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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the planned intrastate private party transfer ban.

Senate is Fast-Tracking a Private Party Transfer Ban

The U.S. Senate returns from their summer recess in just four days. (Monday, September 9, 2019.) Reliable press accounts from inside the D.C. Beltway indicate that the Republican Senate leadership has rolled over and played dead, on firearms issues. They plan to fast-track a Red Flag Law and a Private Party Transfer Criminalization law. They might possibly also attempt a ban on 11+ round magazines, but that is unlikely to pass in the Senate. PLEASE repeatedly contact both of your U.S. Senators and your Congresscritter, and tell them NO Compromise on gun laws!

And as a realist on politics, I also recommend hedging your bets, as follows:

A.) Start checking gun show calendars. Get thee to a gun show!

B.) Lay in a supply of AR-15s and AR-10s for your children and grandchildren. If you can’t afford complete rifles at this time, then at least buy some stripped lower receivers. (As low as $29 each.)

C.) Start shopping for a few pre-1899 (Federally-exempt antique) Mauser, Winchester, or Krag rifles. If a Federal “Universal Background Check” (private party transfer ban) bill becomes law, then the prices of antique guns that shoot modern smokeless cartridges will surely escalate, rapidly. As I’ve previously mentioned, pre-1899s will probably soon become the last bastion of firearms ownership privacy.  Print out a copy of my Pre-1899 FAQ, for details on serial number thresholds, to make sure you are truly getting guns that were produced on or before December 31, 1898.

D.) As a lower priority, round out your lifetime supply of full capacity magazines. There might be a new magazine ban, and it will probably be permanent. (No 10-year Sunset Clause, this time.)

I’ll have more details about this in a feature-length article, next Tuesday. (September 10, 2019.)  It will be titled: 210 Days of Freedom: The Coming Private Firearms Sales Frenzy.

Chinese-Style Social Credit Scoring in USA

Several readers mentioned a Fast Company article linked over at, titled: Silicon Valley Is Building a Communist-style ‘Social Credit’ System. A snippet:

“Many Westerners are disturbed by what they read about China’s social credit system. But such systems, it turns out, are not unique to China. A parallel system is developing in the United States, in part as the result of Silicon Valley and technology-industry user policies, and in part by surveillance of social media activity by private companies.”

Social Credit Score to Determine Who Can Buy a Gun?

Speaking of Orwellian Social Credit Scoring, yesterday there was this disturbing news, reported by Paul Joseph Watson: Trump Administration Considering Social Credit Score System to Determine Who Can Buy a Gun. JWR’s Comment: I haven’t yet seen this confirmed by another news outlet, but if it is true this would crumble the bedrock foundation of the 1st Amendment, freedom of association, the 4th Amendment, and the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment!

Just a ‘Justice-Involved Person’

Peter sent us the link to this Fox News report: San Francisco board rebrands ‘convicted felon’ as ‘justice-involved person,’ sanitizes other crime lingo.

EMPShield Now Shipping Overseas

I just heard that (one of our affiliate advertisers) has started doing international sales, with shipments world-wide. This should be of great interest to our many readers in England and Australia, and of course to American ex-pats who live in so many different countries.

California Lawmakers Demand Gun Control Summit With Nevada

Reader G.P. sent this: California Lawmakers Demand Gun Control Summit With Nevada. JWR’s Comments: The concept of state sovereignty is a fragile thing, these days. By the way, I was once lectured by a gun show promoter in Reno, Nevada. He briefed those who had rented tables, warning us not to sell 11+ round magazines to Californians. As we walked away, we were chuckling and cracking jokes amongst ourselves. One quip was: “I suppose that if we sell to any customers from Massachusetts, we should also collect Massachusetts sales tax.”

Philippine Police Bans Sales of Hammers

Our Editor-At-Large, Mike Williamson forwarded me this: PNP Bans Buying of Hammer Inside Shopping Malls. Mike’s Comment: “Not Peak Stupidity, but close.”

