Announcing the New SurvivalBlog 2005-2019 Archive USB!

Thanks for your patience, folks… The SurvivalBlog 2005-2019 Archive on a waterproof/EMP-resistant 16 GB USB stick is now available for pre-ordering. In addition to adding the most recent year of the blog and all of the previous content, there is now more than 3,500 pages of new bonus content that has never been posted in SurvivalBlog! This new bonus material includes:

  • Encyclopedia of Farm Knowledge (1,739 pages, in Three Volumes!)
  • Civilization During The Middle Ages
  • Nut Tree Growing and Pruning
  • 7,000 Words Often Mispronounced
  • Sports and Pastimes for Young & Old
  • The Guardians of The Columbia
  • The Science of Everyday Life
  • Games, Contests, and Relays
  • 900 Successful Recipes Cookbook

Inventory of the USB sticks is expected to arrive at our fulfillment service in early February. Please allow four to six weeks after ordering, for delivery.

Note that we can accept orders for the USB archive sticks only through our automated ordering process.

There will be a limited number of sticks, and they are available on a “first-come, first served” basis.  Last year, they sold out very quickly–so don’t hesitate! – JWR


  1. Pre-order completed.

    That done, I ask for any reader’s help:

    Please post the SB link to the article here on the Deputy Sheriff in California fires (in the past 3 years) making his own thermal imaging googles using an old set of gaming goggles and a used cell phone, which he used during the fires.

    Thanks to whomever can get me the link. I’ve tried searching several times and cannot get it, and a few other folks have tried to find the article as well.

      1. Yes. But that system allows a “pay by check or money order” option. It says:

        “Please send a check or US Postal Money Order to “ , c/o P.O. Box 303, Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845”. Please note that paying by check can delay your order up to three weeks.”

  2. I’m looking forward to getting the 2 I just ordered. Since retiring Nov 2018 I’ve been getting caught up on studies. More of the same for 2020 but a strong emphis on communications set up, weather station, and getting my firearms training back up to speed.

    I love reading the articles.

    2020 will be our finest hour for preparations.

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