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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at a claimed Jeep copycat.

UK Bridge Terrorists Had Been Released

Linked over at the great news aggregation site: Fellow Terrorist of London Bridge Attack Also Released Early, Also Plotted Attack. Oh, and in related news: there was also this odd tidbit:

“A quick-thinking bystander who was inside London’s Fishmonger’s Hall when a deadly terrorist attack began grabbed a 5′ narwhal tusk off the wall and helped subdue a knife-wielding man who killed two pedestrians on London Bridge.

The attacker, said to be a recently-released terrorist prisoner believed to be wearing a fake suicide vest and a tracking tag, was taken down by the tusk-wielding hero and a man with a fire extinguisher before police shot him dead.”

104-Year-Old Wisconsin Mom Bags Her First Buck

H.L. was tge first of several readers who sent this: 104-Year-Old Wisconsin Mom Bags Her First Buck. Here is a quote:

“Bill Teeters said his 104-year-old mom, Florence, told him last year she wanted to get a hunting license. This week, she got her wish and accompanied him during a hunt on their land in Price County, according to NBC 15.

“I took mom out to the blind this year. I had a nice chair for her and it was nice and warm,” said Bill, who is the youngest of Florence’s five children.

“A little after 4 p.m., a buck shows up about 30 yards away. I tapped her on the knee and I pointed. She nodded and smiled and was real quiet. Then she took the shot!”

Florence is reportedly the oldest person to date to purchase a gun deer license and actually bag a deer, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Go Wild database.”

The Great Hind Heist

My old friend Fred the Valmetmeister sent us a link to a fascinating video: The Hind Heist – The Secret US Operation to Steal the Soviet’s Top Helicopter

The ICE Fake University

Frequent content contributor DSV spotted this: ICE Set Up Fake University Then Used It To Arrest 250 People In Sting

Judge Says Mahindra is a Jeep Copycat

Reader Tim J. spotted this item: Does this ATV look too much like a Jeep? A federal judge thinks so, and wants to ban it. JWR Adds: In most of the Redoubt states, all registered ATVs are considered street legal, and they are even seen on minor highways.

Officer Takes Out Active Shooter and Gets Indicted

Reader Paul A. sent us this: Oklahoma officer takes out active shooter. Gets indicted for murder.. The article begins:

“The insanity of giving criminals more rights than our protectors has fully gone full-blown. For the first time ever within the United States, a police lieutenant is being indicted for a murder charge for taking down an active shooter.

I assure you; you didn’t misread that: a cop is actually being charged for shooting and killing an armed suspect who had opened fire on police and citizens.

A police lieutenant that is based out of Blackwell, Oklahoma has just been indicted earlier this week for second-degree murder in the May 20 killing of a woman during a vehicle pursuit, in which shots were fired at the officers involved in the pursuit.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods: No Guns in 125 Stores

A hat tip to reader DSV, for sending this:  Dick’s Sporting Goods Banishes Guns From 125 StoresJWR’s Comment:  I concur!  Vote with your wallet and spend your hard-earned dollars with more deserving retailers.

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  1. We are going to let Dick’s Sporting Goods go out of business for betraying us, just like Kmart used to sell guns and surplus and we stopped spending our money there. But now where do I find handgun ammo at the rock bottom prices I paid at WalMart? I guess if I have to pay a little more to people that believe in the Constitution so be it. I am a bit of a neanderthal when it comes to linking articles, but JWR and readers might find and article on interesting. The article details a bill that has little chance of passing, but is very draconian. The bill would push credit card companies to track all of our firearms and ammo purchases, including night vision and body armor.

  2. P.S. Survival Blog readers may find a man named Wim Hof, also known as the “Iceman” very interesting. He has shown the ability to consiously regulate his autonomic nervous system, which was formerly thought to be impossible. The man has climbed Mt Everest with no oxygen, and of much more note in shorts!!! He also has shown the ability to command his body to kill live bacteria that are injected into his bloodstream!

  3. In Eugene Oregon, the local branch outlet of Dick’s Sporting Goods is yuge, approximately the size of the Wal*Mart next door.

    Dick’s took over the building from local-owned G.I.Joe’s everything-in-one-place store.

