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CoVID-19: Time to Relocate?

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America’s ‘survivalists’ feel vindication as they lock down for coronavirus epidemic — with ‘beans, bullets and Band-Aids’. A pericope:

“While some, like Rawles, are already hunkered down at their remote ranch, others are ready to flee, a move known among preppers as “bugging out.”

The ranches are usually in the “American Redoubt” in the northwest, covering Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and eastern Oregon and Washington. It is a term coined by Rawles that means a political migration to mountain states in the northwestern U.S. considered a place of refuge for libertarian, conservative survivalists.

Up in that vast wilderness the population is thin, cities are distant, gun laws are relatively lax, and there is plenty of land, water and hunting.”

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The NPR affiliate Boise State Public Radio almost predictably labelled survivalists as “anti-government” in this piece: Anti-Government Activists Split On Coronavirus Emergency Orders. Here is a  snippet:

“What does unite anti-government movements during the pandemic is the importance of firearms. On a recent online broadcast of the prepper-focused Radio Free Redoubt, host John Jacob Schmidt said he’s relieved to be surrounded by heavily armed preppers during a crisis.

“It feels so good to be living in the American Redoubt,” he said.

The American Redoubt is generally thought of by survivalists and militia groups as a region encompassing parts of Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana. It is seen by them as a kind of last refuge from societal collapse.

Todd Savage lives in North Idaho and runs Black Rifle Real Estate, which caters to preppers and followers of the Redoubt movement. He says his business is booming over the past month as concerns about COVID-19 have jumped to the fore.

Given that his company name is a nod to the AR-15 rifle, it’s unsurprising that he thinks guns are essential during a pandemic.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” he said. “When somebody is breaking down your door because they’re desperate for food, water, medicine for their family, what are you going to do?””

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Not surprisingly, the American Redoubt region has been largely isolated from pandemic deaths, thusfar. (Western Washington and Western Oregon–where the deaths in those states are concentrated–are outside of the Redoubt.)


INW ReportIdaho Sheriff Responds to N.Y. Times, Media, Critics Over His Virus vs. Liberty Appeal

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Idaho trans Bill says: No Ma’am.

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Tim Ravndal of Redoubt News: Citizens Rights Under Lockdown In Montana. And here is an accompanying video: Lockdown in Montana

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Sparing no sector, virus hammers outdoor recreation in Butte, western Montana

Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon drive-in theater to reopen with coronavirus precautions

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When Will Central Oregon Reach Its COVID-19 Peak?

Eastern Washington

Early season burn ban issued in Eastern Washington.

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443 coronavirus cases now detected in Tri-Cities; 27 deaths so far


New model projects Wyoming hospitals won’t be overrun by virus, but scores will still die. JWR’s Comment: Wyoming still holds the distinction of being the only state in the nation with no coronavirus deaths. Update: The first Wuhan coronavirus-attributed death was just reported in Wyoming on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020..

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Frosty-colored elk, white-chested eagles examples of genetic abnormality

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  1. What is interesting is that countries without lockdown and contact bans, such as Japan, South Korea and Sweden, have not experienced a more negative course of events than other countries that are in full lockdown. Why would anyone be surprised and Montana governor Bullock’s lack of respect for rule of law and the Montana Constitution? He has shown his disdain for the 2nd Amendment numerous times.

    1. It is still too soon to know but right at this moment Sweden is actually experiencing more C-virus deaths per capita than the U.S. and their trend is very troubling. The primary issue and also the reason for quarantine is not the number who get the virus but the number of deaths. Because if the virus goes pandemic so many people get it at the same time that then there is not enough medical care to save everyone with serious complications. But if they flatten the curve and spread it out the intent is that the hospital system never becomes overwhelmed.

      Also, for what it’s worth, Sweden has publicly stated that if their hospital become overwhelmed that they will prevent older citizens from getting care in preference to the younger people. Think about that. I don’t know how any doctor or politician can say that without choking on the words. That right there is the whole purpose of flattening the curve so you never have to make that kind of decision.

