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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at California’s descent into socialist insanity.

FPC: California Governor Signs 15 Gun Control Bills

A video report from the Firearms Policy Coalition: California Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs 15 Gun Control Bills. JWR’s Comments: The new “loosey-goosey” Red Flag law is so concerning that I now recommend my readers who live in California accelerate their plans to relocate. Relocate soon, before you are targeted by a busybody neighbor and then tried by the New Star Chamber, in absentiaFace it, folks: California is a lost cause. The Democrats now solidly hold the State Assembly, the State Senate, and the Governor’s Mansion, with no end in sight. They have an entrenched Democrat constituency. Not content with just honoring the memory of Cesar Chavez, California is now on the path to going Full Hugo Chavez. This is the same state that now requires background checks for ammo sales, and that will soon mandate that only licensed dealers can sell gun parts. They also just instituted putting illegal aliens on State Boards. California is now a state ruled by rabid collectivists. This is nothing short of a descent into socialist insanity. Vote with your feet. Flee!

A 3D Printed 25-Foot Boat

Reader H.L. suggested this article over at Futurism: Watch a Giant 3D Printer Spit Out an Entire Boat.

21st Century Medical Graverobbers

Reader DSV and my wife Avalache Lily both suggested this Los Angeles Times article: In the rush to harvest body parts, death investigations have been upended.  The articel begins:

“When 69-year-old Marietta Jinde died in September 2016, police had already been called to her home several times because of reports of possible abuse. A detective described conditions at the woman’s home in Gardena as “horrendous.”

She was so emaciated and frail that the hospital asked Los Angeles County adult protective services officials to look into her death.

Yet by the time a coroner’s investigator was able to examine Jinde’s 70-pound body, the bones from her legs and arms were gone. Also missing were large patches of skin from her back. With permission from county officials and saying they did not know of the abuse allegations, employees from OneLegacy, a Southern California human tissue procurement company, had gained access to the body, taking parts that could have provided crucial evidence.”

Victor Davis Hanson: Nationalism Good and Bad

A hat tip to Tim J. for spotting this video of a fascinating 32-minute Hillsdale College lecture: Victor Davis Hanson — Nationalism Good and Bad: Lessons from History. JWR’s Comment: You will find this time well spent! The trailing Q&A session is also well worth watching.

An 84-Year Old Korean War Veteran is Red Flagged

Reader H.L. sent us this: 84-Year Old Korean War and Police Veteran, School Crossing Guard Has Guns Confiscated Under ‘Red Flag Law’. Here is a snippet:

“Stephen Nichols is an 84-year old Korean War veteran who served as a police officer of Tisbury, Massachusetts for six decades. He’s been employed as a school crossing guard of the Tisbury School, until recent termination as a result of the same unclear incident that’s resulted in the red flag gun seizure executed against him.

Local reports indicate that Nichols had criticized a local school resource officer in a manner that was interpreted as a threat by the officer and local law enforcement. Nichols was evidently unhappy that the resource officer was taking coffee breaks when children were arriving at school in the morning.”

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  1. 3d printer story should of read,super expensive hull produced by college kids. Could of been done quicker,cheaper and more reliably with wood fiberglass or aluminium. At least the bureaucrats were wearing lifevests,that hull is probably topheavy(easy to capsize) from the look of the gunwales and the freeboard(not enough ballast). That method is also probably more expensive than rotomolding.

    1. But its a useful demonstration as a disruptive technology!
      The steam engine was laughed at, great races held, as horse breeders derided the “new fangled waste”…
      How’d that one turn out?
      Make no mistake, this is world-changing technology…. you no longer need a metal shop, woodworking shop, fiberglass shop, or knowledge, to make a boat. Download some plans of the intertubes, hit print, come back in 3 days. If you don’t think that is going to massively alter the way the world works, I wish you good luck!

