The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“How vain, then, are the boasts and professions of some persons who assert themselves to be the children of God and yet live in sin! There is no perceivable difference in their conduct—they are just what they used to be before their pretended conversion. They are not changed in their actions, even in the least degree, and yet they do most positively affirm that they are the called and living children of God! Let such know that their professions are lies, that falsehood is the only groundwork that they have for their hopes, for wherever the Grace of God is, it makes a difference!”  – C.H. Spurgeon (Volume 58, Sermon #3332)


  1. Re. Editor’s Quote of the Day

    Where is America’s House of God? It is silent, and complicit. Today’s pastors are cowardly hirelings (John 10:11-13). Think about last Sunday. How many heard about the 16,700 unborn murdered since the previous Sunday? The 917 bombs dropped that week? How many professing Christians will return again this Sunday?

    America was blessed by God. Yet it was ultimately betrayed by her House of God. Is it too late to flee these hirelings and find a real shepherd? You know Christ’s answer.

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