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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at record gun sales.

March, 2020: A New Record for U.S. Gun Sales!

Despite the fact that many state and local governments were sporadically closing down gun stores, and despite the fact that most gun shows were cancelled, and despite the fact that New Jersey shut down ALL gun sales, the month of March 2020 saw an all-time record for the number of FBI background checks for FFL gun transfers. It was a whopping: 3,740,688. Wow! That is more than a 1 million transfer increase, from February.

Of course that figure does not include multiple sales to the same individual. (You can buy as many guns as you want and put them all on the same ATF Form 4473–and get just ONE background check.) Nor does the monthly tally reflect private party sales. Nor home builds. Nor-pre-1899 gun sales. Suffice it to say, Americans bought a lot of guns in March, and they will probably buy just as many in April. Since an armed society is a polite society, America’s Politeness Quotient just increased. Please help any of your neighbors who are first-time gun buyers to learn safe gun handling.

More Americans Heading For The Hills

The Reuters news service reports: Amid coronavirus scare, Americans flock to remote land, survival retreats. A snippet:

On March 7, Internet searches for rural properties spiked by 364% over the previous year, according to data provided to the Thomson Reuters Foundation by Redfin, a national real estate broker.

How Taiwan Overcame it’s Face Mask Shortage

Linked over at the news aggregation site, ws this from Deutsche Welle: How Taiwan overcame it’s face mask shortage

The COVID-19 Virus May Have Been in Humans For Years

Andre sent this: The COVID-19 Virus May Have Been in Humans For Years, Study Suggests

Retailers Prepare For Civil Unrest; Board-Up Stores

H.L. sent us this, over at Zero Hedge: Retailers Prepare For Civil Unrest; Boarded-Up Stores Seen From SoHo To Beverly Hills. And Fox News reports: Store owners boarding up buildings across Manhattan.

Coronavirus May Hit Rural America Later — and Harder

Ani suggested this piece, at Vox: The coronavirus may hit rural America later — and harder.

Up to 10 Percent of Recovered COVID Patients Test Positive Again

Reader C.B. spotted this news item: Up to 10 percent of recovered coronavirus patients test positive again, report says

States Ban Sales of Seeds, Meat Packers Closed

A recent vlog from Ice Age Farmer: States Ban Sales of Seeds – Meat Packers Closed – Food Shutdown

R.I. Police and National Guard Stopping Cars with New York Plates

C.M. sent us this: Rhode Island police, National Guard begin stopping cars with NY plates and going door-to-door to enforce quarantine. Here is how the article begins:

“Rhode Island police have begun stopping cars with New York license plates, and the National Guard will soon help officials conduct house-to-house searches to force anyone who has traveled from New York to enter isolation.

“Right now we have a pinpointed risk,” Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) said, according to Bloomberg. “That risk is called New York City.”

Raimondo on Thursday issued an executive order enforceable by law mandating that anyone who has traveled to New York via any form of transportation must enter into a two-week self-quarantine.

The order applies to anyone who has been in New York within the past two weeks and will remain in place until at least April 25. The order, however, does not apply to public health, public safety or health care workers.”

Apple iOS 13.4 Release Compromises VPN Protection

Reader C.B. sent us this troubling privacy news, for Apple users: iOS 13.4 release compromises VPN protection

New Coronavirus Test: Results in Five Minutes

Fox News report: New coronavirus test can return results in 5 minutes.  (Thanks to C.B. for the link.)

UK Preppers Plan to Get Medieval

And to end this column on a humorous note, reader Simon in England sent this pseudo-news from The Sun: The coronavirus stockpilers who use BB guns & chainsaws to protect their huge hauls & even keep them under lock & key. JWR Adds This Helpful Tip:  Your mileage may vary with an electric chainsaw, in the midst of a power failure.

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    1. I don’t know if we’ll ever prove it and for sure the Chicom government won’t be forthcoming but I too believe that Covid-19 originated in a lab. I don’t think it was an intentional release; wasn’t “ready” yet. Somehow due to sloppiness or malfeasance though I feel certain that this virus escaped the bio-weapons lab in Wuhan and here we are.

      1. Sooner or later it’ll be revealed that this got started in a DARPA funded lab, was stolen by two lab assistants who just happen to be Chicom Army officers, and then they went home to Wuhan China and either got away from them or was let go on purpose for recon and response data … just saying …

    2. Just to put it in perspective.

      That’s the real data on real plagues from our history. Right now this is labeled at a “pandemic” which means we are gonna see people die (I’ve already lost about half my friends) but unless \ until hospitals swamp it’s not gonna be as bad as the fear epidemic that’s happening.

      As far as the whole it came from China….

      So did the black death, Spanish flu, sars1, h1n1,

      As far as it being targeted…

      So was aids, polio, Zika

      As for the false positives and other testings….

      To quote my roommate who is (again) intimately involved in the testing and treatment.