First Line Kit: Signals and Navigation

Reader Tim. J. sent a link to this, over at American Partisan: First Line Kit: Signals and Navigation

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  1. Here in Miami, they already explicitly ban private sales at the largest gun show, per promoter policy. No sales inside, no sale in the parking lot. How they enforce that, I’m not sure. But the days of a guy walking around with a rifle slung over his shoulder with a “for sale” sign stuck in the barrel are over here.
    A large gun dealer (Shoot Straight) bought the show several years ago and has banned dealers who exhibit at other local shows, to the point where no one goes to the other show. Now, this past weekend, I went to the show and a full 1/3 of tables were gone. I blamed the hurricane coming but a dealer told me “the shows are changing and no ones happy.”
    I believe the days of the gun show held at county owned facilities are coming to an end.

    1. Khleed, the f*****Kuwaiti who owns Shoot Straight stores and all of the Suncoast Gun Shows now (and will as long as he doesn’t try to go back to Kuwait) has decreed that no private sales may be done at his shows. Last thing I heard was that he was making all the other dealers wear his company’s shirts at their tables. I predict that in less then a year the Suncoast shows will cease to exist.
      Find the smaller private shows. Locally Two Guys Gun Shows do old time shows pretty well…

  2. I’m guessing next the Philippines will be banning the sale of rocks. Banning a certain weapon can’t stop our species penchant for violence. Just ask Abel.

  3. We are all “Justice-Involved Persons” now!
    Jail time or not.
    When doing the crime has nothing to do with breaking the law you are guilty and tried by the court of “social-justice”.
    Look down the road far enough and you will see a reckoning.
    Man’s willful disobedience to the laws of God and nature are ALWAYS humbled.

    1. “Man’s willful disobedience to the laws of God and nature are ALWAYS humbled.” Absolutely true, being proven by both the testimonies of Scripture and the testimonies of human history. Man was specifically created to live by God’s Word and not just by anything he creates or thinks (Mat. 4:4). When we turn from God’s law, which is the immune system of a free and prosperous culture, to go our own “progressive” way our culture soon spirals into death, as history has proven without exception. America is in rapid decline because, having abandoned the Lord and His law, she has decided to determine right and wrong for herself and then impose it upon everyone through the courts of “social-justice” and corrupt govervmemnt. Social justice is the outward working of humanism, the religion of fallen man first established in the garden where mankind rebelled to follow their new leader, Satan, who was a murderer, accuser, plunderer, and liar from the beginning. Is it any wonder then that the hallmarks of humanism throughout human history is democide & genocide, convictions and punishment with no due process, never ending slander & false accusations, growing corruption & perversion, government theft and confiscation of private property, ….. the list is endless. If ever we are to restore a free and prosperous America it will begin with repentance based upon God’s law as the standard for the whole of man for the whole of life.

  4. Kevin Sorbo’s faith-based action film ‘The Reliant’ defends Second Amendment
    By Tyler McCarthy
    (2019, September 5)
    Fox News

    The Reliant – trailer # 3
    (YouTube Video)
    The Reliant Movie
    Published on Aug 28, 2019
    Duration – 2:15

    “When the economy collapses, widespread rioting and looting leaves a 21-year-old lovesick girl struggling to care for her four younger siblings in a stretch of woods on the outskirts of their burning town, wondering why a good God would let this happen.”

    1. Ahem… “why a good God would let this happen” ?????

      God already provided the solution to this fallen world’s ills.

      His name is Jesus Christ.

      All of the bad crap that happens in this fallen world is because of man’s rejection of God’s solution.

  5. In the picture for this section, am I seeing two Llama Comanches? It looks like the bottom gun and maybe the top left gun. I don’t think they are Smith’s are they?

    I have a 1984 Llama Comanche and it is a good gun. A Smith clone with similar but slightly different internals. Possibly better design than a Smith IMO.
    I think there were Llama Comanches later that were not the same and had poor quality. Poor metallurgy I think. Maybe in the 2000’s. My 1984 is reportedly good quality and has never given me any trouble although, like everything I own, I may eventually do a trigger job on it.

    Just did a COMPLETE tear down, clean, lube and reassemble using the AGI Armorers Course for S&W Revolvers as a guide. I highly recommend those courses.

  6. 1) For 4 years the Democrat billionaires and their political prostitutes have engaged in a massive lying campaign — and gun owners have done nothing.

