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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the U.S. Army’s deployment of M1 Abrams tanks to Lithuania.

Taliban Sighted with Night Vision and Thermal Equipment

Reader G.P. mentioned this, over at American Partisan: Taliban Sighted with Night Vision and Thermal Equipment.

New York Sends Cease and Desist Orders to 80% Lower Sellers

Reader SOG sent this: NY State Sends Cease and Desist Orders to Sites Selling 80% Lower Receivers.

US Tanks and Troops Headed to Lithuania for Lengthy Deployment

The Stars and Stripes reports: US tanks and troops headed to Lithuania for lengthy deployment. (Thanks to G.P. for the link.)  The article begins:

“More than 500 U.S. soldiers and dozens of tanks and heavy fighting vehicles will deploy to Lithuania in the coming days on an extended mission to bulk up NATO’s eastern flank, the Baltic country’s military said Wednesday.

The troops are being dispatched as part of U.S. Army Europe’s Atlantic Resolve campaign, which involves rotating hundreds of troops to locations up and down eastern Europe in an effort to deter Russian aggression in the region.

The looming arrival of U.S. forces was welcomed by Lithuanian officials, who have lobbied for more frequent and longer American troop rotations since Atlantic Resolve began in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014.”

So Nobody Needs an AR-15 Against Multiple Home Invaders?

I found this linked over at Claire Wolfe’s blog: So Nobody Needs An AR-15 Against Multiple Home Invaders?  JWR’s Comment: These same liberal gun haters try to tell us that we don’t need any magazines that hold more than 10 rounds–but somehow the police do. (Even though in most of their confrontations, it is two or more officers versus one perpetrator.) And if they lived in Ursus horribilis (Grizzly Bear) country like I do, then perhaps these liberal dreamers would feel differently.

China’s New Super Surveillance State Camera

Another from G,P.: China’s new ‘super camera’ can instantly pinpoint specific targets among tens of thousands of people. A pericope:

“Scientists have unveiled a 500 megapixel cloud camera system in China that they say is capable of capturing the facial details of each individual in a crowd of tens of thousands of people, raising fears facial recognition monitoring could soon reach a new level.

The camera, which was revealed at China’s International Industry Fair last week, was designed by Fudan University and Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The camera’s resolution is five times more detailed than the human eye, and it is also equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition, real-time monitoring and cloud computing technology, designers say.

All this means it can detect and identify human faces or other objects and instantly find specific targets even in a crowded stadium, Xiaoyang Zeng, one of the scientists who worked on the new technology, explained to reporters at the exhibition display.

He said this device — dubbed the “super camera” by local media — can capture both still images and record video.”

Fremont Cop Radios For Help After His Tesla Battery Dies

A hat tip to H.L. for sending this: Listen: Fremont Cop Radios For Help After His Tesla Battery Dies During High Speed Chase.

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  1. Wonderful that the Chinese are developing such technology. This will better enable them to capture more political dissidents to be ripped apart and have their organs harvested, sickenly enough without anesthesia while they are still alive. Yes survival blog readers do some research. Thats why you can go get an organ in China on short notice. Just like our tortured kinsmen in South Africa we should be dropping plane loads of weapons to allow the people to fight back.

  2. Combine AI, a camera with 500 megapixels, and a drone or fixed camera on a tower etc, and it would seem you could at least negate the effectiveness of armed “dissidents” or any other threat to your desired area control. Kind of hard to sneak thru an area when they can monitor each blade of grass. China seems to be able to actually use the techniques that the USSR only dreamed of.

    1. And today, too. It appears that their prices have increased, however. It also seems to me that there are fewer vendors of the radios than there were last week.

      I am wondering if these radios are being shipped from China so as to avoid FCC action against the vendors. My understanding is that advertising them for sale is illegal now, so I am wondering what sort of legal gyrations Amazon is using to avoid being classified as an advertiser of the product.

