The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“When a people, by their sin, make themselves as loathsome carcasses, nothing can be expected but that God should send enemies to destroy them.” – Matthew Henry, Commentary on the Whole Bible, Matthew 24:7

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  1. “Even Lady Macbeth went mad with more dignity than Hillary Clinton.” = [Daniel Greenfield, September 30, 2019.]

    (1) “Of course, much of NRA-ILA’s efforts during the 2016 election were devoted to informing the public about [Hillary] Clinton’s gun control proposals, such as her support for Australia-style gun control and confiscation.
    (2) Most importantly, NRA-ILA took Clinton on over her position that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual right to keep and bear arms.
    (3) Given her extreme view, NRA made Clinton’s attacks on the Second Amendment and her potential ability to nominate U.S. Supreme Court Justices a focal point of its messaging. [NRA-ILA, June 22. 2018]

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