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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on Google’s censorship of Redoubt News.   (See the Region-Wide section.)


Redoubt News reports: Human Rights Task Force Segregating Redoubters. JWR’s Comment: Since I’m quite vocally anti-racist and have been my entire life, they can’t be talking about me. And since Alex Barron (The Bard of the American Redoubt) is African-American, they can’t be talking about him. And John Jacob Schmidt (of Radio Free Redoubt) is also anti-racist, so they can’t be talking about him. We are the three most outspoken leaders of the American Redoubt movement. So in who’s “literature” are they seeing “an undercurrent of white supremacy”?  This self-appointed private Task Force seems to have learned their smear tactics from the SPLC.

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Whistleblower Proves Redoubt News Targeted by Google.  Yes, Redoubt News is indeed on Google’s lengthy “Excluded From Appearing” list.

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Report: 6 million acres of state lands in West inaccessible. JWR’s Comment: Land swaps are usually the best way to resolve these issues.


If you have any doubts about the character of people who live in The American Redoubt, then this letter from a Canadian will make it abundantly clear: A letter of thanks to the governor and mayor.

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A Meridian dad’s heart stopped as he swam in the Payette. Strangers worked a miracle.

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From The Idaho Press: Hoffman: Rising pension costs contribute to higher property taxes

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Idaho must provide gender confirmation surgery to inmate Adree Edmo


Utah man who survived five days lost in Montana wilderness recalls ‘promise’ he gave wife

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Our friend Commander Zero of the Notes From The Bunker blog mentioned this custom Cerakoting company, in Stevensville, Montana:

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Construction underway on $18 million hazardous waste processing plant outside of Butte

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55 Yellowstone bison moved to Montana Indian reservation

Eastern Oregon

Dead Elk in the road sends one to the hospital

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In Bend: Man Arrested fro Trying to Hit Pedestrians. A snippet:

He faces several charges including Attempted Assault, DUII, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangering, Fleeing or Attempt to Elude Misdemeanor, Escape, Felony Arrest Warrant, Interfering with a Police Officer, and Criminal Mischief.”

Eastern Washington

Boeing 737 MAX grounding an economic opportunity for Moses Lake

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First day of school uncertain after Kennewick teachers vote to strike


Geologist to Seek Wyoming U.S. Senate Seat

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USDA: Crop insurance covers irrigation tunnel collapse loss

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  1. Re: Updated

    Having recently been updated to update, I updated. Been running Linux with Brave Browser without a hitch for days now. I like it. It was easy. Thanks to those who did the updating.

    I’ve still a ways to go to be able to dump all things Google, yet every act of rebellion feels good. Big Tech has a strangle hold over the world, and like a constrictor, on each exhale, it tightens. If Trump cannot break their back, who can, or who will? Eventually their ability electronically burn books, to alter and control people’s view of what is, or is not, they will define what is real, and is not. Years ago, some one asked, “is Google God?”. Google thinks so.

  2. 6–million acres in West…

    This is a perfect example of sleight-of-hand in the LEFT’s saga to legalize theft. In contract law [both modern/common law] there must be a “bargain for exchange” to have a legal tender contract.

    For instance, our founding fathers procured the Louisiana purchase and Seward’s Ice Box in Alaska. There was a legal tender contract. There was a bargain for exchange. The founding fathers exchanged money and they received land, the owners of the land exchange land and they’ve received money. It’s all legal tender!

    The LEFT of today, use theft to take land from American citizens. They color that theft up and something that they would like us to buy into, called conservation! Conservationists are thieves.

    I’m in the process of writing a demand letter, to Google, and demanding that they put a stop to this discrimination against the American Redoubters. I don’t know how far this will go, but at least they’re going to get a punch in the face by my law firm.

  3. @ Human’s right task force – I was interested in reading more about this, but I can not find the letter in the Kootenai Valley Times. Without being able to read that letter, I have no idea what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas?

  4. People need to realize — the Democrat billionaires and their buttocks-kissing stooges in politics, the news media, and academia have less regard for the truth than does a psychopathic serial killer.

    When Trump voted to restrict entry to the USA of people from areas supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS, a fake “inclusiveness” campaign sprung up called “Hate Has No Home Here” – .

    Which showed appalling hypocrisy — Bill Clinton killed over 500,000 Iraqi children with cholera pandemics by bombing water plants and blocking import of water purification materials via sanctions. When Clinton’s Secretary of State Madelaine Albright was asked about it on 60 Minutes she replied “We think it is worth it.”

    Hillary Clinton and the DEMOCRAT-controlled Senate of 2002 then voted for an unnecessary war in Iraq to seize non-existent nukes — a war that killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians.

    Where was the two-faced “Hate Has No Home Here” crowd then? Hate sure has a home in the Middle East — hate created by the acts of the Clintons. Anyone seeing the Lying News Media pointing that out?

