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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at blackouts in the socialist dictatorship of Venezuela.

Demographics History & Predictions

Over at Unz Review: Top 25 Cool Demographics Facts. The tables and maps are fascinating.

Radio Free Redoubt: Our Options – Capitulate or Fight

Linked over at the great news aggregation site: Radio Free Redoubt: Our Options – Capitulate or Fight

NASA Gas Detector Plane Identifies “Super-Emitters” Across California

H.L. sent this: NASA Gas Detector Plane Identifies “Super-Emitters” Across California. JWR’s Comment:  Flatulent landfills. The horror!

Everytown Spent Record $2.5 Million to Flip Virginia Red to Blue

Everytown Spent Record $2.5 Million to Flip Virginia Red to Blue. JWR’s Comment:  Everytown was of course founded  and now financially backed by Michael Bloomberg.  Bloomberg has frighteningly totalitarian plans for you guns.  And Virginia’s new Governor?  He is already making major civilian disarmament plans.

35 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From California

Michael Snyder: 35 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From California

My Socialist Hell: Living in Post-Electricity Venezuela

Reader H.L. sent us this from Breitbart: My Socialist Hell: Living in Post-Electricity Venezuela. A pericope:

“The much-anticipated collapse finally happened on March 7, 2019.

The entire country was thrown into the Middle Ages in a snap. I went thirty hours without power. It returned to my area for approximately twelve hours. Then I was met with another thirty-hour blackout.

As expected, Maduro blamed the incident on America. He hasn’t offered an official explanation beyond stating that it was an “Electronic coup” and a “cyber attack.”

Caracas felt like a ghost town. You couldn’t hear a single thing, not even gunfire and car alarms — quintessential sounds that one often hears through the night. It was as if we were all collectively going through a bizarre mass solitary confinement.

Water distribution was disrupted, people desperately sought for it, even in sewer drains. Telecommunications, as well – we were essentially disconnected from the world. We couldn’t even access our money since the banking network was offline. In Zulia, all hell broke loose.

After the longest blackout in Venezuelan history, power continues to be erratic. The power had scarcely recovered before a second series of long blackouts hit the country towards the end of March. Power, internet, and cellphone reception continue to be unstable. The blackouts and brownouts are constantly interrupting my ability to write this article right now.”

Internal Passports Come to America

“Real ID”? Internal Passports Come to USSA.

Survival Shipping Container Home Near Aspen

This one is not yet on the web site, but it should be: Survival Shipping Container Home Near Aspen.

Arlington, DC Stores Have Run on Bottled Water

Reader R.R. spotted this:  Arlington, DC stores hustle to restock bottled water amid boil advisory.

YouTube Can Delete Accounts if Not Commercially Viable

G.P. sent us this link to an interesting Mashable article: YouTube says it can delete your account if you’re not ‘commercially viable’. Here is a snippet:

“People are, of course, freaking out. On Reddit, a single discussion on the topic has more than 32,000 upvotes and 2,300 comments at the time this post was published. Tweets shining a light on the terms of service update are receiving thousands of likes and retweets.”

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      1. Yes they are one and the same! You are able to opt out, provided you have a valid US Passport that can be utilized for domestic flights and entering US Gov’t buildings.

    1. Yes, passports will still get you on the plane after October 2020, but they already have the same enhancement as the REAL ID: biometric photos stored in State Department contractor databases (Idemia is the company.). So if you refuse, you sacrifice (which some of us ARE doing). Only a handful of states allow you to get drivers license without a photo for religious reasons. Still can’t get on a plane, but you can still drive legally.

      1. Fortunately we will not have to sacrifice for long. The wheels are coming off any way. Those living as if all is normal and not taking action, and not heading His word, are unfortunately going to get caught in a meat grinder.
        The Roger Stone trail is just a taste of how they would treat us all. I’ve seen this up close before, and on a personal level. This kind of experience taught me how evil operates. Therefore, I am highly motivated, far more that the average person. The rest will have to learn the hard way.

  1. > “Everytown Spent Record $2.5 Million to Flip Virginia Red to Blue”

    Conservatives have always celebrated unlimited money in politics. Look at the collective orgasm they had when the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case 10 years ago. “Money is speech!” they joyously proclaimed.

    Then the money in politics turned liberal – especially with the growing influence and power of the tech industry. Now conservatives complain about rich anti-gun-owner billionaires buying elections.

    There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere. Something about unintended consequences, perhaps?

    1. Just wait until the boomerang hits from the recent religious liberty Supreme Court rulings. All the tech-billionaires have to do is join the temple of satan and they can now deny Christians service on sincerely held belief religious grounds.

