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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the need for oxygen concentrators to treat Wuhan coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus Patients Need Oxygen

Reader S.O.G. sent us this confirmation that finding used oxygen concentrators is a good thing: Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret. Here is a key quote:

“The past 48 hours or so have seen a huge revelation: COVID-19 causes prolonged and progressive hypoxia (starving your body of oxygen) by binding to the heme groups in hemoglobin in your red blood cells. People are simply desaturating (losing O2 in their blood), and that’s what eventually leads to organ failures that kill them, not any form of ARDS or pneumonia. All the damage to the lungs you see in CT scans are from the release of oxidative iron from the hemes, this overwhelms the natural defenses against pulmonary oxidative stress and causes that nice, always-bilateral ground glass opacity in the lungs. Patients returning for re-hospitalization days or weeks after recovery suffering from apparent delayed post-hypoxic leukoencephalopathy strengthen the notion COVID-19 patients are suffering from hypoxia despite no signs of respiratory ‘tire out’ or fatigue.”

Army and USMC to Eliminate Brass-Cased Ammo?

Krissy sent us this link: After 50 Years, the Army and Marine Corps Are Closing In on Dumping Brass-Cased Ammo

Santa Clara County Snooping Supplies of PPE and Ventilators

Reader T.L. spotted this odd announcement from northern California: Santa Clara County Health Officer Order to Gather Information on Local Supplies of Personal Equipment and Ventilators. JWR’s Comment: read between the lines, folks. History has shown that in times of peril, governments get grabby.

Philly Man Arrested for Not Wearing a Mask

Here is some news footage from The City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia Man Dragged Off Bus by Police For Not Wearing Face Mask. JWR’s Comment: Two months ago it was illegal to wear a face mask in many American cities. Try to keep up with the changes, so you don’t get used for truncheon practice, folks.

Alyssa Milano Wants You to Stop Buying Guns

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Hey America, Alyssa Milano wants you to STOP buying guns during pandemic [VIDEO].

Seattle Burglary Explodes 87% Downtown

Rantz: Seattle burglary explodes 87% downtown after coronavirus policy, crisis. (Thanks to Peter for the link.) The article begins:

“Seattle coronavirus crime concerns have become fully realized. Burglary cases have exploded in Seattle’s west precinct since the coronavirus stay-at-home order and a county policy prohibiting most misdemeanor jail bookings went into effect.

These cases are also up significantly citywide.

A little over a week ago, officers argued the booking policy would result in a criminal ‘free for all.'”

Media in Denial about Hydroxychloroquine?

Reader DSV sent this: Media pundits, medical establishment in denial about hydroxychloroquine?

California Nursing Facility Evacuated After Staff No-Shows

Reader R. K. spotted this: California nursing facility evacuated after staff no-shows. A quote:

“A skilled nursing facility in Southern California where nearly three dozen residents are infected with the coronavirus was being evacuated after staff members failed to show up to care for them, officials said Wednesday.

Riverside County public health officials said 84 patients were being moved from the Magnolia Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Riverside after a large number of employees didn’t show up two days in a row.”

Home Owner Fights Off Home Invaders

Reader T.C. sent this from Zero Hedge: Dramatic Footage Shows Home Owner Fight Off Home Invaders In Fatal Confrontation. JWR’s Comment:  Note that the perps were wearing anti-COVID face masks and gloves.

How COVID 19 Death Certificates are Being Manipulated

DSV also sent us this: Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being manipulated

Michigan: Order Bans Travel Between Residences

The Detroit Free Press reports: New Whitmer order bans ‘travel between residences,’ with a few exceptions

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    1. Remember: medical experts, despite dearly seeking solutions, do not yet believe there’s good reason to use Chloroquine. Actual medical experts.

      Today (4/13) are reports that a major Brazilian chloroquine study was cancelled mid-stream because far too many volunteers were experiencing dangerous heart beats (and 2 died from them, regardless of whatever else they could die from – rapid crazy heart action is a bad thing).

      No one, politically or otherwise, wants their friends or family to die from this virus. But if a specific tactic, however tempting and easy it sounds, ends up hurting & killing people instead of what we wished for, then that tactic needs to be dropped. Or at least not used as a crusade indignation (i.e. that Trump’s enemies are suppressing the perfect solution). Since there are both positive study results and serious negative ones, it’s too soon to embrace chloroquine either way. Science works, but sometimes it takes some precious time. Let’s hang it there! We’re already starting to lower the likely deadly toll of this virus. Facts matter. And we are strong.

