a couple gallons of water and a case of noodles to spare for a family. I made that point twice during our call.

    One of our neighbors confided in me that they have secretly prepared a tub of emergency supplies…that is, a separate and appropriate tub for EACH of their immediate neighbor’s families, should a dire emergency arise.

    I’m reminded of our Lord’s parable when he asked in Luke 10 who was a neighbor, and the answer was “He who showed mercy upon him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.”

    These times are only a mild preparation for the tribulations coming. Do your best to keep encouragingveveryonecyou know to first get spiritual readiness, then earthly preparedness.

    I use the Geneva Bible 1599 Patriots Edition. It includes Mark 16: 9-20. Check yours. It may be absent.

    God Bless you all.

    1. Wheatley Fisher, I admire your preparations to help your neighbors, & having a work list for anyone who shows up. Just curious, how did you get “outed as being a prepared person?”

      1. Our group facilitator had a list of many things to check on for preparedness. Some couples are totally clueless but good hearted, some single people who are self employed house cleaners are totally without income now, a few people are in such poor health and old age, they cannot work at all and subsist solely on government subsidies.

        In discussing power outage planning, generators, long term fuel storage techniques, etc., it becomes obvious quickly who’s prepared. I’m one of two that are, in our church group.

        Remember that lone wolves die far more easily than a pack does. So for myself, if food and security’tools’ bring people to support our survival plan, I can do that.

        I am the Alpha Male, kind and benevolent but firm. We need gardeners, food processors, dish washers, laundress, another guard or two, etc. When someone says they are coming, be ready with a list of things for them to fill a 70 hour work week.

        Do it kindly, with a smile, and say you welcome others to share a heavy workload. Just buy a few hundred more pounds of rice and beans. Tell them they can grow the rest for you. Did I say tell them they will work 70 hour weeks for you? That’s right, tell them at least twice.

        I’ve now connected with a dozen other preppers (only a few are in my larger church) but we aren’t close together. But we are mutually agreed that we will take the others in upon catastrophe with the understanding that the victims will bring as much as they can of whatever they are able to recover and transport.

    2. From your post: “These times are merely a light test.”

      Agreed… As difficult as these times are for many, conditions could be far more difficult. Spiritual preparedness is critically important, and will guide earthly preparedness. This has also been our experience.

      Really wonderful that members of the home church are working on emergency tubs of supplies to help neighbors. Truly wonderful. …and really enjoyed your work list for any helping hands who show up at your door step!

      Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

      1. Well, it wasn’t the church group doing the supply tubs. It is on of our neighbors our in the country here. They noticed my new hand pump backup unitl installed on our well ( they collect Intel too) so made it a point to quietly tell me they are preppers too.

        Our church did work the town food bank today, bagging up groceries for distribution.

        We just moved here in 2018 and I am still building my survival Intel and networks. On my way home today I cruised to a few roadside farm stands in a 5 mile radius to see what they are producing, meet a few folks while wearing my PPE, bought plant starts.

        The solar minimum has all our tree crops 3 weeks later than average. My cherries finally popped first blossoms today. No other fruits here have. Our Western Cascade Fruit Society has hundreds of pomologists, and they report lateness is widespread. This will be a short growing season, and expect to be dry with hotter days and cooler nights in the PNW. That’s what I expect, anyway.

        I also stopped at a tiny food place today that used to seat 6 inside, bought a coffee and chatted up the owner operator. I made sure to give a 10 for them to keep on a 2 dollar coffee and thanked them for being open. They make home-baked goods and they only way folks like that can stay in business now is through increased debt, and you or I sharing what we can.

  9. 1) I disagree that the Buzzfeed article is “anti-white”– many of the rural areas being put at risk by rich refugees are largely white.

    2) And if anyone has a sense of entitlement it is Rich people thinking average people should respect the law against assault while the Rich threaten people with a deadly virus.
    That is almost as hilarious as Rand Paul complaining for years about oppressive government — and then running to that oppressive government for protection when Paul’s neighbor kicks his behind.

    3) The Rich have their wealth and safety because every one of our sons have to sign up for the military draft to protect them. They should realize citizenship and duty are a two-way street and so is respect.