  2. I fear the Red Flag laws will be particularly enforced against the “older” generations that believe in protecting their families and the 2nd amendment. It will be done quietly and quickly in some states and spread. They will claim declining mental health or “anger issues”. When the majority of the Christian older population are disarmed…..the game will be over. Then they will come with the FEMA camps for the elderly, mentally unstable, addicts etc. Remind you of the beginning of Hilter’s campaign?

  3. I live in South Central Texas, not far from Austin. The area is being flooded by people leaving California but they not leaving their Socialist ways behind. Unfortunately they are being those with them. Austin has become so blue that it mimics many of the problems that plague San Francisco but instead of realizing that and changing course they are doubling down on the bad policies that are causing the problems in the first place. Recent changes to city ordinances regarding the homeless have created an unbelievable mess, figuratively and literally. Human waste strewn sidewalks are quickly becoming the norm as is gun hating individuals and laws. The Socialist Paradise Paradigm is pathetic and pathological.

          1. Been to Dallas or Houston lately? The demographics have changed with sigificant numbers of immigrants and work visa holders. Texas isn’t lost yet, but it’s going to swing decidedly blue within the next decade.

    1. I am not from California but migrating Californians get a bad rap IMO. Some research has shown that the average Californian leaving California is more conservative than the average person in the states they go to.

      As a conservative multigenerational Californian friend of mine likes to point out, Nancy Pelosi is from Connecticut.

      I think another dynamic is going on here. I think money draws parasites. I think economic booms draw in liaberals particularly liberals who want to be politicians. I think that is the dynamic in most of these places.

      In short I thin Californians bring in money. I think money attracts liberals from everywhere. All 50 states and internationally.

      1. I am from California, proud to say I am an ExPat Californian… I’m 4th generation, my grown children 5th and several family members with 6th generation. My family has been there since the Gold Rush and still live there, I however moved away 15 years ago. I miss it, a lot! but am very glad I’m not there any longer. I visit once a year or so and am very glad when to leave and look forward to returning to my new home state.

        As far as Red Flag Laws go… It has set very bad precedent but like taxes, now that it’s here, it’s here to stay. The only recourse any conservative or pro-2A (constituent or politician) has is to tag on a law that makes any false red flag claim (to include a false Lautenberg statement claim) to be an automatic felony against the claimant.

        1. How about decades in prison for false claims. Also should apply to politicians and bureaucrats who also engage in false claims and prosecutions.

          While we’re at it, any politician or bureaucrat whose actions or inactions lead to someone else committing criminal acts, should face the same punishment as the criminal who commits the acts. As a prime example, the sheriff of Broward county Florida and the superintendent of schools (Democrats both), need to be tried as willing co-conspirators with Nicolas Cruz in the deaths and injuries at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. These 2 criminals refused to properly report the mental health problems and other criminal acts of Nicolas Cruz to the NICS system. For the sheriff, add his stand down orders that further exacerbated the situation and allowed time for further deaths and injuries to occur. So Cruz was able to buy a gun when he clearly should not have been able to, the kid had serious issues. He also wasn’t stopped as early as he should have been due to the sheriff’s orders.

      2. “…liberals who want to be politicians…”

        Every liberal commonist socialist bureaucrat is a politician.
        This is innate, the majority of their DNA.
        All they think about 24/7/360 is politics.
        All they believe == the ‘goodness’ they will accomplish after ‘the masses’ recognize their superior wisdom.

        The accompanying lavish estates, the security crews to ‘stabilize’ ‘the masses’, the elite parties at ‘undisclosed secure locations’… those are required so ‘the masses’ realize the politicians are superior to normal people.

        Yes, liberals are different.
        They have lists.
        How are you coming with your lists?

      1. I’m not blowing any bubbles only talking from my own personal experiences. Of all the individuals that I have dealt with here in Central Texas that have moved to their new home from California there has not been a single conservative person and all of them we’re extremely left-leaning, not just liberal. I would love to see some conservative Californians come to Texas and start voting that way. I’m sure that there are lots of statistics that say otherwise but like I said, I’m just speaking from my own personal experience.

