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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on Boise State’s leftists. (See the Idaho section.)


I just heard about a fairly new gun maker called Genesis Arms, in Coeur d’Alene. They are producing a great 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun called the GEN-12, using a standard off-the shelf AR-10 lower receiver and their own proprietary upper. They are now taking pre-orders for a 14-inch barreled “Firearm”” version with an SB Tactical arm brace that doe NOT require a $200 short-barreled shotgun (SBS) registration! They are also now taking pre-orders for 10-round magazines. Check them out!

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Boise State rewards students for ‘unpacking white identity,’ ‘recognizing their privilege’. JWR”s Comments:  This illustrates how nearly all of academia is infected by radical leftist thought, even in a “conservative” state like Idaho. And it is also evidence that the acronym expansion that I predicted in my novel Land Of Promise is coming about. 20 years ago, they just said “Gay and Lesbian”. Then it was “Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual”. Then it was “LGBT”. Then it was “LGBTQ”. Now it is LGBTQIA+.  Just wait a few years, and we will be expected to memorize something like: LGBTT2QQAAIIPDPPANGNAA. That stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Transsexual Two-Spirit Queer Questioning Intersex Intergender Asexual Allies Pansexual Demisexual Polysexual Polyamorous Androgynous Neutrois Gender Neutral and Animal Amorous.  It is also noteworthy that they proudly now call themselves “queer.”  But if I were to call one of them queer, then that would be an insult or perhaps even a prosecutable Thought Crime, in some countries. We are on the slippery slope toward having our own language becoming a weapon of cultural self-immolation.

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Terry in Idaho sent this:  The Dismantling of Micron a Boise Icon.


Four feet deep: Historic ‘winter’ storm means September snow day for kids in Browning, Montana.

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Reader J. L. sent us this: Feral Hogs Approaching Montana a Threat to Farmland, Environment

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Grandmother uses hair dryer disguised as speed gun to slow speeding cars

Eastern Oregon

‘Essentially an entire stop to the Columbia River’: Crews continue to repair broken lock at Bonneville Dam

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Tsosie is returned to face murder charges

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La Pine man indicted on 59 sex crimes

Eastern Washington

Video: Turkeys are taking over Spokane’s South Hill

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Body cam footage shows moments before Spokane officer fatally shot David Novak


I just heard about this outdoor optics company that is headquartered in Lander Wyoming: Mavenbuilt.

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“Andy Corbin has been waiting for this weekend all year long. Tomorrow,  the Cheyenne resident will find out if this year’s prized pumpkin is big enough to reclaim the Wyoming state record, which currently stands at 1,322 lbs.
“I don’t want to jinx it,” Corbin joked. “I do have one that I’m hoping will get there, but we won’t know for sure until it’s on the scale.”
Corbin set the state record with a 1,268-lb. pumpkin in 2015. The next year, Riverton resident Ron Hoffman broke the record using seeds from one of Corbin’s pumpkins. The two have shared a friendly rivalry for nearly a decade.”

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Man pleads guilty to 2003 Laramie killing

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  1. Regarding the Spokane police murdering a man and the prosecuting attorney covering for them…welcome to the new Amerika. Look into the case of Dennis Tuttle, honorably discharged Navy vet and his wife Rhogena Nicholas, no criminal records the couple lived in Houston TX. The police chief was trying to cover for his officers being ready to plant evidence and commiting murder!!!! Finally after the family gets some independant investigation going does the truth start to come out. The oinker (Gerald Goines) who lied to the judge about a controlled informant making a purchase that never happened has finally been charged with murder. This piece of human filth has had numerous complaints and allegations of abusing his power for years and years. He had the bags of heroin ready to plant on the innocent couple ready to go in his patrol car! Neigbors allege the couple was still alive 30 minutes after the initial botched raid until the police finished them off by shooting them in the back through the windows of the house! Cops committing murder, planting drugs, lying under oath….and we are supposed to turn our guns in and trust these people to defend us LOL!