      You may have seen in one of my prior comments that my “go-to” ham guy questioned whether Amazon would actually stop selling them on September 30. While he didn’t exactly say this, his suspicions were in line with the “too big to jail” concept.

  3. Nobody needs an AR? I would guess that when you call 911 and the dispatcher tells you that “both deputies on duty are on the other side of the County”, you could very well wish you had one. Myself and many other folks live rural with a long response times for help. Sometimes the first responder is you.

    1. ALWAYS, the first responder is you! Unless the incident happens inside a police station or “cop bar”….. The target of an assault is always going to be the first responder. The question is what the response will be… panic… or… judicious aim.

  4. On Tuesday Oct.1 SurvivalBlog allowed to be posted a comment suggesting that F.B.I Swat Agents should be shot in the leg with a dart gun and when they went down,dispatched with a shot to the head.
    The hateful comment has since been deleted. How in the name of God did it get posted in the first place.??
    Disgraceful is putting it mildly. The SurvivalBlog owes an apology.!

        1. I saw the post and I replied to “Uanomous” (or some other crazy illiterate spelling of his nomme de plume, which I expect was a pathetic effort at Anonymous). I took him to task for his idiotic post. Unfortunately, his comment stayed on the phone too long. My blistering reply to him was removed when his was. That’s why you are not seeing it.

          The rest of us don’t need to get painted with the broad brush that some will use when they see morons like “Uanomous” commenting here. I expect that he has a history of “contact” with law enforcement.

    1. Norml Chuck & Readers – I’m not here to condemn or condone the posting about shooting a SWAT agent. And I’m one who thinks the events at Ruby Ridge & Waco were despicable abuses of powers and violations of Constitutional Rights & Liberties.

      That said:
      I cannot disagree more with Norml Chuck on
      “Disgraceful is putting it mildly. The SurvivalBlog owes an apology.!”

      JWR and the Editors do a great job of policing this website. We probably have no idea how many inappropriate postings never make it onto this blog. If one slips in momentarily before being taken down, it is unfortunate but understandable. I’m presuming the Editors have lives, are busy doing many different things, and aren’t sitting around monitoring the post every single second of the day. They saw the post and took it down.

      If Norml Chuck has a problem with that, perhaps he might volunteer to provide 24/7 oversight of the incoming posts to insure that inappropriate posts don’t hit the blog. If not, them perhaps we could cut the Editors/Administrators a little slack.

    2. Chuck,

      I didn’t see the post. If it is as reported, you are correct, it doesn’t belong here on SurvivalBlog. However, it’s just an opinion. I would say we all have our problems with the actions of our government for one reason or another. That being said, if it was a regular reader and poster, shame on you, think before you post anything. We are peaceful people promoting the peaceful right to be left alone by our government. We seek the peaceful right to be self sufficient and to be an example to others to also be self sufficient. We also seek the right to choose our own friends, unencumbered by the actions of our governments.

      Now if it wan’t a regular reader or poster, or if it was posted anonymously, then I would suggest it was a specifically targeted post. This site is likely to be a target for the virulent left and State and Federal monitors, or is that being redundant. The folks we don’t have positive feelings for do not like Americans who choose to be responsible for their own existence. They literally hate Americans who don’t need them. A needy American is a controlled American. We all know how much our adversaries live for the power to control us all.

      SurvivalBlog owes an apology to no one. JWR acted responsibly, in a timely manner, to remove an obnoxious post. That is all that should be required. Instead, maybe a “thank you” is appropriate to JWR for taking care of business.

    3. Dear Norml Chuck:
      I’m presently on a cross-country road trip, and therefore only checking comments about three times a day, at roughly six hour intervals. In contrast, when I’m home at the ranch, I usually check the comments at least once every two hours for about sixteen hours a day. I’m not perfect, and I can’t be expected to constantly monitor the comments, especially when traveling. I deleted that comment as soon as I saw it. THEN I deleted your complaint about it.