    A couple times a year, I stroll through to compare prices with local-owned companies such as Bi-Mart and Coastal Farm Supply.

    And every time, I am the only customer in the store… the dozen or so employees staring at the ceiling, drooling as they count ceiling-tiles for the hundredth time that shift.

    I wish them well.

    By-the-by, I liked the smell of G.I.Joe’s, old canvas and rusty shovels and farty old soldiers behind the counter… each one an encyclopedia of historical facts, and frequently, significantly-enhanced fictions.

    Dick’s smells like a cube-farm, WhiteOut and copier toner.

    1. At the same time, Dick’s is thriving.

      Is the profit tied to guns?

      The CEO might say so: After the Parkland shooting, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Ed Stack, promised the kids to stop selling all assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. (There is no reason for anyone outside the military to have these.) But he went further. He worked with Everytown for Gun Safety, he signed a letter endorsing gun safety legislation, hired lobbyists to push Congressional action, and even destroyed $5 million worth of unsold assault rifles.

      As usual, those who survive adapt.

      Carry on

  4. The Mahindra ruling is especially ironic in this day when it is getting harder and harder to tell one manufacturer’s cars from anothers… Wish I knew where I could get a Mahindra. It looks to be the basic vehicle that I really want sans all the electronic bells and whistles that can and do go wrong all the time.

    1. Mahindra was licensed by Jeep in the 1940s to make Jeeps and Jeep parts, and has kept up those licenses to this day. If you look at the Mahindra Roxor, the grille is not identical to Jeep’s, and the whole vehicle is much smaller than present-day Jeeps. It is advertised as a side-by-side 4×4 off-road vehicle. The judge in this case, like most federal judges, should be tarred and feathered for overstepping his legal authority and ignoring Mahindra’s legal rights to manufacture under license. BTW, the Roxor is assembled in Michigan.

      1. I just was by the local Jeep dealer and saw nothing that looked like a Mahindra. Now the 1978 CJ5 I have is closer but I’ve got a whole lot more money in it and this is just a restoration to near original.

  5. I stop shopping at Dick’s along time ago. Their policies are so hypocritical- they won’t sell “Assault Rifles” but statistically speaking they are the category of firearms used in the fewest crimes. Also if Dick’s was so concerned why not stop selling all ammo? Remember that Field and Stream stores are also owned by Dick’s and have the same nanny policies.

  6. What was not mentioned is the Mahindra Roxor is not even full size. It is scaled down. What I like is it is old school with frame, differentials, transfer case, transmission, and engine. I’m waiting to see what replacement parts cost. That is the problem I have found with other UTV/ATVs. The parts are outrageous. We used to run UTVs and ATVs but have switched to Suzuki Samurai’s. You can buy a complete engine rebuild kit for around $280 and other parts are way less expensive than UTV/ATV parts. Another advantage is you have a heater, a windshield, and wipers, all extras on an UTV. Buying a decked out 4 passenger UTV can run $20,000 easily.

    1. Worse still, the loaded up Mahindra Roxor can sticker for up to $40K, I priced one out just to see. Better to get an old jeep, or like you said, a Suzuki Samurai. Those would also be street legal without going through a bunch of hoops to make it so.

      1. I was thinking of getting one but considering that I can buy a used military Humvee for less than half the price of the Roxor and With a little work the military humvee can be made street legal

  7. The Mahindra dealer in Colfax Washington has a couple of these jeep looking rigs parked out front. running around 15K.

    Dicks sporting goods stores are the milquetoast of sporting goods stores. Great if your goal is to buy shoes and clothes associated with Ball sports.. Its a clothing store masquerading as a sporting good store, with a few golf clubs, ball bats and footballs thrown in to prop up their claim..

  8. Years ago, I tried to purchase some lead pellets from Dick’s, they demanded to see my ID to do so. I thought that was rediculous so I walked out and never returned. Good grief, an ID to buy lead pellets, and I am not anywhere near being a youngster – as if that would matter anyway. It was almost as bad as WalMart asking for my ID to purchase a can of spray paint.