    4) If this virus makes the Libertarian dream come true and greatly reduces the power of government, things could get pretty lonely in those backwoods.

    5) In comments to earlier articles, I gave links to news reports on how a rich person flying in from Italy bought the virus to the very expensive Vail ski resort in Colorado — where a group of rich Mexicans took it home. Last time I checked the average Mexican was not overwhelmed with high end medical care and cost free insurance.
    Sun Valley in Idaho has been similarly stricken like Vail.

    6) New York City is RICH — in part due to a Wall Street that is a blood-sucking parasite on the workers of America. New York City has 2.5% of the US population — but this morning it has 35% of the virus deaths. 10,899 out of 30,990. Something the New York Times has been careful to not tell its readers.

    Rich New Yorkers are fleeing and leaving their middle class New Yorkers to die in the death trap their selfishness and irresponsibility created. New York Governor Cuomo and Mayor Blasio are demanding the rest of the USA rescue them and send every piece of medical gear we have — because Wall Street didn’t want to pay for the city to stockpile in advance even though this threat has been predicted for decades.
    7) The Rich OWN Congress — which means they are responsible for the failures of that corrupt Congress.

  10. I’ve never considered biometric data a secure mechanism. Anything with physical characteristics can be duplicated too easy.

    I don’t understand why a local lockdown on purchasing something like seeds is such an issue. Just buy them online. Seedlings may be easy to regulate, but that just means you have to start them yourself.

    Unenforceable laws are meaningless. How are they gonna regulate personal firearm sales, unless those making the transaction are stupid about it. You can’t fix stupid. Enforcing Red Flag laws are going to become the just cause for LE acquiring all that military hardware.

    It should be apparent to everyone by now, this crisis is cause to take away everyone’s rights and assets wholesale. You don’t need to declare martial law if you can convince the masses it is for their own good to stay locked up, give up their income, lose their house and car, and go on the dole. People get sick and die all the time. Those of us who’ve been in hostile environments and had to continue living and functioning in them ought to be able to see how manipulating the situation currently is. The current malady is no worse than usual. It is being blown up and propagandized to suit the purpose of those in power. The real threat is the paradigm shift that is being implemented. We have crossed the Rubicon and there is no way back now. How far we allow this sojourn to go will be the test of our eagerness to hand over our fate to tptb.

    1. “It should be apparent to everyone by now, this crisis is cause to take away everyone’s rights and assets wholesale.”

      This reminds me of one of my favorite and least favorite passages in the Bible. The story of Joseph and seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. I think of it often in two lights.

      First light is the clear lesson to prepare for bad times in good times. Kind of obvious and I guess uplifting in a way. I have long thought that even with the 2008 downturn we have been very blessed in this country for more than adequate time to prepare for some really bad times. So far so good.

      The second light disturbs me coming from the Bible and being the brainchild of Joseph, a man of God. Under Joseph’s direction the people were taxed part of the grain during the seven good years and the grain was centrally stored. Again so far so good. Certainly wise and credited with preventing large scale starvation and death. Then when the famine started, the people had to BUY BACK THEIR OWN GRAIN! First with money. Then with livestock. Then with their land. Finally with their bodies. Until all were owned by Pharaoh. To get back the use of their land they had to agree to a perpetual tax. This has disturbed me ever since I really thought carefully about it.

      Regardless of whether it disturbs me or not, that is the way of the world. Catastrophes seldom result in increased freedom. They historically result in tyranny. Actually the Biblical story is probably less tyrannical than many other examples that could be pointed to in history. The end tax was rather moderate compared to some through history.

      Your statement is the historical norm, not an aberration.

      1. Joseph was a form of the anti-christ for the “gentiles/Egyptians. It will happen again. It’s starting right now. Exodus is and Revelation go hand in hand. If you are stocked up for six or seven years then you will not have to sell your soul for a bowl of porridge/take the Mark of the Beast. I’d rather starve. But I know MY God will provide every need according to His riches in Glory for me and my family, because we trust in HIM, or He will bring us home, with mercy and kindness.

  11. @ huckleberry mama

    I would like to point out that commonsense is not that common and common courtesy has long been abandoned. I am all for letting the Darwin theory play out to it’s fullest esp. with those who worship the principles of evolution.