      “Pay attention to death numbers not infection numbers the testing numbers and results are effed up. All medical staff is testing negative then they get sick and can’t work or die then tests are positive… Meanwhile like 90% (percentage made on the fly from him) of the public is positive for initial screening then negative right before hospitalization, but not us who are treating them”

      For the record his positive results came in right before NYC went on semi shutdown or else we would have been quarantined. Btw he is fine. We have heavy check marks for symptoms but we are fine too.

      1. Noon,

        Good to hear your room mate and yourself are doing good. An estimated 80% who get Covid don’t even require hospitalization. I have seen the charts that Compare Covid to other historic pandemics, something very one should keep in mind when reading that chart and trying to compare Covid to those historic pandemics is that this one is far from over. I believe it will at the very least over take the Swine flu.

        1. I am absolutely sure it will. And I am also very sure that it has the potential to be very bad. But it’s really requires alot to go wrong to make it get to very bad. You know? Kinda like the Chargers actually winning the super bowl.

    3. Simon and Garfunkle said it best, “All lies and jest still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest…”

      Click on this link to the Hong Kong flu:

      Now on the fourth line down hover your mouse pointer over the word “antigenic shift”. You’ll see a diagram and explanation of how the Hong Kong flu was formed when two or more strains of viruses all recombined to form a whole new virus. Biotechnology didn’t exist in 1968 so we know this was a totally natural process. If this had happened today, the conspiracy theorists would be screaming bloody murder that the Hong Kong flu was a bioweapon!

      Pandemics have been happening throughout human history and this one doesn’t amount to a hill of beans compared to most. If it is a bioweapon, the guy who made it needs to get fired for incompetence. This one was on track to kill far fewer people than the Hong Kong flu which killed a million people worldwide. And yet nobody even talks about or remembers the Hong Kong flu. The ONLY reason anyone is making a big deal about this silly little virus is because we have social media these days. If this were still the days of Walter Cronkite, and we weren’t inundated with fake news 24/7, then this coronavirus wouldn’t amount to anything either. The economic fallout from this is going to be far worse than the virus itself. We’re headed into a major recession if not an outright depression. A few years form now when so many people have lost their homes when they couldn’t make their mortgage payments, and committed suicide because they couldn’t find a job and put food on the table, Americans will look back and shake their heads in disbelief that they fell for this BS and the attack on our most basic human rights and civil liberties. I’ve never in my whole life been so embarrassed to be an American as I am right now watching everyone lay down and so willing accept lock downs because, “It will keep us all safe!” Wake up people! We’re needlessly and foolishly sacrificing our younger generations so some of us old geezers can keep converting O2 to CO2 for a few more years. It just isn’t right.

      1. This “silly little virus” is a lot worse than you believe. It is just getting started. I admit in the early stages it is hard to understand it’s potential but this is going to be the big one. In my humble opinion the world will never be the same after this has run it’s course.

      2. @St Funogas:

        We were heading into a recession/depression well before this virus arrived on the scene. The Great Depression was triggered by a massive drop in the stock market, without even a precipitating event. Those who are wise understand economic and business cycles and plan ahead for lean years- because they invariably will come.

        There is a wonderful opportunity here though, for those who feel this is “a silly virus”, “just the flu”, and “nothing but a cold”. Now is the chance for you to demonstrate real leadership by volunteering at your local hospitals. So many volunteers are not able to help right now because they (1) actually are taking this virus seriously and (2) they are part of an at risk population. Your help would be very appreciated at this juncture. Our hospitals throughout this country rely heavily on volunteers to improve patient care and attend to family needs.

        1. Hey Grits, I understand business cycles but I think it is safe to say that our government’s overreaction to this has turned what should have been a small event into a huge one. I think the Great Depression was partially brought on by the same sort of “oops” moment that brought on the Great Tulip Crash in 1637 I think this time will be way different. I think this time we’re nearing the end and approaching some sort of a Big Reset and the end of the fiat currency experiment. This reaction to the coronavirus has probably advanced that date by at least two years, IMO. Some are postulating that the gov’s reaction is just a cover for what was going to happen anyway, and they are just using it as the excuse, or distraction. I haven’t formed an opinion on that yet. 🙂

          As for volunteering at the hospital, I’m actually trying to time when I get the virus. I can’t get it in the winter when I need strength to light fires in the wood stove and bring in firewood so I need to have immunity before then. Preferably after spring planting and bee swarming is done. I told my neighbors I should volunteer to clean bedpans at the hospital if necessary so I can be sure to get it in either June, or late August, early September. That would be perfect timing. I’ll sleep a lot, take lots of vitamin C so my immune system is at its best, then go clean some bedpans. 🙂 Seriously though, I will take your advice and look into it. Maybe they will throw in some free testing.

      3. @ StFunogas

        It may well be coincidence that the bio weapons lab is located in Wuhan but I don’t like coincidences all that much. “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.”