  4. We in California need help! Why are we the citizens having to under go the confiscation of our rights? Where is the federal government that is supposed to protect our rights as citizens of the United States? Why isn’t the FBI arresting legislators for conspiracy to deprive us of our Constitutional rights and prosecuting them? What possible use is a Federal Government that condones the deprivation of rights of its citizens as well as ignoring it’s own federal laws. Time for a change. I suggest that we do a little research and find out how many of the California liberal politicians have guns or armed body guards and “Red Flag” them let them have a taste of their own medicine. After all, by their reasoning there is no reason for a citizen to have firearms unless it is to do harm to others. Any attempt to exempt themselves would be a violation of Federal antidiscrimination laws. Perhaps they are already violating the American Disability Act laws by putting disabled people in harms way. Where are the Feds on enforcing illegal immigrant laws that are ignored by the state and local governments who are aiding and abetting federal criminals? Just a few things off the top of my head, but using the Feds to enforce existing laws would be the answer. These are rhetorical questions as the Feds are far to involved in their own “Dog and Pony Shows”

  5. One further thought. How do you think Nancy Pelosi would react if her and her guards we disarmed and couldn’t posses fire arms for 5 years under California’s Red Flag laws?

    1. That will never happen… don’t you see it yet? The laws are for thee, not for meee!!!
      There is only 1 way to fix this, it ain’t the soap box, and they’re trying like hell to make it sure it is not the ballot box. That only leaves me with one kind of box left?

  6. RE:Red Flag Laws. If you have PTSD or worked in certain stressful jobs.Your 2A rights will be terminated. jobs such as: served in the military,police departments,EMTS,work in trama centers,etc,etc.All these jobs will disqualify you from possessing firearms.Also this list will be continuously expanded.

    1. Duane, I am here under duress. I find it hard to believe that you do not under stand the concept of a nation, besides I didn’t ask you to contribute anything personally, I only questioned the lack of federal desire to protect it’s citizens, and I include you as one. You can run but you cannot hide, the creeping socialistic agenda is moving to the redoubt even as I write this. We are all in this together and they way out looks dim and bloody.

      1. I’m with Joe here. Everyone likes a pariah to hate. When I moved from New York to California in the 70’s everyone hated people from New York. Now, if you live in California, you’re the hated one if you move somewhere else. I don’t think any of the MILLIONS of Conservatives in CA appreciate being thrown under the bus by the rest of the country. Truly, “moving to the Redoubt” would only net me two things; I’d always be considered an outsider, and I’d always share the blame for the Leftist cancer that is spreading across our country, even though I have NOTHING to do with it.

        California DID NOT seed the country with the socialist agenda. Anyone old enough will remember that California was a DEEPLY CONSERVATIVE state not long ago. Indeed, if you do some research instead of hurling insults in the westerly direction, you’ll find that as you move away from the coast of CA, the demographic becomes as Conservative as you claim to be.

        We cannot all live in the Redoubt. If any of us want an intact United States when this is all through, we’re going to need to TAKE a stand WHERE we stand. …And a little moral support from the less affected areas of the country wouldn’t hurt either…

        …For those of you who profess “voting with your feet,” remember this; you never WIN by running…

    2. I wonder how things would have worked out in the mid 1700s if all the original colonies had the same attitude?
      To paraphrase Niemöller-
      1st they came for the veterans, and I said nothing because I was not a veteran……..
      If you think the disease of liberalism is stopping at the Mexifornia state line, stay tuned and continue to do….nothing.
      As for the comment further above about ‘what type of box’?
      Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  7. The only solution for the State of California is for everyone to join the militia in their state. Even join the militia in California. A militia is legal under the US Constitution. In fact the Army national guard and all national guards are still part of the militia. There’s a reserve militia force in the law which is you and me. We need to Muster regularly like in Sweden/Finland/Norway. It’s our legal right to do so currently.

    As JWR says a legal right not flexed is a legal right soon to be taken. Or something like that.

