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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we feature an article that describes some secret military bases, such as Pine Gap, Australia. (Pictured.)

Mike Williamson: The Virginia Debacle, Summarized

Over at our own Michael Z. Williamson’s personal blog (The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse), there is this:
The Virginia Debacle, Summarized (And Why You Should Buy More Guns). Here is a quote from Mike’s essay:

“I spent 19 of my 25 service years in the Guard. I don’t want to see either side of this.

This is why more and more counties are deciding to be “sanctuary” and totally sit this one out. Good for them.

If you’re willing to use military force and murder people over ownership of anything, we’re back to tar, feather, and lampposts.”

Secret Military Bases

Linked over at the great news aggregation site: Exploring the Most Secretive Military Bases in the World: Area 51, Kasputin Yar, Porton Down, Floating China Bases, Pine Gap. Here is the article’s teaser opening paragraph:

“In a time when we are overloaded with information, it’s important to distinguish fact from fiction. We are here to verify some real-life military bases around the world. These bases have been shrouded in mystery and protected from the public eye for decades. At the same time, their locations and existence have been covered by the media for years or decades, so no top-secret military secrets are shared here, sorry! We’re simply here to separate the fact from the fiction for you, and perhaps stoke your imagination just a little bit.”

Bloomberg Spending $4.2 Million Per Day on Ads

By way of the Rantingly news aggregation site, I found this at The Washington Examiner: Michael Bloomberg presidential campaign spending $4.2 million per day on ads. A pericope:

Michael Bloomberg’s bottomless pockets are funding campaign ads at a rate of $4.2 million per day, part of his massive investment already showing moderate success for his unconventional campaign strategy.

Bloomberg’s campaign-to-date and planned spending on television, Facebook, and Google from Nov. 25 through Dec. 22 is $117.8 million, according to the ad-tracking firm Advertising Analytics.

The sum on ads alone is nearly as much as the $130.7 million that the four top-tier candidates (former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg) spent combined on their entire campaigns, including staff salaries, travel expenses, and voter-outreach efforts, from their campaign launches through the end of September.” [Emphasis added.]

An Operation Fast and Furious Retrospective

Operation Fast and Furious: The Forgotten History of the ATF’s Notorious Gunwalking Scandal

Thousands Die Each Year Waiting for U.K. Hospital Beds

H.L. sent us this: Thousands die each year waiting for hospital beds in U.K.’s government-run healthcare system, doctors’ study finds. Here is how the article leads off:

“5,449 patients have died in the U.K. over the past three years because they had to wait so long for a bed in the government-run healthcare system’s overcrowded hospitals, a study by leading NHS doctors has found.

Nearly two thousand patients per year “lost their lives since 2016 as a direct result of waiting anywhere between six hours and 11 hours” to be seen, despite being gravely ill or injured, according to research reviewed by the Guardian. The doctors concluded that the deaths were “entirely and solely caused by the length of wait.”

Virginia Gun Sanctuary County Movement Spreads

As Virginia Dems Threaten Gun Bans, Sanctuary Movement Spreads.

Massive Glacier Calvings Caught on Camera

And in closing, just for the fun of it: Massive Glacier Calvings Caught on Camera. (Thanks to Cuz Mike for the link.)

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  1. I tried to post a comment on the Mike Williamson article about Sanctuary Movement Spreads. I could not because I needed a Face Book account to do so and I will never have one because of privacy concerns.
    However I wanted to say that now would be a good time for the people of Virginia to start a re-call of the governor and legislators while this is fresh on their minds. With the turn out at rallies I believe they could do it and send a very chilling message to politicians of all stripes that they work for us and we will remove them in a heart beat if they fail to do their job of upholding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    This would be much preferable to Tarring, Feathering, and Lamp Posting, however we should reserve the right to do so if peaceful means fail to get the desired
    Folks, this is very serious, and the citizens of Virginia recognize it as such because if we are disarmed then we can be mis-treated and even murdered by the politicians and their minions. IT IS TIME TO GO ON THE OFFENSIVE!

    1. I thought the exact same thing. That democrat governor won by a small majority and I bet there are a lot of people that voted for him in the sanctuary counties that have changed their minds.

    2. Dear James,
      Ditto. I had same experience as you. Mike Williamson is operating in old paradigm.
      Left is abusing the legal system unlawfully.
      UN to enforce confiscation under Kigali Principles signed by Kerry and Obama already here and 250,000 in Cuba.

    3. FYI…

      “Virginia has a process that is similar to recall, but it is not listed as a recall state because its process, while requiring citizen petitions, calls for a recall trial rather than an election. In Virginia, after a petition containing the required number of signatures is verified, a circuit court decides whether a Virginia official will be removed from office. In the recall states, the voters decide in an election.”