    1. Big Mike: I researched the tragic Tuttle incident in Houston that you referenced and it appears these rogue cops are indeed in major trouble. I do not agree with the concept of no-knock searches as they are usually unnecessary and high risk to all …. occupants, neighbors and police. There is a lot of illegal activity going on in America but there is seldom enough justification for another Waco or Ruby Ridge or legalized home invasion.

      However, you have to keep in perspective that there are many more very good police agencies all over the country and officers do good deeds every day. Too bad we don’t hear about them.

      1. But the GOOD cops always stand up for the murdering cops. So that makes them all guilty by association. Sort of like when RADICAL muslims murder innocent people and the MODERATE muslims never say a word against them. Guilty by association they are.

    2. It was bad in 1985. 40 years latter, the corruption is totally out of control, especially in the most liberal states with the most liberal courts. Have no illusions about this. Andy Griffith has left the business. Most of the principled civil servants leave in disgust. The rest remain for a paycheck, empower the rat race. The few good guys left are being over overwhelmed. Stand up to it, and they are ‘black balled’. And given the opportunity, the good guys will be punished more. It is so bad, that I cannot exaggerate. And what is it like now in the military? From reports from senior NCO’s, It is a joke now too. Out here in the boonies they will not be knocking on my door, they are afraid of the populace.

    3. In 2018, 104 of “these people” that wear badges were killed protecting good,bad,and even hateful people.
      Of course there are some bad and even criminals in the Law Enforcement Profession,just as there is in almost every other profession.
      Most decisions to shoot or don’t shoot are made in less than the blink of an eye
      We live in America. That’s with a “c”, not a”k”. I think some people have a bad experience which embitters them for life,beyond all reason.
      There is a saying in police circles,”if the citizens knew how dangerous it is on the streets,they would sleep in shifts.
      Does it really matter what has to be done to keep the monsters away from your door step?

      1. >>Does it really matter what has to be done to keep the monsters away from your door step?<<
        YES, it does. If the monsters at my doorstep happen to be wearing badges then the only justice comes post mortem. And THAT is a problem for me – as it would be for you also.

  2. Re:White Identity. People have bought into dissecting all that is into more and more parts thinking they can somehow define and separate themselves from the whole. Then, turn around and talk of embracing that which they cut up as diversity. They run round and round the Möbius strip. Much like my generations foray into drugs, they will eventually realize and get that the whole of Life really encompasses way more than the seeking of identity and sexual exploration. Seems it is a rite of passage that has many forms.

    1. @SCGAL

      The reason for the white flight to American Redoubt is that we are fed up with the gerrymandering of voting districts. Let me explain. The statistics show that people of brown and black color vote Democrat when they come to America from foreign countries. Go to any McDonalds/Walmart/Costco etc. across the country (except the redoubt) and understand we are invaded. You must speak Spanish, Somalian, Portugues, or any other language but English. You are now in a foreign country inside your birth home. It has nothing to do with white people building the modern world and hence are monopolizers so we need diversity, NOPE! It has everything to do with votes FOR DEMOCRATS.

      Stats show that White Europeans, and white Americans comprise more than the majority of Republican votes.

    1. Seems that one can make any claim one wants regarding race or orientation and others are expected to acknowledge and support those assertions- I think on my next gun background check under “race” I’ll pencil in “dragon“…. . I wonder if they’ll approve me.

  3. re : wild turkeys in Spokane.
    The turkeys undoubtedly are part of a much larger party of misguided and worthless turkeys now residing in the western part of the state near Olympia,the state capitol.They should all be harvested for thanksgiving before they do any more damage to our state.

  4. The midnight deadline to sell or advertise for sale Baofeng-type radios has come and gone, and I see that they are still being offered on Amazon. My ham source predicted that sellers might ignore the new FCC rule, and that Amazon might ignore the law, too.

