The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“Donald J. Trump is not your pal, he’s not your friend, and he’s sure as h*ll should not be your Fearless Leader. Your allegiance should be to the Constitution, not to a man. Not to a man, and surely not to a [political] party.”  – Patriot Nurse


  1. DJT is a NYC Democrat that got left behind(right behind?) that has become completely ensnared by the swamp,just look at most of his appointments and weep that a better possibility couldn’t be found.

  2. DJT continues to do great work for the republic. You need to use the swamp itself to drain the swamp. Thank you Donald for moving forward with the epstein case. It is this case that the deep state marxist communist soviet trotskyite internationalist bolsheviks fear the most because so many were involved.

    It takes more than a pal or a friend to get stuff done in government or business.

      1. What opportunity? Did you not notice the stage full of clowns that each thought they should be President? The opportunity the Republicans had was mostly blown by both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Paul Ryan, in particular, is a traitor to his country and should be treated as such. If that SOB ever runs for President, and is the nominee of his party, I JUST WON’T VOTE!!

  3. Donald Trump is the people’s president. We the people. He’s a one man band and holding the waters (Maxine and the like) back. He attends pro life marches, speaks at the NRA convention, has a media that has done nothing but lie and slander him, his good fortune has suffered millions and he’s standing hard right more so than any republican in Congress.

    Thank you DJT for serving as our 45 th as the alternative, Hitlery l, would have brought we the people to the brink of destruction.

    May America bless God.

  4. Sometimes I wonder about women who have to forecfully state not to “follow a man”. What about woman? There’s scripture in the Bible talking about a man is the spiritual head of the woman, not the other way around. That’s how feminism started, thwarting that spiritual covering of a woman right to the trash bin. That’s why we’re at this point in history- women believing their leadership is superior to man, ruling over man, breaking Gods spiritual law, and destroying a path in its wake.

    Now if she means as a “Patriot” not to follow a person (man or woman) but to follow the Constitution then that needs to be drawn out. It looks like an attack on manhood which is what God warned us about doing as women.

    1. I thought her words were very clear. And if there is ever a woman who is better for the Presidency than any other candidate, I will vote for her – but I knew Killery was an evil snake when she first appeared with Slick Willy in his first presidential campaign. And the current crop of female candidates is every bit as dangerous.

      1. I wouldn’t vote for a woman because it’s not biblical. In fact my husband and I don’t use [women] real estate agents, doctors, dentists, pilots on our airplane trips, nor any other business. Due to women not supporting a stay at home spouse with that equality of income.

        I’m sorry there’s a reason women made less money for the same job as a man years ago. Because they don’t have equality of responsibility with that money.

        “Women should have no authority over men. “ the Bible says.

        1. Due to women not supporting a stay at home spouse with that equality of income.

          I’m sorry there’s a reason women made less money for the same job as a man years ago. Because they don’t have equality of responsibility with that money.

          That is absolutly not true

  5. At best, Trump is controlled by global bankers.

    My allegiance is NOT to the Constitution, a flag, a military or political party. And this old coot is NOT going to walk around like a rooster in red MAGA hat. Sorry but I don’t wear another man’s jersey.

    I want Liberty. My allegiance is to my tribe. I am willing to tolerate as little government as necessary to protect Liberty. It does NOT take an empire.

    FACT: Americans enjoyed their greatest Liberty under the Articles of Confederation and common law. There was no federal government, no Constitution and no political parties. Yet the States defeated the mightiest military in the world.

    1. “FACT: Americans enjoyed their greatest Liberty under the Articles of Confederation and common law.”

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. You are absolutely correct about the AoC (not to be confused with that democrat lunatic with the same initials). Our AoC had some flaws that needed to be corrected, but for liberty sake, it was far superior to the US Constitution.

      1. Once a Marine, yes I noticed. I would have PM’ed you here if I could. I looked inside his book. Wow, very interesting. I am going to follow up on him. Like they would say in Montana at that author, ‘The ice is very thick under him’. Thanks.

        Do you read the weekly columns of Montana’s Chuck Baldwin? If not you might try subscribing to them (free via email).

        1. Thanks for the recommendation, brother. I am already up to here (can you see my hand over my eyebrows?) in reading material. The occasional citations of Pastor Baldwin in SB will have to do for now.

          Carry on

  6. The Constitution was formed in secret session — a conspiracy by rich men to give control of the country back to the “men who own it”.