  2. Re: Bloomberg Spending $4.2 Million Per Day on Ads

    This is why I’m glad I don’t yet get “over the air” or cable TV in my new house. Any video I watch is by choice.

  3. In regards to Virginia/military force-
    You’d best be ready to do it to them because They WILL come do it to you. Just one of those unfortunate & inescapable facts about the ‘good vs evil’ thing. The proof is in the history books that some of us have taken the time to learn from. The names Stalin, Hitler & Mao are quite relevant to such atrocity.

  4. Wow, what a lot to think about in Odds ‘n Sods today. Mike Williamson’s article is amazingly informative. It brings to mind why not just declare your county a Constitutional Sanctuary and be done with it. No more illegal State or Federal intervention. Oops, that is where we are eventually headed, due to their overreach of granted powers, an uprising of Freemen as before, to eliminate oppression. Not a good thing, but a possible scenario.
    Bloomberg’s spending. How do you spell interfering with elections, ok for libs, not for Ukrainians and Russians. Perhaps we should get our own house in order before knocking others to deflect US election corruption from the public? Not sure about all of you out there but Ads for me are only a starting point for research prior to making decisions. Who gives a damn about a movie or rock star’s opinion? I will answer that question; “only a moron”.
    Fast and furious, where are the criminal charges? Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor of Chicago after leaving Washington! Who says crime doesn’t pay, and pay well? Please step forward.
    I happened to drive by the crime scene in the Arizona desert that day and saw about 100 vehicles, 200 officers, 2 helicopters all milling about and wondered what was going on. It was not until the next day that I learned it was about Brian Terry’s unnecessary sacrifice to bureaucracy’s corruption.
    And a long time after that I learned it was due to the criminal activity of the ATF.
    Looking at agencies such as the FBI, ATF, TSA, NSA, EPA, etc: there appears to be an emerging pattern. Alphabet Soup equals corruption.

  5. Re. The Virginia situation

    PRAY for a grass roots Liberty movement leading to partition and separation of totally incompatible people suffering under the same tyrannical government. (Example: India’s Hindus and Muslims under the tyrannical British Crown.)

    PREPARE for a Kent State II false flag using paid provocateurs to infiltrate our ranks. That would provide justification for the widespread use of brutal force against ‘patriots’.

    Ask yourself two fundamental questions.
    TO WHAT END has the U.S. Government created the post 9/11 Security and Surveillance State, Police State and Prison State?

    Remember 2 numbers regarding the 2nd question:
    Loss of lives in the Partition of India: ¼ of 1% of the population
    Loss of lives in American Civil War: 2.5% of the population

    Secondly, powerful global elites have publicly stated their desire for depopulation. Guess which scenario they will be supporting?

  6. Was really surprised to hear that Bloomberg was spending his own money. Then again he has so much of it 4 million a day is a drop in the bucket.

    The good news is when rich liberals start spending their own money it reeks of desperation.

    Our overlords are doubling down on their efforts and finally Joe six-pack and Susie soccer mom are feeling the tightening of that yoke.

    Takes a lot to get fat, lazy Americans going, but these latest antics from the left just might do it

  7. Danger Ahead!!! Advice From a Former Militia Leader
    David L Brockett
    December 28, 2019

    “In summary, there are fewer risks in forming your group around like-minded family members and close friends. As you can see from the Michigan Christian militia group–even they were infiltrated. Any stranger brings with them more risks than rewards. A family unit focused on self-protection and survival is your best option. If everyone is trained in survival skills, including marksmanship, and all members are equipped with everything they need, you should be prepared for almost anything coming your way. If society falls apart, or a government, foreign or domestic, imposes itself on the population, your group will have the option of joining with others if you so choose.”

    “With the threat of a “foreign” military (immigrant militias) operating in our country, danger could come from any quarter!”

    This was a side article in the link to Secret Military Bases…

  8. I would urge the 2nd amendment sanctuary movement to be careful. The left is very good at exploiting any mistakes you make AND pushing you into a position where you will make those mistakes. Be careful of infiltrators who will try to get you to break the law and show the video on national news to destroy your organization. You will be called racists, nationalists, radical nut cases, etc. Don’t give them anything that will support that claim. Do not have an armed conflict with the police or national guard, nothing will destroy your support and goodwill faster than that will. Expect to be tricked by the media. When you demonstrate bring your families including children and do not be armed. Encourage/insist that your fellow demonstrators do the same or walk away. If they are going to do something stupid you do not want to be involved with them. Be smarter than the lefties, don’t allow them to trap or trick you, don’t be angry be firm in your beliefs but be able to express that without anger. The media ONLY needs one video clip of someone from your group making threats or swearing or worse to totally destroy you. Focus on your rights not your anger.

