The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“The method of using ‘mental health’ or social disruption as an excuse to silence dissent was not actually mastered by China, however.  It was standardized in communist Russia during the reign of the Soviets.  The mental health excuse was exploited on a regular basis in order to quietly sweep government critics and dissidents under the rug never to be seen again. The mental hospitals where these deplorables were kept were called “Psikhushka”, an ironic diminutive label. The hospitals worked hand in hand with the Cheka secret police and their vast networks of civilian informants.

‘See Something Say Something’ began under communists in the East.  It’s only being recycled today in the West.

For the Soviets, the methodology made sense. The message they were sending was that anyone who criticized socialism/communism MUST be crazy. And, in a way, this is how Red Flag laws function. For if you are put on the list, or denied gun rights, then there MUST be something mentally wrong with you. And, by extension, if you are placed on the list for political reasons, then your political beliefs or convictions MUST also be psychologically disturbed. You see how this works?

Red Flag laws and social credit systems take the Psikhushka and flip it around. They don’t need mental health prisons, they simply turn the whole country into a mental health prison. The wardens and guards of this prison will be the citizenry, and they will police each other.

Make no mistake, the mainstream media and the government have been conditioning the public for years to the concept that certain ideals and political activists are on the “fringe”. They are “conspiracy theorists”. They are exhibiting “defiance disorders”. They are not right in the head. Red Flag gun laws are meant for people like me, or perhaps people like you.” – Brandon Smith


    1. Cord7, I agree. Sadly that’s where we are today. Washington warned us that government is force. He was right. The Police State has been built. Free speech, like most of our freedoms, is dead.

      My advice (especially for parents of young children) is be very careful choosing the hills you are willing to die on.

      Liberty can be restored but that is another topic.

  1. This is exactly the method behind the madness of the Red Lag Laws. It is good to clearly describe the method, and mechanism, the law, and the madness, the resulting enforcement and goal, in no uncertain terms. Having visited Eastern Germany and Poland during the Cold War, and went to a school with radical Red Chinese Communist teachers in a socialist country, the tea leaves are easy for me to read.

    This slithering blob thing of the swamp, has tentacles that reach far and wide and into cracks and crevices where it ought not, magically manipulating it minions like puppets. It is seemingly unstoppable by political means. Why? It is by mind control, social conditioning, not only graft and greed. It is like a borg, or at the extreme, a mass possession by demons manifesting in mindless and incoherent raving monsters with bizarre behavior. That heretofore, a rational country is descending into a vortex self destruction. We tried reason and facts, gave them a fair and honest debate, yet their insatiable lust for power, drives them to pursue death and destruction. It is a madness that is unnatural.

    It is easy to see the progress. Even those who are somewhat awaken recently are in held in bondage by the web of tentacles of liberal regions. The mass stupor is intoxicating, and induces sleep and conformity in those around it. They must leave or be consumed. They are surrounded by the mind controlled masses, and should flee to safety to where there are those who are not fill with fear and complicity, and the madness. They, we patriots have the blood of the Omega man. Do not be cut off. Least thee be isolated, and surroundednot unlike the Omega Man. Here is a scene to ponder:

    Omega Man, The Trail:

  2. Buy your guns and ammo off the record- anonymously.

    Then tell no one.

    If done right you’ll have no guns that can be confiscated.

    Good quote by Brandon Smith. I’ve always enjoyed reading his stuff.

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