Preparedness Notes for Monday — December 9, 2019

December 9th, 1914 was the birthday of Maximo Guillermo “Max” Manus. He was one of the few Norwegians who had the testicular fortitude to put his life on the line, fighting the Nazi occupiers. (There surely would have been more active resistance fighters, but fearing widespread reprisal executions by the Germans, King H7 asked the civilian populace to stand down.) Max Manus passed away in 1996. I would have liked to have met him. His exploits are fairly accurately shown in the movie Max Manus: Man of War.

Today, another review by our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.


  1. I much prefer Ray Mears, The Real Heros of Telemark, to the 1965 movie, The Hero’s of Telemark with Kirk Douglas. Ray Mears not only gives it to us in a documentary style that is in good British form, but also explains in some detail about how these Norwiegn’s pulled off mission that required nothing less than super-human, hero level effort. Describing how they ‘donne it’, illustrates clearly how extreme the actual conditions were. Hollywood can not compete with this ‘real deal ‘stuff. A British Special Forces team attempts recreate the event, and found themselves exhausted, and in awe of their accomplishment. Included are interviews with the men who actually pulled it off.

    The Real Heros of Telemark:

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