      4. @funogas

        have friends in NZ, the stats for NZ are as follows:

        5 million people
        5000 infected from Cov19
        1 death ( yes that’s right ONE ! )

        The whole country is locked down to Level 4, state of emergency has been declared, black Police helicopters fly day and night to ” catch ” flouters of the self isolation mantra, New Zealanders are encouraged to snitch on people anomously who they view as breaking self isolation, thousands have been snitched on , and of course receive the visit from the Cops, they are then recorded , warned and told they will be arrested for breaking the self isolation, ALL people entering the country are asked to down load the free app and record their location and send in a selfie proving they are at their self isolation, you can choose not to have the app, if that is the choice you make, you receive a personal visit from the cops, dawdle too long in one spot while walking at night you have the cops in the choppers with NVG & infra red, send ” teams ” to locate you & interrogate you.

        Freedom is dead in the West , the same methods being used to herd people like caged cattle, I experienced under the Ministry of State security, my family fled that horror, I see no difference anymore between this and the past, all for the ” common good “, the sheep say..

        yes, depression coming. Mass suicides, much loss.

    4. Dear Michael,
      I just got done reading the “…disinformation propaganda article” as you called it and yes it is exactly that, unfortunately. The one that sent the information in probably had good intentions, but as most people do not have a strong background in science they often lack the ability to determine if something is legitimate or not. The article was about 95% skewed information. There were some parts that could have circumstantially been true. The people behind this article tried to make it sound authoritative by using phrases such as: “By comparing the available genome sequence data…”
      Consider the following claim: “Two features of the virus, the mutations in the RBD portion of the spike protein and its distinct backbone, rules out laboratory manipulation as a potential origin for SARS-CoV-2.”
      These “Two features” does not in any way shape or form prove anything at all. Changes can happen in nature. Changes can happen in the lab by deliberate alteration and gene splicing so that statement proves absolutely NOTHING! It can not by itself prove the origin of the virus.
      Here is another statement: “…and other similar coronaviruses, showing that the receptor-binding domain …”
      The way that this was worded bears the marks of a non-scientist that is writing an article under the direction of someone else that is giving orders from “above”. If I were to have written that article I would have used the word “region” instead of “domain” as the use of the former denotes a place where something can be found and the latter is usually used to show authority and rank or a place of jurisdiction as in the case of a Monarch. I’ve read plenty of technical scientific articles about genetics and absolutely none of them ever use the word “domain” to describe the location of a specific gene on a chromosome or piece of DNA. An editor should have caught that anomaly.
      The last nail in their coffin is a comparison of the title they chose and a poorly camouflaged statement in the text.
      The title: The COVID-19 Virus May Have Been in Humans For Years, Study Suggests
      and the blooper…
      “…sections of SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins were so effective at binding to human cells, they had to be caused by natural selection.”
      Now ask the following question. If this virus has “Been in Humans For Years” and “so effective at binding to human cells” then why have we not seen a gradual and steady increase in the occurrence of this pathogen instead of a rather sudden out of nowhere appearing of it around the globe? The answer is what you have already stated that it “is a bio-weapon.” I know you know this Michael, but I only point this out for other people that may have missed it. Another thing is that this is not as bad as the news media has claimed it to be, but there is/are on the “back burner” biological agents that will make this look like a gentle breeze in comparison to the firestorm that is coming in the future. How do I know this? How do you think I know this?
      A former lab rat.

      1. David and Goliath,

        This is one of several, if not many, scientific comments and explanations that you have made on the blog, and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate them! I learn from what you share.

        Also, on a different note, I liked the hymns you posted. While I do not speak Russian, it felt amazing to sing along with them in English, knowing we love the same Lord. Thanks for sharing.

        1. Krissy,
          The reason I had to write that piece is that my conscience would not let me remain silent on that topic. There is a lot more that I could have written about the subject, but I just had to point out some of the false arguments and the misuse of “science” to cover up a dark plot. There are no words in my vocabulary to describe how I feel when I see a poor innocent child that has been permanently brain damaged by “the system” or the grief of a bereaved mother putting flowers on the grave of her infant child that was so cruelly snatched from her arms. “The love of money is the root of all evil.” I’m sure you are familiar with that Scriptural passage. I feel a lot like the apostle Paul did when he realized that he was working against the truth. I was guilty of being lied to, but I still deeply regret ever having anything to do with that evil system even though at the time I was unaware of all the corruption that was going on. I could very easily be a multi-millionaire or perhaps more, but I cannot be part of something that “steps on the little people” and treats them like a cash cow to be exploited. Instead, I have chosen poverty over living at the expense of someone else. I know three people that used to work for Bill Gates, one of them a former classmate. It’s been 33 years since I worked at that lab, but there is never a day that goes by that what happened there does not come to mind. My mother passed away 3 years ago and I’m over that, but not the lab experience.

