The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“How could I improve on what we’ve done so far? Well, I would rather we didn’t give Fallujah back. There’s a few things I think we need to stand up to. I think we can’t just ignore terrorism, we cant just turn our back on it and expect it to go away. I mean, somebody around here seems to think if you treat them nice they’ll like you and they’ll leave you alone, but that’s not the case. But our guys are in good shape, we’re ready to go any time. Matter of fact, call me back, I’m ready to go.” – R. Lee Ermey


    1. Actually Montana Guy, those 58,000 Americans did not “give” their lives in Vietnam. They were doing their best to hold onto their lives.

      They had their lives taken from them, against their will. In too many cases by U.S. bombing and artillery mistakes.

      I took the body of a 19 year-old Marine back to his family in 1969. His life was torn from his hands, which were wrapped in gauze, as he lay in the coffin, to hide the wounds from shrapnel.

      Gunny Ermey has his opinions. Other Marines beg to differ.

      Carry on

  1. We used to watch mail call and some other stuff that R. Lee Ermey was in. As a little girl my daughter was surprisingly fond of his gruff persona. I think she kind of wanted him to be her grandfather.

    She was also fond of some of my gruffer friends. It was an interesting dynamic.

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