    Join the militia in California.

    1. Just be sure to use an alter ego, including biometrics. Also, remember that you cannot win a war without the support of a major sector of the population, and outside help.

      1. I would think that “outside help” is the thing our current group of leaders is counting on. I can see Chinese, Russian, Cuban, Venezuelan and Canadian troops on our coastlines.

        OK, the Canadian bit was tongue in cheek.

        The others are not.

          1. BGF,
            Sounds like we live close! I do not go into Austin much anymore, due to the deteriorating of condition of the city and it’s residents. Several months ago I had a homeless person jump on the hood of my car, start pounding and would not get off. This has become the norm, I had to call 911, turns out I was the third call for the same guy. There has been a big influx of everybody coming to Austin. I think a big part of the problem we have here is there are a lot of young people who buy into all the problems can be solved by socialism instead of working! The homeless problem is way out of control, and all appear drugged out of their minds, when one approaches me I turn and scream at them to get back, so far that has worked, except for the guy on my hood while I was driving! Mayor Adler is so far gone I don’t understand most people not seeing that, but that is what we are left with. So now I rarely make the trip into Austin. So sad to see it going the way of the west coast cities that are in complete ruin. I’m counting on Gov. Abbott to step in and hopefully make a difference.

          2. TXnurse: I work for myself and go into Austin on a daily basis. I am near or interacting with the homeless very often. The homeless in Austin are pervasive and can often be aggressive. Even when not aggressive dealing with the insane amounts of garbage and human waste strewn about is nerve wracking. Little human landmines filled with hepatitis and a host of other various pathogens is not fun. The mayor, city council and seemingly most residents think that it’s all okay. Oh brother…

        1. Too true– they have plenty of Marxist “outside help.” But where are the people of faith, like our founding fathers, who understand the foundation of freedom?

          I believe we will get outside help, but in the form described in Revelation 19.

          Until then, we live until we die. The crucial thing, is to live and die loyal to the King of kings, and Lord of lords.

          We need recruits. How do we get them? “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.”

    2. Jefferson Davis,

      Seriously? The militia would still be under state control. It would be the California Militia, and it would do the state’s bidding. (And, by the way, the National Guard is not part of the militia. To argue that it is helps the anti-gun proponents who argue that because the National Guard is the militia, individuals who are not part of it do not have a right to own firearms. The US Supreme Court squashed that argument in Heller v. District Columbia in 2010.)

      Now if you meant “join a militia,” that would be different, but the choices in any given state are very limited. Some (and perhaps most) of the militias across the country that existed in the 1990s were filled with pot-bellied wannabe “soldiers” who shrank from active duty when they were younger because they could not stomach military life, and most were clueless about military matters.

      Joining a militia was, for them, simply a Walter Mitty outlet for those who were dissatisfied with the political environment. They went out into the woods wearing BDUs, drank beer around the fireside, and went home on Sunday evening in order to be at their 9 to 5 jobs on Monday, believing in their simple minds that they were ready at the Marine Corps Force Recon level for the next weekend.

      Should the bowel exudate ever hit the oscillator and should this country ever fall into a state of mass chaos, militia groups might come together. No one in their right mind, however, should ever think that they could stand up to an organized military force sent by a national or even a state government. Back in the day when battles were fought with muskets and muzzle loading cannons, militia performed poorly too much of the time. (Mel Gibson’s “The Patriot” gives a fair depiction of this.) In the modern era, they would be slaughtered in a stand up fight.

      Hit and run tactics by militia forces? That is a different story. That is part of what is called Asymmetrical Warfare. The insurgents in Iraq qualified as a militia, and they caused all kinds of hell for quite some time. Only occasionally did they not hit and run. The ones who firmly stood their ground when US forces were seriously committed against them were mostly yelling, “Allahu Akhbar” and hoping for their reward in Paradise.

  8. Did you see Washington state used the red flag laws to remove firearms from a person for their political beliefs? While he is a hateful person and I don’t agree with his ideology he committed no crime. And they are still looking for a law to apply to him to prosecute.