          Below I listed two other music links that I also enjoy. They have such strong distinct singing voices and I like to sing along with them as I do with Simon Khorolskiy’s channel.
          Kirnev Family [The title is in Russian]

          Kirnev Family – YOU ARE MIGHTY

          There is a Cuban immigrant by the name of Jaime Jorge that plays the violin. I’ve actually met him 3 times in live concert and he is simply amazing. He gives his personal testimony along with his music and I don’t think there are any dry eyes in the entire audience. I’ve included a link to “Be Still My Soul” by him.

          It is rather interesting that I find so much in common with the vast majority of the SurvivalBlog readers / commentators that I tend to think of them as an extended family. (I have no family of my own.) I’ve only started making comments in the last 3 weeks, but have been a reader since its early years.


          1. David n Goliath, The depth of transparency of your life journey makes me feel honored that you can share wounds and sorrows with us. Yes, I understand some wounds have scars that we will carry until we get to heaven. I believe we all have them, just some are more evident than others. It makes me smile that God called you out of what you learned to know was evil,( I do not pretend to understand, but take you at your word.) and has made you become a blessing. I truly believe Jesus makes people beautiful as they become more like him. I speak for myself, as I have said to my children that the world is a better place because the Lord saved me, and has been sanctifying me… I like the music and videos. “Be still my Soul,” calms my inner self that I didn’t even realize needed calming. lol. It felt like medicine. Thank you. I, too, feel much in common with many on sb. Please keep posting. Your opinions and experience are valuable. Blessings.

    1. Lily,
      Donning my latex gloves and surgical mask, I just ventured the 56-mile round-trip to my “local” Walmart in search of a #65 HP black printer cartridge. Along the way, I passed the homes and farms of many under lockdown here in rural Virginia. What I witnessed were husbands and wives working in gardens, cleaning up fencerows and brush piles, smiles on all their faces, kids running and playing in lush green grass.

      Arriving at Walmart, occupancy rules now in full effect, I was surprised by what was almost an empty store. Everyone was polite, with no crowding and pushing. Traffic both ways was light and I had time to enjoy the sights of blooming dogwoods while traversing the same roads once taken by Jefferson, Washington, Madison, and Monroe.

      Back at the homestead, the sounds of intermittent gunshots echo through the hills as gun owners use the downtime to zero their rifles and practice with their pistols.

      If this ordeal is some sort of plan by those who wish to do evil, I believe they are failing spectacularly. People are getting back to nature, gardening, and spending time with loved ones. Perhaps this is all part of His plan; to remind us what is important and worth fighting for before the battle. God Bless, stay well, and indeed, have hope.

      1. God works in mysterious ways! It is good for families to reconnect and He does have His purpose in all of this…

        I’ve been in your area, years ago. I went to a retreat in the Culpepper area. I think, I went to Monticello, Jeffersons’s home? Virginia, is a mostly conservative beautiful state.



      2. Awesome points D.D.!!
        I totally agree there is a silver lining – that may be terrific for the morality of the people – lets continue to pray that it is so. I’m also praying that those who are binge watching movies can have the strength to steer themselves towards whatever few shows have a moral basis, and recognize evil and degeneracy in entertainment for what it is, and flee from it.

        For those wanting something great to watch, I highly recommend “Jericho” on netflix. This has been recommended on this blog several times, but I think it worth mentioning now as people now have more time to watch, perhaps.

    1. Google and read the Anne Barnhardt Blog.

      I do not trust Bill Gates either. She has many articles and opinion pieces about him and his devious ways.

      1. I’ve read her, but not in the past two or so years. I know how she feels about the current Pope. I’m quite sure I would agree with her on Gates.

      1. I’m well aware of what’s real and what’s not lol
        All I’ve heard on here and numerous other places for years is how the FEMA boggieman had permanent camps full of coffins and an imaginary army that would round up everyone in exactly an event like this. Then they would do horrendous things within.
        I’m calling everyone out because I’m tired of the fictitious junk put out by folks who have absolutely nothing to offer in real preparedness but gain popularity through fear mongering.
        When you are living the true life of preparedness you’ve little time for such nonsense as the garden needs tending, fence needs mending and constant projects are abound.
        Just like right now. You’re at home, unless your like me and having to work, and the next possible negative step in this is civil disruption through mass crime. So everyone commenting has all their hedgehogs welded, caltrops made, re-enforced the gates, ran their wire tanglefoots, drawn out their range cards, tested all the comms etc?
        Or are they typing out conspiracy?
        Which one and who is keeping it real?
        I’m off to build a new gate on the coop. Y’all sort the wheat from the chaff and stay safe.

        1. I’m half on half off… Right now my job consists of making FEMA camps lol.. no joke turning semi medical facilities into full medical facilities.

          So it’s half dragging my self through being sick and half laid flat on back trying to recharge from the work.

          But I agree too much conspiracy.

          1. “Right now my job consists of making FEMA camps lol..”
            I almost spit my coffee out laughing!

            Glad he wished you well.
            Yes, I do too. Please be kind to yourself, take it easy and get better.

