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  1. I just don’t get it. Why would anyone build a supposed “field” gun with a giant gap in the slide? This isn’t some babied, “hangar queen” of a race gun that will be carried in a pristine case, this is something that will be carried in a holster or a pack and be introduced to much crud, and it’s got a barn door of an opening to go right in the works.

      1. This right here. They have to lighten up the slide a lot as it have very little recoil.

        I am waiting to pick mine up as my fun monies took a hit this year with a few tax law changes.

        I am guessing that Ruger is going to release a carbine in this caliber similar to the PCC 9. That takes the 57 magazines. It would be way to expensive to make one smaller but in the form and function of the Mini -14, although I bet it would be a hoot to shoot. They may even go the Ar platform as they have the AR platform already in production, and there are other companies that have a similar product out there.

  2. Just a comment on the Blackhawk boots that you wrote about earlier: the sizes are not correct. I ordered a size 8 for a size 7 foot and it was too small. I then ordered a size 9 and it also is too small. The company will not take them back unless I spend $52 for shipping!
    They state the boots must be defective for a free return.

  3. Dang it, Pat! I started the article thinking: “There’s no way I’d want one, but it’ll be a fun article to read.” Now I want one! I’d better start saving up my money…by the time the pistols are available, I want to have the cash for one.

  4. $799 or even Buds price of $699 isn’t half the price of an FN FiveseveN. PSA has the FN for $1000 and I bought mine over a decade ago for under $1000. It IS interesting though and I’m glad Ruger released this handgun. I like it whenever anyone puts out a 5.7 firearm. Here are some helpful notes on 5.7 ammo available. The velocities listed are from a handgun.

    American Eagle
    FMJ 40gr 1655 fps
    FN SS197SR
    poly tip 40gr 1650 fps
    FN SS195LF
    HP 27gr 2132 fps
    FN SS198LF
    HP 27gr 2480 fps
    Elite Ammunition S4M
    28gr aluminum Core HP 2600 fps
    Elite Ammunition Protector
    40gr Nosler 2092 fps

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