    1. Don,

      You are wrong about the Weapons in Iraq! We found 2600 chemical weapons not declared. Even the supposed destroyed chemical weapons were only buried in the sand still in their crates and protective wrappings. EOD teams did not know what the weapons were, and caused 1500 chemical casualties to our troops, which the pentagon tried to sweep under the rug by saying the weapons didn’t exist! There were over 25 IED attacks where chemical shells were used by insurgents. In those, the chemicals did not mix enough to cause much problem other than tripping chemical alarms. One warehouse on a military base was full of the same barrels of pesticide that we kept finding along the roads. 2 barrels each of two different pesticides per pallet. Most pesticides can act as booster agents for chemical weapons, so the mix can become many times more powerful than just the nerve agent alone. The barrels also were loaded with nerve agent binaries which were being masked by the pesticides. The whole “Didn’t find any!” story was to keep terrorists, ect, from knowing what to look for. Once the Dumbocrats heard that, they ran with it bigtime not knowing that it was propaganda. Stop being a sheep!

      1. The Phrase “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD) was itself a vague term of deceit — used to cover the lack of a real threat to the USA. A true case for war would have been designating specific biological or nuclear weapons at specific locations.

        Chemical weapons were not a significant threat to us — they would have been almost impossible to smuggle into the USA and the small number of casualties a weapon could cause would have been overwhelmed by the justification they would have given for nuking Iraq into a sheet of green glass.

        Terrorists could have had greater effect by hitting the chemical refineries/tanks stupidly located within some of our cities– or the trains passing through carrying chemical cargo. Yet for some reason the government didn’t ask the corporations to take on the task of beefing up the security of those plants or of relocating them.

          1. Why try to smuggle a trival 50 lbs of poison gas in on a backpack
            When there are tons of the precursor ingredients here in the USA?


            And if Iraqi smugglers were such a threat then why has the southern border been left undefended since 2001? Why weren’t the Army and Marines deployed THERE?

            Gee, I have an idea. Why not ask that question of Haim Saban — Hillary Clinton’s main sugar daddy, owner of California’s Univision –Jorge Ramos boss and the guy who dumped $14 million into the Democratic Party in 2002 while beating the drums for an invasion of Iraq.

      2. The articles i read About These chemical “weapons” shown me by People as proof for the existence of said weapons, showed garbage, chemical waste surly, Maybe even usable in an EOD, but not an usable weapon likely even more dangerous to handle for exactly that reason.

  5. Muddykid, the letter from Boundary Human Rights Task Force in Kootentai Valley Times is in the Letters section from July. And based on his anti Trump letter, the KVT editor Mike Weland seems to be very leftist also.

        1. So, I just read the original letter and the letter J & M mentioned about the anti-Trump letter. I do not live in the redoubt, so I do not know who Mike is or why is opinion carries any weight.

          But, the guy is clearly attempting to act as an authority in some fashion and Mike clearly does not know what he is talking about. He does attempt to use strong rhetoric, but for anyone that has any sort of educational understanding, then Mike is nothing more than a blow-hard.

          For the record, Mike, the redoubt is a unconventional warfare term derived from military doctrine from approximately the 1950s. It is a ideological strong hold, that when used in its proper context, is absolutely no different than the term “nation”.

          And, Mike, your use of the word “colonization” is so grossly misplaced that I think you may not understand any aspect of colonialism. I personally wouldn’t give Mike any further thought or concern.

  6. I don’t quite understand the item about Redoubt News being on Google’s exclude list. If you Google “Redoubt News” or “” then Google gives links to their site.

    1. Google’s Algorithms (Al Gore Rhythms?) are very sophisticated. The “steer” away people who have never visited a particular site that is on their Bad Boy list. But to those who HAVE visited a site, everything behaves normally. This is a subtle form of propaganda that has an enormous yet almost invisible effect on politics and society at large.

  7. With regards to the man who was revived from cardiac arrest; described as 6′ 1″, 368 lbs. Whoa slow down fella and put down that fork. You think his BMI had any thing to do with a heart attack at age 39?

  8. That is one big list, and it includes Christian news groups/agencies which makes them look even worse. It is not like the Christians are going to go ISIS on them. They must be very desperate and very scared. Maybe now the RICO and Anti-Trust laws can start to be applied to these Communists and watch them really squirm.

  9. From Summit News (Paul Watson)

    The Pentagon has declared war on memes as DARPA launches a new program to fight dissident voices on the Internet that the establishment is calling “polarizing viral content.”

    Pentagon Launches New Program to Fight “Viral” Internet Content

  10. Big Tech is hard at it, squeezing out our ability to communicate. The Deep State is has tentacles everywhere, including the Pentagon. The pattern is clear. What is the first the thing an attacker should do? Take out the Command and Control. First it was Alex Jones:

    FEC Says They Are Going To Get Drudge

  11. Boeings’ 737 max jets are proven to be unsafe with falsfied documentation as such they should never leave the ground and threaten the public. We have had a clear precedent for this with Volkswagen, these planes should be permanently grounded where they are and never moved,scrapped,disassembled,parted out and Boeing should refund all costs to purchasers and pay perpetual storage where they sit maybe that would teach the criminals that there are consequences to endangering the public.

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