  1. In regards to: “Krissy sent us this link: After 50 Years, the Army and Marine Corps Are Closing In on Dumping Brass-Cased Ammo.”

    The article starts out as implying our Military is trying to ~reduce the load-weight carried (even on mounted weapons); ~until this pertinent paragraph:

    “When we go to war, we need more ammo to defeat our adversaries,” Lanham said in a Jan. 17 news release. “Polymer ammo gives Marines the opportunity to carry ~>more ammunition or make trades with what gear is important to carry during combat.”

    1. My personal opinion in reading that article and the choice of 7.62 and .50 cal is that they want to reduce weight for drones that can make resupply runs. Let’s be serious if you were really concerned with the weight a grunt had to carry they would look at reducing the weight of body armor first!

      1. 3AD Scout,

        I think that you made an excellent point.

        Beyond that, while I will wait to see how this works out, if brass is eliminated from the production of quality ammo, and I emphasize quality ammo, it would eliminate copper as a shell casing. Copper is often an expensive component, depending on market conditions.

    2. The ammo wasn’t that heavy compared to M2(ma duece) .50cal/tripod/barrels. The m240 was light in comparison. The pogues always want more “gear” to be carried,this hasn’t changed since the Roman Legions.

    3. I can guarantee the Army is trying to reduce Soldier gear weight. I read press releases about the latest R&D developments all the time. The reasons to do so are many. The need for more ammo to win the fight only increases the need to reduce ammo weight per bullet.

  2. 1) Last week I noted that the Fed’s weekly report on currency in circulation showed people were pulling cash out of banks — 4% spike in March.

    2) I had suggested my siblings pull a cash reserve out of their banks — they did so and my sister informed me yesterday that several banks have closed in their small town. For one bank, one has to drive 30 miles to nearest open branch.

    3) In mid-March, American Banker mag confirms banks are closing branches — NOT just closing lobbies and working through drive up windows.

    4) March 24: American Banker notes Citibank is closing 100 branches outright.

    5) Note that if a branch closes, that kinda puts those gold coins in the safety deposit box out of reach.

    6) Note also that if banks start running short of cash , they don’t want to close a lot of branches suddenly and spur banks runs. So they are likely to follow a “boil the frog slowly” approach and close branches gradually over several weeks.

    7) Note also that the continual drumbeat of Trump hatred in the major New Media Corporations mean they don’t have time to warn Americans about what is happening to our bank deposits.

    Kinda like a gang of pickpockets staging a fight to divert a mark’s attention while one of their members lift the mark’s wallet.

    1. Don Williams,

      Thank you for the links about bank closures at American Banker.I agree with the boiling of frogs. It will be a slow and gradual process so not to upset folks.

    2. My own bank closed a few weeks ago, due to a worker having covid 19 symptoms …fortunately, I urged my father to withdraw money and safe deposit box contents a week prior…now, you have to call the main branch to access your sae deposit box and wait for someone from another branch to arrive aND let you in. There was absolutely no warning prior that the bank may or was going to close…and no back up plans for opening said branch agian

    3. Safety deposit boxes… This is a very good point, and a reminder. We don’t use one of these, but many people do (understandably so, but may be time to rethink options in this regard).

  3. So glad I “left” Michigan, even long before Waffen SS Whitmer was elected.

    There is an online petition to recall her. There was an attempt years ago to recall Dem Gov Jim Blanchard (?) and one democratic senator was recalled, and others had petitions.

    Guestapo Gordon here in Wyo is bad enough, and SoDak was my first runner up. Their governor, Kristi Noem, is treating the residents like adults.

  4. Re: Gov Whitmer’s travel ban…
    How can you prohibit any person from traveling to their second residence, cabin or cottage? (without declaring Martial Law). I understand a ‘temporary ban on rental property(s) and even campgrounds, but to stop a person from traveling to property they own and pay taxes on is defiance and then court cases waiting to happen. (and yes, do you really own something if you’re still paying taxes on it? That’s a discussion for another time)
    She also imposed a temporary ban of gas powered motors on lakes. You can row, or use electric but no fuels. Why?