    If gun owners lose their rights it will be because they have had no concern whatsoever for their fellow Americans. Democratic leaders have stabbed their own voters in the back repeatedly and gun owners never bothered to criticize that — which is why Democratic leaders were able to seize back control of the House with a massive con game. Whereas they should be struggling to hold even 10 percent of the House seats.

    2) Democratic billionaires are the enemy of all Americans — and to destroy them you need to appeal to all Americans. About a lot more subjects than just gun ownership.

    Ask black voters why they should support a corrupt oligarchy that chose to dump 8 years of 15% unemployment upon them in favor of a multi-Trillion dollar Big Bailout to cover the gambling debts of Rich men. Ask why we have the highest rate of incarceration on the planet while Rich Democrat donors on Wall Street walked after massive fraud. Ask why Wall Street was allowed to keep the loot — while large numbers of black men have to work in prison industries for 25 cents an hour. The Democrat Plantation.

    3) Ask women voters why they should vote for Democrats after Obama stole $60,000 out of their Social Security benefits, let corporations steal hundreds of $Billions out of their underfunded pension funds and did not lift a finger to provide protection to communities with high rates of rape. Because women in those communities are not on Emily’s List — are not big campaign donors. The same reason why Obama did not use that $1 Trillion defense budget to provide protection to US communities with some of the highest murder rates on the planet.

    4) Ask blue collar working Democrats why they should pay $1 Trillion to cover students educational loans. It was the Democrat universities that repeatedly raised tuition well above the rate of inflation. Encouraging kids to major in the humanities and social sciences in order to get worthless pieces of paper that provide no skill whatsoever — except to make up plausible lies and display an unwarrented arrogance.

    Of course such graduates then have no option but to go to work in journalism, politics, NGOs, Wall Street, academia,etc — creating lies to make Democrat billionaires ever richer and more powerful.

    Our talking heads on TV can stab us in the back with such casual deceit because they hate us — and deep down they hate themselves for what they have become. It is useless to argue about preserving freedom to TV news anchors and Democrat politicans who are craven slaves with no choice but to read the scripts they are handed.

    5) Our national discourse has become a Lying Toxic Waste dump created by Academia — which is why we should elect a Congress that will strip universities of ALL taxpayer support. No research grants. No scholarships or student loans. High taxes on university endowment funds.

    The departments of Science, Engineering, and Medicine make major contributions to our society and need to be protected/funded. But the departments of humanities and social sciences — of fake History and fake Sociology –need to be nuked out of existence. They are bloodsucking parasites that are ruining this country. Something needs to be done about Harvard MBA con artists as well.

    6) Most of all, stop supporting the billionaires game of “divide and conquer”. The average Democrat is not your enemy — they are your fellow countrymen who are misinformed because you let Libertarians promote the idea that freedom of the speech and of the press belongs to Rich Men like Jeff Bezos who can buy their own news corporations.

    Libertarians who claimed government is the enemy in order to divert us from looking at who the real enemy is. If we are going to destroy that real enemy, we need the support of all people who have to work for a living.

    1. Don, your #6 )

      6) Most of all, stop supporting the billionaires game of “divide and conquer”. The average Democrat is not your enemy — they are your fellow countrymen who are misinformed because you let Libertarians promote the idea that freedom of the speech and of the press belongs to Rich Men like Jeff Bezos who can buy their own news corporations.

      Libertarians who claimed government is the enemy in order to divert us from looking at who the real enemy is. If we are going to destroy that real enemy, we need the support of all people who have to work for a living.) gives us background and a direction for action. The “Wall Street Titans” care nothing for you and me. I seek allies from among the people who live in neighborhoods rather than gated communities. Those in gated communities are billionaire wannabes.

      Carry on

      1. I beg to differ ! Democrats ARE your enemy- as well as most republicans. I am talking about all of the the politicians and some of the voters. And since about 1913, the U.S. Federal government has been our enemy also. We need a reset.

      2. Once a Marine — see bottom of page

        Nathan Hail — when I condemn Democrats I am speaking of the billionaire masters, the Congressional Caucus and the mob of a few thousand or so paid prostitutes who infest the blogs. I think most of the rank and file could be convinced to support a massive attack to destroy the masters.

