Preparedness Notes for Saturday — November 2, 2019

On November 2, 1917, British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour submitted a declaration of intent to establish a Jewish homeland known as the Balfour Declaration. While Arab hostilities and the outbreak of World War II delayed the desired outcome, the Nation of Israel was eventually re-established in 1948.

Today we present Part 1 of an article by regular contributor “Old Bobbert.”  Because this article primarily references other already published articles, it is not eligible in the Writing Contest judging.


    1. Montana Guy,
      I must gently disagree with your assertion that God was not involved in the creation of present day Israel. God engineered every single step to see His will accomplished. The best explanation of why this is true is the book titled The Oracle, by Jonathan Cahn. I highly recommend this as a single go-to source on this subject.

        1. Montana Guy,
          I need to apologize for causing confusion with my wording. To be clear, everything in the book I mentioned is based solely on scripture from the KJV. The author, a Messianic Jew and a Biblical scholar who is fluent in Hebrew and Greek, shows how God has been working out His plan for Israel and for all who are redeemed through His son.

  1. Let’s be honest. Its complicated. But the Bible says we Gentile Christians are the grafted on branch. He may be still eworking on tthe root. I do know that whatever God promises He will do. I don’t think he is done with Israel yet.

  2. So what about gathering intel on the enemies of Israel?

    I am watching the series Black Crows on Netflix. It’s illuminating to watch Arabs address the horrific aberration labeled Daish, which US makes more misleadingly palliative by calling it ISIS.

    I encourage adult seriously minded folks to watch a few episodes. While there are children actors included, it is an adult series that does set up atrocity situations, so it is not for the immature or faint of heart.

    In Eretz Israel, they are exposed to these realities daily, and getting their perspective is important compared to our US fat dumb and sappy opinionated judgements spewing across the media.

  3. As I understand the translation, the word ‘isreal’ is a verb meaning “a diety we choose fights”.

    A reading of TheOldTestiment shows the writers describing perpetual attacks on every neighbor.
    Could this be a case of JustifyingOurExistence by choosing a complimentary diety?

    Sometime along the years, the verb ‘isreal’ was warped into a noun.
    Who benefits from that change?
    (Hint: follow the money…)

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