  12. One could argue that state/local governments, medical “experts”, and cable news are engaged in terrorism against the American public. This is an attack- wake up!

  13. One of the big takeaways from this situation is that we’ve seen who the petty tyrants are at the national and local levels, as well as the ones that live close by to us. They’ve tasted a modicum of power, and they will be reluctant to let it go. Keep in mind who they are. OPSEC is more important now than ever before.

  14. Relearning the lessons of 1919 in 2020
    Guest Post by Steve Lamb
    April 15, 2020

    The first lesson is that borders need to be medically controlled and that closed borders are safer than open ones, especially when there are wildly varying sanitary and health conditions between nations.

    The second lesson is that a controlled or dishonest press is an agent of death in a pandemic.

    The third major lesson is that soap and other disinfectants save lives.

    The fourth lesson is the same today. Mass transit is dangerous during epidemics and pandemics.

    The fifth lesson in 1918 was clear, as it should be clear today: density kills.

    1. If it is anything like all his other material, it is written for the layman, an easy read, and could be invaluable information. Alton’s Antibiotics and Infectious Diseases might be the most important for the layman, yet his Survival Medicine Handbook is also a ‘must have’. He tailors the information for the survivalist. We’ll not find that elsewhere.

  15. Exodus 23:28, Deu 7:20, and Jos 24:12 all talk about hornets driving people from the land. These were peoples who practiced infant sacrifice. In our society they call that choice. Of course New York City who first allowed abortion to the moment of birth birth (my body my choice) is the same place that banned the selling of large sodas. Wait, what? If it’s my body my choice why can’t I buy a large soda? I’d be the one drinking it.
    Also the Prophetic passages in Mark 13, Matthew24 and Luke 21 are all particularly chilling. All prophecies have been fulfilled that must for His return. Does it date to Israel becoming a nation again in 48, to Israel taking Jerusalem in 1967, or 2019 when President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    Pray, please please pray, for a massive revival. The end is near. Please pray for the dying to hear and yield to God to salvation. Pray that His people would live out 2 Chron 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. The time is short. The virus the earthquakes, the hornets, the storms, the wars, are all getting closer, just like labor pains

    1. I have felt an enormous spiritual burden to prepare for my family. To teach them to prepare too. I’ve heard it said, “stack it to the rafters”, which I’m doing. Some days I feel a bit silly. Other days I feel like I’m being wise. ugh. It’s an actual spiritual battle. Some of us have very sensitive souls, some call that intuition, others may dismiss it as purely an emotional reaction to whatever circumstances we are in. For me, I have felt this burden now for 20 years. No matter my circumstances, this “intuition” or spiritual feeling or whatever you want to call it, has not gone away, but rather intensified (pre-pandemic). So, I’m going with it and I don’t care what other people think. There’s plenty of scripture to support being prepared. Read on Genesis 41. Joseph’s history was very sad in the beginning because his brothers had betrayed him and actually sold him into slavery. But, it was Joseph that God blessed with the ability to interpret dreams, and it was Joseph who the Pharaoh of Egypt turned to, and it was Joseph who was entrusted to “stock up” so that when the famines came, the Egyptians and many others did not starve to death. I don’t know if we are in the End Times, but I do know something is coming and we need to be prepared.

      1. SaraSue,
        I have been preparing for years too, but have had the strong “intuition “ feeling you describe yourself having. This last year I have had that feeling become so strong that I feel like I’m in a race to get everything we need. At first I felt scared, but I understand it now and I never ignore it.
        I’m also so thankful to have found likeminded friendships here with you all.
        I will keep preparing and keep praying!

        Have a Rockin great day!!

  16. 1) For those who haven’t seen it yet: Secret Military Task Force moves to secure Washington DC

    2) The news report’s author, Williams Arkin, used to be in Army Intelligence and has …er..been around the rose bush a few times.

    3) As I recall, the major issue with JEEP was always whether to evacuate the wives or the secretaries. In one nuclear war exercise during President Eisenhower’s terms, they took the secretaries. Making things kinda frosty when the guys returned home.

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