Preparedness Notes for Monday — October 28, 2019

I was recently passing through Bonners Ferry, Idaho and stopped by to visit the Redoubt Surplus & Tactical store.  While chatting with store owner Warren Campbell, I learned that he recently obtained a small quantity of scarce U.S. Army surplus woodland pattern Goretex over-pants. He sells them brand new at $34.95 per pair.  I was impressed with their quality, so I went ahead and bought a pair. I like the fact that they have 2/3-length zippers, so that they can be put on or taken off without removing your boots. I spent quite a while looking through the shelves of Warren’s huge inventory. I also bought a couple of U.S. Army surplus extra-tall mortar illumination round ammo cans with airtight seals. These are the perfect size for caching an assembled AR pistol, an AK with a folding stock, or an AR rifle that is broken down into upper and lower halves. Just pad up the parts and a dozen magazines in bubblewrap, throw in a bag of silica gel desiccant, and it will all be safe and dry for decades. I also spotted a big box of O.D. wool WWII mummy bag liners. He sells those for just $30 each. I hadn’t seen any of those in any surplus store since back in the 1980s. Where does he find this stuff? Amazing. Redoubt Surplus & Tactical also does phone orders that are mailed out, for many of their items. You can phone them at: (208) 772-4007 to ask if they have what you are looking for.

Today, another product review from our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.

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  1. Re: Gortex Pants

    There are other hard to find treasures there as well. Go to the ‘gallery’, click on the photo and then use the ‘zoom’ or + feature to explore the photo. Labels can even be read. Unfortunately the photo is no longer current!

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