          1. In normal days it’d be possible. Right now I’m not safe even if you are. I’m dealing with the community in my job. Later on a meet n greet might be possible. I’ll be around unless the bug or a thug gets me.

        2. Matt in Ok,

          I think you are painting with a VERY wide brush here. I think those who expose the FEMA conspiracy theories are a small minority on this site. Besides, what do we have to fear even if they do have camps, after their “stellar” performance in Hurricane Andrew, Katrina and “Super Storm” Sandy? The truck with rounded up “campers” would probably get lost. That is if the trucks ever showed up in the first place.

          1. If it don’t apply then it don’t apply.
            Like ya said it’s a percentage.
            You do a lot of real work and only have a percentage of other things. I’ve read a lot of your stuff. I admire that even if I don’t agree with everything. You encourage others to train.
            Few more minutes and I’m gonna take the air soft out with night vision, in the back yard, and get it some “preparedness“ work.
            How’d the rest of y’alls day go in making progress at home confinement? Check on your neighbors too but stay safe.

  1. To Matt in Oklahoma
    FEMA camps, have you noticed your Local airports lately?
    All the airports I service have high fences and lots of room, hangars and all that is left to add for prison conversion is a roll of razor wire across the top of the fence.
    Why did the government feel municipal airports needed to be surrounded by high fences and security gates?

      1. ^^^ Ding, ding, ding, We have a winner!^^^

        At least around here, the airport is surrounded by farm, swamp, forest, and a river.
        Deer. Lots and lots of deer. Coyotes, cougar, beef, sheep, goats.
        And the occasional idiot.

  2. Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) Where is your famous compassion for your fellow democrats’? When are you going to check their voter registration ? Why not use that as a passport? Perhaps a few signs at the border. “No conservatives allowed.” would help.

  3. Government lunacy at it’s best; stopping the sale of seeds. In the immortal words “The peasants have no bread”: “Then let them eat cake” This didn’t work out well for Marie Antoinette. I think she regretted loosing her head over this issue.
    I am all for doing pretty much what is necessary to stamp out this virus but starving people to death seems like a bit of an irrational cure. Be sure and remember which politicians grab onto this kind of thought process and reward then suitably at the earliest election. Remember these words from Tom Sullivan. Most politicians are the C minus students from your high school. They have never accomplished much other than become political hacks, thus lacking both intelligence and experience.

    1. On stopping the sales of seeds: surprised this happened in Vermont, which has somewhat of a culture of self-reliance. Why? 2 guesses. First, some clueless idiot in state gov who thinks gardening is just planting flowers. Did they never hear of Victory Gardens in WWII? Or second, a deliberate attempt to eliminate self-reliance.

      Another topic. It’s disgusting to see all the littered rubber gloves. And people wearing face masks off their faces. One guy with a beard wore a face mask. Dude, that won’t help.

      1. In VT you can still find seeds to buy in some stores. Probably not a Walmart. How seeds could be considered “non essential “ and in the same category of goods such as nail polish or video games is beyond me. I don’t have a problem with cutting off the sale of deck decor or ornamental lighting but seeds are a necessity. They are still available if you know where to look.

      2. You have to be careful with masks and beards. I have problems shaving and can only go down to stubble not smooth. Even with a 1/4″ beard my respirator still seals, and that’s been tested with chlorine gas! Make sure you know how to check your mask for leaks before use.

    2. Joe,
      I agree that is stupid. Here in Pennsylvania Agriculture is supposed to be an essentials business and food is an essential business but seeds sales aren’t. Something wrong with that pic. From what I understand each state has some type of “hot line” for the public to ask questions to state government. I suggest everyone find that number and complain. Seeds are part of agriculture and much of our food come from seeds. So why are seed sales not allowed??

        1. Yes they do! But many people don’t consider shopping at TS rather they buy their gardening supplies at places like Lowe’s and Walmart. I’m good on seeds, except I was hoping to get some seed potatoes.

      1. Many of us share seeds. That saves us and our local people money and builds a sense of community. Human to human generosity breeds resilience.

        Carry on in grace

  4. I wonder if folks have to temporarily take off their tin foil hats so that the protective waves don’t interfere with their computer before typing in some of these comments.

    Another reason not all gun sales show up in the NICS check numbers is that some states, like Iowa, only require a NICS check once every 5 years if you have a permit to purchase or a permit to carry. You can buy as many guns as you like after the one check.

    1. Hey, I love my Tin Foil Hats!

      I just take the used aluminum foil every morning and make a new design, pop it on, dance around the house with the music full blast for a few minutes and then take it off and go about my day.

      Rock on

      1. I saw an interesting bumper sticker once that read:

        WARNING: I’ve got a Marine and I’m not afraid to use him!

        It made me think of you.

