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“People say America is exceptional. I agree, but it’s not the complexion of our skin or the twists in our DNA that make us unique. America is exceptional because we were founded upon the notion that everyone should be free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.” – Senator Rand Paul


    1. Thomas Massie is also a very good man. In fact he is the best man in the US House of Representatives. There are a few good men in congress today. Unfortunately there are only a very few. That is a sad state of affairs.

  1. Montana Guy is right ~Rand Paul is a good man. He’s also looks out for the well being, of America and the American working Taxpayer.

    A deceased politician once spoke about the realities of politics, “If you want to get along, go along.”
    Politics is about compromise. Honest Americans do not like the dishonesty in our legislative leaders. We do not like the ‘pork’ placed into almost every piece of legislation.
    Often in life, the viable choices are ‘A. completely bad and B. not as bad as the other choice.’ = A vote for a 3rd party, (C) angelic person helps A. ‘completely bad person’ to win political office.

    ~Rand Paul is a good man. He’s the ~exception to most professional politicians. The American voter doesn’t always get a ‘Rand Paul’ type on the ballot, with a -viable chance to Win a contested election.

    The events surrounding the Rand Paul attack is something to take to heart for Survivalblog readers. … Rand Paul was suddenly attacked by his next door neighbor. The initial ‘fake news’ about the attack was dishonest. The neighbor is a lunatic liberal; justice was NOT well applied to the neighbor. … It was a grievous attack.

    Readers of Survivalblog might consider rereading ‘The Precepts of Rawlesian Survivalist Philosophy.’ =
    “Choose Your Friends Wisely. Associate yourself with skilled doers, not “talkers.” Seek out people that share your outlook and morality. Living in close confines with other families is sure to cause friction but that will be minimized if you share a common religion and norms of behavior.” [Found under the ‘About Us’ (Survivalblog) heading]

    Rand Paul lives in a Hi-Tone neighborhood. He was ~unexpectedly attacked by a possible demoniac that lives nest door. People should minimize their encounters with demoniacs.

  2. That has changed and except for Covid was likely to keep changing.

    Fox News celebrated a large number of “New American Citizens”. How many were then going out to purchase a gun? Or AR-15 (2nd Amendment). Or to display. Will they display the Morals Adams spoke of – not the obvious ones, but the Puritan practical virtues of independence, thrift, and industry?

    Right now is the battle between freedom and security. Each Governor is imposing things, and it seems more Gestapo than Glory. Who is going to say “No!”, at least to the stupid sit home and wait for death. Where are the plans to coordinate just about to graduate or retired health care workers? To quarantine the vulnerable in one set of the empty Tourist hotels, and those who test positive in a different set? To actually DO something much less figure out an endgame?

    Covid is likely to separate out the real Americans. I noted the Ethno and Civic nationalists have the same end, demographically. Some prefer socialism, even the milder kind. Some prefer rule by the expert Mandarins. Some prefer fake equality – why didn’t Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Katy Stanton just move to Wyoming, “The Equality State”. (Because they weren’t tough, fierce pioneer women maybe?).

    No one would even consider denying Avalanche Lily the right to vote, but maybe she would give it up if it meant the lily livered limousine liberal ladies would also be prohibited.

    1. I would gladly give up my right to vote. As a matter of fact, no one represents me in either party at this point. I cannot tell you why, but if you want to know why I can no longer vote, then I would say, you need to research every single person’s background in Trump’s immediate cabinet and all the back grounds of his advisors and then you’ll understand why. If you are a true bible reader and believer, you’ll see why I can no longer vote. There are two agendas in this world, God’s and Satan’s. I will not vote for anyone that will further Satan’s kingdom even one little micro-millimeter more. I cannot vote in good conscience and will not have a vote for the lesser evil, which is still evil, on my spiritual account any longer. None of the parties represent us any longer. They are both the same party with the same agenda. They argue points on purpose to cause division in our land. A house divided cannot stand. If there was someone who truly represented me, they wouldn’t get enough votes to be in the running, anyway… The next leader, I am fairly certain, will hand over his power/this nation to the One World Leader/the Anti-Christ, anyhow. That is where I think we are in history. Pray for your own discernment of the days we are living in. Pray for your own and your family and friends’ protection. God will protect and hide you according to His plan and will for your life. Stock up, and be spiritually ready to meet your maker…

  3. tz- I guess she told You!
    When I signed up for the selective service ‘lotto’ and registered to vote back in the early 80s, I took time to ‘carefully consider things’ (one of the few times I did, back in the younger days) and found that neither party truly represented my core beliefs about what government should be/do. So I registered Independent and have voted as a Conservative independent ever since. I do not yet see a means to a end as such yet.
    Jimbo, Texas Republic

    1. Just to be sweetly clear,

      I wasn’t telling anyone off, only explaining, why I cannot vote for president at this time.