    The good people of Michigan are definitely not happy with several of their recently elected officials. We’ll see what November brings…

    1. There have been quite a few parties at the boat launches, especially in the UP. Several people traveled from the mitten to the UP to go fishing/boating with their buddies. People in the UP are screaming about the danger of bringing the virus up north. They pretty much want the bridge shut down except for local travel, they don’t care if you own property or not. The governor has everyone here terrified. I can’t tell you how many people I know that think this is the next apocalypse.

    1. I think the no motors thing has multiple reasons. Larger capacity, greater travel distance and possibility of engine failure which would necessitate rescue.

  5. Well Seattle folks,once again the Democratic machine is favoring criminals over the tax paying public. Not arresting criminals is got to be one of the worst ideas they have come up with. Liberals in CA. letting criminals out early due to the virus is finding it already back firing. Crime in the cities is up. It is easier to divert manpower and equipment to arresting a lone guy out in the ocean on his wave board. Letting criminals know that they will be arrested and put in jails where they may be exposed to the virus might just put a stop to more crime. It is no wonder that more people are arming themselves, despite the inane views of liberals and celebrities. By the way, what morons listen to them anyway?

  6. RE: Dr Annie Bukacek’s commentary – if you didn’t see it, please do. It’s only 17 minutes, and contains info all Americans should know about the COVID-19 mortality numbers. As a medical professional who works in a hospital, I have asked the question many times: what is necessary to attribute a death to COVID-19? Dr. Bukacek, as a practicing physician for many decades, does an excellent job of highlighting the vagaries associated with “cause of death”.

    It would seem to me that some enterprising journalist should be investigating whether TOTAL deaths in the U.S. are statistically higher since the arrival of Mr. COVID. Oh well, that would presume the existence of a true investigative journalist!
    A blessed Easter to everyone. HE IS RISEN!

    1. Yes… all SB readers should watch / listen … then share with others… I would also encourage making a copy of the CDC document outlining guidelines…

    2. I don’t get your point. Are you saying that the virus isn’t killing people? It would seem to me that it is indeed killing people by the tens of thousands and some bureaucrats letter doesn’t change that.

  7. I think these Governors are just throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. The lawsuits should be interesting. Re: Philly, speaking of lawsuits, this should be an easy one. Apparently they are requesting not requiring people to wear masks on the bus. You would think the cops would know that….

      1. VT –

        Be grateful you don’t live in docile nanny state Australia, there the blue Gestapo hand out social distance fines like candy AUD $1,350 per PERSON , one State has racked up AUD $800,000 in two weeks !, no freedom there !.

  8. The Midwest has handled this pandemic pretty poorly. A lot of the governments early actions were too little too late. Chicago and Detroit have become epicenters and will continue to be for awhile. So now there is a big grab for control over everything. My big concern is banks closing and the possibility of gas stations closing. I know there is still plenty of gas available but if drivers refuse to deliver then will the government step in to control that too? Seems unbelievable to the masses but we’ve had gas shortages before in this country.

    1. A key indicator will be seeing the National Guard and US Army Reserve call-ups expanded to include Transportation Companies. They might also call up and recently-ETSed military truck drivers who are still in the IRR (Individual Ready reserve, to bring those units up to full strength.

      1. That could be fairly easily done. There is a LOT of liquid logistics capacity in the USAR. In fact, there’s an exercise every year that focuses on using USAR assets for fuel distribution to various government entities, to allow Soldiers in those units to actually train on their wartime mission. It would be fairly easy to call up some of those units, probably in a rotating status, to at least ensure fuel continues to roll to government, if not private, organizations in the event there was a shortage of qualified civilian fuel haulers.

        It should be noted, however, that DSCA (Defense Support to Civil Authorities) is not, generally speaking, a popular mission in the military, aside from the Guard. The Active Component (AC) and federal Reserve forces generally prefer to focus on training for combat. In addition, there’s an awareness that pulling Reservists out of their civilian functions can be counterproductive. A major problem in the 1918 Epidemic was that so many medical personnel were in the military, there was a shortage of them available in local communities to help battle the virus. That being said, this could be an interesting use of that logistical capability.