  9. Roxor’s are manufactured under license in India, under the original Jeep patent granted III believe in 1951, for the Indian Military. The never changed the basic shape and drivetrain, just kept churning out what works, and have now found a market in USA for those who want an original, non- sissified vehicle. I have a 92 wrangler with 4.0L engine (aka AMC 242 straight 6) with limited slip rear, hardtop, I’m original owner. I get about 3 offers a year for it. Jeeps with leaf springs were built for guys and outdoorsmen, today Fiat builds jeeps for women, another loss of an iconic American brand and capability.

    Regarding Dick’s sporting goods, they have been given the kiss of death by me and my family, they will NEVER receive another cent from us.

  10. As and alternative to the big box outdoor stores I would like to recommend Fishermans Marine Supply in the Oregon City Oregon mall. Formerly Larrys Sporting Goods on McLoughlin Blvd at the mouth of the Clackamas River and confluence with the Willamette River. Larry Shoenborn fished and hunted and provided an excellent sporting goods store for local sportsmen. After his death and several others attempts the location was taken over by Fishermans Marine Supply.
    The owners are local and my favorite employee was George Shurtleff. George was elderly when I first met him and was the archery expert. George had worked at Larrys in the past. The management at Fishermans Marine hired George to work for them at his own pace and schedule. George was an enthusiastic bow hunter, I believe his record Pope and Young typical blacktail of 172 2/8 taken in Marion County, Oregon in 1969 is still number 1.
    Anyway George spent his last year’s there helping folks like me who ask more questions than a three year old. He did it humbly and in an easy going manner a true gentleman. I can still hear him telling me about his trophy hunt. The point is that the rest of the crew there are great people and a pleasure to work with. And any company willing to go the extra mile for a guy like George, well they earned my respect and my business. If you live in that part of Oregon give them a try, i think youll be happy you did. I’ve since 8 years now been a redouter in Idaho. But when I’m in Oregon City I always stop by Fishermans Marine Supply and buy something. And saunter back to the gun/ archery counter and think about George, long gone now but never forgotten.

  11. ATV/UTV’s have a place, but are over rated for their expensive and utility. A 1/4 ton vehicle like the old Jeep is a better deal. A better deal than the Jeep, is an old school short bed Toyota 4WD. Because these have been wildly popular for decades, yet are now long in the tooth, there are now many heavily modified and made even more capable, off road builds for sale for less than $5,000. Often, these can be found with dual transfer cases, lockers, articulating suspensions, extra capacity fuel tanks, winches, and much more added to the original vehicle. These are often claimed to be “rock crawlers”. Not even the popular ATV’s could make such a claim.

    If I had to choose a true general purpose vehicle, these modified and mechanically restored, or even a stock version, would be my choice. Choose one without an extreme suspension or body lift, remove the trendy wide flotation tires, and install the heavy duty and narrow profile truck tire, a 235/80R16, and there is almost no where it cannot go. These would also be my choice as an over-land, or expedition vehicle. Not only are these the most economical from a fuel consumption, payload perspective, but they are relatively easy and inexpensive vehicle to repair in the field. I would not own a vehicle I could not rebuild myself, and these are some of the easiest to work on. I also love the old 3/4 ton Chevy or GMC 4WD, and drive one of those too, but that is in a different class. My 1984 1 ton flatbed has dual rear springs and air bags in the front, with a fuel efficient 307 V8 with a manual 4 speed with a compound low first gear, not a 350 V8. Fortunately the accessories for each the motors are the same. It is capable of handling 2 cords of wood. These old Toyota’s shine in the deep woods, but can also handle the frequent chores, so that these heavier pick ups are not consumed.

  12. RE: Roxor
    I’ve looked at the Roxors. As best as I can tell, it’s the closest spiritual successor to the old Willys Jeep that’s available today. The Roxor is not downsized, it’s actually 25 inches longer and 5 inches wider than an original Willys. It’s also 500 pounds heavier, most of that coming from the more substantial frame and the turbo diesel engine. It’s not really a side by side ATV and it’s not a street legal vehicle, but somewhere in between. If I had a large property and wanted something trail capable that I could tow loads and do heavy work out of, I think it would fit the bill better than a regular ATV, especially with a windshield and zip up doors, windows, and an accessory heater. Reviews have complained about the open differentials but Mahindra is supposed to be making locking diffs available, if they aren’t already. I think RG really hit the nail on the head, the big issue will be parts and maintenance. My experience with regular ATVs indicates they are reasonably tough but are expensive and difficult to work on. The Roxor’s advantage is it is really a small vehicle, with a standard layout and accessibility and a simpler, tougher design. As I said, if I had a bigger property, I think I’d have to take a hard look at one.