    1. Here’s an example:
      Remember they think anyone to the right of Hitlery is a neo-Nazi.
      This parallels “do the Nazis have the right to march in Skokie”, but with the second amendment.
      Note there is zero accusation of any actual plans, crimes, even speech that would suggest any crime. But we are in “minority report pre-crime” territory.
      Also note in Chicago guns are illegal but a half dozen get shot each weekend.

  9. Re. Veterans (and others) being disarmed, property seized with no due process

    This old coot (me) has been an Oath Keeper prior to even their founding documents being filed. Stewart Rhodes, where are you? Whom should I call if they come for my arms? These are NOT rhetorical questions. Please respond.

    1. First of all, thanks to ffg above. Got it. Wink. Wink.

      Unless we all and I mean ALL get our acts together we are going to lose this republic WITHOUT A FIGHT.

      John Adams says “ this government is made for the religious type and is wholly unfit for any other”

      That means to separate The Non-church Goer from State.

      That should be our mantra right now to MUSTER a fight to remove these un-religious types from our nation. Remove them form our school boards. University professorships. Congress. Public office. Media/television. And your neighborhood.

      Remember this nation was given to us by God and at one time was a nation of 100% Christians. Whom founded a Christian government.

      THEY will stop at nothing to overthrow our republic and set up a rule which only the ungodly can withstand. It will be unfit for the Christian.

      What are we waiting for start the drums beating. Get into your next town hall meeting and school board meeting to force the pendulums swing back to liberty.

      Our Founding Fathers command is to. As a last resort they left us with the second amendment. But I soon the 2A being our first resort start the push back where God has you now.

      1. “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” –Article 6, United States Constitution

        Those who wish to apply religious tests to civil office, need to study history. Who gets to decide where to draw the line? Shall we exclude all members of the Church of Satan from civil office? All Muslims? All Catholics? All Protestants? All Jews?

        Have we forgotten Roger Williams, the origins of Rhode Island, and the pivot point that his experiment proved to be in the history of Christian civilization? If so, we cannot appreciate our Constitution fully.

        I totally agree that only a religious and virtuous people can keep a nation free. But Government, being the collective right of self-defense, needs to make sure that the religions don’t slaughter each other. Many of us have little appreciation of how vital this is, and how hard to accomplish.

        Article 6’s prohibition of religious tests for civil office is the Achilles Heel of our republic, since most religions advocate the destruction of infidels and other religions. Unfortunately, government can’t protect it.

        This is why both Churches and Schools–especially schools–should be removed entirely from government funding and control.

        The only bulwark against religious tyranny, is to put the Bible back in the minds and hearts of the people. Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God. This is the book of freedom, that tells us of a God who offers us freedom to choose. Freedom requires that we be free to reject Him. But that disconnects one from the source of life, liberty, and happiness.

  10. Re. 3D printed boat
    Very interesting. I must admit to being bias toward the Grand State of Maine. I’d still be there had it not been for public magistrates the likes of those gun-grabbers in the boat.

    I worked with many engineers who graduated from UM. Like they say in Maine, ‘The ice was very thick under them’. Hopefully UM is still producing quality engineers.

    It seems like the woes of the logging industry followed me from Maine to Montana. Hopefully the emerging 3D printing technology will benefit it in both States.

  11. I don’t know if there is a red flag law here in Montana? I do know that our Dumbocrat governor and idiot senior senator will try to get one.
    The move in “Sprouts and Birkenstock Gang” from Missoula,Bozeman,and Billings are having a great time turning the state into a place where us “Montuckyens” ain’t allowed.
    If you spend two nights in Missoula you get an Honorary Liberal Arts Degree and a used
    Subaru.This is the town that fines the elderly for not shoveling their sidewalks by 9 am.
    Montana Guy!! I think you know what to do.

      1. ffg, I believe you will be proven correct.

