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  1. Technically no, not mercenaries. They were a contract army.After over 200 years I guess it is still a controversial discussion.We won so we wrote the history.

  2. I just wanted to give all of you an update on my husband and his surgery. Then I’d like to add some of the things I saw and heard at Emory University Hospital while I was there yesterday and today.
    First, my husband’s surgery went well. It was very long but we were expecting that – 6 hrs plus about 2 hrs in PACU before I was able to see him. The surgeon said the margins were clear so that means he was able to get all the cancer in the colon. The adjacent lymph nodes were also removed and have been sent to pathology. If clear, nothing else is needed but surveillance but if not, then chemotherapy will be necessary. Today my husband was up and walking around, he has no pain (except shoulder pain from gas used for the laparoscopy), he is eating and if all goes well may be coming home tomorrow. He did have premature atrial contractions (PAC) post operatively possibly due to dehydration (he did do 2 bowel preps in one week). He’s on a cardiac monitor and taking magnesium. Hopefully there will be no others symptoms or problems.
    I want to thank all of you for your prayers, kind words and encouragement. God has this! I’m so glad we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Secondly, some of the things I heard and saw.
    The hospital had staff located at all the entrances checking people for temperatures, recent international travel, coughs and association with anyone that has Covid – 19.

    Also, only one visitor was allowed in and they did check this. Unknown to us, a friend of my husband’s from high school was with another patient (he was their pastor) in the surgery waiting room and when he saw us come in he came over to say hello. The man at the admissions desk said one of us (me or the friend) would have to leave as there was only one visitor per patient allowed. We let him know he was with another patient so all was good.

    In preop, the nurse there said they weren’t allowed to wear masks (both myself and my husband were wearing masks) because administration said it would frighten patients if they wore them. She wasn’t happy I could tell.

    There weren’t very many surgery cases and lots of help from other nurses.

    Today the nurse taking care of my husband said my husband told her I was a retired nurse and asked me if I had ever experienced anything like this before. I said just HIV back when I was doing clinicals in nursing school but it wasn’t as bad as this. She said they were all afraid (the nurses) and the hospital policy wouldn’t allow them to wear masks. I said it’s because they don’t have enough and she said “exactly!” She said she had heard rumors and didn’t know if they were true, that they weren’t going to be allowed to leave. I asked if nurses were calling out, she said it was hard to tell because there were so few patients that they have been sending nurses home, they sent three home this morning. She said that wasn’t good either because if they didn’t have PTO it was unpaid. She said it was hard to know what was going to happen because things changed daily. She said they didn’t have the supplies they needed to care for patients or protect themselves.
    While I was there the floor secretary came around to each room to let visitors know that the hospital was “locking down” Sunday (until further notice) and visitors wouldn’t be allowed in at all.
    There are some other things I saw and heard that have me very concerned.

    On my way home this afternoon and also this morning going to the hospital, I noticed more traffic than there was yesterday on the ride in for the surgery. Many motor homes, towed boats, off road vehicles, kayaks and canoes. All heading to North Georgia counties that currently have no Covi-19 cases. I passed a rest area that is normally empty, crowded with families. It was so bizarre it looks like everyone in metro Atlanta is heading for the mountains. I almost wish for more rain to keep everyone away. I can’t wait until my husband is home and we can stay locked down. I think we’re heading into an extremely difficult time. Hopefully my husband won’t have any complications because there truly may not be any help for him.

    Stay safe, stay home. God bless you and keep you.

    1. Thank You CD, for the update.

      I am praying that your husband will not have any complications and that He will recover super fast so you may get out of there ASAP.



    2. CD, Thank you for letting us know the good news. Your husbands surgery was on my mind all yesterday, not knowing what the start time was. Many prayers have been said for you both. Again, this morning, before I even opened my eyes in bed, the Lord had me praying for him. I shake my head in awe it amazes me so. I was pondering my feelings, and because I see how much the Lord loves you both, I realized it makes me feel loved more by Him too. Imo, we can never feel loved too much. I am so touched by His care for you, a tear has rolled down my cheek as I’m typing. Our Heavenly Father is so merciful. It is incredible to me your husband is virtually pain free, eating and walking… Also, praising God for “clear edges,” and asking for clean nodes. I’m so excited for you both. Obviously, God has work for you both to do…

      Thank you for the community update as well. Blessings in abundance be yours.

    3. CD
      With your medical background, the doctor should have no problem sending antibiotics home with you. Just in case.
      Prayers for a speedy recovery keep coming your way.

    4. CD… praise God for the good news you are able to share regarding your husband’s surgery… I will be praying for continued healing from The Great Physician /Our FATHER who is in heaven… Thank you Lord for what You are doing in this family…God bless you , CD

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