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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at Victory Gardens.

Alinco DJ-X11 and The Poor Man’s SIGINT Station

Over at American PartisanAlinco DJ-X11 and The Poor Man’s SIGINT Station, by Holy Serf

New York Nat’l. Guard to Seize Ventilators & PPE

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Cuomo signs executive order to deploy National Guard to round up unused ventilators, PPE. JWR’s Comemnt: This sets a dangerous precedent.  What is there to prevent Cuomo from going after vehicles, guns, hotel space, or anything else they deem expedient and “necessary”?


The latest from Frank Sharpe of Fortress Defense: Sustainability? Here is an excerpt:

“We can’t simply pull kids out of school for three months, add 6 million to unemployment in a few weeks, and pit the population against one another in a battle for personal space where they think defeat potentially means viral death, and expect there not to be long term damage.

Governors, mayors, and police are making threats and wielding massive amounts of “emergency powers” at citizens. In Maryland the Governor is justifying arrests for violators of his “social distancing” order.

In Kentucky, two circuit court judges have ordered infected persons to wear ankle monitors for breaking quarantine

A wave border, literally in the ocean without another person in sight, was arrested – which required police to lay hands on him – in Malibu this week.  How, in this case, does exposing police officers, jail guards, and other prisoners to potential infection help the problem? I don’t know – however, it is a great example of how when it comes right down to it, all government amounts to is FORCE. That’s what it does. That’s all it knows how to do.

When you ask for government – whether it’s a tax, license, plastic straw ban, or nationalized health care – it comes with guns.”

New NASA Global Groundwater Maps Available

Research team releases new global groundwater maps. A snippet:

“NASA researchers have developed new satellite-based, weekly global maps of soil moisture and groundwater wetness conditions and one to three-month U.S. forecasts of each product. While maps of current dry/wet conditions for the United States have been available since 2012, this is the first time they have been available globally.”

Colorado County Threatens Fines and Jail for Interlopers

G.S. spotted this news item: You could get 18 months in jail for visiting Colorado county in coronavirus pandemic

Where Will the Bodies Go? Morgues Plan as Virus Grows

H.L. sent this: Where will the bodies go? Morgues plan as virus grows

Court to Rule on Video Cameras Trained on Homes for Months

Reader DSC suggested this article: Court to rule on constitutionality of video cameras trained on homes for months

It’s Time to Bring Back Victory Gardens

Reader DSV sent us this piece by Katie Wells: It’s Time to Bring Back Victory Gardens. The article begins:

“During World War I and World War II, many countries encouraged their citizens to grow gardens, often called ‘Victory Gardens.’ This relieved some of the burden on the public food supply and was marketed as a way to help the war efforts. In fact, some sources report that 41% of the food Americans consumed during these times was grown in these home gardens.

Vacant lots and public parks became fields of vegetables and many people grew beets, Swiss chard, tomatoes, and lettuce in their front yards or on rooftops.”

Pandemics and the U.S. Military: Lessons from 1918

Reader M.E.R. spotted this: Pandemics and the U.S. Military: Lessons from 1918

Alligators Venture Out in South Carolina

Alligators venture out: Wildlife emerges in SC as people stay sheltered amid pandemic. A snippet:

“Emboldened alligators are asserting themselves along the South Carolina coast as humans stay sheltered from the coronavirus pandemic.

Two incidents were reported in the past few days, both involving gators left to their own devices in areas normally bustling with tourists during Spring Break.

On Wednesday, video posted on Instragram showed an alligator casually strolling amid closed shops at Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach. No humans were in sight, giving it free reign to move from one door to the next.”

Some Looting in New York City

Looting Wave Strikes New York City Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

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  1. Great insight and reporting as usual JWR. It’s really looking like our founding fathers were pretty smart for recognizing the 2nd amendment.

  2. The American Partisan article on the Alinco DJ-X11 is a peculiar piece. The featured radio is not particularly unique, as many of the features are common to other handheld/portable radios.