        Thomas Paine’s words In ‘Common Sense’ would ring as true today as they did in 1776. He warned of a lack of masculinity, a short-sighted and selfish attitude that disregards its effects on future generations. Paine spoke to people being content with conditions that “will last my time”. Today Paine’s words would fall on deaf ears.

  12. This incident occurred because of an eavesdropped conversation about a crossing guard’s concern over behavior of resource officer, who just happens to be married to the vice principal. Sounds like a case of gossip turned vendetta. A peek into the future. Profanity warning.:
    Tyrannical Tisbury Police Queef Hires Back School Crossing Guard After Being Shamed For Taking His Guns, Assistant Principal Is Married To The School Resource Officer

    Army vet, cop fired from crossing guard duty, forced to surrender personal weapons
    Nichols’ attorney, Dan Larkosh, said he plans to file for an appeal of the decision to take away the guns and license, especially after learning that the department did not serve him with any official paperwork for the license seizure, but simply demanded that he turn it over.
    Nichols is frustrated, and though he claims he doesn’t take his guns out of his home on a regular basis, he does want his license to carry back. The guns were released into the hands of his family members.“My grandson is manager of a gun shop in Worcester, Mass and he’s going to be allowed to come down and take the weapons and sell them for me,” he said.

  13. We wont stop running. That is the whole point of “Survival”. Buy a farm far away from anyone, plant some food and watch the front gate. Survivalism is a defense / reactive based mindset. Starting to shoot is offense / proactive based. Not in these genes.

      1. Saying “Not in these Genes” is refering to the genes of the prepper community. Not specifically my own, however, I have yet to fire a shot as well.

        You state “Until they move in” Reactive language. You will wait and wait and wait. Face it, preppers are never going to be proactive. Anti-FA is proactive and we scorn them for it. Not in our genes.

      2. Saying “Not in these Genes” is refering to the genes of the prepper community. Not specifically my own, however, I have yet to fire a shot as well.

        You state “Until they move in” Reactive language. You will wait and wait and wait. Face it, preppers are never going to be proactive. Anti-FA is proactive and we scorn them for it. Not in our genes.

  14. It seems the republic of the United States is losing States at an alarming rate.
    All Sanctuary States by definition are illegal since the ignore Federal Law. California is one such state but their are many more.

    So if liberals/ Marxist/ Communists states can ignore Federal Law and have for years than in time other States will form to protect, gun rights, property rights, state recourses rights and ignore any Federal law limiting the freedom of such states.
    The die has been cast.

    I wonder how many Second Amendment States will there be?

    1. According to Rawles just three plus one half and plus one half states. So four states total territory to have constitutional 2A quality. Which means 1A in tact as well. The American Redoubt is the place to be when the fighting starts. It will come to guns. Remember the book of Revelation. The fight is a coming.

    2. I wonder how many Second Amendment States will there be?

      About half, maybe more. How many Republican governors are there? How many Republican state legislatures are there? I know the Republicans are a lame excuse for folks we can depend on, but it’s all we have.

      Also I get tired of the folks on this site and all around the web and in government who refer to Nazis as right wing. National Socialists (Nazis) are what their name suggests, socialists. Hitler himself said something to the effect that “the problem with Marx is that he didn’t allow for corporatism”. Hitler was a Marxist, the foundations of National Socialism are Marxist. These are just the fact, the Nazis were leftists, socialists, Marxists.

      While we’re at it, the modern “Anti Fascists” are literally the exact same thing as Mussolini’s Black Shirts and Hitler’s Brown Shirts. They are now the Black Bloc gangs of George Soros and the Democrat party. Soros, ostensibly a Jew, learned well from his training as part of the Hungarian Hitler Youth. Seig Heil!

  15. Why not do what the dems do and infiltrate sleeper cells into local and state government? If 2 or 3 “gray” people would run for local office each election cycle they could slowly turn the situation around. I realize it would take time and constraint to be successful, but isn’t that what resistance is all about? The dems have been doing this for years. Think about it.

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