Alex Barron Announces Idaho State Senate Run

Alex Barron has just announced that he has filed candidacy for Idaho State Senate in District 3. SurvivalBlog readers will surely recognize Alex Barron’s name. (He is also known as The Bard of The American Redoubt.) State Senate District 3 is in western Kootenai County. This is from his candidacy announcement:

With the retirement of Don Cheatham, today, Alex Barron of Post Falls filed his historic candidacy for State Senate District 3 which encompasses Western Kootenai County.  Alex’s initial supporters include Neil Oliver, former Chairman of the Kootenai County Republican Party, Karen Calisterio, former Chairwoman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho and former Idaho State Representative, Elizabeth Allan Hodge, a fierce advocate for individual liberty and free markets and the recipient of the prestigious Idaho Freedom Foundation Ralph Smeed Lifetime Achievement Award.

Alex Barron was born in Chicago to a single mother.  He graduated from high school with honors and joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 17. Alex served honorably in the armed forces during the First Gulf War and spent over 10 years serving this nation overseas. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Information Systems Management using the G.I. Bill.  He spent the next 12 years as a successful small business owner – supplying critical information technology in support of our troops on the battlefield.  Alex’s campaign will focus on promoting his Opportunity For All Agenda.

“I am running for State Senate because I believe my neighbors in District 3 deserve a new generation of innovative conservative leaders dedicated to unleashing prosperity for Idaho residents.”

“As I campaign throughout District 3, I look forward to hearing from the voters and better understanding their needs, ideas, and concerns. I am a conservative, dedicated to liberty and promoting the Christian values that Make America Great. We like our government small, our taxes low, our borders strong, and our speech free. When elected, my practical engineering thinking and my can-do military service attitude will be effective in protecting Idaho taxpayers and building up our great state with creative new ideas for our and future generations.” [Emphasis added.]

I wholeheartedly endorse Alex Barron’s candidacy. He is a genuine conservative Christian Republican with a pro-individual freedom outlook. He is strongly pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. I consider him the perfect candidate. And of course he is one of the key organizers of the American Redoubt movement.

I’ve made mention of Alex Barron many times in my SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt column. Barron has been a moving force in the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee where he  helped to assure that the Idaho Republican Party kept true to its long-standing conservative platform. Though I haven’t yet met him face to face, I have talked with him on the phone. He is a genuinely likeable gentleman. He is intelligent, articulate, and although an outsider, he understands the machinations of politics.

Please back Alex Barron in both the primary and general elections. To keep current with his campaign, you can visit:






  1. I’ve seen the map of the Redoubt pictured above and see why Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are judged so. But the far East parts of Washington and Oregon – why are they considered part of the Redoubt as well ?

    I have relatives in the Washington Pasco area, is why I ask. If I’m being nosy, no need to answer this. I was just curious.

    1. They were chosen because of their climate, culture, conservative demographics, resources, and population density. Though they are still under the thumb of their state legislatures (both WEST of the Cascades), I am hopeful that both Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington will be successful at partitioning, to form news states.

  2. Since 1972 when I first moved to East Wa. after 6 yrs with Uncle Sams Misguided Children, Olympia has, for the most part, disregarded the needs and desires of people in East Washington. No matter how hard our representatives try we are continually dictated to and subject to the want and desires of only about 3-4 of the coastal counties. More and more it is becoming not a good place to live as the coastal elites more aggressively use the eastern Counties as “their” playground and vacation home sites.
    I’ve long been a proponent dividing the state or combining the Eastern half with Idaho. I’d sure sleep a lot better at night. We need a wall, along our Southern border, and another along the Cascade Crest.

    1. “We need a wall, along our Southern border, and another along the Cascade Crest.”

      Yep, and one around part of California, the coastal area between Orange county and just north of the San Francisco to Sacramento corridor and west of the central valley.

  3. What happens in Idaho will have an effect in NW Montana. They are indeed fortunate to have such a candidate. The local politicians here are clueless, and there is no way I would get involved with that mess. The corruption and ignorance is amazing. I would not last more than one term, as I would indeed disrupt everything I could! I can no longer tolerate the BS as I once could. The stress of dealing with politics cause two heart attacks, so I left early. Besides war with China, the assassination of Trump, or something else will soon make local politics irrelevant. Our best revenge is to survive and be apart of the solution. That is what I do. It is not simply a lifestyle, it is a mission.

  4. Amen to that Mr. Rabbit, I hear you loud and clear. As quite possibly is the case with most frequent visitors to this great site, we may not all be on the same page, but we’re at least on the same chapter of the same book.
    Not a lot we can do about it individually but collectively we have a chance. Pick our battles and survive until there’s nothing left to do but pick up the pieces and re-instate our Constitution once again.

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