  2. While surfing the web about COVID-19 I ran across the following information and comparison maps of where the hot spots of the virus are and the political affiliation of those localities.

    Scroll halfway down the page to the two maps of the USA. They speak for themselves. The east and west coasts are getting hammered by COVID-19 compared to the inland. The areas of heaviest virus infestation are also areas of heavy infestation by the DFL party. I believe the word “infestation” to be very appropriate here as many of them live their lives in open defiance to God and His Law. The western parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas in addition to the Redoubt states are fairly clean compared to the rest of the USA.

    I think that any Bible believer that is still living in a big city (Sodom and Gomorrah come to mind) particularly either coast, needs get their priorities in order and flee the impending destruction. Yes, what is happening there now is bad, but it will get worse. There will come a time when it is too late to get out. I had some close friends that returned to the southern coast of California about five years ago. A bad move! How I wish they had not returned to that disaster waiting to happen (or happening – present tense). I know some SB readers have commented that we are living in the 11th hour and I agree that we are. Avalanche Lily has written quite extensively about this topic recently and the need to be right with God and to that I respond with three words in English: Amen to that!

    1. While the maps show the heavy concentration of virus in the heavily liberal cities I suggest that this is not valid reasoning. I suggest population density and proximity of living spaces would be a better interpretation of this data.

      1. It’s both. Metropolitan areas tend to have higher population density, but they also tend to have higher concentrations of liberals. So while the population density is a contributor to causation of increased COVID cases, there’s still a correlation to higher numbers of liberals becoming infected.

  3. Sheriff Wheeler’s request for information seems reasonable. Dr. Robert Burnett’s response is not only uncalled for but is a violation of his hypocratic oath. His license to practice should be revoked and he should be prosecuted for making a potential death threat. As far as what the NY Times and other liberal rags, and NPR go; So what who cares! They would be better served to find something constructive to report rather than just echo the Liberals that have exactly nothing positive to suggest as aiding the efforts to stamp out this virus.

  4. Time to relocate because of a virus? No Time to live with people who have sense.
    Now humans ain’t meant to be stacked like cordwood but location is only a portion of the equation

  5. Sadly, Wyoming has now recorded its first official Honeybadger Virus death.

    Self-isolating is us in normal circumstances! Cities and Indian Reservations will pay the highest price, but many people live rural lives here on a routine basis so dashing to the Safeway every day just isn’t a thing most people do here. We try to do all our town errands in one trip so we can get back to un-civilization ASAP and not come back for weeks or months.

  6. SoDak now has HCQ for a full study. If Guestapo Gordon goes full stay at home for Wyo, I’m going there.

    Given the pressure to label anyone testing positive, e.g. somone hit by a truck, or mauled by a bear will be recorded as a corona virus death if they have a runny nose, it might happen.

    I would be interested if there were any deaths in EASTERN Oregon. There are no big cities (no Boise, Spokane, Missoula, or Billings).

    If there are deaths, it will be of someone elderly or immunocompromised and unless it is a ravaged nursing home (see: Nursing homes already have sanitation and infection problems – the cleaning staff is all minimum wage maids, not cleaning technicians and you have all the weak people in a close space.

    It is rough on the weak and unhealthy:

    The other thing is if you are among the vulnerable, go somewhere off the beaten path – the cabins aren’t full. If I were one, I would find somewhere in Clark, Sunlight Basin, or Cooke City, MT. Check in for a month, do precautions, and wait until they figure out the treatments.

    If the Redoubt governors were smart, they would designate some of these deep middle of nowhere cities as the zone to shut down and do extreme measures, a few others as tested positive or flu in from NYC types, and the rest of us can get on with our lives, avoiding both danger (from you and to you) zones. Instead, even places with few or no vulnerables, everyone is limited or locked down.

    I will make a prediction: for Wyoming, there will be more indirect deaths from the shutdown: suicides, ODs, domestic violence (equal opportunity), etc. than coronavirus itself.

