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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. The focus is usually on emergency communications gear, bug out bag gear, books and movies–often with a tie-in to disaster preparedness, and links to “how to” self-sufficiency videos. There are also links to sources for both storage food and storage containers. You will also note an emphasis on history books and historical movies. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This week the focus is on the Tintin books and movie.


Now considered politically incorrect, these cartoon format book were some of the favorites of my kids, from around ages 8 to 15: Tintin Paperback Boxed Set (23 titles)

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Always fascinating reading: Guinness World Records 2020

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Polar Vortex: A Novel

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DIY Lithium Batteries: How to Build Your Own Battery Packs

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RV Living: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to RV Living Full-time


The Adventures of Tintin. Available on DVD and also now free for those with Amazon Prime streaming.

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Charged. A description of this documentary: “Chef Eduardo Garcia went for a hike in Montana and was shocked with 2400 Volts of electricity when he touched a dead bear. He lost an arm, ribs, muscle mass, and nearly his life, but more important than what he lost is what he found.”

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Avalanche Lily and I were very disappointed with the new movie Radioflash. My recommendation is: skip it!  Even though it was filmed in our region, it was a huge disappointment. What started out as a great “surviving an EMP attack” storyline made a radical left hand turn into a horrific Deliverance style film at just about 40 minutes into the 142-minute movie. What a waste of $6.99! This movie gives the American Redoubt a bad name. This is all too typical of Hollywood, as it makes those who are self-sufficient look like a slovenly clan of in-bred hillbillies. So, again, skip it.  Now if you want to see a movie about a girl surviving an EMP event that is much more realistic and not loaded with leftist cliches, then watch: E.M.P.: 333 Days. It is a low budget Canadian film, but worthwhile watching. It is available for free download if your have Amazon Prime.

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WWII 60th Anniversary Collection (Anzio / Das Boot / The Caine Mutiny / The Bridge On The River Kwai / From Here To Eternity / The Guns Of Navarone)

Instructional Videos & Vlogs:

All three of these came from reader Tim J.:

Ultimate Raspberry Pi Build — Ham Radio

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Reid Heinrichs: Top 3 Rifle Drills…IF I Could Only Teach Three!

“In this informative video, Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge demonstrates and explains his top 3 drills.  Each contains important skills and processes to effectively defend oneself.  You can use this information the next time you go to the range.”

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Homemade Mustard Recipe — We Grind the Perfect Pork Sausage

Web Pages, PDFs, & Blogs:

Reader Sean B. wrote:  “This article compares Australia’s and California’s approaches to wildfire is marginally interesting. What is far more valuable is the included link to some of Australia’s guidance to homeowners to stay and defend their own properties from wildfire.  Therein is some excellent actionable advice on gathering equipment and making a plan to defend your property during a wildfire. Far better than the “create a defensible space then evacuate” advice I typically see.

Also, there is firefighting equipment available to the homeowner far beyond a garden hose. I point out this distributor only because I have done business with them. I am sure there are others.”

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Dr. M. wrote to recommend this PDF available from The Mayo Clinic: Extending Shelf Life Just Makes Sense

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Nathan, over atThe Price of Liberty blog has had some great posts, in recent weeks.

Gear & Grub:

My favorite red dot: SIG Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 MOA Red Dot Sight, Black

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Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Rifle Handgun Shotgun Cleaning Kit

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Stalwart 75-hblanket Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece Travel Throw for Car and RV-Great for Cold Weather, Tailgating, and Emergency Kits

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Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set, Impact Ready, FlexTorq, 40-Piece


  1. Hi JWR, I was curious about your suggestion of your favorite red dot the Sig Romeo 5. How hard have you actually used it?? Do you think it is remotely as tough and rugged as an Aimpoint or Eotech?? I have had decent luck with your Palmetto State armory recommends so far, but have yet to really torture one to the point of failure. Thanks for the blog and all you do. I try to send dollars your way by purchasing suggested products.

  2. PS. I guess my real aversion to the Sig Romeo 5 would be that it is most likely made in China. But a man only has so many $500 bills for optics on numerous weapons stockpiles. Oh ya, after beggining tests of Palmetto State AR’s, I have found that they are just as reliable as my higher dollar AR’s. The only thing I have found is that the point of impact shifts without any specific pattern when changing ammo, unlike the higher dollar Krieger/Criterion barrels I use on my builds, which shoot very well with numerous bullet weights, and almost always to the same point of impact. The only real changes in the higher dollar barrels being a shift up or down slightly, due to the velocity changes. I am glad that thus far you have been wrong in regards to the ban on private sales, however it did cause me to invest in 80% kits and snap up numerous private sales. Thanks again for all you do Sir.

  3. Thank you for the “skip-it” recommendation on the movie ‘Radioflash’. I rarely give any of my hard earned money to Hollywood (haven’t been to a theater in about 3 years and maybe twice in 10… I do miss the delicious but expensive popcorn though.) , I will however spend $3.99 on the dvd at my local mega-lo-mart store when it comes out in about 2 months.

    1. Rob, you are man after my own heart. Unlike the theater, a DVD allows me to go back and catch something I missed, turn on the closed captions, and take a break without missing some action. Um, then there is the price, for us frugal eagles.

      I like to be in control of my experience and my money.

      Carry on

        1. Roger that, Spotlight. Especially the FREE part. The less money I spend on entertainment the more I have for, well, let’s say “other things”.

          Carry on

  4. Really good rifle drills. These are drills that I try to do at every range session.
    I also practice similar drills with pistol. I usually practice my first runs with a slow, deliberate pace and try to have perfect shot placement.
    At the end of a range session, I’ll use a timer and subject myself to speedily taking those same shots.

    They are good confidence builders and a great way to safely manipulate the firearms time and again to maintain handling skills.

  5. Eduardo Garcia is a decent person with a fantastic spice brand. What bugs me and many other people who have been around this area, is that his story questionable poop. I have talked to a couple of wardens over the years who say that the bear Eduardo “found” had been very visibly dead for weeks, rotting and covered in flies. It was suspected that he was attempting to cut off the claws rather than “see if it was alive”. For a warden to have very strong suspicions of that makes me think they are right, they are pretty good at identifying that type of thing. There was no way to challenge that assertion to the point of criminal citation, nor does FWP care to ruin the guys name after the insane injuries he received, so they quietly let the incident go away. Now Eduardo is a local hero for receiving horrible injuries while trying to save a bear, when the reality is most likely a story of a young dumb kid but experienced hunter who knew the rules out trying to score a bag of claws.

    1. From Wikipedia:

      “On October 9, 2011, while bow-hunting elk in the Montana backcountry, Garcia came across the dry remains of a bear.[7] Attempting to remove a claw with his knife, he received a severe electrical shock from a 2400-volt power line hidden underneath its carcass.[5] He was knocked to the ground and severely burned. “

  6. I have several of the Romeo 5’s and they are fantastic – small, light and very durable with multiple mounting bases for both 1/3 and full co-witness. PSA had a black Friday sale combo for a Romeo 5 and 10 PMAGs for $199. I hope others saw that and took advantage.

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