        John Ringo’s novel THE LAST CENTURION offers an interesting take on a pandemic, including dealing with second and third orders of effects. I would, however, caveat that novel with a warning of significant foul language and some explicit sexual references.

  9. RE: Santa Clara County.
    I didn’t see body bags on that list. They might want to add that item if they come to take what isn’t theirs.
    I’m sure everyone will fill out that survey with total honesty. (Sarc off)

  10. The two happenings in Seattle and Chicago, burglaries in Seattle and the home owner beat the snot out one and shooting the other, is an example of the political atmosphere today. If any of the this were to happen in the U.K. or Australia, the home owner, business owner would be charged with murder and put away for life. And this Milano woman is just another Hollywood actor who lives and works in a make believe industry that has a sole purpose of entertainment, but isn’t any better than you or me. And her views suck just as much as the rest of them

  11. I will readily admit that I have no particular medical credentials here. The physician made some interesting points and added to my understanding of issues regarding COVID-19.

    Nevertheless, there is a flip side to this, too. Here’s a paramedic’s compelling account of his shift in NYC one week ago:

    Note how the article ends: “Not one of the 12 people suspected to have died of Covid-19 on Anthony’s shift had been tested for coronavirus. As a result, their deaths were not included in the official coronavirus death toll in New York last Sunday, which stood at 594.”

    I wonder just how many victims have been underreported. If readers recall, well into the epidemic in Wuhan, the Chinese were criticized for underreporting the death rate because Chinese medical (and government) protocol was to classify a death due to the coronavirus only when a patient had been tested for it and then died.

    If a person was found dead on the street, or died at home, that person’s death was not included. Even if a person died at the hospital and was not tested (due to a serious shortage of test kits) that person’s death was not added to the total. Due, in part, to international criticism, the Chinese government changed the requirements. Doctors were told that making a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19 was acceptable when attributing the cause of death to the coronavirus. This made sense to me.

    So, if the BBC has it right, we’re doing what the Chinese were doing by requiring that the patient be tested for the coronavirus before the cause of death can be attributed to COVID-19. I am reminded of Joe Stalin who said that it doesn’t matter who won the election, it matters who “counts the ballots.” To this layman, we seem to be “counting the votes” the wrong way here.

    Many people dismiss COVID-19, saying that it mostly strikes people with co-morbidities. I don’t think that it takes a Johns Hopkins Medical Center physician to point out that people can live a normal life for decades with diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, or COPD. If a particular person was handling his problem with modern medicines, and then died of the coronavirus, by anyone’s estimation, it was the coronavirus that killed him, not his underlying problem with which he may have successfully coped for many more years.

  12. Santa Clara County: Lessee… I determine it would be prudent to buy, say, fifty boxes of ten N95 masks… for whatever reason. I exchange the money I EARNED… AFTER the state and Fed steal their share… for fifty boxes of ten N95 masks. Those masks are MINE. Now, if I live in Santa, I’m FORCED to give up MY purchases “for the common good?” After all; WHY would d’gubmeyent want to know what I have unless the design is to take them? You know; like gun registration? BAH-HA-HA! RIGHT! Good luck, SCC!

  13. State governments imposing tyranny, CDC outright lying, covid-clear cards issued, forced vaccinines for all, hardened criminals released, crimes exploding, a multi trillion dollar economy brought to it’s knees, endless political endeavors to remove a president, a MSM providing cover for a Chinese gov that owns them, a deep state so vast and pervasive and working against our form of gov and constitution, our food supply network possibly compromised soon, farmers struggling, bank runs on the horizon, and on and on. We have NO real idea yet how our new “great depression” will bounce back. The possibilities are overwhelming that the odds are even at best we recover without severe social unrest of some sort. EBT cards stop or slow down? Forget it!
    Plant your gardens NOW. And if y’all do nothing else……ZERO EVERYTHING !!

  14. What Radio Should I Buy? – Budget Tri-Band Ham Radio Setup
    (YouTube Video)
    Survival Dispatch
    Mar 31, 2020
    Duration – 14:06

    “Nick Meacher answers one of our most asked questions: “What radio should I buy?” Well, it depends… In this video, he takes a look at a low budget radio set up with a technician’s license. (You don’t need a general license for this). This kit will cover all your basic radio needs without breaking the bank.”

