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“If you all come out now, a bunch of you are going to get sick. If you hold off until May 1, even more of you are going to get sick, and we’ll be in the worst economic depression the world has ever known due to a complete lack of engaging in economy.

If you all hide until September, you’re still going to get sick, and at the worst time of year for it–October-December, just like the flu and other colds. More people will die on top of everyone who’s starving to death because we will have literally no economy left. (And I realize idiots don’t believe this is true, even though in just two weeks we’ve gone from 3% unemployment to 10%. It’ll be 20% by next week, and likely hit 40% by the end of April, if we don’t stop the stupidity right now.)”  – Michael Z. Williamson


  1. The evil is we now know how to mitigate the infection (HCQ+Azrith+Zinc, etc.) and who is at risk. We only have maybe a dozen deaths of “healthy” young people. Most deaths are nursing home residents that are at death’s door aleady and anything will push them across the threshold.

    This: is what we need to do instead, but writ large. The hotels are nearly empty, so lets find out-of-the way towns and move the vulnerable there and declare them medical sanctuaries and create isolated areas and give them HCQ+ under doctors’ care.

    Then we go about our business, let Coronavirus rip through the rest of us until we get herd immunity and it burns out. Most will show no symptoms, or just the usual mild cold, fly, allergy that people normally get throughout the year (hope for an antibody test). A few will get seriously sick but not need a hospital. A few will end up in the hospital and some will die but far fewer than if we do a “wait then go cold turkey”.

    Maybe not all at once. It is raging in NY, MI, LA, but not even all parts there, and is starting up in California. But flyover country seems passover country. Especially the Redoubt and Dakota states.

    Instead, we acting like those who killed all the dogs and cats during the black death, and like then Mayor Diane Feinstein who refused to close the bathhouses until a year after AIDS/HIV was taced there so killed tens of thousands more people – but we had to panic suburban housewives with the “everyone is at risk”.

    1. Unfortunately, there are too many people in the USA, that think it’s possible to stay home, not work and collect a government provided check. … The FAKE NEWS supports this belief.
      Trump has repeatedly said, ‘we need to get back to work.’ The FAKE NEWS says, Trump is responsible for the current deaths from the Wuhan Flu, and >any deaths that may occur after Americans return to work.

      The shutdown of the US economy has become a political issue; NOT because of the medical situation. = But, because there people that want to blame Trump.
      +Obama recently said, “If you look at the world and look at the problems it’s usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way” [in regards to Obama returning to public politics].

      There are people in America, that want to destroy America, and make our country a service economy [as in servitude]. +There are people that think there are too many people in the world; the world would be better off if more people died.
      Destroying the American economy would increase worldwide deaths; not just cause death and poverty in the USA.

      There is information available, that the ‘quarantine’ is NOT to reduce overall deaths, but to flatten the curve = i.e. prolong the problem by stretching out the death rate over time.
      A question NOT asked by the FAKE NEWS is, = What is the ~current total death rate in America. … Has the Wuhan Flu increased the overall death rate drastically? … Does our FAKE NEWS provide an understandable answer?

      All we really hear from the FAKE NEWS 24/7 is ‘stay inside’ to be safe, and everything bad is Trump’s fault.

  2. Just my opinions.
    No government office city, state or federal gets it.
    This is 2020 and all are remiss for not being prepared to respond to this sneaky chameleon of a virus.
    Whether we believe it was created in a lab our cooked up in a live market we should not have been surprised.

    I for one believe this virus is serious, we do not know what we do not know and until we do we have to change.
    We do not know where it is moving to next, we do not know how long immunity lasts, we do not know how it is changing. We do not know how many actual cases there are.
    Business as usual no longer makes sense to me.

    Farmers are plowing under beans and corn. Where was the conversation about building processing plants with dehydrators and freezers. Where is the plan to distribute this food?
    This is not the first time.

    Where was the conversation about starting apprenticeship programs for skilled labor to rebuild our power grid, roads, etc. Older workers are retiring and taking knowledge with them. Turn them into teachers to build our next generation of electricians, plumbers and carpenters.
    Red tape has paralyzed our country. Politicians argue over how much debt is enough while this virus is feasting.
    Free money isn’t going to fix our country.
    Prayer, creative energy inspired by God, and well earned calluses will get it done.

    God bless our first responders and healthcare nurses and doctors. Pray for all in harms way.

    There are plenty of opportunities to get people back into productive work.

  3. The purpose of quarantining and social distancing was to prevent the hospitals from being overwhelmed. It worked! NY City had a bad go of it for awhile but they are getting past that. Soon our manufacturing will catch up to the need for PPE equipment and we will be in a better place. It is likely that we can begin phasing in more people going to work and school. The nature of a virus including this virus is that it is high contagious and once it is out there it is likely that most people will get it. The purpose in flattening the curve was to prevent too many getting at once AND before we were prepared to deal with the most critically ill. If adequate medical care is available for everyone who needs it then the number of deaths will be less than if the doctors were forced to decide who gets a respirator and who does not. We are still in the middle of a pandemic, those cities and areas of the country that up until now haven’t had many cases or any deaths will get more of both in the future. It would be a mistake to think that a snapshot of this crisis at any point in time is the whole story. It will get worse and it may last 18 months or so. But thanks to the shutdown/quarantine we are now in a better place to deal with it when we start getting back to a normal functioning society.

