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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at another wolf attack and feature an excellent letter forwarded by SurvivalBlog’s Editor-At-Large Michael Z. Williamson.

Democrats Threaten Supreme Court with Expansion

By way of the news aggregation site, The party of tyranny: Democrats Threaten Supreme Court with ‘reorganization’ if justices don’t rule in favor of gun control.

Camper Saves Family From Wolf Attack

Some Counter-Mass Shooting Wisdom

SurvivalBlog’s Editor-At-Large Michael Z. Williamson chimed in with this letter that he received from a friend who is a former SADF trooper, in South Africa:

“Handguns are better than bare fists but that’s about it. Shooting it out with someone who is armed with a carbine sucks beyond belief. I speak for experience since, unlike a whole pile of the Internet blowhards, I’ve actually done it. As have numerous cops in other [bad places]. Ask any of them if a pistol would be their first choice if they had to do it again.

Having said that, the problem with long guns is how are you going to carry it? Go back to your vehicle and fetch it? Not going to work in reality. Carry it around in a bag or under a coat? Statistically it’s probably not worth the trouble.

As to the little Suarez gem about being seen as an accomplice if you are armed with a rifle (Obviously you should be armed with one of his red dot pistols because of wallet mining) that’s BS. The cops have been given a report of an active shooter. Anyone waving a weapon around be it a rifle, shotgun or a sidearm is going to be seen as a possible suspect and treated as such. Why? Because plenty of other weapons are used by active shooters.

A lot of police work is a game of imperfect information. Even if the report said man with a rifle, no cop in his right [expletive] mind is going to go “Oh look a guy with a pistol he must be a CCwer and I can safely ignore him, in-fact I can safely expect him to help”, to do so would be folly.

And as to the re-conceal bit. That may take timing you don’t have. I know the latest fantasy of the red dot “offensive pistol” crowd is that they will snipe the [bad guy] across the mall with their awesome skills. Maybe they will, but maybe they won’t. Bad guys don’t want to die either. If the shot is less than perfect, there are more than one shooters (remember you are also playing a game of imperfect info) or anything else aside from what you hope for you will attract fire and maybe get into a protracted firefight. At that point there is no more concealing after taking care of business.

In South Africa, during a cash in transit heist, an armed private citizen engaged the robbers with his pistol killing one. Problem was he engaged them from behind the cover of a car. Why is that a problem you ask? Because it was a car with one of them in it, assumedly a getaway vehicle. The occupant simply got out and blew the good Samaritan’s brains out. Remember it’s a game of imperfect info! A single private individual has even less of it that cops with radios and such.

Personally, I would not directly engage, unless I was in the perpetrator’s immediate vicinity or immediately threatened by an identifiable threat, some of those are better off eliminated proactively. Given the option, I would take my spouse and or family members, seek hard cover and the safety of a defensible position and wait for a decent opportunity. If the active shooter goes Mumbai style and comes looking for more targets that’s when you take the [hostile] out.

I realize that’s not being “sheepdogish” and such. But if you want to go full [hero] and charge on the sound of the guns, to die a good death then go for it. I guess someone else will look after your family and the people you saved families won’t be giving a [care] either. Life is hard, simple as that. Your immediate duty is to you and yours, [expletive] the rest. Of course its different if you are responsible for more people’s lives, for whatever reason, but most normal, family people are not.

As I’ve said before most people are not trained to clear a house, let’s not even talk about waging urban warfare in a [expletive] Shopping Mall.”

Jeffrey Epstein’s “Suicide”

I’ve been asked about the Epstein scandal. In brief: The Errand Boys (and Girls) will not be allowed to talk about the pedophile elite. And we all saw the method employed whereby Epstein achieved not talking.

Another Google Whistleblower Goes Public

Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistleblower Goes Public, says: “burden lifted off of my soul”.

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  1. Re. Some Counter-Mass Shooting Wisdom
    Good advice. Michael Z. Williamson brings up an important factor in the response to any threats: Who is depending on you? The consequences of a young parent taking risks can be more devastating than those of a single person or older person.

  2. 1) Not to go all Chinese Zen but what is amazing today about the Republican Party leaders is their utter silence as the Democratic leaders wage a relentless war upon Trump and our civil rights.

    2) WHY has NO ONE in the Republican Party or the NRA leadership attacked the Democratic Party for ENCOURAGING these mass murderers? — by sabotaging the death penalty and making it impossible to hold these murderers to account.

    3) You want to talk Supreme Court tyranny — why does no one point out how Democratic judges on the court made it almost impossible to carry out the death penalty in the 1972 Furman v Georgia . Two of the judges — Brennan and Marshall — wiped their behinds with 5000 years of law and claimed the death penalty was unconstitutional “cruel and unusual punishment”.

    4) The most astonishing things in our politics today is not what is reported –it is what is NOT being said.

    1. Don Williams,
      # 1 We are a one party system with two faces.
      # 4 It is difficult, if not impossible, to find truthful meaningful news . Perhaps it is controlled propaganda.

