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  1. A more appropriate photo for the section of the blog would be hard to find. We are not only contending with falling stock markets that mirror the crash of 1929, there is underneath a systemic problem, a liquidity problem that only become worse. It began around September 2019 and since then, the numbers being pumped into the Repo market are really big, and getting bigger. Money parked in banks are no longer consider deposits, but as unsecured loans to the bank. FDIC will not cover a mass default by the banks that is currently be held at bay by the FED. If you can’t hold it, you do not own it. If the backyard is too small to bury it, splitting it up and moving around several banks, or better yet, credit unions, might provide some protection in the event of a bank holiday. Of course cash is king, but it can be problematic to withdraw a meaningful amount these days. I’d get started, or buy a bigger back yard.

  2. Really hope that doesn’t happen again. Two weeks ago I went to bank and made sure I took enough out for this uncertain time.

    Also bought some Silver Eagles this morning

    1. FWIW, over the last week or so, I’ve noticed the condition of $20 bills that I have been getting from various ATM machines (one bank and one S&L) has been getting worse. The bills are more “rough” and from earlier years, haven’t received crisp bills from ATM machines lately. Are the banks running out of bills? Just my observation…

  3. And what if we withdraw a pile of cash, and then we can’t use it to purchase things because it’s considered “too germy?” China has already stopped the use of paper money. What’s our alternative? Rolls of quarters? Our small local banks and credit union don’t even stock rolls of half-dollars.

    1. I’ll still accept cash for stuff. Need any TP or ammo? Got both. Need a good used .22 survival rifle? Got them for you.

      Need prayer? Plenty to spare for you and your family, at no cost.

      Friends, now is the time to be very proactive at letting people know God loves us and wants us to love him. This is the second big opportunity in our lifetimes, the first being the 911 attacks.

      This harvest is heavy and the workers are few. Now is the time to tell people about the security of accepting God’s perfect preparation for us.

      Know that Jesus went through far more severe treatment for us than just a virus.

      I pay close attention to what the political parties are saying about our response to COVID-19, and it is largely the spewing hatred from the demonic spawn.

      Get up and fight using the full armor of God.

      Everyone dies, so do your part to make sure that living or dying, we, through the divine cavalry rescue originating on Calvary, are safe in the arms of our redeemer and can fight for the salvation of others in the army of the Lord of Hosts.

      Read the book of Daniel and understand the conflict taking place at the angelic and join the side headed for victory.

      Be ready now to offer charity of our stockage linked closely with the message of love and redemption to those with ears and a heart open to hear The Message. Praised be His Name.

    2. I’ve disinfected paper money using 70 to 91% alcohol in a spray bottle. Put it in a plastic bag and take it home. Wet it with the alcohol, and let set for at least 30 seconds, a minute would be better if it is cold out, and done outside.

  4. .. Read the Book of Daniel and understand the warfare going on at the angelic level. It applies to the warfare against us on earth exactly as it is going on in the spiritual world. I call on you each to join the side headed to eternal victory.

    Thank you Lily.
    My android balks at spiritual goodness, being subject to atheists in the software writing legions of megacorporations, and before I was done, message was posted.

  5. I don’t believe the push to do away with cash has anything to do with paper money or coin being to “germy” or whatever you want to call it. It has EVERYTHING to do with exerting control and ability to track everything you do, what you buy, who you associate with, where you go. It’s the ever increasing police state creeping more and more into your lives and degrading your liberties and freedoms.
    If we succumb to all electronic transactions we have in effect submitted to the state that we are at their disposal to do with as they choose. We have become slaves to the state and all it’s illegal alphabet agencies.
    Many of you have 401K’s Roth’s IRA’s etc. which is entirely understandable. At it’s best it has always been a gamble on whether it will gain or even be there when it’s time for you to need it. I still think they are worthy investments. After all, you can’t always keep your retirement funds in a coffee can, even though at times like these it seems the safer alternative.
    After to many years and mishaps to think about, I have learned that unless you have physical control of your assets, whatever form they may be in, you have no control nor access to them when you may actually need them. Keep in your bank, Credit Unions are better, but not inherently safer, only as much as you need to pay your distant bills, and can afford to lose, should banks take a “holiday or close for whatever reason. Other than that I keep mine in my pocket, er, uh, I mean, bank.
    On the quality of $20 bills coming out of the ATM’s, it is more then likely because for the last 2-3 weeks as people are panicing about the “Whuhan Flu For You” they have been increasingly obtaining money from ATM’s forcing banks & Credit Unions to use older money to keep the supply necessary. Just my view!

  6. NJ Tax Pro,
    Yes I have noticed that the bills withdrawn are older and more used looking.

    I hit the ATM today to get some more cash. When I went in a couple weeks ago to withdraw cash they were giving me dirty looks like I was committing under or something so now I’m just gonna hit the ATM every few days.
    None of their business why I want some of my money! It not like I drained the vault or something

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