        See bottom of page

  7. It may be worth putting all of one’s firearms into a trust that can split into multiple trusts in the event of family dispute. If the transfer of particular firearms is banned the trust can keep them in the family for several generations with access by all as beneficiaries or trustees.

  8. Re: Red Flag laws
    You can see the abuse of this law walking up the road a mile away.

    The nervous Nellies, the “Safe Space” seekers and the wannabe totalitarians all regard simply owning a gun as evidence of mental illness and propensity toward violence.

    Example: a few nights ago NBC news had a story about how the police in a Philly suburb had discovered and confiscated an “arsenal” of 39 weapons… the blow dried news reader breathlessly informed the viewers that they had also found “2000 rounds of ammo.”

    It turns out that it was an old guy, 72 years old. He was depressed and expressed to someone a desire to commit suicide. He was also a gun collector. He had probably spent a lifetime acquiring 39 guns. Several of the weapons they showed being hauled away by authorities were conventional shotguns and hunting rifles.

    NBC news implied that this was another mass shooting waiting to happen. The news reader ended the report with, “good catch, police…”

    The truth of the matter is, he was some lonely old guy. If he had used a gun it would have been to end his own life. Sad, but hardly a terrorist act.

    This illustrates the bias, misunderstanding, and outright lies on the Left. These are the people who will be deciding who will be worthy of a Red Flag investigation. Combine this with your Googled “social credit,” searching your past on-line purchases and Facebook posts, how many people are going to be labeled paranoid and dangerous by the PC police?

    Regarding the “private sale background checks”, realize that the only way this can be enforced is through a universal gun registration system. One of my sons that still lives in California (don’t ask me why) told me that you cannot buy ammo for a gun you don’t own. This means they check your name against an official list verifying you own a certain firearm before you are allowed to purchase the ammo. If your gun is not on their list, no ammo. However I’m sure the attempt is reported and recorded somewhere.

    The only way private sales could be monitored would be for every 4473 form since 1968 to be entered into an ATF database. This would be default registration. So in the future, when your liberal neighbor whines, that red Flag laws aren’t working, and “how are we going to know who owns a gun?” Universal gun registration will be the next step.

    This is how they’re going to get us, gun registration and ammunition restrictions.

    A last comment about Walmart. They’ve announced that they won’t sell ammo for “AR15s and AK47s” anymore. They also want “weapons of war” banned. As for myself, I won’t spend my money at a company that’s actively trying to attack a constitutional right. They have turned themselves into a pandering abomination. They assure us they’ll continue to sell “hunting rifles and ammo.” (A 30-06 bolt action rifle with a scope was considered a “weapon of war” in 1917). This is exactly what Dick’s said before they lost a lot of money due to a largely unorganized boycott by gun owners. They eventually dropped anything “hunting” related. Makes me wonder if Walmart is going down the same path.

    1. In regards to your son’s comment about CA ammo purchases, if you pass the background check, you may purchase any calibers you wish, and in any quantities you wish, for that single approved sale. You are not limited to the caliber of your registered gun(s).

      1. Perhaps he was confusing his understanding of the system with this explanation;

        (From the LAX ammo website)
        The CA DOJ began recording HANDGUNS in 1996 and LONG GUNS in 2014, so if you have lawfully purchased, registered, or reported a firearm with your CURRENT Driver’s License or Real ID since those dates, your information should be in AFS and up-to-date, and you will qualify for the $1 STANDARD ELIGIBILITY CHECK. If you have not legally purchased, transferred or reported a handgun in the last 23 years, or a long gun in the last 5 years, and/or you have moved or changed your name, your AFS records may not match, and you may have to do the $19 BASIC ELIGIBILITY CHECK.

        (Sounds like they really want your guns in their data base)

        1. So, what he said was essentially correct… so, if I gave him a 30-30 lever action 25 years ago, and it’s not in their database attached to his name and current address , it sounds like they aren’t going to approve the sale of the ammo.

