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  1. YANGON, Myanmar — … ….

    “The Chinese regime led by the all-powerful Xi Jinping and the CCP — not its people — owes us all an apology and compensation for the destruction it has caused,” Cardinal Muang Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, wrote in an op-ed published April 2 by UCA News.

    Cardinal Bo, who is head of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences, denounced the Chinese regime Thursday for withholding information about the coronavirus and punishing doctors and journalists who attempted to alert the world of the virus’ potential danger. … …

    “Let me be clear — it is the CCP that has been responsible, not the people of China, and no one should respond to this crisis with racial hatred toward the Chinese. Indeed, the Chinese people were the first victims of this virus and have long been the primary victims of their repressive regime. They deserve our sympathy, our solidarity and our support. But it is the repression, the lies and the corruption of the CCP that are responsible,” he said.

    The cardinal cited multiple examples of whistleblowers silenced by the CCP’s censorship regime.

    “Doctors who tried to raise the alarm — such as Dr. Li Wenliang in Wuhan Central Hospital who issued a warning to fellow medics Dec. 30 — were ordered by police to ‘stop making false comments.’ Dr. Li, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist, was told he would be investigated for ‘spreading rumors’ and was forced by police to sign a confession. He later died after contracting coronavirus,” Cardinal Bo wrote.

    The Chinese government has come under criticism for withholding coronavirus information from the international community. On April 1, Bloomberg reported that U.S. intelligence found evidence that China underreported the number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths. … ….

    Cardinal Bo called on China to write off the debts of other countries to help cover the cost of COVID-19. …. ….
    Off setting the Wuhan Flu bills against the US National Debt owed to China would be a winning political platform for President Trump. +Allow US private citizen to attach the assets of China for their losses too. The businesses owned by China, located here in the USA, would be fair game.

    It would also cut off a lot of slush money paid to the political opponents of President Trump.

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