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“Trump makes worse an already problematic situation with pensions. So whimsical. POTUS makes an historic monetary policy decision by endorsing negative interest rates, probably unaware of the epic controversy that he opened by doing so. Savers and pensioners thrown under the bus!

This is why I think a comprehensive and in a sense ‘final’ global financial crisis is so likely. It will provide the cover for massive debt write-offs, but also painful and scary policy innovations (going cashless, positive money, digital moneys, global monetary reset etc).

Bernanke was not a hero, but rather an historic villain, pitting bankers against the people in that centuries long struggle. True, the Federal Reserve as a whole failed society, with NY Fed leading the effort to preserve and revitalize its own major members. Yes one should not blame Bernanke alone. The entire Fed was at fault. Then in the wake, the Fed bailed out the banks. He had huge regulatory powers that could have been applied to cleanse banking system and impose transparency but he declined that opportunity in favor of propping up the same system that brought us the Great Financial Crash.”Dr. Harald Malmgren


  1. POTUS makes an historic monetary policy decision by endorsing negative interest rates…

    The author of this quote is correct, no 0% or -0% interest rates. That being said, I get what POTUS wants. He is looking at the possibility of refinancing all of our $23T in debt at 0% or less. Doing that would eliminate nearly $500B from the budget. It won’t work. The Dems and Reps would see that as an excuse to go on a new spending spree. They’d be literally masturbating at the prospect of all that new spending they could do. It is a sexual deviancy for all these folks, to spend money that is not theirs and have no responsibility for the consequences of the awful things they do.

    Now, couple refinancing their debt. at or below 0%, with a constitutional amendment that does not allow for any debt at all, under any circumstances even in time of war, (otherwise we’d always be at war, just like we are now, debt and war) and directly repealing that portion of the 14th amendment concerning US govt debt, then and only then would it be a good idea. Like I said, it ain’t ever going to happen. Too bad.

  2. re:
    pensions and pensioners

    BisonPrepper James M Dakin observes:
    Eliminating pensions makes sense if you look at it from the position of the global bankers.

    America is a source of resource.
    After all the resources are extracted, the bankers move on to another of their colonies.

    Compare bankers to locusts, and you are on your way to freedom.
    Eliminating pensions reduces the numbers of non-producers.

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