    This situation may be related to the fact that the Baofeng radios always had features that were illegal per existing FCC regs, but the FCC never engaged in any enforcement action. The FCC may have formally made them illegal to sell or advertise for sale now, but it may take quite sometime before it decides to take legal action.

    Readers who procrastinated now have a second chance to stock up.

    1. The given that radio is being replaced by cell phones and other data transfer devices, the FCC has closed most of it’s field offices, and is now more concerned with regulating cell phones. Even the law enforcement uses MDT (mobile data terminal, laptops on a trucked radio system) and cell phones for most of their traffic. The radio is now, comparison, use for only when out of the vehicle at an incident, or during pursuits. The bulk of the traffic is no longer over radio. Buying an expensive scanner for P25, that is digital radio, for the purposes of monitoring Emergency Services radio traffic, yields much less information, a disappointing amount, as compared with scanning this traffic did 20-30 years ago. Most of this traffic is now much less valuable for intelligence development, consisting of mostly departure, and arrival times, and other similar information that needs to be provided in ‘real time’, or instantaneously.

  5. Re. “LGBTQ”. Now it is LGBTQIA+. Just wait a few years, and we will be expected to memorize something like: LGBTT2QQAAIIPDPPANGNAA

    I defer to Ruth (Bell) Graham’s ‘Editors’ Quote of the Day’.

    1. I always start the alphabet recitation with a “P” , and when asked why, explain it stands for Perverted..(the descriptor for the rest of the letters).

  6. JWR, As to Boise State, We should all remember this when higher education wants another bond or more tax money. In fact , unless your particular school district is doing a great job of educating your children a NO vote on school bond measures may also be in order

  7. Meanwhile in the Democratic Republic of Maryland: October 1st marks the day that a recently passed law that makes saying you’re going to commit a “hate crime” a criminal offense goes int effect. Which begs the question, who decides what is a hate crime.

  8. White Identity: I don’t “identify” as white. I have this actual white piece of paper in front of me right now. If I hold it in my hand, my hand looks brown by comparison. Regardless of what color of skin you are; if that is all you have to identify yourself by, well, there is just not very much to you, is there. Yes, my history goes back to western Europe. You know, so does Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She is too ignorant to recognize that truth. I call her white girl Sandy from Westchester. If DNA tests could show all the way back to the beginning of someone’s ancestry, we’d find that we all came from roughly the same part of the world, thousands of years in the past.

    All this separation, under the name of diversity, these socialists subject us to, isn’t that just segregation by another name? The most racist, bigoted people I have run into in my 68 years are all leftists, socialists. Just steel yourself to actually listen to the majority of the Democrat party (all hail the party), what you hear is bigotry and racism. If there are any Democrat voters on this blog, hey, it’s your party, deal with it. Think about what you actually support. The Republican politicians are usually better, but there are a few who are just as despicable as the Democrat politicians. Just listen to Mitt (the evil little rat, Willard) Romney or the evil neocon Paul Ryan. Those two are just as bad, just as evil, as Hitlery Clinton (sieg heil).

    Sorry for the slightly rambling rant. These folks really p**s me off. Martin Luther King, Jr. must be turning in his grave over what these evil bast##ds have done to his dream.

  9. About those feral hogs. Up here on the northern side of the Montana border, we haven’t heard about them. Never heard of anyone having an issue. There is an open season here in Alberta. Most guys I know would hunt them regularly, if anybody knew where they were….

  10. Ref: BinWY and his monsters.
    We are talking about the murders,rapists,carjacker,kidnapers,robbers,and pedophiles that roam the earth among us.
    Anyone who thinks that they care at all about your Civil or Human Rights is suffering from a severe [CRUDE WORDS IMPLYING DELUSION DELETED].

    1. JWR..Suggesting that F.B.I SWAT officers should be shot in the head with darts gets posted on this site,but a reply with “crude words” is deleted?
      Interesting. I thought you were better than that.

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