    Possibly concerning for many is that Alinco (aka AnyTone-rebranded) is a ChiCom produced product though corporately nominally headquartered in Japan.

    At similar pricing transceiver versions are also available.

    There are significantly less costly options with similar capabilities – one that seemed okay in use has been the CountyComm GP-5 SSB which in its latest version is multi-mode. Link is

    As for American Partisan, its posts typically are half-a-call-to-action with a drop off in usable substance. Solutions are single-option at the exclusion of viable alternatives. One believes they know more than they post – or do they?

    Actually they do have some articles that are useful – check out as a recent example.

    Just not even in utility.

    1. Phase 25 Trunked systems –similar to the cell phone system — are in use by police, fire, EMS now in many urban areas because they allow many people to use the same frequency at the same time. I didn’t see where the Alinco DJ-X11 could handle P25, the way the Uniden BCD436 and Whistler TRX-1 can.

    2. About American Partisan.

      What the those guys are doing is a good thing. It is sorely needed. Yet, I believe what we need are mostly the basics, general knowledge and skills the average prepper can use. Although I am into radio, there are actually more important things to learn and do. Even licensed Hams I know struggle with the basics, but I’d rather make sure they know how to shoot first…

      For example, if one could be a dedicated SIGINT guy, we have the gear to do that in large part, yet to be realistic, odds are we will have more important things to attend to, so SIGINT would have to be made simple so that several persons, those with out the background necessary to operate sophisticated equipment, can be utilized and rotated in the job 24/7 as part of radio dispatcher function that supports a security operation.

      As an example of how we could set our radio room, a scanner with a ‘close call’ feature, or a frequency counter should be on a tall omni-directional antenna, and a yagi used to determine a rough line of bearing would be useful, and realistic. Center frequency for GMRS/FRS is 465.000 Mhz. One antenna tuned for that will also be resonant on a center frequency of 155 Mhz that will receive well frequencies +/- 5Mhz, 150 to 160Mhz including 2 meter and 70cm, covering a necessary part of the spectrum where most higher powered radios the public has access to are used. The idea is to simplify the operation, so that just about anyone can use it. One device and one antenna is used most of the time. The attendant does not need to know how to operate the scanner. All they need to do is listen. If trouble be detected, the yagi gets used by someone called in, a person with more knowledge and skill. With this we can provide early warning about most immediate threats who will likely be using readily available common equipment.

      I could get all wrapped up in radio, but then I would not be learning much an anything else. The blog provides a wide variety of views, and practical knowledge, and that is a wise approach. I could put up a nice tower and spend thousands on gear and get totally nerded out on radio, but then I would not have time to learn tactics, marksmanship, and more needed to defend it. It would be better to put that into good night vision. And I might not learn how to feed myself. It is a balancing act. I have enough to do that I’ll tend to stick with the basics. I would rather be a generalist than a specialist.

  3. Long time Survival Blog reader and occasional contributor – couldn’t agree more with bringing Victory Gardens back and using our landscape for something other than pesticide covered lawns. Have been organic gardening for decades and dealing with critters, drought, clay soil, ticks, etc. We greybeards should do everything we can to pass on knowledge and values. Instagram – MyVictoryGarden.

    1. I have noticed many more people putting in gardens this spring. I’ve been telling friends and family for the past couple years to start gardening. But no one listens.

      1. Veggie/Herb seeds have gained an awakening audience, and for the newbie gardener, are now almost as hard to purchase as toilet paper. I have sent packets to friends in need, along with my thoughts on how to be successful in growing food in their area. And to “Once a Marine” – nature does most of the work, and those images are good days … being prepared and showing life’s allure are not mutually exclusive, especially as a means to let our actions inspire our children – Semper Fi.