    Radio Quick Start Gear Guide
    Posted by NC Scout
    Apr 2, 2020
    American Partisan

    He recommends a QYT KT-8900D, but there is also a 8900R Tri-Band model.

    1. The H1N1 was the worst in recent memory and they compare it with the Covid-19. OK right this minute there are close to 120,000 deaths from Covid 19 wordlwide and it is in it’s third month. But is it fair to compare with an entire year of H1N1? With the present trend Covid-19 will exceed the total deaths from H1N1 by month 6. It is likely that the trend will actually get worse because there is ample evidence that the shutdown/quarantine slowed the death rate. These numbers are climbing relentlessly every day. It is simply a mistake to judge the total effect of this pandemic too soon.

  15. Why are you still using banks?
    They are all a bunch of @#*#@)%^^&Q@)… thieves (from personal experience).
    All my money go through my credit unions. They have different rules they have to follow.

  16. I’ve read quite a bit about the coronavirus. You do not want to catch the coronavirus. The first person accounts from survivors describe a very painful and scary illness. Sure, some people may have mild cases, but how do you know if you will be in the percentage who it hits hard or mild? You don’t. Don’t count on a mild case if you have no risk factors, as it hits healthy people hard too. It’s very contagious. This means you could exercise you rights, go hang out in a crowd that isn’t practicing physical distancing, and bring the coronavirus home to your family. I won’t be taking that risk with my family. Treatments for it are few and far between (I’ve seen a couple medical guides online). Many are in development or test, but that doesn’t help you next week if you need them. There is no solid evidence that Hydroxychloroquine is effective. People are being prescribed Hydroxychloroquine and they are still dying. Results have been mixed in more formal studies. There are potential serious side effects from Hydroxychloroquine that aren’t being reported and actually could be contributing to the covid-19 deaths. I read about a doctor who caught the virus, was hit hard, two week recovery, took the antibiotic and Hydroxychloroquine and researched it afterwards. He wasn’t so sure he would take it again if he knew the risks, nor was he sure it actually helped. Anecdotal yes, but consistent with what other doctors report in their patients. This virus is not a hoax, it is serious, it’s what we prepare for. Use your preps, practice your survival skills, wear your masks, practice physical distancing. You won’t catch it unless you or something you touch has been near or contaminated by someone who has the virus (based on evidence to date). As for the travel bans I’ve read conversations about this on survival blog, small towns walling off to keep out the masses when the SHTF. I think JWR earlier advised people to leave for their bug out places, there was plenty of warning. Ponder, If you live full time in some rural area do you really want people from coronavirus areas (some of whom will have the virus) fleeing to your area, infecting you, the grocer, everyone who uses the gas station, clearing your small struggling grocery out of food, getting sick and taking a bed in the closest hospital, a bed you or your family might need? Some rural residents might be ok with this, many are not, and is it really in the best interest of state? The number of those beds is sized for the number of full time people in your area, maybe a few extra if you are in a big vacation spot. The virus spreads because people travel, be it to the local store, to work, around the city, around the state, across state lines or around the world. Stop people from traveling/coming into contact with new people and you stop the virus from infecting new people and living on. This is very hard in today’s world. It doesn’t take that many people for the virus to stick around. The sooner we stop the spread, get mass testing into place and start contact tracing and isolation, the sooner we can go back to work and get the economy going again. Lastly, consider China. I read Wuhan had a reported death rate around 4%. Hospitals overwhelmed, people dying right and left. The Chinese gov. initially ignored the virus, did nothing, and only responded later. We know deaths were under reported, consistent with a regime that wants to look good, doesn’t tell the truth, etc. so the death rate was probably higher. Now let’s say the governors didn’t put all these restrictions in place, let life go on like normal and the US became Wuhan. Are you ready for at least 14,000,000 Americans to die?

    1. @don-

      1. pure speculation on you’re part 14 million will die, same with any other so called forecasts by experts I would not and do not trust. Quoting WHO ? CDC ? amply proven to be liars, Fauci ? another sensationalist with a god complex.

      2. The virus hits healthy people ? yes, how many ?, how many recover ? how many actually had the virus ? was the PCR test ? Serology test ? or other ? , was there distinction between Influenza A ? B ? or another Corona virus ? , Corona Viruses are COMMON, the common cold [ pun intended ] is a Corona virus.