    2. Don Williams

      2 Mass Shootings appear to be an nearly weekly Event in the US, it isn´t even a yearly Event in Germany.
      We hadn´t capital punishment for decades, other european states it is the same,

      3 Torture, public floggings, Mutilation and slavery had also been a Tradition of law for millenia.

      1. I seem to remember Germany exterminating about 6 million civilians — a significant percentage of whom were German citizens.

        The US Army occupation tried to change that –would be interesting to see what would occur if we ever withdrew.

        After all, the leftist Red Army (aka Baader–Meinhof Gang ) killed 34 people

        Plus the leftist Revolutionary Cells conducted 186 violent attacks in its anti-Semitic campaigns

        1. I don´t see any relevance of the RAF, Holocaust, Sepoy Uprising massacres or the genocide the US Army participated in during the conquest of the US territory with the mass Shooting Events.

          I´m not an expert of the us Constitution but my understanding was that local Police protection is the responsibility of the local communities

          1. Check with a native American Indian and have him explain to you what Great White Father in Washington is capable of if you surrender your guns. And how much Great White Father’s word re your rights and freedom is worth.

            Poor communities are too poor to hire enough police. For Democratic leaders to strip them of the ability to defend themselves and to then leave them prey for murderers strikes me as rather vicious. Of course, our Limousine Liberals have massive police protection at the merest hint of a threat in THEIR neighborhoods.

          2. I don´t see much Connection between the Trail of Tears and mass Shooting Events?

            i don´t see any Connection between the death Penalty and the ability of poor communities to defend themselves against mass shootings?

          3. It has long been established under the United States Constitution, that local police have no duty to protect the citizen from criminal acts.

            Now as to the question of the authority or expertise of any European gonna tell us how to do things in the United States, especially given Europe’s history of colonial repression and exploitation undertaken on a global scale, that issue was settled in 1776. May your chains rest easy upon you.

          4. The “connections” are as follows:

            1) Mass shootings occur because Democratic judges on the Supreme Court destroyed the deterrent — a quick trial and execution. How often did these things
            use to happen?

            2) Banning assault rifles will not stop mass shootings — a glock handgun and 3 magazines are far more easy to conceal and give 60 shots that are equally
            effective at the short ranges where these shootings occur. The old cowboy lever action can hold 10 rounds of 44 magnum and can be reloaded
            between shots — something that CAN’T be done with assault rifles (i.e, assault rifle magazines have to be swapped out –you can’t add bullets to
            top them off the way you can with lever action rifles or pump shotguns.)

            3) Banning ALL guns won’t stop mass killings — we’ve seen mass killings in Europe and Japan done by running into crowds with a truck, with a sword and with arson.

            4) Plus we need to remember that it takes a state government to do killing on an industrial scales — hundreds of thousands. I’m not just talking about
            Stalin or Hitler — we incinderated huge numbers of Japanese civilians in WWII by napalming 49 cities and nuking 2. There is nothing to stop Washington from doing
            the same to Americans if we are disarmed — or even armed. Look at how many Southerners were killed by the North’s invasion in the Civil War.

            5) Yes, the Japanese attacked first in a premptive strike at Pearl Harbor. But according to Daniel Ellsberg (who had many high security clearances),
            the Japanese did that because
            FDR was sending hundreds of bombers and napalm over to do a premptive strike on them. And it is worth remembering that Japan was strongly isolationist until
            Milliard Fillmore sent Admiral Peary in to kick down Japan’s doors with heavily armed gunboats and DEMAND access to Japan’s ports and markets. Why did we
            need to do that — it spawned the Meiji Reformation and Japan’s drive to acquire Western industry and technology. With the associated aggression to steal the
            natural resources of other nations.

            6) What is despicable about the Democratic leadership is that they deprive their own supporters of the means to defend themselves and then do NOTHING while
            those supporters are raped or murdered by the tens of thousands. We are supposed to trust they will respect our civil rights — but Obama’s Director of National
            Intelligence lied –under oath — to Congress and us about NSA’s massive surveillance of Americans –without judical warrents. Obama and the Congressional Intel
            committes supported that lie with their silence. We only found out the truth because Edward Snowden ruined his life to warn us — and yet Snowden has to live
            in exile while the Director is free to get on TV and attack Trump.

            And it was Obama who wiped his behind with the Constitution’s requirement that Americans are innocent until proven guilty and have to be judged by a jury
            before being assassinated by the government.

            7) And your earlier remark that we don’t have torture like in the past is hilarious. Look at what the CIA did with waterboarding. And if what they did was legal
            and in accord with American values then why did the CIA executive destroy evidence to hide it from Congressional investigators?

            What did Democratic leaders do about the above? Nothing. And this in in PEACETIME and in a time of relative
            prosperity — what would happen in a depression and in the ensuing wars Democrats start to distract us? How many Americans died in Lyndon Johnson’s Democrat
            War in Vietnam? 50,000+? Based on a Big Lie about Tonkin Gulf.

      2. Our news media loudly broadcasts a shooting that kills 10-20 people to promote the gun confiscation agenda of its billionaire masters.

