The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“What can be a more grand display of power than to be the man who single-handedly disarmed the American people? As far as I’m concerned, [Michael] Bloomberg is the Second Amendment Antichrist.” – Colion Noir


  1. Re. The Editors’ Quote of the Day
    Oh that’s a good one! Yea let’s give Bloomberg the U.S. Military and the nuclear football. His slogan can be MWFA! Yea, let’s Make the World Flat Again.

  2. You have to understand Liberals and the LEFT are playing the long game. No ONE man or woman will disarm the American people. We will all be disarmed by 2035. Today it’s high capacity magazines, a shaky definition of an assault rifle, mace, body armor, inches in a barrel length, and suppressors on the chopping block for disarmament…

    Tomorrow it will be… [ you fill in the blank ]

    That’s why it is important to write these politicians with threatening letters. When I say threatening, I mean from your attorney. Please have a family legal defense fund for your family to utilize an attorney to THREATEN these thugs with the Constitution. I have and seen some results.

    Also have your children run for public office…. no need for us to hide in the Redoubt whilst no one is running for office but the Liberals…

    All the best!

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