      3. Govts need no prompting to employ Stasi blue thug behaviors, do you suggest the Borg overlords should not be held to account for abuses of power ?

      I assure you, those ” new ” found laws will be used again, next ” Emergency ” ……..they are all there for the common good you know !, hmmmm heard that somewhere before….those culprits were mostly shot in a firing squad though.

      Rather than being cooped up like animal for slaughter, I am at the point of letting the virus run it’s course, strangling a trillion dollar economy and condemning many millions more die by malnutrition, starvation, poverty is infinitely worse.

      Billions around the world have now discovered moving from moderate Socialism to outright Communism overnight is extremely easy to do.

  17. If you don’t like my estimating methodology can you describe how you would create an estimate? The estimate is a necessary input for economy wide decisions on the cure vs the disease.

    We aren’t testing enough people to know the percentage of healthy people affected, nor is there sufficient data to determine exact percentages for the effect of existing health conditions. I anxiously await more on this issue in the future. There are numerous 1st person commentaries on the internet from young healthy people describing the misery from catching the virus, so the risk is real, though much smaller for younger healthy people. The descriptions I read from the young people also describe symptoms of an intensity beyond the typical flue. I think the intensity and terror caused by those symptoms (like feeling you were suffocating to death) caused people to actually write. If it was just the common flu there would be nothing special about catching it.

    Yes, coronaviruses are common, but different versions have dramatically different effects on people. SARS was a coronavirus too. When the final tallies were done it killed 14-15% of the people that caught it, and about 50% of those over 65 years old that caught it. It wasn’t as contagious, so significantly fewer people caught it. COVID-19 is very contagious but doesn’t kill as many as SARS. Each virus must be evaluated based on its distinct characteristics.

    I made no comment about the long term constitutional implications of public health steps being implemented to suppress the coronavirus. These should be discussed going forward. I acknowledge they exist. What are the right controls and balance of powers to ensure the People’s (voters) consent? Do the voters consent to the current policies? The declaration of independence states “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…” Its also a question of balancing rights. If you are contagious with the virus and you exercise your freedom of movement right and give the virus to me or my family you have now impinged, interfered with, and diminished my right, as identified in the declaration of independence, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I think most people would agree that we have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If the government or the constitution doesn’t enable this many would argue we need a different constitution and a different government. It’s why we discarded the British. You might not see it this way, but a good portion of Americans do. I see it as a subjective evaluation, with different people having different opinions and values. The concerns you raise, to tens of millions+ in the US, also apply to many of Trump’s actions. There is no single universally accepted position in this discussion.

    1. Just some perspective on my part don. I don’t disagree with your “estimating methodology” , The problem I do see is an amazing amount of a gullible society that see these estimates, glom on to the worst case scenario, then act from then on as though is is settled science. Climate change comes to mind. I am perfectly willing to hear discussion on man’s effect on nature, health, and climate. But the discussion should also include past predictions on the climate and humanity that turned out totally false in time. –Computer estimates are just that, “Estimates”–They are as accurate as the people entering the data. Mix a few people with a political or financial bias entering data, (tell me that never happens) then you have a lot of people acting on fake information. Just my opinion, but I believe all of these “Estimating Methodology’s” should have disclaimers such as “estimate only”–“Subject to data accuracy”–“past performance does not guarantee future results”–“objects in the mirror are closer than they seem”—well, just my perspective.

  18. 1) We only have 4 aircraft carriers deployed at the moment, only 2 in the Pacific and one of those– the Roosevelt –just got taken out by taking this virus too lightly.

    The other –the Ronald Reagan — is also at risk if the reports about the Japanese port where it is tied up are true. And the other carriers may be tied up in port longer than expected if maintenance crews are stricken by this virus.

    2) That is highly relevant to ALL of us. We don’t just depend upon the military for protection. We DEPEND on many other organizations — some of which are vulnerable to this virus.

    Wait until you break a leg and discover your hospital is closed– or out of painkillers because shipments ain’t arriving. Or you get an abscessed tooth and find out your dentist is closed. Or the grocery store runs empty and gasoline don’t come out of the pumps. Or your local banks all close
    because the Federal Reserve SWIFT computer system is out.

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