Reader Letter: Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions in Virginia

Dear SurvivalBlog Readers:
I live in New South Maryland, formerly known as Virginia, where our black-face-sporting Governor Northam is brewing gun control legislation plans with the other liberals. In anticipation, 22 Virginia counties have adopted second amendment sanctuary resolutions. My county was among them. I went to the recent public hearing regarding this matter and was joined there by several hundred patriotic Americans in support of their right to keep and bear arms. Many speakers boldly noted to the Board of Supervisors that the Second Amendment is not about hunting, but maintaining an armed citizenry to inhibit government tyranny. The turnout and knowledge level of these fellow citizens is encouraging and makes me hopeful that freedom will be defended, that many will not simply capitulate to socialism or worse.

However, I must temper the enthusiasm of my fellow patriots. The Supervisors in my county have at times taken breathtakingly spineless actions in order to raise taxes, to have someone else to blame. And our county is poorly run by a good old boy network of people growing government for their own benefit. These people protect their own hind ends at all costs, and they commit to no position that will cost them a dime or any credibility with the sleepy voters. Let’s not think that all of a sudden these wimps have awakened to the reality of militant liberalism and are ready to fight. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The resolutions being adopted have no force of law or regulation. The Supervisors in Virginia counties have no authority over local sheriffs, and they have no sway over the State Police, National Guard, Federal law enforcement, or anyone else who might be tasked with gun confiscation. Right before passing the 2A resolution, our Board recognized some EMS personnel for good work, and the 2A document has just as much legal weight as the certificates of appreciation handed to the firemen.

The sheriff stood up in our meeting and proclaimed loudly that he was not going to ignore enforcement of any law, but he is hearing our concerns. He qualified his support multiple times, while sounding like he is on our side. Only time will tell.

Look, when the order for gun confiscation comes down, any sheriff who does not comply will eventually be removed by force by the feds or State Police. If any county politician stands up against them, they will be removed as well. I’ve long believed that gun confiscation will not be practical to implement until food rationing is in place, where the government will have leverage over the population and law enforcement through selective food distribution. Just like in Connecticut and New Jersey today where outlawing firearms/magazines has resulted in embarrassingly few surrenders of hardware, gun owners are not going to give up their firearms without either a fight, or being starved out.

What these 2A sanctuary counties are doing is great, as far as it goes, but don’t expect your local sheriff’s deputies to block the Fed’s access to your home when the order happens. This is the order you may not even hear about until that knock comes at your door. All politicians do everything to serve themselves, all the time, without exception.

Signed, Vigilant in Virginia

P.S.: Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself!


  1. Many miss the point of a 2A Sanctuary resolution.

    A resolution isn’t meant to hide behind, rather it’s an offensive tool to send a message that we are organizing and ready to fight.

    23 counties, towns and cities in VA have adopted resolutions in the past 2 weeks.

    32 more have votes this week alone. has a real time tracker with contact info for local and state reps.

    There’s a big rally in Richmond on Jan 20th.

    We need to pressure just 2 democratic senators or 6 state house delegates to vote against these gun control laws that will turn hundreds of thousands in Virginians into felons.

  2. You’ve got to love Vigilant in Virginia’s attitude. He seems well aware that this might be more symbolic but it is precious grassroots activism. Resistance has to start somewhere.

    Ultimately we need to get Washington out of our lives for reasons delineated in our Declaration of Independence.

    This old coot doesn’t know the answer but somehow this perilous ‘Catch 22’ will be resolved. Patriots are well aware of the benefits of decentralization and small groups working independently. But taking a meaningful stand such as at the Bundy Ranch requires some degree of leadership. Lacking such the enemies of Liberty will determine the time, place and rules of engagement.

  3. One should be vigilant to see who in law enforcement ACTUALLY stands up and defends the second amendment. Never forget that County Sheriffs are politicians first and law enforcement second. As well as the fact that many claim to support that second amendment; until they don’t. A good friend of mine once said when things go south we will be surprised who actually stands with us. He also stated one can’t tell who is really who until the rubber meets the road. Cops say a lot of things. But supporting gun rights usually is not one of them

  4. I would like for some Virginia citizen to publicly, preferably televised, ask Blackface Northam how many Virginia citizens he is willing to murder to have his way. Will it 1000, 10,000, 100,000, or even one million Virginia citizens that he is willing to kill. I suspect that is what it will take.