        1. Hi AL,

          I’m a bit confused, my comment doesn’t pertain to Trump at all, just the legal precedent that has been set by the courts recently. In short, if a Christian baker can refuse to sell homosexual wedding cakes on religious grounds, a Muslim baker can now refuse to sell cakes to Christians on the same religious grounds.

        2. Did you read the whole article? I’m not focus-ing on Trump just the essence of the whole article and what it is alluding to. It’s all a part of the marginilization of Conservative Christians. It’s all part of the same behaviors that lead to Genocides. It’s happening…. That is Satan’s plan. The Great Cosmic Battle!


  2. Please stop telling the Californians to flee. They are fleeing to good states and Californicating them into extensions of California socialism. Nevada just flipped blue in the last election and already the attacks on our freedoms are piling up. Is this not the “Golden”, horde (pun intended), discussed in TEOTWAKI?

    1. Matthew. I agree.

      We had fines, levies, penalties and liens on our private property in Nevada due to an over reaching communist HOA.

      They are now calling more hearings on us for bubblegum wrappers in our front yard from six months ago. We are into this $5000 and still counting. Our attorney charges $400 an hour and she just keeps moving the date of the next hearing and does nothing for us. Oh she charges one hour to show up at a 30 second meeting to move the date.

      It’s all a racket. I’m thinking this will go to the Redoubt soon enough.

      If no one is going to fight collectively then we must fight individually. Or I guess keep doing nothing and be harassed out of house and home.

      All the best.

    2. Matthew, should Americans not have the liberty to move to the State of their choice? How is that action infringing on anyone’s liberty?

      We have lost liberty because we have failed to fight for it. It’s that simple.

    3. “Is this not the “Golden”, horde (pun intended), discussed in TEOTWAKI?”

      No, it’s more like the rest of the country saying “California’s problem is not our problem,” and paying dearly for it. Instead of helping the MILLIONS of Conservatives in CA fight back against the unconstitutional laws being forced down our throats, all we’ve heard from the rest of the U.S. is “Let California fall into the sea” and “It’s God’s wrath coming down on California.”

      Instead of fighting to retain some of the best arable land, deep-water ports, and other resources in the United states, you choose let it go; to be content with living in a landlocked state with limited resources, less-than-perfect farmland, and short growing seasons. Tell me; who’s being forced onto the reservations now?

      …Think about it, folks…

      …You never win by running…

    4. Exactly. Stop telling us Californians to flee. Why does nobody list all the reasons to stay here at Ground Zero and fight the good fight? We’re all lumped into the same “Kommifornia” bucket and told by others we’re all “Blue Meanies” who screw everything up.

      By the voter numbers, there are more God-fearing, gun-owning, conservative people here in CA than the entire state of ID! Don’t you want us to fight the onslaught and do all we can to prevent it from spreading further?

      I really am getting tired of being abandoned by our alleged 2A brethren outside CA who do nothing but sit on their porches and point their fingers our way. They will never appreciate their rights as much as those who have to fight for them every single day, on every front.

      1. I encourage you to stay and fight. We have to start at the local level. I bet everything and have no exit strategy in another state controlled by its cities. Let them move we are staying. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  3. Re: Virginia elections

    For context, look at the map at the top of this article:

    Despite the VAST majority of Virginia being Red areas, it was the population-heavy but geographically small areas of Blue that turned the Virginia legislature over to the Progressive Liberals.
    As a homeowner with properties in Virginia and Tennessee, I would like the results of the Virginia election to serve as a warning to freedom-loving residents of all states. The progressives have learned that they need not control the entire state. By flooding the large metro areas with like-minded voters and loads of money, they can turn any state Blue. The cries of “it can never happen here!” are simply the first symptom of denial.
    Regarding gun control measures, the “Cloud People” of Northern Virginia are delusional at best. They completely underestimate the special brand of redneck that inhabits every nook and cranny of areas South and West of Manassas.

    1. This is exactly the same problem in Maine. Maine’s liberal,population heavy, first congressional district has 20% of the land mass and they dictate how the rest of the people in the 80% land mass (2nd district) live. Rural Maine (2nd district) is generally very conservative and their opinions are frequently ignored due to the urban liberal do-gooders. In the last Presidential election the 2nd district’s one electoral vote went to DJT and that seems to be why the Maine liberals are so excited about “ranked choice voting”. It appears to me to be a nationwide issue of population dense cities dictating the politics for everyone else who occupy the majority of the landscape.

  4. Thanks for making me think about this.
    Matthew, I share your concerns with the spread of liberalism, nanny state politics and the dilution of our culture.
    My opinion differs when our discussion turns to putting all of a regions residents in the same box.
    There are many many of our like minded brothers and sisters in California, Western Washington (myself) and Oregon, and on the east coast who for whatever reason cannot move.
    Family, health, age, a great church, many reasons.
    I pray for their strength and wisdom.
    Most of those who have escaped to our town bring with them intel and a sincere desire to live free again.
    In my opinion it is the public school system growing liberals across the country. It started decades ago. If a state turns blue start with how US history is taught in the local public schools.