  5. The boy asked me when is the best time to plant a tree being a smart ***
    I told him 20 years ago
    But the second best time is today
    I told him that you go to war with what you have
    Do you wish you had more yes
    But you make due with what you got
    Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet
    Do what you can today

  6. I Loved the chainsaw article. I realize that an electric one has limitations but I loved her ingenuity. Humans can be quite resourceful. I could just picture a guy facing a running chainsaw . Of course, here in the U.S. a gun is much more efficient.

    1. Hey Sis, back in high school a friend and I went to a Halloween spook alley. We kept hearing a gasoline chainsaw running?? In the very last room, Frankenstein came running at us with a chainsaw running full blast! We were two blocks away and still running before it dawned on us that the chain had been removed from the chainsaw and was therefore, harmless. But it was way more effective than pointing a gun in our faces would have been. lol 🙂

    2. Chain saws are in cumbersome in a fight. Dealt with it before. If you practice maybe. But if you invested that much time a simple axe or better pick axe ….. Much more effective.

      You just gotta play defense and keep space more. Knives scare me more

    3. Now if only she hadn’t made all that info public and told everyone when her husband won’t be home…..OPSEC anyone? Plus does she really have the intestinal fortitude required to literally hack someone to death with a chainsaw?

  7. I’m surprised no one has spoken of what I consider obvious:
    In China (or North Korea etc) it would be quite simple to let this virus brew in humans- political prisoners/slaves/generationally bred humans from such populations locked up in these facilities.
    Of course it will look natural, they can do this the old fashioned way… especially if you’ve got lots of people and time.

    1. Hey Max, there’s a few problems with that scenario. If that were true, China would have had the foresight to treat their medical workers with serum from the prison survivors so the antibodies in that serum could have prevented the 2,000+ deaths among the critically needed medical workers. Anti-serum worked for treating SARS so I’m pretty sure the Chinese would have used it for this virus as well instead of losing doctors. Secondly, prison populations would be too small to maintain a virus for too long before everyone had either died or had immunity. Thirdly, how would they have contained the virus just among prisoners without it escaping to the general population?

      Also, the title of the link above was misleading, the original article in Nature which they were referencing did not indicate that the virus may have been in humans for “years.”

    1. Quarantine is the best option.

      The problem right now is that there is no play book for this kind of “pandemic”

      Serious plagues yes there is a play book.

      Light epidemic like SARS , h1n1 etc… Yup.

      But this is a odd ball. It’s a common cold (it is that family and common cold gives a positive result) so the government can’t respond like its massive cuz it’s not.

      And government can’t ignore either (like they done with flu and previous SARS. Cuz too many Americans are gonna be affected.

      So they are stuck in a no win place… In an election year to boot.

    2. Easily, you have people in your street, area, neighborhood, suburb , snitch on you to anonymous created health line, what ever. The people do the work for the authorities, in reality the Police were few in Czech, no one rebelled though, we experienced that in Czechoslovakia, instilling fear was the key, you never knew who snitched on you, could be your children, work colleagues, anyone, then the Police will come when they choose the time. A lot of my family died or were never found because they were taken away and interrogated.

      My mother now has nightmares remembering how this is now so similar to what we fled.

      Solzhenitsyn later wrote ” how we burned later in the camps, realizing that had we stood up to the tyranny, understanding that each organ [ Policeman ] would not go out to do the bidding of the State, if he understood he may not come home that night ”

      People are sheep generally, they obey those above them.

  8. Well my tinfoil hat doesn’t interfear with my computer, although I get tingles in my earlobes when I walk under high tension power lines. I think we need to relax and enjoy each person who is here, we are all on the same side. If we only hear opinions that reflect our own we can be easily blind sided. That said, I am praying that God gives us another chance, perhaps this will wake the sheep and we can grow from here, if He wants me, I am more than ready, but pray He chooses to delay the hard times a bit longer.

    1. Not to disagree. But..

      How did our founding fathers view Americans?

      Back when the country was being formed it was a much smaller population and narrower region.

      It was with Americans who fought for thier rights and country. It was for Americans who worked. It was for Americans who took responsibility for them selves.

      Now we have the cult of personal importance in a land of middle management and hurt feelings.

      Back then the 2nd amendment was meant for the removal of government and protection of our other rights with fire power equal to government.

      Now… Postal shootings columbines… Etc.

      Back then people showed up with a deadly transmissible and they got quarantine. It was done locally because the localities were responsible or they got wiped out …. Didn’t need govement either way.