          1. I don’t want this Comments section to be a home for unsubstantiated rumors. To the best of my knowledge there are NO caliber restrictions, with California’s new ammo purchase background check law. If you disagree, then be sure cite me the relevant California code section.

          2. I stand corrected… I should have read the LAX page more carefully…

            “NO caliber restrictions *the type of ammunition you are buying DOES NOT have to match the caliber of firearm you have registered”

          3. Also,
            “ As for the DOJ restricting your purchase to only calibers you have registered: this is a myth. #1: there’s NOTHING in the law that stipulates this #2: it’s not practical because not only are there many guns capable of cycling multiple calibers (i.e. different uppers), but a person buying ammunition may be buying ammo to shoot in a rental gun, a friend or family member’s firearm at the range.”

            …Mea culpa…

  9. Private Party Transfer Ban
    There is a ‘loophole’ in their ‘loophole’ removal: anyone can create a Private Association, a right guaranteed under the 1st Amendment and there isn’t anything [they] can do or say about anything those so associated do. We simply have an agreement so stipulated amongst ourselves as participants that WE are bound by. Unless, of course, there really aren’t any amendments actually in effect…

  10. If the infowars story about treasonous actions by Trump is true, he will probably not be re-elected. If Trump (and his supporters and nationalism) are the designated scapegoat of the ‘global economic reset’ (their phrase not mine) it may be triggered it sooner than we think.

    1. If you haven’t already, it’s probably too late. And I have no sympathy for you. A blind deaf paraplegic could have seen this coming 20 miles away. If you haven’t already walked up to the party, made your rounds, had a beer, shook some hands, called a cab, stopped by Taco Bell, turned out the lights and gone to bed you’re years late. The parties been over.

  11. RE: Hurrican Devistation, Massive, Bahama

    Krissy attempted to email this to, but replied that the address was suspended.

    Dorian triggers pillaging, looting in Bahamas – BBC News Reel

    “A woman fleeing the Bahamas hurricane says people are “trying to shoot each other for food and water. There is just no way everyone is going to get out.”

  12. Cry havoc and let fly ,and lose the the dogs of war ,,’shakespeare ‘ best weapon is food ,or not having any , only a slave is forced to produce ,napoleon lost most of his army in Russia to food poisoning. E coli and disintary ,

    ‘We don’t need no stinking gun ‘

    Who is John Galt? ,,,,,you need to know ,,,,

    Tea and chocolate ,,,

    1. Re: Death by Bugs or bullets?

      Another great lesson from history. Thank you. For E. Coli, use Keflex. For dysentery caused by various bugs, metronidazole, azithromycin, and ciprofloxcin may work. How do I know? Read about it. Trench foot and frost bite are also a major cause of causalities. Get a medic, become a medic, and lots of wool socks. What good is it to have a highly motivated prepper on your team who is sick?

      Highly recommend, and their Blog Talk webcast where their goal is to train up “survival medics”. And it is free. Wow, fantastic information for FREE! We are just as likely, or more likely to be defeated by war time injuries and aliments, and a lack of good nutrition, than bullets.

  13. Gun show this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. I have never been to that one- so I don’t know anything about it, but it is at the State fairgrounds on McDowell Street. Bon voyage !


  15. If these bills pass, then you will all know what it’s like to live in Connecticut, because our state government was the first to enact a Red Flag Law. Then they ended the privacy of private sales of firearms in 2013 by requiring all private sales to go through a National Instant Criminal Background Check at a FFL and be registered with both local and state police through state form DPS-3-C just like all retail store purchases. In 2019, they required that all homemade firearms be serialized and registered with the state under pain of a Class C felony (10 years in prison).

    If you value your freedom, fight like hell to make sure these federal bills never become law. You wouldn’t want your state to turn into the cesspool that the former Constitution State has become.

  16. 1) I strongly support the 2nd Amendment as a major check on creeping tyranny and oppose the proposed gun control laws.

    2) I think the hints of armed resistance are not realistic. The Founding Fathers spent years on political organizing –via the Committees of Correspondence — before they declared independence. Without that , rebels are picked off one by one and the general public is fooled with continual lies.