  5. The “Real ID”, this implies that all our acceptable ID’s that we have used for however many years you have been around must be fake. Get in line for your embed micro chip, with built in camera with GPS accessible tracking by any government agency. Get ready for your government money card that must be used for all transactions public and private. It all makes me wish for an EMP attack to deliver us from these unconstitutional invasions of our privacy. Ah, but this is for our own protection. It dovetails with the liberal philosophy of aiding drug addicts rather than eliminating the source of the poison. Punish the innocent masses for the evils of a few. Spock would leave this planet to it’s own devices.

    1. It’s the coming Mark of the Beast from the Book of Revelation. Anyone who takes it on their body will be damned to hell/FOREVER SEPARATED from God the father. This is, at this time, mainly what we are preparing for. It is almost here. We believe that the Bible is true. God’s word is true! Therefore those who love God and know HIM will avoid it. We may be martyred. It is better to die for refusing it and have eternity with Him, than to take the Mark to eat for a few more months (literally it is 3.5 years for the time frame of the Mark) and die eternally! This is how close we are to the full-fillment of these scriptures. WATCH and PRAY!


        1. AKARN,

          Please don’t give up. You have no idea who you might save through your words. Listen to the Holy Spirit. He will guide you to whom to you are to speak.



      1. Back in the day, when Social Security numbers were instituted, Christians back then called it the Mark of the Beast! The new ID thing basically requires the local DMV to verify that you live where you say you live. In Idaho, I have to go show my power bill in my name to update my drivers license, and then my ID will work when I need to fly. I think the new law goes into effect October 2020? The effort is in response to the number of terrorists and illegals in our midst. Yes, we can refuse it and not fly. The thing is… if you have a bank account, credit cards, if you have a social security number, if you pay taxes, if you own property in your own name, etc you are already “marked”. My two cents for consideration. The line I will draw is when they want to embed a chip into my body, when they won’t allow me to buy or sell unless I, for instance, get the chip, or if they require me to deny Christ – that’s the red line for me.

      2. Hello Lilly,

        Yes, the time is fast approaching. It is just one financial crisis away. I live now as if the “mark” is already here, and have adapted early. Crypto currencies have proved it out. If they flip the switched now, I would be just fine until they start hunting us down. At some point it gets nasty. Anticipating all this, means we can leave our selves room to maneuver. It may end up something like what was depicted in the movie Defiance.

        1. Here’s the thing … the “mark” is irrelevant without a “beast” to scan it. And the beast was non-existent until recently because the technology did not exist to build massive databases on everyone, and scan their bodies. What makes the beast the beast isn’t something in or on your body — it’s the Beast’s ability to SCAN your forehead (face) or hand (palm/fingerprint). No scanner, no beast. Also, the Beast must have the capability and power to limit your buying and selling without your “mark.” Force everyone to scan their faces or hands to buy and sell, BOOM, you’re there.

    1. Pablo,
      Don’t forget to try 160 meters. And during the day with the D layer gone, the ground wave is still good. Extremely difficult for anyone to DF. Even standard military radio equipment does not have 160 meters, and few Hams know about it either. Because the NVIS antenna can be on the ground to some where under a 1/2 wave length high, the very long 160 meter NVIS antenna is not much more trouble some than an 80 meter antenna. The Solar Minimum might work for you, or against you depending on you goals. Wish I was your neighbor. I would play.

        1. Hi Pablo
          For the price of that antenna kit, which is very desirable, I could also buy another HF radio, and make several NVIS antennas. Look before you leap. I make everything and it works good. Any one can, if they are so inclined. To make life easy, I would buy, or make a ‘corba head’ and cut a dipole. You probably want to start with 40 meter as that will be the easiest to work. The solar minimum has reduced the range of NVIS to about 200 miles maximum.

          This is a well tested design that is practical and inexpensive. One can make a portable version. There are many builds on YouTube. Or buy it from DX Engineering. Here is their kit, perhaps it is an option:

          On page 8 are the dimensions of the U.S. Army’s NVIS antenna:

          Here is a discussion about the pros and cons of this antenna. It is also an excellent source to learn about NVIS in general… save this…

          For a DYI guy, use a ‘corbra head’, and 14 to 18 awg insulated copper stranded wire that will handle 100 watts, but the heavier 14 awg wire is more durable, and less likely to break over the years. Steel wire that is copper coated is the strongest. Most of the cost is in the cobra head. I made my own for $20. It can be mounted on a pole, or hung from a tree to make this dual inverted V antenna. Use 72 ohm or 50 ohm coaxial cable on the other side of a antenna tuner. RG8x is best. Instead of making or buying a balun, get a tuner that will naturally have a balun built in, and you’ll have a versatile rig, for any HF antenna, including 160 meters.