  9. Regarding seeds. I spent quite a bit buying seeds this morning online from a reputable source:, where I also buy seeds, is saying that due to social distancing they’ve closed the farm and store to visitors, sent some employees home, and are working in the warehouse fulfilling seed orders.
    Someone here said that Johnny’s Seeds (was that you Ani?) has decided to only sell to Commercial growers, but again, that’s because of being short staffed.
    The picture zooming around the Internet showing the seed section at Walmart taped off, didn’t show everything else that is taped off.
    There is no shortage of seeds guys. There’s a shortage of workers and the transportation system is struggling to keep up due to all the panic buying.
    If there is some government official who actually “bans” the selling of seeds, please take a look at their background. Maybe their degree is in “social justice” or “gender equality” rather than reality. Socialism stunts mental capacity. #IgnoreThem
    I’m going to stick to my guns regarding the vloggers who are fear mongering.
    By the way, I purchased strawberry starts and 2 yr old asparagus crowns too!! LOL.
    I’ve been dying to get a little asparagus patch going. I’ve heard they can last for decades. Maybe the deer won’t like asparagus?? LOL. This weekend I canned up about 36 pints of beans., has lots of great information and yummy looking recipes.

    1. SaraSue,

      Many people rely upon Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot as well as local green houses. These have all be shut down locally here in Pa, as “non-essential”. To me it kills two birds with one stone, keeps people busy so they are more likely to say home and two will help feed the many families who will be suffering unemployment for several months.

        1. Just the garden Centers. Friend of mine was just ranting at this. One of the local big green houses is closed but they are trying to re-open with “social distancing” in place. Me I’ll just head over to the Amish Green house, it’s just about a mile away from us.

    2. Johnny’s Seeds is accepting orders ONLY from commercial growers now. This was supposed to end on April 6 but has now been extended til April 14. They say it is due to both the surge in seed orders as well as the difficulty of filling orders in their warehouse while trying to handle social distancing for their staff. Glad I ordered a while ago. Wanted to buy some extra mesclun seed but it will have to wait.

      The “big box” stores have had their garden centers closed(which does seem kinda nuts), but other stores that sell seeds still can do so here.

  10. Are you a prepper? If you are here, reading this, you probably are. According to the PTB, that makes you a tinfoil hat wearing nutbag. According to THEM you don’t need to prepare for economic disaster or a virulent pandemic. Just depend on US, we’ll protect you, we’ll keep you saaaaaafe! Just listen to Dr. Fauci. When asked when the economic shutdown will end, his words: “When there are no more deaths, when there are no more new cases of CoVID-19.” In other words, never! WE have to keep people saaaaaafe after all. We have to keep America locked down until everyone is quaking in their boots and afraid to leave their homes. Look at the propaganda on TV. “#Stayhome”

    Question: How will we know there are no more cases of CoVID-19, when there are no more deaths from CoVID-19? Answer: We won’t. How can we, when every death we hear about is a CoVID-19 death, and every case of the flu or every cold we have is listed as being caused by CoVID-19? How can we know, when every test that is given that tests positive for corona virus is being listed as positive for CoVID-19!? The answer is, as always, we can’t know until the propaganda stops. When will it stop? NEVER!!! Why: “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Even if WE have to make up the crisis out of thin air. Kind of like the $6 Trillion plus that is being fabricated out of thin air as I type this.

    FEMA camps. Do the exist? Not officially. On the other hand, here in Michigan, we have a National Guard training camp called Camp Grayling. It’s huge!! If you ever get to travel again, go there. For a training camp, it seems to be overly secure. There are the double rows of chain link fence, with razor wire wrapped around the top of the outer fence. Then there are the fortified guard towers all along the fence line. It looks like all this security is built to keep people in, not out. But this is just a National Guard training camp; until it isn’t. In your state, what are your National Guard training facilities like? Oh, I forgot, there is the National Guard training facility just 5 miles from my home. It is a military police training camp. Nothing to see here, but all those armored HumVees, Bradley fighting vehicles, and now the MRAP’s, are there for a reason. But this is just for training: until it isn’t.

    I’m actually proud to be a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. It’s what keeps me alert. I wasn’t alert enough or I wouldn’t be trapped in metro Detroit. I’m prepared enough that I don’t have to go out for weeks, or even months, on end if I don’t want to. I’m not prepared enough or I wouldn’t be here in the first place.

    Is this a “black swan” event? Absolutely! Is this a “false flag” event? I think so. As it stands, this is still just a bad “flu” season. Are people testing positive for corona virus? Yes, but which corona virus, there are at least 7 corona viruses that we know of. Are people dying? Of course they are. But what are they actually dying of? We will never really know. Per the CDC, if someone dies, and they test positive for corona virus, those deaths are to be listed as being caused by CoVID-19, whether that was the actual cause of death or not. Did you know that we have, not only a cold and flu season, but we have a corona virus season, and that they run concurrently (approximately)?

    What happens next year when people start dying from the seasonal flu and the next corona virus? Do we shut down the global economy again? Does this global shutdown become an annual event?

    In the old TV series The X-Files, there is a line at the beginning “Trust No One!” I would change that to “Trust No One with any power or authority!” If they have it, they will use it and abuse it. Just look at the state governors. How are they acting? Are they acting more like Hitler, or Thomas Jefferson? But I’m just a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, and proud of it.

    1. To me the difference between being prepared and being panicked is your reaction to the information.

      When this was Wuhan exclusive I bought 2 of everything instead of one. When it spread out of china and the info was questionable I dug in and got some more and looked to my security.

