Preparedness Notes for Monday — January 13, 2020

This is the birthday of actor and competitive shooter Robert Stack (1919-2003.)

As with most Mondays, today we feature a product review by our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.


  1. Jet Stream anomalies might be caused by a weak Gulf Stream

    A factor not fully explored during the discussion of weather extremes, is the weakened Gulf Stream. A Danish physicist made the connection between the sun’s radiation and our weather. Coupled with the patterns of solar minimums, one can also factor in a weak Gulf Stream.

    Here is a lecture from Oct 2016 discussing the latest evidence at that time, that indicates a significant and concerning weakening of the Gulf Stream. Prominent is the growing cold region developing in the North Atlantic, as shown in several satellite maps. The lecture argues that this is an effect of Global Warming. That while there are record high temperatures around the world, the upper North Atlantic was at record cold temperature in 2015. I do not accept the false science behind the Global Warming ‘hypothesis’, yet this is likely evidence of the weakest Gulf Stream in the last 1000 years in the the North Atlantic. The result would be less regulation of the Jet Stream that greatly effects our weather in the U.S. The phenomena developed slowly and became apparent about 2005. The B.P. oil spill may be apart of it, but not necessarily the cause. Hopefully there is more information out there to be found. As it is, the Gulf Stream is by historic measures, still weak.

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