    3) I won’t go into details unless someone asks but guns are a SMALL part of a resistance. Spy tradecraft — safe houses, cell organization, protected channels of correspondence, one time pad encryption, countersurveillance, etc is far more important.

    People shouldn’t believe the movies — the French Resistance was a joke, for example. An agent was captured by the Germans and forced to transmit on shortwave to London. He transmitted the signal that he was captured (leaving out a security check) only to have the idiots in London reply with a rebuke (observed by the Germans) that he forgot to send his security check! For the next two years, London dropped dozens of trained agents plus huge amounts of money, guns and high explosives into the waiting arms of the Gestapo because they didn’t realize the “resistance” on the shortwave was being run by the Germans. The French would still be occupied if not for the military invasions by the British, the Americans and the Russians.

    3) A more realistic approach is to convince the voters — Republicans, Democrats and Independents — to utterly destroy the Democratic Party and the News Corporations as they exist. To do so by exposing the News Media and politicans for the backstabbing lying traitors that they are and by showing how they have inflicted enormous grief, misery , pain and death upon Americans of all political persuasions, race, and national origin. I have given a few examples in past posts here. Don’t urge people to vote FOR gun ownership — urge them to vote AGAINST people who have hurt them badly in multiple ways. At worst, they will not go to the polls and vote Democratic next year.

    The Party has several fracture lines. The Bernie Sanders supporters still remember how he was secretly screwed by the DNC in 2016 — and will be screwed again in this year’s primary. No one who shows any sign of actually supporting the Democratic Party’s proclaimed values and goals will ever be allowed to survive the primary by the party’s billionaires and their tools.

    4) A start would be to send an Indictment to about 70,000 voters in 10 key voting districts. Plus also send the indictment to the 3,141 county chairmen of the Republican Party urging them to grow a spine.

    5) A KEY point is to urge recipients to make copies of the Indictment and send it on to 20 other people. If only 5 out of 20 people do so, then an initial batch of 20 letters will spawn 25,600 transmittals within 5 cycles ( 8-10 weeks). If sent to 70,000 people initially, that would yield 89,600,000 voters being contacted within 5 cycles.

    Nothing is softer than the mist upon the ocean’s surface –but when all particles move as one they form the howling Cat 5 hurricane.

    Which is why the Rich have spent so much money using News Corporations to divide this country since their subprime looting hit in 2008. Turning blacks against whites, whites against Hispanics, women against men (and doing so in a way to anger men and turn them against women). plus America against foreigners. Because if we are all fighting each other then we won’t examine who is really our enemy.

    6) If 70 people here spent $500 each on postage, then they could each send out 1000 letters and reach those 70,000 voters.

    Some other gunpowder keys to send the spark to: Alex Jones of Infowars.
    President Trump. Maybe the NRA.

    The NRA has been strangely silent in the past 3 years as the gun control groups have exploited every shooting. Why did they not point out that Democrat judges have encouraged these shooting by destroying quick trials and the death penalty?
    That California prisons have men who have been convicted of raping, torturing and murdering dozens of young men –yet who have not been executed decades after being found guilty. Why is the NRA leadership silent — choosing instead to send out emails announcing raffles to maybe give me a pickup truck?

    A significant faction of the Republican leadership and Republican billionaires have been silent also — apparently happy to see Trump beat up for suggesting that the Rich should stop importing cheap foreign labor and that the Rich might owe something to the people whose sweat produces this country’s wealth and whose blood is shed in this country’s wars.

    So this insurgency should be independent and NOT be co-opted by the Republican prostitutes — whose only apparent virtue is that they are not as big of liars as the Democratic Caucus and they are not screwing us as badly at present.

    There are no Republicans or Democrats. There are no liberals or conservatives. There are the American People versus billionaire traitors and their bootlicking prostitutes in Congress and the News Media. Prostitutes who earn their crumbs from the Rich by pretending to be our friends so that they can stab us in the kidneys at the opportune moment.

  17. PS The Indictment should also ask people if they want to continue to buy from Amazon — given that Bezos uses part of their money for the Washington Post.

    Why buy from the companies whose advertising supports MSNBC and NBC News? Why do they want to subscribe to the Washington Post or New York Times if they conclude they are merely paying people to lie to them?

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