      When it started to look like it was hitting USA I took a trip out of state I made arrangements. I ordered more stuff behind my wife’s back. I miss judged the timing of my trip by one week (the week I returned the NYC lock down started)

      Since then I have calmly sat back and watched this happen play by play right out of the books. I’ve also watched my symptoms start and develop (my roomie is on front line).

      In short I was prepared

      What I didn’t do was fly off the handle and look to figure out how it could be rolled in to my personal belief system.

      Do I think govement has an agenda with this yes I do. Do I think they caused it for x or y reason …. No. Do I think it’s at a plague level no not unless it goes wrong. Is it serious …. Yup (again I know or knew some of these fatalities)

      But that’s just me I guess.

    2. You’ve put the hammer to the nail.
      Glad you are seeing and spreading the truth of this psy op.
      Continuing on the path of Wuhan Killer Corona Chan,Fear mongerers, are just that..selling fear

  11. The CDC’s Instructions on How to Falsify Death Certificates

    To save time this is the link from inside the above brief article. It goes to a 7-page PDF from the CDC.

    These are truly evil people. This is a part of why I know this is a false-flag event.

    Now, start really paying attention to the actions of the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury.

    Then, get angry!

    1. Yeah, I just read that myself. Seems there are actually 4 big cats with the virus, transmitted by one of the staff that works with them. Also a pet cat in France and some dogs in China. This may not transfer from animals to humans, but it seems to be transferable from humans to animals. OOPS!!

      I also read that the Captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt has been fired from his post for writing an Op Ed to the San Francisco Chronicle, and that he has tested positive for CoVID-19.

      1. There is a K9 version that dogs can get. Have heard of one case of dog to human transmission. Makes sense! Dogs sniff everything and then brings it home and gives you a facewash.

        1. There is actually like 100 different coronavirus strains.

          That’s why there wasn’t any hope of getting a cure for the common cold. And each one reacts differently in a different species.

          Right now our tests don’t actually test for the sars2 coronavirus rather they test for “not” the other known strains.

      2. Saw this yesterday. The thing about this is, if it’s transmutable only if people get within 6 feet of each other, then how did the tigers get it? How many zoo employees stand around and hang out within 6 feet of full-grown tigers? Sounds to me more like it was transmitted in the air and that the R-nought of this virus is likely way higher than they have said. If many of those who have it are asymptomatic and thus not counted as testing positive as they were never tested, this makes sense. And if tigers can get it, so can house cats……

        I’m also wondering just who got drew the “short stick” and got to stick a 6 inch test swab up the tigers nose? 😉

  12. Many thanks to JWR and Avalanche Lily for their ever increasing work of keeping this forum of info and comments going. I know that it takes a lot of their time and we need to let them know how much we appreciate it.

    1. Thank you Joe. It is beginning to take a lot of time. But it’s okay!

      Jim is out of Quarantine and we all four are going to watch a movie together. So there won’t be any more moderating for awhile tonight. 🙂

      Blessings and Goodnight,


      1. Lily, I suggest V for Vendetta. The parallels with what is happening right now are very disturbing. Also check out a couple of articles by Jim Quinn at the Burning Platform. Part one and two of “P for Pandemic”

        1. Charles K,

          We watched the “Princess Bride”!! 🙂 Something, believe it or not, I had never seen before!! It was very cute. I loved the dialog. Made me forget the pestilence for awhile…

          G’night all,


  13. Where does everyone get the tinfoil for their hats All I can find is aluminum.

    Is aluminum as effective as tin for blocking whatever you all are blocking?

    1. Aluminum (or aluminium if you choose) will do nicely, thank you. Got to block all those RF waves attacking our brains. It’s a government plot to make us all compliant sheep.

  14. Avalanche Lily, JWR and friends,

    I randomly came across Dr. Shiva Ayyaduri from a #firefauci tag. His YouTube messages and Facebook posts are fascinating and frightening.
    Links Fauci to big pharma, Gates Foundation, Zuckerberg, China, Clinton global etc. Pushing for mass vaccinations and economic turmoil.
    Check it out.

    1. I am not surprised at all. All peas in one pod! They are of their father, the devil. Globalists/ One World Order/ Mark of the Beast. Don’t do what they tell you to do. Did the midwives in the time of Moses obey Pharaoh’s edict to kill all boys? NO! And God Blessed them and gave the midwives families and homes of their own!!! IN these Last Days, God will give us a special place in Heaven with Him if we refuse to do their evil. Choose this day whom you will serve!

      Thank You Texas for this information. Be safe, healthy and Blessed.


  15. Noon, I’m across the river from you in NJ, zipcode 07716. Just in case you happen to come over this way. Just include a note in one of your posts you’re headed my way, and I’ll give you some landmarks to meet up at.
    Thanks James and AL for SVLBlog all these years, been a reader sincee 2006!

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