  6. “Everytown Spent Record $2.5 Million to Flip Virginia Red to Blue” So Virginia is now California East, May God have mercy on their souls, Leftist control all aspects of State Government and soon you will be taxed and regulated into the poor house all in the name of “inclusion and diversity”

    1. Actually, New York is California East. But only because of New York city, most of us upstate folks are conservative. There has been a long desire to split NYC into its own state and save upstate from the liberals.

  7. Some folks that comment have what may be called peculiar ideas.Some times these ideas beg a response.
    It’s good to know that there is someone to define and enforce politeness,civility,and rationality.

    1. Many of us have peculiar ideas, Norml Chuck.

      I challenge you liberal-haters to consider that perhaps not every liberal is like Kamala Harris. Just like conservatives, liberals run the spectrum. Many like taxes as much as you do, that is, not at all. Some of them are in my family and we find common ground, even as we disagree on other issues. If you give the libeerals you know a chance, you might discover a kind human being there.

      When Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself”, did he say except liberals?

      I believe, in vilifying those “bad people”, we take our eyes off the ball. Then those who would enslave us, who don’t care what political persuasion you are, they win. Got that? When we ignore possible allies, THEY WIN.

      Carry on

  8. It is like trying to stop the tide. The pendulum must finish it’s arc. We can lament the change, but it is inevitable, and cannot be prevented. The best any of us can do now is hold on tight, and wait until the ebb comes. Hopefully enough of us survive that we can recover, but that is not guaranteed.

    Thank God we only have to endure life for a relatively short time. Knowing what I know (in faith unmoving), I am greatly looking forward to what comes next. These past 50 years have been mostly a disappointment, and a far cry from what is coming. A great consolation if I am wrong in my faith, is that the end still means no more suffering anyways, so it’s a win/win, don’t you think? One of the beauties of being a Christian is there’s no downside if I am faithful, only a choice of outcomes far superior to what I am having to endure currently. Either way, the outcome will bring relief one way or another.

  9. My comment refers to the lead item in today’s blog; The 1985 Eruption in Columbia (not sure where else to post this… ). Most of the danger in living near a potentially active volcano is due to hot pyroclastic flows streaming down the volcano’s slopes. These terrible flows are a mix of scalding hot gases and a blizzard of pebbles/rocks/ash. This creates a “fluid” that is so dense, it hugs the ground and flattens anything we humans have built. After the 1985 eruption, my Geology Dept. Chair began his career in mapping the drainage paths these flows would/WILL take and use those maps to warn communities where NOT to build. Furthermore, if eruption warnings go out, signs guide local residents to evacuate out of those low-lying drainage routes (which can mean going “sideways” up onto a local ridge or spur, rather than continue down the valley “toward safety”). These geo hazards exist in the US too. Just like planning to escape a city’s unrest, we should understand the natural hazards found in our local area, and then plan several routes to avoid them. Knowledge is power (and survival)!

  10. JWR please respond to the following.

    You have commented that 95% of Idaho has no building permits required and no codes regarding building.

    In an earlier Survival Blog article it was noted that Idaho County is one of the few counties in the State of Idaho without a Comprehensive Development Plan. The article stated that the Attorney General’s office had demanded that the County Commissioners of Idaho County must commence work on a Comprehensive Plan and at least one zoning ordinance (“as required by title 67, chapter 65 of the Idaho Code”) within 60 days or else they would be individually CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED by the State of Idaho. The Commissioners had pointed out that the citizens of the county had previously voted down instituting a Comprehensive Development Plan. How does this behavior by Idaho’s government square with the assertion that there is freedom from over regulation by the government in Idaho?

    Please reply. Sorry for the off topic post, but comments have been disabled where this question should have gone. Respectfully submitted. I want to know where I can go and be left alone by government.

  11. Not only will I reject a national passport (enhanced drivers license) but I am inspired by a friend of mine who won’t even allow his finger prints to be put on record when he renews his license. Before he goes to the tag agency to renew his drivers license he puts a heavy coat of Elmers glue on his thumb and forefinger and allows it to dry. Then later when he puts his finger or thumb onto the electronic device which records it, the finger print is all garbled and unreadable. He then tells the tag agency employee that he had seriously burned his fingers while welding so he now has deformed finger prints. He actually did burn his fingers once while welding. For the last eight years this has worked for him and the state doesn’t have his finger prints on record. I assume that finger prints must change with one’s age or otherwise the state wouldn’t require them at every drivers license renewal.

  12. NEVER allow rank choice voting in your state.Here in ME.rank choice voting over turned the popular vote candidate last Nov. Put in place a Dem. who had come in second in the voting

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