  4. Spanish Flu – 1918. Another thing not reported about the spanish flu is “how many family members of the military died of the spanish flu?” My grandmother lost a younger sister to the flu of 1918, she was newly married and had spent time with her husband at a Texas training base where he ( I presume ) was one of the 25% tht was sick. She latter came home, got sick and passed away. He survived and got married again after the war. So the question is ” how many flu related deaths of the military family members do you think there were?” Just my two cents.

  5. 1) The Colorado county ban on travelers has an interesting context.

    People tend to think of isolated communities in the Rockie Mountains as a REFUGE from the threat of the cities.

    2) But there has been a big outbreak of the Wuhan virus in the (very expensive) ski resort area of Vail. Eagle county has only 55,127 people but 372 cases/ 5 dead. The ski resort was shut down several week ago.

    3) A skier who had been in Italy reportedly was an earlier spreader , it infected a large party of rich Mexicans who in turn have carried it back to Mexico where it is spreading among the poor.

    4) Similar outbreaks could occur in ski resort areas of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.
    Sun Valley in Ketchum Idaho appears hit already,

    5) The news media here in the USA is being very silent on how the Rich –with their private jets — are spreading this virus.

    1. @don Williams

      Exactly. This has been my continual frustration with what my state government here in VT hasn’t been doing. The ski areas here closed pretty quickly which was a good move; most of the skiers come from out-of-state. They didn’t realize of course that they would then stick around nor foresee that many second-homeowners would be heading here. In the early days of the virus we had a number of out-of-staters among the infected. I have no idea what percentage of the infected are from out-of-state now as they no longer supply that info(people were getting upset!). I do know that the vast majority of the deaths here are of elderly people living in senior care facilities. But yeah, vacation home and ski resort areas across the country are at risk from this.

    2. No doubt about it, this virus is on par with the Spanish Flu, or worse. We should not forget that. Yet a tyrannical government is far deadlier, and so would be a protracted economic depression, or hyper inflationary depression, or any combination of tyrannical government, economic, and deadly virus, and other diseases that will emerge in that environment. Trump is trying to be sensible, yet the commie left is using the virus as a psy-op to destroy this country. We are being ambushed, and must break out of it ASAP. Yes, millions will die of the virus, yet countless millions will die impoverished, and ravaged by starvation and other diseases, and the greatest killer of humanity, that is always a tyrannical government.

      1. Tunnel rabbit –

        The virus I don’t fear ( at all ), I can deal with any possible contact in very practical ways, what I DO FEAR is Govt and the mindless minions in blue that have become drunk on the power they have very quickly acquired to bully, intimidate and use with great glee ( I have noticed ) and dispense at hoc as THEY deal with the general public, issuing very large fines for people not using social distancing correctly ( to them ), question their firm orders given and you are then threatened with arrest, my family came from a Communist State, dealing daily with a line up at stores with empty shelves, often waiting for hours on end, roads blocked with military checkpoints, no papers upon demand ? arrest and interrogation, release hours later if you are lucky. The loss freedom is grievous for me, I do not trust the Police, I have no faith in them at all. The Police, I see as only interested in doing the bidding of the the Politicians . With 16 million extra now on welfare in one month, dark times I see ahead.

        Then I see and read the lies from the MSM press, vilification of anyone to dares whisper possible conspiracy of WHO / CDC and WB & Gates foundation.

        1. I know of what you speak of, and have seen first hand what life under communist rule looks like. And yes, but for a few, the police will follow orders, and many will become drunk on the power. And it goes beyond the threat a communist police state. They want to use vaccines as the vehicle to force us to take the Mark of the Beast. It is in the end a spiritual war. The bible tells us the plan. Don’t believe the Bible? Even some modern archaeologists now speak about a people and bloodline that goes back at least 40,000 years, and their claim to be descendants of fallen angles, who will one day reclaim their right to rule the planet. We are fast headed into the end times. It is going ‘biblical’.