    1. Hey TZ,
      No deaths in Eastern Oregon yet. Cases reported in Wasco (10), Wallowa (1), Union (4), Umatilla (16), Klamath (26), Sherman (1), Malheur (4), Grant (1), Crook (1), Deschuttes (55), and Morrow (5)
      All the deaths in Oregon have been in the *gasp* liberal strongholds with compressed populations and no air to breathe.

  7. I need to add:
    Why does every “scientific model” include a hockey stick panic where everyone is going to die, and the recommendation we go full fascist globalist government controlling everything, and they are WRONG every time?

    Corona Climate Change. All hockey sticks.


    1. Easy answer on the hockey stick question – you can do this one at home. Get some graph paper and graph this – “Bacteria in a petri dish double every 24 hours. Starting with 1 germ on day zero,graph how many bacteria at the end of the month. ”

      You’ll see the hockey stick.

      What gets left out in the question and what nobody really knows about Corona is “when do they run out of food/infectable people and stop doubling?”

    2. CutterJeff has it right. In addition, the hockey stick assumes nothing is done to stop the spread of the virus. The US and most countries have implemented physical distancing and other measures which reduce the number of people who come in contact with the virus. Fewer people coming in contact with the virus means fewer people catch the virus, fewer people become sick and fewer people die. If you watch over time, the projections of how many people die from the virus are going down. Model builders are including the preventive measures in the models, the preventive measures are working, and there are more hospital beds for those that need them.

    1. I couldn’t get through the longwinded video. Sum it up for me in 25 words or less. Does he think it’s all fake? Does he think it’s no worse than the flu? Or is it that he thinks just go on with life and those who die will die and it’s no big deal? What?

      If it had been a document I could have quickly read or skimmed it and would have to invest all that time that a video takes.

      1. There seems to be a proliferation of long winded videos these days …really annoying …its like get to the point already…do you know how much other content is on the net ?!

    2. CuzMike, Thanks for the link about Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai. This is the third video I’ve watched about him being interviewed and all of them have been good. He comes at the problem from a scientific perspective. If only he could replace Dr. Fauci and the rest. I know big pharma will not allow that to happen though.

  8. Well Tz i think you might be right about label anyone testing positive
    So if you get hit by a truck and die The truck did not kill you but the corona virus did
    When they start messing with the numbers we should be scared Ask your self WHY would they do that
    Up date
    Made it to Walmart the other day they are selling seeds and everything else
    Only a few people wearing mask
    Out of a lot of food stuff
    Wife said one big company told there works that if you have any underlying condition that can make you get this virus that you can have two weeks off with pay
    Her office has saw a lot of people from that company trying to get off work
    In the past I have gone over the deaths numbers with the wife for are city you have to count how many of each what they died from and send it to the state
    I really do not know what they do with those numbers So we will see what the numbers are at the end of this year for the virus
    Also the hospital cut her nurses back to 20 hours a week

  9. 1) As I noted a few days ago, there are Wuhan virus outbreaks within the Redoubt where tourists congregated in prior months. The Sun Valley/Ketchum ski resort has a native population of only 4000 but now has 458 cases with 5 deaths.

    2) Wyoming does have 1 virus death reported this morning — in Johnson County where the Bighorn Canyon National Recreational Area is located. Plus Bighorn Natiional Forest has a lot of vacation homes/cabins owned by outsiders.

  10. A good source says there are three strains of the COVID 19 virus out there and they are A,B and C respectfully. We in the west may have been exposed as early as September to the COVID 19 A strain and it was the relatively mild form. That is why per the source why we are experiencing a less severe problem than the east coast now. The early exposure gives us some antibody protection again per the source. If there are three strains then one needs a vaccine against the three strains. A virologist stated on an interview at Peak Prosperity that the virus tends to not mutate as easily as the flu virus. The COVID 19 is more deadly than the flu but we live with the flu and can learn to live with the COVID 19 virus. Peak Prosperity available on YouTube has some interesting information about wearing facemasks. Maybe what I wrote will help a little.

