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  1. It would probably be hard to find silver at Comex paper prices at the moment, but if they can hold it this low for awhile, the odds go up. It can probably held here for awhile as the markets have a long way yet to fall. Gold and silver are the enemies of fiat currency.

        1. Tunnel Rabbit… please know this was not directed at you personally… it was meant to shine light on the present situation… TY for all that you contribute to SB… I read all your posts knowing that I may / will learn something

          1. Thank you for posting that link RCB5472TN! There are still some of us here who appreciate the big picture view and don’t care to read another rambling, word salad diatribe about reusing N95 masks in the comment section. Good on you!

          2. It is good that you are bring this to our attention. Thanks. Personally I am very aware of the big picture, yet many are not, so I do self censor a bit.

    1. Since market open on Sun premium has gone through the roof,with the premium PM are more expensive than a week or two ago. If only paper contracts could be forced delivery(only contracts that can’t), I am curious how much counterfeit would try to be delivered-comex repeatedly caught last several years.

  2. My husband went into a coin shop to buy some physical silver and he said the place was packed, all the dimes were sold (they usually have a lot of those) and all he could get was quarters and half dollars which are all good, we get what we can.

  3. Just got a notice (I subscribe to USGS) 5.7 Earthquake 10 miles W Salt Lake City, Utah

    I’m noticing a lot more quakes in general lately.

    I’m assuming that is a pretty decent rattler.

    Rock on

  4. Texas Precious Metals has stock and has more coming, including junk sliver.

    Click in the gray banner at the very top of the page to see what is available, and what is on its way.


    I punched a few numbers and after paying premiums for 1 oz coins, the gold to silver ratio is 1:80. If you can find 100 oz silver bars, it increases up to 1:115 so that’s a great deal if you’re just trading gold for silver as an investment.

  5. Folks are struggling about church services. Based on this article by NC Scout,
    using a short range FM broadcast station, you could simulate a drive in theater, put the preacher in the back of a pickup, and have folks stay in their vehicles using their FM radios.

    Radio Contra Episode 7
    Posted by NC Scout
    Jan 24, 2020

    Signstek 7W 7C FM Transmitter Mini Radio Stereo Station PLL LCD with Antenna, Black
    by Signstek

    1. I tipped SurvivalBlog readers to Rhodium a couple of years ago. If they bought then, and then sold a few months ago when I advised it (right near the top) –then they would have made a handsome profit.

      1. Your sell call seems like it was only three weeks ago or a month, right near the top. You must have held on to your Radio Shack crystal ball after all these years. That was a very impressive call. Let us know when Radio Shack says to get back in! lol. 🙂

  6. Any shortfalls on respirators (ventilators) or hospital rooms can be attributed to the commercialization of hospitals and the greed of insurance companies. Hospitals strive for 100% bed occupancy like they are a hotel not a healthcare resource. That is why you spend hours in recovery waiting for a bed. They no longer keep what they might need on hand , only what they know they can sell with the insurance carriers approval. When they are called upon to serve their original intended service they fall woefully short. Meanwhile their CEO’s rake in millions. Doctors no longer determine your medical care an insurance bean counter does. Tragic. Sorry ,this response is prompted by some days earlier postings.

    1. Don, they haven’t been “hospitals” for many years. They’re “medical centers” now. There is a difference. And I agree, the “care” they give isn’t very caring in a lot of cases.

    2. This is unfair and inaccurate to hospitals. Some hospitals have actually closed their doors in the past because of lack of funding/income. They are not magically funded, they must be managed by someone who understands business. Ditto for insurance companies. If you think this is so profitable and so easy to manage I would suggest you startup your own insurance company or hospital and you can be a multi-millionaire in no time.

    3. My intent was not to belittle dedicated staff and administration in hospitals. They are under appreciated. I send a heart felt thank you to all of them.

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