      My apologies. But please refrain from inflating this into some big issue, with the assumption that I was somehow sympathetic with his position. That was not the case.

      In Christ, – Jim Rawles

  5. Just like real life, I would imagine that Survival Blog values the first amendment. Although the comment does seem hateful and ridiculous, can you instantly and with prejudice what people say in real life ??? No, so get your panties out of a wad and wake up to the real world. Even in this environment/platform there are glittering jewels of ignorance and don’t blame the site for stupid people. !!!!

    1. Understand that no one has a First Amendment right to say anything on Survivalblog–with the sole exception being JWR. A blog does not have to allow anyone to use its “bully pulpit” to make crazy, hateful, or wacko comments. The right to say anything on someone else’s blog can be denied “for any reason or for no reason.” I understand now from JWR’s explanation why the comment by “Uanomous” remained in the Comment section as long as it did. It fell in the category of “Stuff Happens.”

      The media loves to paint preppers/survivalists as odd ducks or outright crazies. The comment by Uonamous is the sort of nutjob comment that assists the media in its effort.

      That type of comment also causes the public to resist getting involved in preparedness because they don’t want to be the subject of criticism.

      We would all be safer if the entire country took a few baby steps down the preparedness road, so the more responsible, intelligent, and prudent we appear, the better off we will be.

  6. Re. US tanks and troops headed to Lithuania

    Trump and many other US Presidents have defined every country in NATO as the ‘hill we are willing to die on’. Now THAT is an impeachable offense.

    1. Are the NATO soldiers who died on the american hill so easily forgotten, discarded or is their ultimate sacrifice worthless because they´re not american´s?

      And now tell me on what NATO hill american´s did the same?

      1. ThoDan, NOT ONE ‘American hill’ that you refer to was on American soil. The only just war is one on your soil defending your soil.

        If I have learned ONE TRUTH in almost 80 years it is this expressed by Smedley Butler. He was a US Marine Corps major general, the highest ranking and the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. In ‘War is a Racket’ he wrote, “I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else.”

        To all parents reading this, your children will never learn this truth in government schools. Spend $5.40 (Amazon) and teach them these PRICELESS truths about non-aggression and justified self-defense.

        1. Then you´ve not one Inch of soil, you´ve the Right to defend, every inch of US Soil was taken from others.

          Then the French and spanish soldiers who fought, sacrificed and died in your revolutionary died as criminals.

          The luxury of defending your soil on your coastline, can only someone say who was protected between the Oceans, from any foreign threat and btw was willing to throw Hawaii and other Islands under the bus.
          btw i thought James Mattis is a General of the USMC ret, that General Vandegrift was the first and a General outranks a Generalmajor

          If you´re not willing to defend your allies, as well as your own from attack, ask for a discharge because you´re unable to fulfilling your Duty and do not wonder that on the day battle come to your shores again you will be alone and the fault is yours

          1. Son, so two wrongs make a right? Is that what is being taught to young people today?

            I am an old coot. I can actually remember the U.S. Military dropping food on people. Just since Trump took office the U.S. Military has dropped 110,000 bombs on people. How did Americans (many professing to be Christians) become so blood-thirsty?

            I’m sorry Dan but I am not going to be able to help you further.

          2. Young, These days are gone.
            No two wrongs don´t make Right, but what is wrong and what is Right?
            I work in a City the US dropped bombs on years before that.

            If the UK followed Butlers Argument, the Falklands would be under the heel of a torture Junta, look at the Skagerrak Blockade in WWI

  7. I learned a new word today from the Chinese Camera article.
    Pericope: noun; A selection from a book.
    From Greek meaning “act of cutting” (peri + kope) or koptein: to cut

    Thank you Survival Blog and Merriam Webster Dictionary.

  8. Re the tesla, see the article about the diesel powered tesla at the Nurburing(german race course), the tesla had to be towed away while the Porsche it was competing with it drove past

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