          1. @Tunnel Rabbit-

            Yes, you are correct, my wife and I see this as a evil way to bring into being the chip with the ubiquitous UBI, I am not surprised at the events happening now, I was brought up reading Revelation, we both were in the older generation that read Biblical prophecy and studied it , sadly few ( Christians ) now even believe that a chip is coming with a rise of a one world leader of immense power, most of my family who are so called ” Christian ” are ignorant, clueless or just do not except this is the aim of elites, those around us who say they believe God, state…….” , ‘ …….. ……. “.

            Frankly those same people are happy to snitch on us for being ” rebels “, they say so, in sly undertones.

            The Bible clearly say’s in that [ this current time ] …….” [ ] ” , I see this happening now, thoughtless, mind control, brainwashing is already happening, how quickly the nations fall over themselves into following each other.

            Now, comes a time when trusting those around you should not and cannot be done without great risk.

            Peace Tom

          2. @Lily @ tunnel rabbit

            Thanks for reading !, Lily , one thing concerns me a bit, my wife and I recently bought the small house we live in, debt free, which is good, we were worried about the money we had saved carefully may be taken by the bank in a grab or crash , to pay their irresponsible fiscal lending, we had the option to buy or rent till near the end of the year, since it’s a family purchase , we bought now interest free , my gripe ? it’s still in a largish city ( 1.5 million ), the good point ? it’s a short drive to the countryside, our plan is to sell ? ( ha ha ) later this year and buy our dream plot on acres away from the big city, my wife felt to buy now, not later, we still hold onto the country plot though, we can’t have chickens here, houses around and feel hemmed in, my feeling, if you will , is the Lord will still give us the opportunity to be ability to live away from the city and be dependent on only ourselves and him. Is my view too optimistic ? I may sound ungrateful, not at all, now reminds me too much of the old country my parents came from . Things are uncertain, perhaps I am second guessing myself, I do trust God, just unsure.


          3. Your question leads to more questions…
            You need to determine:

            Is your country place in reasonable commuting distance of where you currently work, or another position where you are SURE to be hired?
            Can you afford to move?
            Are you and your family (most importantly your spouse) willing to “camp” temporarily, while you build?
            Will that county allow you to live in a camping trailer or RV while you build?

            You need to answer those questions for yourself first, before you approach me for any advice…

            I’ll be praying for you.

  6. Re. U.S. military’s response to COVID-19 aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt

    Capt. Brett Crozier was fired. Yet this military leader was treated as a hero.

    “We Don’t Do Body Counts” – General Tommy Franks in charge of the US invasion of Iraq.

  7. I do think that the governors and the police have been too eager to enforce a lockdown. I believe that a law forcing you to stay home will be ruled unconstitutional. However it is a different thing for someone who actually has a disease. It is constitutional to limit their activity to protect others and that will undoubtedly be ruled constitutional.

    IN context; the closing of businesses and schools across the country was incredibly effective in flattening the curve. Even more effective than the experts thought it would be. Depending on how soon we lift those restrictions the curve will bump up again or as some would say cause a second wave. Hopefully this effective measure we took has allowed us time to get our PPE production back and to prepare the hospitals more so that a second wave won’t overwhelm us. We aren’t out of the woods yet but we can see the clearing up ahead.

  8. Question for all y’all: I posted in another thread about my urging my family members to review their BOBs and GOOD plans, mainly because I’ve seen stories of small towns and/or counties/states discussing this idea of actually closing borders. This would cause an enormous problem for people who want to make it to their retreat properties. I’ve seen stories of GPS tracking data, which was useful in analyzing the spread of the virus, for instance, after spring break on Florida beaches. The most disconcerting stories were about forcibly quarantining people (ankle bracelets????) or forced vaccines. It’s all too 1984 for me. For those who have retreats, but must work near a major metro area, getting to the retreat could be problematic. I have some ideas, but with all the tracking going on, one would really have to think this through. Taking the battery out of cell phones would be a likely first step, but what about all those cameras that take pics of vehicles, etc? Just throwing it out there. Maybe there are some articles already written on the blog that could be “revived”/reposted on Getting out of Dodge.

