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  1. “Many hands makes ‘work’ light”, or to that effect. As a reader since 2007, I believe Survivalblog.com has been, and will more likely be a valuable resource like no other, if more folks make reference to survivalblog.com in their travels on the internet. I drop a link to this site regularly, and have been thanked by others for providing it.

    The censorship, shadow banning, or otherwise suppression of this kind of content will likely continue, and become an increasingly significant problem should readership decline over time. I believe this site can continue to act as a ‘brain trust’, and has the potential to persist even under extreme measures to remove it from the internet.

    I am currently busy with a number of projects, a bit of gun smithing, reloading, and antenna making, so I’ll participate by commenting when I can, and by dropping the link at my frequently visited sites where there are like- minded viewers. On You Tube, simply type the name of this site, and include the ‘.com’ part. It should look like this, and will turn blue in color if it has been converted automatically into a link:

  2. James, thanks for the reference to Liberty State – I had not heard of this movement.

    On a similar topic, I’m curious what your views are on the State of Jefferson movements in Oregon and California – and the possibility of a combined Jefferson from those two initiatives.

  3. “Idaho has some of the harshest marijuana laws in the nation. Possession of any more than three ounces of pot is a felony, and a conviction for selling marijuana could mean ten years in prison and $30,000 in fines depending on how much is involved and how many prior convictions a person has.” [From Find Law site]

    God Bless Idaho. ~ Many other States are turning into a “Drug Zombie Heaven” ~ with all the societal problems that follow.

    From this article in Survivalblog about the Redoubt. =
    “My sincere thanks to all of you! It is gratifying to see that our internal migration movement has been so successful. The in-migration of conservative Christians and Jews to the Redoubt states is growing larger every year. In sheer numbers, our growing movement has absolutely dwarfed the concurrent in-migration of liberals from various coastal states. Conservative newcomers out-number liberals by at least a four-to-one ratio. And to further bolster our numbers, Redoubters demonstrably have larger families. So we are definitely winning, demographically!”
    Idaho: A place for families to raise wholesome children. Contrast Idaho with California! People that want their kids to end-up collecting Welfare, living on the sidewalk, and taking illegal drugs, would be more likely to make a move to California.
    Pray for these drug addicted people too.

    1. GGHD, I commend you for inviting us to pray for these drug addicted people, too. Making poor life choices does not exclude one from God’s family. Each of us, whatever path we have chosen, is a child of God.

      Carry on

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