  11. The worst is over and, God willing, at the end of this month, the president can reopen the economy. There will be screaming and wailing from the media and their sycophants, but there still may be time to save the economy and the economics lives of ten’s of millions of ordinary people. Our lives will never be without risk. Just driving where I live is one of them.

    1. Don’t be fooled. The worst is not over. The quarantine worked far better even than the experts thought (which is why the models appear to be wrong). Yes we need to begin to open it up and return to normal but there will be more deaths, a lot more. This virus has just begun.

    2. Guardian, Trump can’t open the economy and he didn’t close the economy. The state governors control what happens and the people in the states. Even if my governor relaxed (based on medical expert guidance) the preventive measures he has implemented to slow/stop the virus’s spread I’m not going to restaurants, I will be avoiding all shopping except for necessities, I will still practice physical distancing, I will wear an N95 mask, I will avoid concerts, I will avoid large gatherings of people, I will attend church remotely, I’m going to be spending my spare time outside away from people … until they have a vaccine or I know I have caught the virus, lived, and testing shows I have developed antibodies. The virus is going to be around for years. There will be millions, if not tens of millions or more people who will have similar behavior for the foreseeable future. It will be especially important for people over 60 to continue the preventive behaviors. The governors are going to proceed slowly, they still don’t have enough testing that the governors know what the infection rates and risks are in their states, anti-body testing is even farther behind, the governors don’t want to relax restrictions too fast and see the virus come back spiraling out of control, overwhelming hospitals, and leading to mass deaths and more economic hardship. Its going to be complicated and require coordination because the virus can travel across state lines. Not much leadership and coordination coming from the Fed Gov leading to the state compacts by governors on both coasts. My fear is that all the people who haven’t taken the physical distancing seriously are walking around acting as viral reservoirs sharing the virus among each other, keeping it alive. When the restrictions are relaxed those reservoirs would be ready to share the virus with everyone who has been taking the preventative measures seriously causing a new spike in cases and starting the restriction cycle all over again. I hope this doesn’t happen, but it could. Or maybe the restrictions or voluntary preventive behavior lasts long enough that those people catch and recover from the virus building up the anti-bodies and herd immunity. The rest of us gain our immunity from a future vaccine.

  12. My nickel.
    The “economic engine” is perceived to reside in the most heavily populated cities and states.
    Heavily populated cities and states have the most medical resources, hospitals, personnel, and funding.
    The virus is feeding where there are the most people which coincides with the areas noted above.

    Patients with COVID 19 try to stay home until they are really sick. Nobody wants to go to the hospital even in good times right?
    These patients, God bless them, are very labor intensive.

    To the point, it is better that the virus stay where it is. Big pharma and other companies will go to the end of the earth to develop anti virals and a vaccine. Their financial future depends on getting their vision of the economy back on track.

    We do not need it to spread to rural areas where 2 or 3 critical patients could overwhelm a smaller hospital.
    Nobody cares about or even notices us until something bad happens or somebody writes an article about us. That is why we moved away, to live in anonymity with like minded folk.

    The real economic engine in this country is made up of hard working Americans. The 70% of the jobs created by small business. The folks who grind it out, farming the land and distributing the food, building things we need, responding first to emergencies etc.etc.etc.
    Many of us either barter goods and services now or are prepared to do so in the future.
    Money is not our God.

    1. Wise words, Lee. Hard working Americans are the heart and soul of this economy. What the MSM calls “wealth” is an illusion. Wealth is what you said: “Money is not our God.”

      Carry on in grace

  13. All military-trained individuals have gone thru several Nuclear, Chemical, Biological weapons courses.
    So get this straight in your heads!
    There is no place to run too from biological weapons.
    Once released in our planet biosphere it is mutating and adapting to all the environments at an alarming rate.
    It is in the air, land, and water now.
    So this Bio-weapon has circled the planet continuously due to unrestricted airline travel within 24 HRS starting in October 2019 from the Bio-weapon laboratory in Wuhan, China.
    Continuous exposure to this virus hammers the immune system like a breach in a castle wall.
    It is genetically designed to kill in this manner regardless of the age of the individual.
    The Chinese communist party ignited this BIO-WEAPON releasing it to kill their aging population.
    Justice is coming for these genocidal murderers.