  4. With regard to all the blather about getting rid of the old, both men and women, I have a few points folks might want to ponder. Not always, but generally speaking, with age comes wisdom and knowledge. The knowledge of how things work and how to make things work once they have failed, or at least why they have failed. With youth come the ability to learn and accept new technologies, the latest whiz bang engineering, and technological principles. To say nothing about the fact that the younger generation, “Knows everything”…
    But, (in my experience and observation), youth lacks the ability (more and more so) to troubleshoot. Rarely do I run across anyone much under the age of about 45/50 that can do an adequate job of making something work once it has failed. When a new one cannot be acquired off the shelf, youth is at a loss as to what to do next as well as not having the knowledge to make do with something else or work around the loss.

    So here’s the crux of the matter, Do you want to live in a world devoid of the knowledge base of old people, both men and women? How successful do you think you would be in rebuilding a world once Schumer & Murphy find common ground and decide now is the time to unleash their combined forces upon society…..

    Go ahead, keep it up all those who advocate the demise of “old” people, who needs them anyway, they are just taking up space & in the way….. You may find yourself without the ability to dig a hole for an outhouse, let alone the ability to make the paper to wipe. That’s if you can find the necessary ability to actually grow some food…….

    Generally speaking, people don’t get old through biology, they get old by not being stupid…….

  5. N S
    Yup, when I started as an electrician I was mentored by a senior master electrician.
    First thing he told me was “there are old electricians and there are brave electricians but there are no old and brave electricians.”
    The second thing he taught me was “old things happen to new people.” Exactly the reason we need senior craftsmen working with and teaching our young workers.
    The third thing he told me was “don’t touch anything!”
    His name was Bob and he shared all of his success and failures.

  6. Most do not understand exponential growth and why the lock down was necessary. And it is working, and bought us time to adjust to the new reality. We are learning to adapt and protect ourselves, something that would not have occurred had there been no lock down. However a collapsed financial system and the implementation of Police State to enforce a Medical Martial Law will eventually kill millions more than the virus.
    We are at war with the virus, and the Commie/Globalists who wish to destroy the country by any means possible and are using opportunity the virus provides to do so. We have to accept the loss of several million to protect what is left of the economy and our liberties. During the Great Depression, when much of the country could sustain themselves at least in part, some estimate 7 million died due to malnutrition. This time around, it would be far worse.

  7. It would be interesting if we had a good size test case to see what happens with the coronavirus if you do not shut down a western economy but simply tell your people to use their heads and be careful and shut down schools. Oh wait we do!

    As compared to

    Swedish death rate per million is a little higher. American case count per million is a little higher. Swedish and American case and death graphs look to be in similar places in the curve although Sweden is more volatile probably because of the smaller sample size.

    I would guess that Sweden will not have a second wave because they will not change any parameters except sending kids back to school. When they are done, they will be done and their economy will be intact, except for the international effects.

    The US may have one when we open back up but I am not so sure. I say this because I think the virus fully penetrated the country a lot earlier than stated and we shut the gate after the horse got out. I suspect the bulk of the rise in everyone’s curves was due to testing ramping up and more deaths being diagnosed as COVID rather than “influenza” or “ILI” (influenza like illness). Basically I am not convinced we “flattened the curve” very much especially in light of the same basic epidemiological curve being seen in Sweden as here when they made little effort to “flatten the curve”. It think we discovered a curve that was already well established.

    At the end of this, I would like to see a particular number. I would like to see COVID deaths + influenza deaths + ILI deaths from the 2019-2020 flu season and compare them to influenza deaths + ILI deaths from the 2018-2019 flu season. The second number was estimated at 80,000 in the US. The worst in 40 years. It will be interesting to see what the first number ends up at.

  8. Australia has of now 1.8million unemployed extra, trillions more of unpayable debt, burgeoning Police State powers given to mindless thugs in blue, fining people at State approved funerals, fining Learner drivers, drivers driving alone in their cars, following people home to make sure they go back to isolation from their ” approved ” walk, fining people for holiday snaps they took one year ago, and dozens more abuses of power.

    No, there will not be a return to pre Con19, you get herd immunity by playing in the dirt, camping, hiking, mingling with the microbes , this I do while bushcrafting, bugs that naturally occur in the soil, lock up the old people for a few weeks, sure, then let the ” virus ” run among the population, most will get a mild version, some more ill, fewer will die, how many times has the virus mutated so far ? 4? , 5?, 6?, sorry no vaccine can ever fix that problem ! .

    Killing many millions more through grinding, poverty, starvation, malnutrition, suicide will resonate for decades to come from the steam train of depression coming down the track, too many stupid gullible people.

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