    1. Don’t forget to remove the battery from any laptops you might bring along. Those could also be traced. Anything with a WiFi or Bluetooth connection (don’t forget smart watches or tablets if you have them) can be tracked. I was an IT in the Navy, and laptops and phones are easily hacked and turned on remotely which is why we were never allowed to bring our personal electronics into secured spaces. Also, many newer vehicles have GPS, so I would research your vehicle if it is newer and see if it is possible to disable it (not sure if disabling it is legal however). As for license plates, a good amount of mud on them and the vehicle might work and be less suspicious if it is evenly covered on the outside. You would also wear sunglasses, a face mask (thank you CDC for finally recommending it), and a hat to make facial recognition via software harder. Also, use cash only as cards can be traced. Finally, it is always better to leave too early than to leave too late.

    2. By the strangest coincidence, many of the new cell phones have batteries that can NOT be removed.

      I wonder what the bloodhounds do if an evil person duct tapes their cheap burner phone to a tractor trailer truck heading 500 miles east.

    3. Idea… My husband suggests looking into Mission Darkness phone Faraday bags. My husband has an iPhone with the non-removable battery. His steps are 1) disable location services always; 2) put the phone in airplane mode; 3) power off the phone; and 4) slip the phone into a Mission Darkness phone Faraday bag. He also has one of these for his tablet.

      Here’s a link:

      Also… Some newer vehicles can also be tracked. This is still another consideration.

      Hope this helps!

      Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

    4. @ SaraSue

      I’ve been thinking a lot about people heading to their “bug-out” retreats. I’ve never been really big on the idea of having one of those as I’ve always thought that there were many problems inherent in depending on this. For starters one has to be able to actually get there. One has to know when it’s time to go as a delay may mean it becomes too dangerous or impossible. As well, one could arrive and find others already ensconced in your retreat, eating your MRE’s!

      Another issue has to do with how well you will be able to blend into the community in the retreat locale? How many people do you know there? Do you have friend and neighbors, connections etc in that location? I am puzzled by people who buy a “bug-out” home and just figure that if things get bad they’ll just settle in there and be fine. Unless it’s a seriously remote place you will need to have some local cred established. I know here in VT there were wealthy people from NYC who bought second-homes to use after 9/11. They paid people to keep the lawn mowed, shovel and plow etc and just figured they’d head there if something bad happened again. I can’t imagine doing that though. It’s hard enough for me right now having just bought this house 1 month ago in a state where I’ve lived for a long time but in a town I haven’t lived in(although I already knew a few people here and it’s only maybe 45 miles from my former home).

      I’d hope that anyone who is a serious prepper and has a “bug-out” locale would have long since gone to their retreat. Also that they would have had supplies stored at that home in advance and would have filled their vehicle with as much as it would hold before they made the trip to their retreat. The people who are fleeing here from NYC, NJ, MA etc to their vacation homes are not preppers. They are hitting the stores upon arrival, buying out what they can(thus seriously ticking off the locals). They also are for the most part not being careful to not bring the virus with them given that going shopping was at the top of their list when they arrived here.

      Shutting off one’s cellphone and not using GPS would likely keep any tracking from happening en-route but when you turn it on after arrival, well there you are! No secrets! Also, driving a vehicle with out-of-state plates is kind of a tip off! My state sent several state agencies to stand there at a number of roads leading into VT to count and note out-of-state cars; didn’t record license plates or do anything with it they say. Guess they just wanted to have an idea of the numbers.