    I also want Cory Booker and Kamala Harris to be asked how many Americans of African decent are they willing to murder to have their way?

    How many Americans of Hispanic decent is Julian Castro or any other Hispanic politician willing to murder to have their way?

    How many Americas of Asian decent is Andrew Yang willing to murder to have his way?

    What are these folks going to do, how many are they willing to murder when “whites”, “blacks”, “latinos”, Asians and any other hard working, otherwise law abiding American citizen refuses to submit to their tyranny. How many millions have to die to satisfy their perverse hunger for power and domination over the American people. These people are going to be right up there with Hitler and Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot. So far, no one is publicly asking the right questions.

  5. The ‘ Anonymous ‘ post in response to Charles K was written by me… I didn’t know I had to enter my info each time I commented… please accept my apologies

  6. If anyone is looking for a good place to land that also has a Constitutional Sheriff that had proved himself to actually up hold the Constitution, despite enormous pressure from the FEDS, Sanders County, Montana voted in Tom Rummel. This demonstrates that your potential neighbors, as well as the politicians there, are more likely to be like-minded. And they would be.

    I also know that at one time, he was attempting to form a Sheriff’s Posse, a volunteer reserve deputy group, that is designed to respond to all emergencies, and to provide additional law enforcement as needed. I know I would fit right in as I have participated in a large Sheriff’s Posse in a previous life that had more manpower than the entire Sanders or Lincoln County Departments combined. A posse could be as large as the Sheriff desired, and would provide its own gear and equipment. Well funded, we even had an amoured truck, large communications/mobile radio dispatch vans, ATV’s, ambulances, and other off road support vehicles, including lots of horses etc…

    I wish I lived in Sander’s County. I could work for this one. Of course your local Sheriff might be interested, yet simply doesn’t know his options.

    Here is an article about Sheriff Rummel:

  7. Can I point out that the last time citizens stood up against government confiscation of arms the citizens assembled to block the movement of the government forces no one knows who shot first. Yep the first actual engagement of the American Revolution was probably started by accident . I have read that the militia on the Lexington green did not intend to engage that morning that they were trying to buy time so that the weapons and powder at Concord could be moved. I often think that is how the next civil war will start, unintentionally.

  8. Here, in CT, where we live behind enemy lines, I can hear your frustration. Our LEOs decided not to go door to door confiscating firearms and magazines for a few reasons:

    1. To many of them, the oath they took actually meant something to them. Many in our statehouse do not understand that stance.
    2. They didn’t become LEOs to commit suicide.
    3. They know the liberal, progressive, statist politicians don’t have their backs.
    4. They don’t want to antagonize that segment of the state population that does have their backs.

    Our state government eliminated sheriffs years ago, but you are still fortunate to have them. I don’t understand how a federal LEO or a state cop could arrest a sheriff for upholding his oath to preserve the Constitution, especially when one considers that a sheriff has the highest jurisdiction within his county. Federal agents have to ask permission to operate within a sheriff’s county.

    Recognize that sheriffs are not just LEOs; they’re politicians too. Sadly, some may be swayed to do what they think will get them reelected over being true to their oaths. That’s why it’s vital that you met with your sheriffs and let them know not only where you stand on the Second Amendment, but that you will be there to support them politically and, if necessary, with a rifle to defend our rights. If you stand with a LEO when he or she is in physical danger, they will always be there for you in the future. I speak from personal experience.

  9. There is no way that the NRA, headquartered in VA, will take this laying down. NRA/ILA will be all over this like a bad rash. Injunctions will ensue, lawsuits will be brought and this WILL end up in the Supreme Court where these Communist usurpers will receive the thrashing of their pathetic lives.

    These idiots have leaped before they looked and it is going to blow up in their insipid faces SO spectacularly! The end result will a re-affirmation of The 2nd Amendment on a NATIONAL SCALE in much the same way as Heller vs. D.C. was!

    The only danger to VA citizens would be to over-react in a short term knee jerk fashion. Maintain your calm, keep your guns and go about your daily lives for now. Let the lawyers and the courts do the fighting for now.

    The 2A Sanctuary movement is a great thing. It puts the Commie usurpers on notice as to just how unpopular they really are with 99% of the State. The time for tar and feathers has not yet come…but it is getting closer every day.

    Sic Semper Tyrannus!

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