      And, to return to a more sane conservative government that honors God and His ways, if that were possible, It’s not possible at this juncture, Jesus is returning soon and His prophecies are currently being fulfilled, I would give up my vote as a woman. Tis all!



      1. your right lily the end is pretty close…

        i hate predictions but if i were a betting man i would look for something to be happening around 2029-2033(the time of his crucifixation and resurrection 2000 years later)maybe in the spring(passover) maybe in the fall(his birth)….

  4. Lily is right about Trump’s cabinet. His choices are a sad disappointment for me. These are a bunch of neocon warmongers. Their loyalties are for the good of government of Israel, and hence, not the united States or the American people.

    You’ll notice I mentioned the government of Israel and not the Israeli people. Like our government, the Israeli government has an agenda that puts their own citizens at severe risk. Like our own government, the good, the goal, of the political agenda is of greater importance to these evil people than the good of the people. We are to be sacrificed to the god of the almighty State. This makes them, all of them, much closer to Hitler and Stalin than they would ever be to the founders of these American nations.

  5. i’m gonna disagree…
    i don’t like either Pauls to me they are no better than socialists/democrats….

    i look at voting as the lessor of two evils, yes its voting for evil but we have to slow them down some way some how.

    a non vote for me isn’t really a non vote i consider that a vote just for none of the above which for me can be just as detrimental as a greater evil vote or a lessor evil vote.

    this is not a put down to anyone just speaking what i believe….

  6. Many Christians believe the end of the world is near and that colors many actions. Including voting.

    This is not new. Until probably the 70s or 80s many of not most Christians avoided politics or most political discussion. Hard to say if they avoided voting or not but I believe I have read some things in the past that indicate this may be the case. I think this changed when social liberals pretty much went mostly Democrat and social conservatives including Southern Democrats migrated mostly Republican. Prior to that the country had some accepted social norms that roughly aligned with Christianity but crossed party lines. After that the cultural battle lines were drawn roughly along the political battle lines, tending to pull Christians into politics more than in the past.

    I vote and express my opinion. There are no righteous men. That is clearly stated in the Bible but we still have to function and functioning requires some leadership. Therefore it follows that we will have unrighteous leaders, imperfect laws and imperfect society. This has always been the case. We have always had to choose the lesser of two evils because the Bible is crystal clear that we are all unrighteous.

    We could be in the end times but the end times have been predicted with confidence many times in the last 2000 years all throughout the Christian World by Protestants and Russian Orthodox at least by my reading of history. I believe the Catholics have also had their periods of predicting it as well although modern Catholic doctrine avoids the predictions and simply states be ready always regardless of what is happening.

    Personally I remember going to an auditorium in 1974 when I was 12 years old with an older mentor of mine listening to a very compelling argument that the world would end in 1984. I think it was Hal Lindsey. Did not happen, but he sold a lot of books. I can only speculate if he made a lot of money.

    On a side note my older mentor was a Viet Nam era Navy Seal who spent some time on river boats in Cambodia when we were not in Cambodia. He told me how weird it felt to read American newspapers, that they would actually get sporadically delivered, on a boat, on a river in Cambodia that said we had no troops in Cambodia. He lost a few friends too. May have colored his views on it various topics including end times. He had personally witnessed a number of end times.

    This could be the end. We should always be ready for the end. For the “thief in the night.” But also ready to leave this imperfect earth in the best condition we can for our imperfect children and grandchildren who may have to live long imperfect lives on this imperfect earth for many more generations. Kind of like what Christians have been doing for 2000 years.

    If I am still alive and we are still here, I think I am going to hold a big party on December 31, 2030. Seems like an important date to many. If my end or the worlds end does come before then, I will be at a party already so I won’t have to throw one. But one way or another I am going to party on that date. Who else is in?

  7. I liked your comments… Also, do you remember the Kingdome? I went with my dad to the grand opening with the Rev. Billy Graham and Johnny Cash in March of 1976. My dad got saved there. I’m a little younger than you, and I got saved a year later. I remember all the Hal Lindsey stuff you mention and agree; as well as that 1970’s movie about the rapture. In the Fall of 1980 my mom kept asking me to make her a Christmas list. I told her there was no point, because I believed there were so many signs of the times, the Lord was going to come before Christmas. lol. Lesson learned.
    Yes! I am in!!! If we are still alive in 2030, I would love to celebrate. I will label goodies; “Save for December 31st, 2030 party. Eat beforehand at your own peril!”

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