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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. The focus is usually on emergency communications gear, bug out bag gear, books and movies–often with a tie-in to disaster preparedness, and links to “how to” self-sufficiency videos. There are also links to sources for both storage food and storage containers. You will also note an emphasis on history books and historical movies. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This week the focus is on the 1961 movie The Guns of Navarone. (See the Movies section.)


KJV Study Bible, Large Print, Hardcover, Red Letter Edition: Second Edition

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The Blue Zones Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Live to 100


Now in theaters: 1917. (Also available for pre-order, on DVD & BluRay.)

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I was surprised to see that the movie The Guns of Navarone will be 60 years old, next year. It is sad that most of the actors have passed way. But James Darren (born in 1936) is alive and well.

Instructional Videos & Vlogs:

Desert Survival Tips, Tricks, & Skills DVD (Tony Nester)

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Basic Hand & Arm Signals (USMC style.)

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Matt Risinger: Fort Knox Vault Room on the Cheap.

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Reader Tim J. sent these two links: Living Off the Land — 31 Day Food Challenge (Part 1) – Simple Living Alaska


Trapping & Cooking Snowshoe Hare – Simple Living Alaska

Blogs, Websites, & Online Periodicals:

Food Storage & Survival. (Unfortunately Angela Paskett appears to have stopped making any new blog posts two+ years ago, but the archives are quite useful.)

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Here is a U.S. government web page that is not a typical huge waste of taxpayer dollars: Do-It-Yourself Energy Savings Projects

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American Partisan: Spotting counterintelligence threats in your group

Gear & Grub:

Hugh Latimer (on our staff) mentioned that he really likes using the Dewalt MOBILELOCK security system.  The robust sensor/transmitter units are just slightly larger than a deck of playing cards, and can attach magnetically. The batteries will last for 30 days without recharging, and the system is Bluetooth compatible.

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I bought several of these last year, and have found them to be very useful. The flip-up handle and folding bottom clip allow them to be hung up in a tent, or for various tasks. They run a very long time, on three size AA batteries:  Streamlight 44941 Siege 200 Lumen Ultra-Compact Work Lantern

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DAC Technologies Winchester Flexible LED Bore Light.   (This little gem will pay for itself, the very first time that you take it to a gun show.)

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VISM by NcStar Carbine Case, Green, 36″L x 13″H.  Note: These case are note waterproof, and are made in mainland China. If you’d rather get a waterproof case that is made in USA, then consider: Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 52-Inch.

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These have a five year shelf life: Millennium Bars Assorted 24-Pack

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Fort most westerners, these need no introduction: See’s Candies 1 lb. Nuts & Chews. Note that these only have about a one year shelf life.  But I’ve never known a box to survive more than a month, in our household.

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  1. Re. American Partisan on Spotting counterintelligence threats in your group

    Excellent article. Sound advice for 2A groups in Virginia. Or for family picnics in Red Flag areas.

  2. Mobile Lock? It needs cell service for a lot of things, maybe it could tell you the last road the thief turned down here. That and what is their privacy policy an security?

  3. Smokepole security systems and neighbors with smokepole security systems are the first choice among safe neighborhoods. Not that there’s a neighborhood anywhere close!-)

  4. Fort Knox room: I wouldn’t call that cheap unless you have more money than the average person. Of course looking at that house I’m going to guess that they have more money than the average person.

    Streamlight Lantern: They also make a larger version that runs on D cell batteries that produces even more light but still gives you a long run time.


    Hand and arm signals: It can be incredibly important to be able to communicate silently. Having at least basic hand and arm communication skills within your family should be one of the things on your short list.

    1. Good idea, BGF about “Having at least basic hand and arm communication skills within your ~family, should be one of the things on your short list.” ~ The US Military teaches ‘Hand and Arm Signaling.’ The Boy Scouts even has a Merit Badge on hand signals.

      Public places can become chaotic very quickly now days. Families should be able to signal to each other without yelling or using a whistle. Sometimes, it’s dangerous to attract too much attention to yourself and your family. +Sometimes you can’t be heard. ‘A come back & meet up signal ~ should be one of the first signals on the family list’

      We all know that women (more so than men) typically have an intuitive Sixth-Sense about dangerous situations.
      I’ve read, that if you are at a public place, and you notice women taking their children and leaving the area, ~you should leave too.~ … The gals have noticed the place is becoming potentially dangerous for women and children.

      Rawlesian Philosophy: =
      “Civilization is Just a Thin Veneer. In the absence of law and order, men quickly revert to savagery. As was illustrated by the rioting and looting that accompanied disasters in the past three decades, the transition from tranquility to absolute barbarism can occur ~overnight.”

      Now days, a chaotic fight between large groups can occur instantly with just a push and a shove. [On the Internet, are numerous videos of chaotic fights occurring almost instantly.]
      ‘Hand and Arm Signals’ along with situational awareness is a necessity for all people; especially families.

  5. “For* most westerners, these need no introduction: See’s Candies 1 lb. Nuts & Chews. Note that these only have about a one year shelf life. But I’ve never known a box to survive more than a month, in our household.”

    ‘Redoubt America’ populated by people with slim waistlines and willpower. … Down here in Tubbyland, America, a box 1lb of See’s Candies lasts about 15 minutes.

  6. How to Stay Alive in the Woods… I was curious to see who was writing a new book using the old title but turns out to be the old classic. I bought it with some birthday money the year I turned 14. A few weeks later my English teacher told us she had read a wonderful book and if enough of us wanted to buy a copy, she could get a volume discount. I spent the rest of my birthday money buying that book, Alas Babylon, and I still have both books, well worn with use. I camped out in the woods, practicing everything in the book: building lean-tos and figure-4 deadfalls. It’s probably not the most up-to-date survival book out there but wonderful for stoking the imaginations of the younger generation right after they finish reading My Side of the Mountain.

  7. Re: Guns of Navarone

    Probably just because I am approaching getting old but modern movies and actors just are not as enjoyable in many ways as the old especially with action movies. The old actors were less over the top in their supposed physical abilities. The special effect were more primitive or almost non-existent. It was harder for them to defy the laws of physics (although Hollywood has always under played massively being knocked unconscious and the severity of head injuries). Many were combat veterans and I think it showed perhaps. Just a somewhat more believeable package that emphasized the story and writing over wowing you with the over the top visual effects.

    And of course most of the time traditional values were celebrated more although there was often some subtle questioning even in some quite old movies.

    I am sure it is probably just what I am accustomed to and resistance to change.

  8. Lloyd Bridges was a communist and a progressive liberal. His quote despite his experience in WW2 “The devastation caused by war and the pollution of our environment knows no boundaries. Only an effective world government could provide sufficient law and have the power to control these destructive forces” shows his American hating mentality. Eff him and his kids. Couldn’t care less how good he was at pretending…

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