    1. OneGuy, you and I don’t always agree. In this case, I am totally with you.

      Focus on your rights not your anger.

      You nailed it.

      We must always be vigilant for those who would make us look bad or sell us out.

      Carry on

  9. “Our society started to fail when we stopped tarring and feathering.”

    And that, my friends, says it all. When the government got too big to spank, that’s when we lost control.

    7500 guardsmen, almost none of whom are combat-hardened troops…against (conservatively) 500,000 stone cold gun owners who have killed many deer. I think the recipe is mutiny in the ranks should it come to blows…I cannot see any guardsmen following an illegal order to deprive American citizens of their civil rights.

  10. Virginia: I saw a pair of maps yesterday, that makes clear the Demorats are going to lose this one. One map was the vote by county in the 2016 election. The other is the map of 2nd amendment sanctuary counties in Virginia. So even the deep blue counties in Virginia are declaring themselves as 2nd amendment sanctuaries. The voting isn’t done yet. There are only 2 counties that have rejected sanctuary status so far. There are a few that have scheduled a vote but haven’t voted yet. There are a very few that have taken no action what so ever. I would suspect, at this point, that the government of Virginia will look very different after the next state election in 2021 for their house, their governor, Lt governor, and attorney general and 2023 for their senate. These folks need to be defeated, beaten badly, at the ballot box.

    I have also read where their National Guardsmen (and women) are planning to lay down their arms if called to enforce Virginia’s unconstitutional laws. If I were Trump, and the governor of Virginia attempts to activate their National Guard, I would intervene, nationalize the guard, and give the order to stand down and ignore the governor and his evil minions. It is within the President’s power to do so.

  11. “If you’re willing to use military force and murder people over ownership of anything, we’re back to tar, feather, and lampposts.”
    Mr. Williamson is correct in this. I spent 15 years in the Guard. My question for the gubner in this madness is, ‘Exactly how many of the Guardsmen of your state will turn out if called?’ I wouldn’t. Those men/women live in that community. Can you imagine the repercussions if they did take action?!?

  12. Learn to bake good bread in an outdoor oven…

    I’ve won over many with a hot loaf (reference the warlord cake scene in Walter Mitty) and a little gluttony sends men into an “almost” comatose state. That is when secrets are shared and real bonding begins.

    For enlightening EOW planning, read the Book of Mormon. It’s FULL of war secrets. For example:

    Build bridges with dead bodies.

    Allow the enemy to become drunk in order to gain the upper hand (this is how Nephi beheads Laban in order to secure their family records).

    Seriously cool light reading for all preppers and you’d better believe that Russians are reading it.

    Also, there will be no keto diets in the “New World” (shortages of animals follow crop destruction) and I refuse to participate in cannibalism.

    So….if you have wheat, you will eat!

    P.S. Remember your 2nd Berkey, a 2nd hand grinder, a 2nd barrel of salt, and a lot of honey.

    Two is one, one is none.

    1. JosephineJensen: If things have gotten so bad that you have to bake outdoors you may well
      be the target in someone’s rifle scope.
      Stock up on some 20lb. propane tanks and get a Coleman Stovetop Oven and/or a Camp Chef 2 burner stove/oven combo. They both bake well. The Coleman takes a little practice to keep the temperature consistent.
      That way you can stay inside where it’s warm and keep an eye out for intruders.

  13. NO POLITICS Initial Analysis of Murders in White Settlement TX Church
    (YouTube Video)
    Active Self Protection
    Dec 29, 2019
    Duration – 12:33

    “This is a NO POLITICS initial analysis of today’s murders in a church in White Settlement, Texas. It is meant to educate in technical and tactical applications of church safety for all houses of worship. This educational analysis is not meant to be critical of people other than the murderer.”

  14. The Michael Williamson article is interesting reading. Fortunately for us we have a real life test case in the aftermath of Katrina where this was put to the test. First off the guard and cops are on multiple films in New Orleans, Louisiana taking guns. They did not get a search warrant. That is the authors first misconception. No consequences were ever brought down for that action. The second is that federal guns and ammo could not be used to do the confiscation. Again in Nola, Guard was deployed w issued weapons and no warrant and took guns. This is a fact on video and no consequences were handed down. Lastly the author prognosticates on who will do what. Guard in Nola took guns w a gusto w no sick calls or excuses. While it was interesting reading in some areas, the author should have read up on the confiscations that really happened instead of theorizing in fantasy land. We won’t know what the sheriffs or guard w do in Virginia until it happens. But we already had the test case in Louisiana

  15. I always love articles that include places I worked at and with…and the guy whose insider info is used for the Pine Gap show: he was a D-bag there and is still a D-bag…an odd duck, that always was exasperated and thought the world was out to get him.

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