  14. Idaho dept of environmental quality issued a no -non essential burning because of Covid. So Idaho is just as susceptible to the Soccer Moms as any blue state. Normally, open burning without a permit is allowable from Nov to May 10.

    No explanation of what “essential” burning is. But if the forest service or private timber entities can do massive slash burns as essential, any efforts by you and I to not burn will be thoroughly overwhelmed by the actions of the industry.

    Just pure nonsense. We have 4 virus cases in our entire county. No deaths.

    1. Lane County (Eugene) Oregon posted no burning of ANY kind a week ago. Reasoning was that “smoke makes one more susceptible to COVID”; and yet they still allow cannabis dispensaries to be open because that is magical smoke I guess.

  15. First of all the “anti government “ people are found in the Democratic Party and hired on by NPR.

    Any American citizen wanting to remove both the first and second amendment of their governments constitution without going through the proper channels of amending… anyone want to replace their governments free enterprise system with communist socialism … anyone calling up the AntiFa movement and black lives matters movement to maim, harass people and murder police officers in their country are all ANTI government people.

    Gun owners and freedom loving citizens are not ANTI government but Constitutionalists which is what their government was founded upon.

    Gun owners uphold their constitutional values. Anti- government people want to disarm their citizens and shred the constitution.

  16. I thought the points listed at the bottom of the covid death map was interesting. They are twisted. I’ve been watching what was actually said by the president and his staff at the press briefings as well as what the “news” says he said since the briefings started. The way the news is twisting everything completely out of proportion is mind blowing. I wonder if anyone can really see both the briefings and the news coverage and not see the blatant lies. President Trump could say, “Good morning,” and the press would report that he said he wasn’t willing to be there except in the morning.

    There is a lot of talk about the US surpassing Italy in covid deaths. No one mentions that Italy’s population is 18% of the US population. There is no mention of per capita rates of infection or death; no mention of rural to urban differences between the countries. It is very misleading.

  17. That video about NO MAM is hilarious and I’ve passed it along. Thank the Lord one state, Idaho, has stood up against all that is ungodly. It’s a travesty. One day these people will answer to God for their sick, deluded, and demonic actions.

  18. I’m getting tired of all the hype and drama the evening news is spewing over the virus, Had I just crawled out from under a rock, I would think that New York city accounted for the entire country. One only has to sit thru the first 10 minutes of mainstream media news to hear the word ” unprecedented ” in the first 3 words of every single sentence to spill out of their mouths. I see the News showing some workers losing their composure on camera for the whole, already stressed out Country to see. One has to ask themselves, how much of this is embellishment, grandstanding and melodramatics versus actual truth, and honestly, what good is it doing for a people already stressed out over losing their jobs not to mention deep in debt to be subjected to some over paid New Yorker screaming ” We are all gonna die and you are next!”

    I live in the American redoubt, and I’m pretty well set up. But that does nothing if the people reporting whats going on keep amping up the situation just to get their fair share of ratings.. I am convinced that for some, if they think thing things are slipping into the abyss, they may attempt to help themselves to other peoples stuff. Governor Inslee of Washington state is already letting inmates out of prison because he doesnt want to deal with them.. so that coupled with the mental lunatics should prove for some interesting encounters.. Herman Wouk said it best, “When in danger or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout.”

    1. I walk out of any room where I encounter cable network TV news playing. The 24 hour TV news programming is all about ratings, attracting eyeballs, exciting viewer emotions, lots about profits, and for Fox being a propaganda arm for Republicans and the rich. Fox News gives you a selective fact and information conservative view of news that I can filter and learn from. All the other news gives you a selective fact and information liberal view of the news, still needs to be filtered but containing useful tidbits. Fox opinion shows just make stuff up to rile up conservatives while including a few dispersed facts to make it seem accurate. Many of you won’t agree with my assessment, but you should.