        But the news media is strangely indifferent to the soaring US suicide rate.
        At the start of Obama’s 8 years, about 35,000 people per year died by their own hand. But by the time he left office, 45,000 people were killing themselves in 2016:

        The pain, misery, long lasting unemployment and hopeless poverty of the Big Democratic Bailout of 2008-2010 killed 40,000 Americans and it got little to no mention by our dishonest journalists.

        This is how the National News Media does the equivalent of lying to us. It doesn’t have to broadcast outright falsehoods –although that happens on occasion. But more often it simply diverts us with trivia while covering up and hiding the crimes of Democratic billionaires.

        Note also the two-faced hypocrisy of Democratic elites proclaiming “Black Lives Matter” — while Obama spent $1 Trillion per year on “national security” but did not lift a finger to provide better police protection to US neighborhoods with some of the highest murder rates on the planet.

        The number of people killed in the mass shootings are
        a small percentage of the people dying year after year in our poor and blue collar neighborhoods. But do our multi-millionaire news anchors show any sign that they care?

        1. Excellent points Don. Let’s not forget that thousands of babies are killed yearly in the USA, I see no media statistics on this evil. Does anyone know how many babies are murdered each year in this country? I am sickened when I contemplate the evil that has descended upon this land. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  3. Yeah some South African guru calls people names so we are supposed to listen.
    Meanwhile at Lake Hefner, Oklahoma, two normal guys just wanting to have dinner…
    Then a British SAS, over in Kenya, with zero authority, got his long gun, drove over and went in to the situation and successfully rescued a bunch of people…

    There are no absolutes in a situation but being willing is one of the needed characteristics. It falls into the category of “Surprise” with Speed and Action of Violence that followed. Yes you might get killed but you might have to live with it too.

  4. Excellent points about defending/attacking during a mass shooting.

    I volunteer as a security team leader for our large church. When I was actively in a fatherhood status, it would have been inappropriate for me to take on more risk by running to the gunfire.

    As we proceed towards John’s prophecy of the final days, and I am now in grandfather status but still fairly active, I took action to start more training in becoming a Sheepdog. What gets trained needs sustained, and regular rehearsing prevents unwanted nursing….or loss of life.

    I made the choice years ago to intervene against evil, and stick to that decision.

    Let us be wary and wise, prepared and enabled. Make the choice, walk the path with me.

    God Bless

  5. The best defense in an active shooter situation is an overwhelming offense. The last thing the bad guys expect is someone to go “Audie Murphy” on them! They know that most people will freeze and not believe that bad things are happening. The only problem is that the Police can’t tell the difference between a bad guy and a good guy holding a gun, so one must be VERY careful about that!!!

  6. Jay. I obtained my CCW to protect me and mine, not all the shoppers in the store. If the other shoppers in the store want protection the can buy a gun, train, and get their own CCW, or wait for the gooberment to save them (Schools might be a different situation, kids can’t protect themselves)

  7. There are too many variables in an active shooter scenario. My son is a police officer and SWAT member. He advises taking appropriate cover and protecting your loved one(s).

    However, he also recommends carrying a handgun just in case. Any kind of offense might be the best defense if you can’t find secure cover. Yeah, it is a crapshoot.

    In the mean time, a prayer for our society is in good order.

  8. My wife and I are CCW holders. However, as part of routine, anytime we’re in a public setting it is practice to alway locate the nearest exit/cover. She does the shopping-usually with the kids- so I stress this concept to her often. Engaging a carbine toting psycho with a handgun is absolute last resort. Going down in a lopsided firefight is not heroic.

  9. Jesus said “better to lay down your life for a brother” as that is the ultimate sacrifice and love for humanity. Heaven will be so great, as probably why no one comes back once dead.

    I will fight for the people in the store/shopping mall… I will challenge a carbine with a handgun even if the shooter is heavily armed with body armor. I will think of my brother and sister first, and me last, in that situation. I have a wife and kids!

    1. Timothy 5:8, KJV: “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

      You can use scripture to justify nearly any position you may hold. My duty and loyalty belong to my family first and community second. If your faith calls you to abandon your family in sacrifice for those unwilling to provide for themselves, I disagree with but respect your decision.

    1. re:
      ‘active shooter’ Special Agent Horiuchi

      I see you are beginning to understand the value of the Witness Protection Programming.
      Unfortunately, Vickie and Sammy Weaver were not available to contribute to this conversation.

  10. Packing the Supreme court with judges with your values is a time honored tradition Democrats should be very careful about upping the ante on judges. This could very easily be used against them if control of the house shifts. I look at things like this as just a bunch of mouth breathers trying to get more press and the press hoping to get more attention for their causes. It appears that our countries legislators are either stupid, uneducated, power hungry, narcissistic, or willing to commit actual acts of treason against the Constitution that they swore to up hold and the population eats the cake.

  11. It appears that Epstein was a pimp and black mailer. Some where there is a treasure trove of evidence against many of the rich and powerful perverts. Who ever finds this should be very careful and release it through Wicki Leaks or some place where it gets out quick to millions for their own protection, after all they would not want to commit suicide and then have to throw the pistol 300 feet away after the fact.

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