    It is greatly in need of reform — starting with stripping Congress of 90 percent of its power and moving decision making back to the state legislatures.

    Plus something needs to be done with the Supreme Court — it is hilarious to call the USA a democracy when 9 corrupt whores can establish a tyranny over 325 million Americans by making up legalistic garbage.

    Maybe make the judges run for election every 4 years or define the Supreme Court as the local federal circuit court of appeals. Which would give different law in different parts of the country but that may be needed to keep the country united on the military front –which is the primary concern. One of the reasons the Roman Empire fell was that intense concentration of unrestrained power results in endless civil war and conflict.

    1. Don Williams, for 45 years I fought for the Constitution. But… in that time I continually searched for better sources of the whole truth. I’m a little slow. And much truth has been deceitfully moved to library basements.

      Our Founders were business men. They were extremely brave patriots for 10 years and 10 months. But then they reverted back to business men and met in Philadelphia.

      Lost to many is the precious ‘whole truth’. Few Americans are aware (I could stop there) that notable figures such as Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry were vocal opponents of the Constitution. Jefferson (from exile in France) expressed serious concerns about ratification. But like most politics, follow the money. The business men created the monster enslaving us today. Americans enjoyed more freedom under King George III than they do today.

  7. I have mixed emotions about “Patriot Nurse”. I agree with much of what she says but often I find her a little over the top. Same with President Trump. I like much of what he has accomplished, some not so much. At present I’m really concerned with what happens with the 2nd amendment. This may be simplistic, but I believe without the 2nd the others don’t mean much.

  8. The left needs to diminish Trump. It seems to me that those on the right who also seek to diminish Trump are either clueless (i.e. useful idiots) or lying (i.e. they are leftists posing as constitutionalists). Obama was 100 times worse for the right than Trump on his worse day. The next leftist president will be 100 times worse than Trump. Do not buy these negative comments about Trump it is propaganda and likely trolling. Trump has done more for America in under 3 years than all the presidents in the 21st century put together have done.

    For those of you wishing for silver and gold to skyrocket I understand why you don’t like Trump. For those wishing to test out your preps and bugout plans I understand why you don’t like Trump. But for the rest of us who are happy with peace and prosperity Trump is the reason and when Trump is gone it will go badly.

  9. Patriot Nurse is correct on this. I have no doubt that Trump loves this country and the principles it was founded under. However, he is an entertainer as well as other things. His appointments often are not founded in logic but by necessity and mostly by listening to “swamp creatures” themselves. I sometimes get the sense that he is playing both sides, he is a master of making a deal after all.
    Both sides have been blowing it for years and years and members of all parties are at fault, following party lines and dictates simply because they are unable, or unwilling to think for themselves and know little to nothing about the Constitution, Declaration, Bill of Rights and the reasons this country was founded in the first place.
    Thomas Jefferson warned us against the popularity and endorsement of political parties. Belonging to a political party, your allegiance belongs to the party, NOT the country and it’s principles, based largely upon “Gods Laws”. A disaster and failure in the making….

  10. He spared us the madness of a Hillary nightmare, for which alone we owe him a debt of gratitude. Would not wish the martyrdom this is costing him on anyone.

  11. Here we go again. Whenever anyone says anything negative about Trump, they immediately parrot, ‘Hillary would have been worse’. They literally cannot imagine any choice outside of 2 boxes. Their every solution is a government solution.

    Before liberty can be restored folks need to think like free people. Can anyone give me one example when voting made them free?

  12. President Trump was our only alternative in 2016. I support him on immigration ,tariffs, and many of his policies. I do not support any compromise of our second amendment rights. Many of these gun laws also violate the fourth amendment. Patriot Nurse offers a lot of good info on other matters and is entitled to her opinion. Under our current system not voting is not a good option. Vote. Not voting is the same as a vote for the opposition, as is voting third party. The new batch of clowns presented to oppose our president in 2020 are no better than Hillary Clinton. Senate and Congress continually say one thing and do another. I did not deride Obama in term as he was our president, but always voted against him and spoke my opinion on policy. Apathy and greed are destroying our country. You and only you are responsible to defend yourself and your family. Prepare and act accordingly. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  13. Trump was a Democrat 6 years ago,,, what does that tell you. Changed his mind on 2nd amendment changed his mind on abortion… really you trumpeters are so gullible…

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