Preparedness Notes for Wednesday — November 13, 2019

Here is a Hong Kong protest update, courtesy of our Editor-at-Large, Michael Z. Williamson, quoting his friend Marc Adkins, who in turn was quoting a local friend “on the ground”, in the city:

“Hong Kong Chinese University (HKCU) is under Siege by the Hong Kong Police Force. The reason behind this is if they managed to take over HKCU, they will have access to Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX), which is located within HKCU.

The HKIX serves as a hub to 99% messages that [are] sent and received through Internet within Hong Kong. If HKCU is fallen, every Hong Kongers’ message will be monitored by Communist China and the puppet Hong Kong Government.

With China’s A.I., MILLIONS of Hong Kongers will be sought out, arrested, raped, have livers and kidneys harvested, etc. We will be vanished without a trace afterwards systematically.

We Hong Kongers are in the front line of the battle between the Free World and that of Communist Tyranny. Yet the rest of the world is just sitting back relaxed, watching and doing NOTHING.”

Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, was born in Scotland on November 13th, 1850.

Continental Army Brigadier General Richard Montgomery took Montreal, Canada without opposition on November 13, 1775.

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  1. I would strongly suggest to those at HKCU… if the issue becomes untenable, destroy the HKIX and all terminal access at that point. Scorched earth!
    Go guerilla, and may the Great Spirit be with the resistance.

  2. Hong Kong is also an Asian financial hub. The violence there is causing big money to leave, and China is determined to preserve it. With that, the deepening Deutche Bank problem, and the Repo Market requiring greater intervention, confidence deteriorates at an increasingly faster and faster rate. As confidences fades, more and more printing must occur to keep the system together. It is about preserving the Financial system, the banks, the economy is not even a consideration. In fact a deteriorating economy works in their favor, as it helps get rid of Trump. Trump is out of cards to play that can boost the economy in a vain attempt to grow our way out of the problem, or at least buy him and us time.

    My ‘stable of experts’ continue to provide good information, that has resulted in early and accurate assessments. As only a causal observer, and a nearly penniless guy with no skin in the game, and no credentials, it has honestly been easy to recognize the deterioration for the last year, and be early. It has almost been too easy, or disconcertingly predictable. IMHO, it is impossible to know when the next, and greater than 2008 crisis will occur, but it could be sooner rather than later, and Trump will get the blame, just in time for 2020? The stock market could correct hard at anytime, or very soon. My feeling is that is could go ‘critical’ requiring trillions to be dumped in the system at anytime, or sooner, rather than latter. This will cause a recession, and then a Greater Depression, stagflation, and then hyperinflation, in that order.

    Is anyone surprised? They should not be, especially if it obvious to a pedestrian like myself. If it is obvious to a guy like me, then it is obvious to big money that is moving increasingly faster and faster to protect itself. If it obvious to just about everyone, then that is when a crisis of confidence causes a crisis and collapse of markets. Greed and fear are contagious. Even a day trader can loose big if it blows thru your stops, and causes a margin call. Will the Fed be able to keep the music playing? Who saw the Repo Market problem coming? No one I know. Perhaps Jamie Diamond? But we could see the a crisis of some kind in the making. That was easy…

  3. where are your arms? only by armed resistance can the conflict be decided.

    the best thing the Hong Kong protesters can do would be to organize guerrilla forces and wage 4th generation warfare with the communists.

    you are dealing with some of the most barbaric and powerful enemies, do not think they will be deterred by passive resistance, you must take the war to them.

    may the Lord be with you

  4. Hong Kong freedom fighters asking the U.S. government to help ignore the fact that BOTH China and the U.S. governments are in the globalist fold. BOTH governments are enemies of a free Hong Kong.

    Secondly, we have a U.S. Constitution. The U.S. government has zero jurisdiction in the affairs of Hong Kong or any other nation. Founding Father George Washington made this clear. His Farewell Address is arguably the greatest address made on American soil. Washington warned Americans to avoid entangling alliances and taking stands on foreign ground. The U.S. government scorned George Washington’s warning. The resulting tyrannical government has proved Washington correct.

    Yes, the vast majority of the world is asleep. Americans slept through a ‘Hong Kong moment’ when the NDAA effectively destroyed our Bill of Rights. Not one shot was fired. Americans are now being disarmed with no due process. Resist and a jack-booted government thug will put a gun to our heads. The rest of the world is just sitting back relaxed, watching and doing NOTHING to help these Americans either.

    I pray that one day Americans will be moved to fight tyranny as HK freedom fighters. The latter have waged a better fight for Liberty with their bare hands than Americans have done with 300 million firearms. We are Liberty’s last best chance.

    Bottom Line: Hong Kong is clearly a strategic part of the NWO. The HKIX was designed as such. It has been strategically chosen for a major BIS facility. No country is going to fight China. That is the harsh reality.

  5. Unpopular Opinion: Let the Chinese and Hong Kong citizens fight this out. There is no national security interests at play. Root for your team from the sidelines all you want. But stay off the field.

  6. I like the last line

    “Yet the rest of the world sits back and does nothing”

    All of us on Survival blog will do nothing. We will keep bending over and taking it from the system without a single murmur.

    All the best.

    1. Jefferson Davis, I know you are painting with a broad brush and that is fine. This old coot fought more than four decades for liberty. I fought not for the world nor my government but for my children and their children. I put skin in the game and paid a dear earthly price. Liberty lost. My children lost. But at least I tried.

      Three words describe most Americans today, “We got ours”. Thomas Paine’s words In ‘Common Sense’ would ring as true today as they did in 1776. He warned of a lack of masculinity, a short-sighted and selfish attitude that disregards its effects on future generations. Paine spoke to people being content with conditions that “will last my time”.

      What is survival without liberty? Survival should be simply a necessary tactic in restoring Liberty.

      1. Montana Guy, I respect you for the price you have paid in the battle for Liberty. I pray for you that you may heal those internal wounds that hurt your heart.

        Carry on

  7. Re. Hong Kong internet

    Ah… the internet. Remember 1994? Netscape was rolled out to the public. Now that was Liberty! Imagine information from across the world at your fingertips. Oh how empowering and liberating this would be. It was like the Wild West!

    You could buy virtually ANY domain name for $125. Like others this old coot started a domain purchase/reselling businesses. We thought we were pioneers, entrepreneurs. Ha! The MSM labelled us ‘squatters’. Dang, isn’t that how it works?

    Remember the promise of distributed computing? Now that was Liberty! Imagine information from across the world at your fingertips. Suddenly the little people didn’t need a million dollar IBM computer and a dozen riggers to move it in. Heck, we didn’t even need IBM. Nope, we had our own personal computer sitting right on our desk. It was called a PC.

    Thousands of our individual PC’s could jointly respond to a request from another PC. Sharing “files” online became super fast and super efficient. Remember Napster? Ha! I loved the concept. It was like anarchy! Yes courts ruled it illegal by misinterpreting the Constitution. Napster was crush. One small step for Big Music, one giant leap for tyranny.

    Fast forward to today. Governments have centralized the internet to corral and control us. Our communications are directed into choke points like HKIX for surveillance, recording and persecution. Even undersea fiber optic cables are tapped. What could have been a great liberator, has been used by enslave us. Dang, isn’t that how it works?

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