  9. I have been doing a lot of thinking about ALL of this which causes me a great deal of stress and fear. Last night I stopped THINKING and started PRAYING, I know whatever happens is going to be out of my control, so I handed it to Jesus. A peace engulfed me and I feel safe. I believe God put Trump into the Whitehouse, and I believe he will allow us to come out from this Corona virus and move on to His plan. My job is to: 1) Trust in God. 2) Keep water,food, shelter, security, communication, OPSEC. Breathe, Pray, Trust.

    1. Yes, trusting in the Lord can definitely bring peace. We already know the basics of what to do; just have to trust Him to know what else to do, and when. Trump is here “…for such a time as this…”; let’s pray for divine wisdom for both him and Pence. I believe they are both open to divine wisdom, but they also have too many others around who are not.
      Psalm 91; Psalm 23; Psalm 46:10; Genesis 50:20

    1. Even if there was a clear answer today it might be different tomorrow. Put your cellphone inside a metal box and no signal can get out or in. This is true for a cheap phone, a smart phone toady’s phone and whatever they make tomorrow.

      I have a cheap ($19.99) lock box that was intended for storing a handgun in the car. I have it cabled around the seat frame and it fits under the seat. This would work to make a cell phone safe.

  10. Just a quick note ,,,,,,new memo from corporate headquarters ,,,,’ lower store inventory to prevent loss from looting ‘ a empty store is less of a target ,,back ship to distribution center to maintain lower stock levels if possible,,,looting is a real possibility,,,,

    All cuts from memo from large retail food store chain headquarters

  11. Hi – Received this from a friend and thought I’d copy and pass it along.

    Hulk Hogan’s message about COVID-19 and his faith in Jesus Christ will leave you speechless
    April 9, 202029

    Most celebrities are spending their time in isolation during the COVID-19 crisis having meltdowns on social media or plotting ways to take down Trump.

    But there are a small handful who are actually making a difference and sharing a positive message.

    And Hulk Hogan posted a viral status about his faith in Jesus Christ during this crisis that will leave you completely speechless.

    Hollywood’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed how out of touch and elitist celebrities have become.

    These celebrities demand people stay at home and forgo working while they “isolate” in their mansions with no financial concerns in the world.

    However, Hulk Hogan’s reaction to the crisis has generated a lot of buzz and gives Christians a lot to think about.

    Hogan wrote, “In three short months, just like He did with the plagues of Egypt, God has taken away everything we worship. God said, ‘you want to worship athletes, I will shut down the stadiums. You want to worship musicians, I will shut down Civic Centers. You want to worship actors, I will shut down theaters.

    “You want to worship money, I will shut down the economy and collapse the stock market. You don’t want to go to church and worship Me, I will make it where you can’t go to church.”

    Hogan’s status goes on to say he is using the time in isolation to discover what is most important to him and to concentrate on worshipping Jesus.

    The post on Facebook has received over 27,000 shares and has been given positive reception from most of the commenters.

    Hogan’s status is a nice change of pace from the typical Hollywood celebrity we see.

    Singer and songwriter, Pink, stated that she has “never prayed more in her life” as her three-year-old son experienced the virus.

    She has proceeded to donate $1 million to help combat the virus.

    In a positive turn of events, this virus may help bring people closer to Jesus.

    What do you think? Should more celebrities try sharing their faith or a positive message?

    Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.

  12. Answering Wayne,
    Your question “Query for those who know, if one has a cellphone which cannot have the battery removed, if the SIM card is removed, can it still be traced?”
    None of this should cause fear, but you should be aware.
    A SIM card is a computer: memory, a processor, i/o path, the only thing it doesn’t have is a battery or antenna. Before 4G Verizon using CDMA was a classic provider with non-removable SIM (it’s soldered on) and iPhones are a classic phone preventing battery removal. Now none of the large brand offer battery removal: Samsung, LG, Apple in the name of water-proofing. To hide your signal, you really must put it in a pseudo faraday cage.