  13. Re. Jeeps
    Let me get this straight. Chrysler chose to merge with Fiat and now want to merge with Peugeot and we are supposed to believe it is an ‘American company’ And it still has the right to hold a U.S. patent? No. They can’t have it both ways.

    If Montanans wanted to build Jeep ATVs we should have the Liberty to do so. And maybe we will. And maybe we’ll build U.S. Postage vehicles while we’re at it.

  14. RE: Dick’s
    Though I haven’t researched it thoroughly, it seems Academy has quietly continued to conduct firearms/ammo sales within existing law, while others, such as Dick, have decided to use their customers as pawns in their attempt to force their anti-American beliefs on us. Like many above, I will never again darken the door of a Dicks. The Academy stores near me have an excellent stock of handguns, rifles, and ammo at decent prices for those who prefer a big box. We should remember our smaller dealers as well, though. Sometimes the relationship is worth a few bucks more!

    On a similar subject, I have also sworn never to buy another Nike product, as they have cast their lot with those who HATE all that America stands for. For the record, I have no problem with Kapernick speaking his mind, but find it untenable that he did it “on-the-clock”. If I decided to loudly, publicly espouse my political beliefs while at work, I would be unemployed shortly – Nike has made a hero of this jerk for doing the same. The last straw was when Nike withdrew the “Betsy Ross” commemorative shoe, sporting a Betsy Ross flag, shortly before Independence Day this year, BECAUSE…(wait for it)….Colin said it was a symbol of tyranny and oppression. OK – they’ve demonstrated LOUD and CLEAR where they stand. So I won’t stand with them!

    Now, I’m sure my boycott won’t hurt them much, as I only owned a few items, which I bought at outlet malls, but I decided to make a statement with these items. Instead of trashing them, which would only hurt me, I now wear them with the Nike swoosh conspicuously X’d out with a contrasting color electrical tape. People sometimes ask me why – gives me an opportunity to spread the word!

    God Bless Y’all, and have a blessed Christmas!

  15. “Street Legal”. Why does that term mean ‘lane assist’ , ‘stop light motor cut-off’ and air bags?

    There is a big difference between northern Idaho and downtown Manhatten. Street legal should only mean blinkers and brake lights, not seat belts and side impact collision pretection.

    We allow the Federal government too much authority in our daily lives.

    1. No Joe, Mahindra has had a license from Jeep to make a Jeep copycat. The have had the license since the ’47 and it has regularly been renewed. FCA shouldn’t get to sue because the Roxor looks like a 1947 jeep with a different grill. They tried that with the Hummers and their vaguely similar grill. It’s not street legal, so it does not compete with the Jeep. Shame on FCA for this farce. Worse still, shame on the judge for siding with FCA. Now, if Mahindra wants to make a direct, street legal competitor for the Jeep, then they have to make major design changes.

      Speaking of farces, FCA merging with Renault (not Peugeot) is no big deal. The current Dodge Dart is just a rebadged Renault product. Renault designed the body and the power train is imported. I think it’s assembled in North America, but it’s still just a Renault.

  16. “104-Year-Old Wisconsin Mom Bags Her First Buck”

    Be carful when “they” the LEFTist new narration of human society only places “MOM” into titles of magazines, news papers, or books but selectively expunge and form of “DAD, man, boy, manhood, mankind, etc.”

    Seen my grand daughters women’s study text book from college and this narrative is PLANNED to whip out manhood which will elevate womanhood to men’s status and also ushering socialism due to women needing so much more [from the government programs] to be equal to men.

    Watch out folks!

    Please publish an Odds and Sods article where [recent one] where the word DAD is in the title and it isn’t a negative article on fatherhood or a father murdering his family.

    WATCH OUT! THEY believe we are all SHEeple.

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