The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“I will keep the ground that God has given me and perhaps in his grace, he will ignite me again. But ignite me or not, in his grace, in his power, I will hold the ground. ” – John Knox


  1. 15 bucks for another very useful tool, the HX4 looks pretty handy. I think I need “just one more”.

    You guys need to stop highlighting useful things. My bank account will appreciate it.

  2. There is more than one way to trade bullets. I’ve been surprised by the popularity of 6.5 bullets, and the ability to trade off an excessive of uncommon caliber bullets for common caliber bullets in this environment. 6.5mm rifles are all the rage, so today was made as I was able to swap them for box of 500 each, 175 grain SMK’s for the old 03A3, and duplicate ,or possibly exceed the accuracy of the M72 round with these bullets and Lake City Match brass from 1957. If you are loading for a .30 caliber cartridge, these are hard to beat, and will make old rifles shoot like new rifles. What is better than having precision rifle? Setting up cross fire with 2 precision rifles.

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