    In that state, I will tell you “yes, it can be traced” but not tracked real-time. The cell phone towers see your radio, the SIM ID IMEI, GPS coordinates, and WIFI and those are all bound by the manufacture. Google knows all the wifi hot spots around your GEO and matches it all the Verizon and Comcast internet switches you most recently attached to. It’s easy from there to lay down the GPS maps of where you’ve been in the last 4 years to find patterns.

    Survival blog even had article here a few months ago if where there were a crime bubble that would allow authorities to see who was close the crime even if not at all part of it.
    Your proximity would allow them to question you about what you might have seen.

    Another example, recall the Austin Serial bombings? The police were pretty sure they had their man, when Mr. bad guy’s wifi phone connected to the UPS store.

    It doesn’t even take a warrant any longer. Police can simply find you within 10 feet by looking up your phone number from the service providers.

    You mic is always on and being recorded. That recording goes to a huge hard drive farm then it goes into two different buckets. One goes into software that live detects speech-to-text and listens for key words. Or it goes into a wait-repository where billions of other files are waiting to be farmed from. TONS of metadata are farmed from the recordings and are database queried anytime in the future. It’s not being listened to. There ISN’T a guy in a van with headphones listening to recordings.

    It all sound science fiction and alarmist until you test it yourself. You need to talk about an ACTIVE marketing campaign and on a device where you have never referenced a thing. Then all of a sudden, with that day, maybe hour, you’ll get google email, amazon coupons, on that same things you just spoke about near your phone. Try it with TV commercials at home.

    So, you can either believe me or not, I’m not making that case. I don’t care really. I’d give myself away if I could prove who I am and why I know these things. My credibility is not on any line. But you might live differently knowing this, and if you decide to change any patterns, ask yourself why.

    1. In my professional career, I was a network security engineer, believe it or not. So I hear you. You are 100% correct. I mostly posted my question to hear what others were thinking.

      It’s almost impossible to disappear without a trace. But, yes, you said it, ask yourself why. When I answer that question of why would I want to, it would be because my government had become a hostile and dangerous enemy. That day may or may not come. For everyone else, #2A.

  13. Ref Quote of The Day: John Fuller is just playing politics. He doesn’t realize how many truly
    stupid people there are in the general population. Governor Bullock is no tree full of owls
    however he does know what is necessary to mitigate the spread of the virus.

  14. Garden, garden, garden. …and then garden some more. If you are able to grow more than you need through the spring, summer, and early fall, share the bounty and/or preserve it for the winter ahead.

    In our area, an increasing number of people are growing gardens. …and more and more are securing their own egg laying hens too. We take this as a good sign of preparedness, and we hope it holds through and well beyond the current SARS-COV-2 (and COVID-19) crisis.

    Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

  15. Yes it is true that our dictator heil cuomo! Did threaten to send the guard up and remove “extra ventilators” that were not yet being used in upstate ny. We think he got so much blowback from elected officials that he backed away from that plan or decided to do it secretly instead. The media also reported that some less affected places like Oregon and the federal government sent some to help offset the need also. To listen to my radio program people were rightfully upset and offered to go stand with law enforcement at the hospitals to prevent it.

  16. While we are working through the current pandemic, other threats may also emerge (or even come with a surprise right out of left field).

    Readers might consider the Suspicious Observer’s report for Friday, April 10th which includes a USGS Release from March 16th: New Geoelectric Hazard Map Shows Potential Vulnerability to High-Voltage Power Grid for Two-Thirds of the US

    Heads up.

    Our own strategy is to work through the current crisis while doing our level best to prepare for any that might be coming in the near to intermediate future. Among these include the risk of a grid down (act of nature or act of war), and the coming cold associated with the emerging electromagnetic GSM. We are also tracking fissures in food supply lines that may interrupt access to replenishing options, and more. We are taking every proactive step possible even now to prepare for the challenges of the future. We encourage everyone to assess their existing circumstances, to look toward what may be coming, and to do the same.

    Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

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