      Ignore 24 Hr. TV news. If you want to know what is going on READ, then cross check from other sources, and make sure the political viewpoints of your sources are diverse. If all your sources are conservative all your sources are biased the same way and you won’t have an accurate picture of science, scientists, the atmosphere, heat transfer and thermodynamics, “liberals”, “liberal” opinions, liberal values, policy being pursued by “liberals”, what other people are afraid of, how people different than you think….. I try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ which leads me to liberal values (those parables), I’ve been trained as a scientist, but I also read from conservative websites.

  19. I’ve read a lot of good replies here , a lot of good points. My two cents worth…. NPR like all the other “Fake News” outlets manufacture, change context and flat out lie to support the narrative they wish their flock of sheep to be fed. I can’t speak for anyone else but I am not anti gov, I am, however, for gov to be limited in scope , power and size as was intended by the founders. NPR isn’t going to publish that because it doesn’t portray us as whacked out nutjobs which is what they want their flock to believe. They want to stoke the fire of division because it fires up their base. After 250yrs of growth and development, of course that scope of gov is going to change but it never should have been allowed to become the bloated monster it is today. Again,. I can’t speak for anyone else but what I feel is that the majority of us just want to be left the hell alone to go about our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. They can’t stand that because they feel how we do that should be controlled by that bloated monster. You read the horror stories every day in the virus age, gov whether local, state or federal has no right to keep people from assembling, especially in church. What I do know, this country has to get back to work and business as usual or there ain’t gonna be much to go back to. I also know, all this Bill Gates vaccine biotracking hoopla ain’t gonna work. That’s some straight outta the book of Revelation, mark of the beast nonsense there.

  20. My wife and I were in the hospital for 3 days 4 weeks ago with CV symptoms. They cancelled the covid19 test because they said it takes 10 days for results and either you are dead or cured by then. I wonder how many cases there really are in Idaho, I never experienced anything like that before.

    1. I’m sorry for your troubles and glad you both pulled through. From everything I’ve read, from your post to several different articles, we ain’t never gonna know the true counts on what this Chinese virus has caused other than burying the best economy I’ve seen in my 55yrs on this rock. If we go the optimist route, at least this thing has shattered all doubt. Computer models ain’t much different than hitting your favorite horse track!

  21. I have been a Pharmacist for 37 years. Prior to that I was a Respiratory Therapist and a Paramedic.
    In my Pharmacy career I have worked in retail establishments, but the brunt of my career has been clinical pharmacy in hospitals and long-term care. I have dispensed and/or reviewed thousands of patients who take Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) for rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. In that time, I have noted very few side effects from this medication in patients. It is safe and effective for the conditions it is approved to treat. It would be a safe treatment for COVID-19 and is starting to appear to be effective as well. Time will tell.
    This medication was initially brought to the forefront of COVID-19 treatment when it was noticed that patients of a lupus clinic in China had not contracted the disease. It has also been reported anecdotally that folks in developing countries who take the medication for malaria prevention have also not contracted or have low rates of infection with COVID-19
    Dispensing information for hydroxychloroquine is readily available. While not a fast mover in the pharmacy by any measure, certainly hundreds of thousands of patients receive this medication in the United States. Take the information of patients dispensed this medication and cross reference it with the patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. My educated guess is that that number would be quite low compared to the general population. If that is the case, why not immediately start giving all front line health workers prophylactic doses of hydroxychloroquine and gradually expand this to segments of the general population while putting them back to work at the same time.

    1. I can only give my own opinion but if I was a betting man I’d go heavy and let em ride on a. Wide acceptance and use would in essence be giving Trump a victory, they won’t let that happen if at all possible. B. No one stands to get rich off chloroquin sales. A lot stand to make billions off whatever new drugs or vaccines they cook up. Lastly, c. As morbid as it sounds, the kingpins pulling the strings don’t want a cure. All this new found world wide power over the sheep has given them a hard on, they don’t wanna lose it. I’m not talking the medical pros in the trenchs, I’m not necessarily talking politicians in general. Some, sure, but not as a whole. I’m talking those that own those politicians.

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