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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on the Wolf Resurgence in Washington State. (See the Eastern Washington section.)


Several of the American Redoubt states ranked well here: Ranking the States by Regulation. A brief quote:

“All told, the least regulated states are South Dakota, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and North Dakota, while the most regulated states are California, New York, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas.”

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Judge Blocks Trump Administration From Easing Energy Rules in US West


‘He will be well cared for’: Elliot the Elk finds new home in Texas

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Green Boodoggles: Idaho Power Wasting Millions

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Tim Kastning Announces Candidacy for Idaho House of Representatives

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Yet another instance of Perps From Out Of The Redoubt: One dead after high-speed police chase through southern Idaho and police shooting. And here is a follow-up article, with some background on the bad guy:
Man killed by police after high-speed chase on I-84 was suspected of kidnappings in California, Nevada.


Grizzly Cubs Killed by Train in Montana as Bear Deaths Mount. JWR’s Comment: Of course what this hand-wringing Associated Press report neglects to mention is that the reason the number of bears killed keeps rising is that the population of grizzlies is rising, and their range is expanding!

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Object in Helena school bomb scare turns out to be soda bottle

Eastern Oregon

Over at my #1 Son’s spin-off site: Relocate to Oregon? Interview with JWR. By the way, there are several  Oregon retreat property listings there, including this one, near Enterprise, Oregon.

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On a recent trip through Oregon, I heard a quirky little radio station, broadcasting from The Dalles. It is KJYV, at 101.5 FM. They have a quite eclectic mix of music. They are apparently using the transmitter formerly owned by KDOA. (Which I assume is now DOA.) KJYV carries some content produced by Jive Radio, which has a live stream.

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State plans to sell 640 acres on Bend’s SE outskirts

Eastern Washington

This Wall Street Journal article was picked up by a lefty vegan web site: Wolf Resurgence in Washington State Tests Limits of Civility. JWR’s Comment: The figures cited — 126 wolves in 26 packs is absurdly low. Canadian timber wolves typically run in packs of 8 to 12.  So 26 packs would have 260 or more wolves. Furthermore, wildlife biologists admit that many packs have no members with radio collars or biochips, and that packs split to form new packs once every two or three years. So they have lost both visibility and control of wolf numbers throughout the northern Rockies and the Intermountain West.

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Police arrest man accused of stealing car from Spokane dealership days after being released for stealing car from same dealership


Likelihood Of Hitting A Deer In Wyoming Is Staggering

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Wyoming ranchers sue USDA over livestock tracking rules

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Cheyenne man breaks state record with 1,491-pound pumpkin

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  1. Regarding bears and wolves: the presence of apex predators is a sign of a healthy ecosystem. When they are not present, there is undoubtedly a myriad of problems.

  2. About hitting a deer in Wyoming. In the 1990’s I lived in West Virginia. The first one I hit, what a shock for some middle age lady moving out of Connecticut (too crowded, too costly, to urban, and much worse now) to the old house on a hill top in WV! Then I learned, at dusk or dawn, the deer were everywhere, even though the WV hunters LOVED hunting season. They even closed schools during Thanksgiving Week, because many kids, boys and girls hunted. Then I SLOWED way down, 5 to 10 MPH on the way home. The other 2 hit me, got up and walked off. On the interstate I would see HUGE blood spots where I knew some vehicle (lots of pick up trucks) hit a deer at 60 mph and the counties are good about getting the dead deer off the road. They are great to look at, GREAT eating, but even with an average harvest of 200,000, WV back then still (and apparently still does) have a LOT of deer! Wonderful state, and I moved back to BLUE STATE CT due to circumstances, but WV has a HUGE place in my heart! Redbud Season is the greatest, and their Fall Colors rival NH, VT and New England. Heck of a lot less expensive to live in WV. Good people, capable and HELPFUL. Plus, Obama and his killing of coal has turned WV from Dems to REPUBLICANS. They are RED state now.


    The woods are crawling with grizzly, and wolves around here. The biggest wolf I’ve seen, I helped a trapper load up. Two guys could barely get it in truck. In excess of 150 pounds, and massive paws. The wolves are getting huge on deer and elk calves. And so are the Black Bears that eat on carcass left by wolves. And there is also Mountain Lion. The wild west is getting wild once again, and It is flat out getting dangerous. Always go out loaded for the biggest thing out there, even the moose out here are not necessarily afraid of you. Sometimes they will just stand there and look at you for awhile.

    A hot 180 grain round nose in a .308 Winchester is the bear minimum. I prefer more insurance than that. Full auto would be a good option too, but I’ll got is a bolt action. A semi auto 12 gauge is better if you can trust it. And not only do I have to be extra careful if I go out at night this time of year, we now have a badger after the chickens. However I can rest assured that if the any of the libtards invade, they will have more than just snow to slow them down. Some of them will feed the bigger critters around here.

  4. hI, great write up.

    You brought back many nice memories as my family also lived in WV from ’96 to ’01 and had a seven acres tucked in to the Laurel Mountains with beautiful streams and the Monongahela forest and big rivers nearby. Like what happened to you I was driving along when a large deer suddenly leapt out and struck the side of our Toy 4Runner and totaled it.

    My buddy Phil Hudok and I had a Randolph county cable TV program twice a month called, “STORM WARNING: Prove All Things.” Phil is currently running for Sheriff in the same county. I sure do miss that part of the country. Thanks again for the memories, ‘hI’.


    P.S. Please find enclosed link for encouraging Gospel messages that exalt Jesus Christ, “The LORD our righteousness,” that humble the pride of men and comfort God’s people near and far:

  5. Grayish mostly, with dashes or markings of black and white. It’s been awhile. It was scary big. All the wildlife around here is in abundance and healthy. We got it all. Lots to eat. If we are limited by what we can grow up in the mountains, we will have something else to compensate. This is one of the factors that is not usually considered.

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