Preparedness Notes for Monday — August 12, 2019

This the birthday of country singer/songwriter Buck Owens (1929–2006). His songs typified what has been called “The Bakersfield Sound.”

We are pleased to announce that an new prize has been added to the third prize package, for our bi-monthly nonfiction writing contest. The fine folks at are now providing a $400 purchase credit at regular prices for the prize winner’s choice of either Wise Foods or Augason long term storage foods, in stackable buckets.

Listen up, folks: Just as I warned you back in January, a legislative onslaught is now upon us. The gun grabbers simply waited until there were two orchestrated massacres in one weekend. Now President Trump is caving in. And the Senate Republican leadership is likewise caving in. This is looking a lot like a replay of 1968 and 1994. Please repeatedly contact your Senators and remind them that they swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. All of this proposed feel-good “gun control” legislation is patently unconstitutional. Magazine bans? Unconstitutional.  Red Flag laws?  Unconstitutional.  Universal background checks (banning private party sales)? Unconstitutional. Assault weapons bans? Unconstitutional.

Make those calls, folks! If we remain silent, then we’ll surely lose our rights!

And, just as a hedge: stock up. Stack those ARs and PMAGs deep. Someday soon, you may be very glad that you did.  Mark my words: I fully expect the price of complete AR-15s and AR-10s to TRIPLE in the next few months. Stripped lowers will probably quadruple or quintuple in price. Palmetto State Armory (one our affiliate advertisers) has very good quality ARs — and build parts, and magazines. They are well-known for their very competitive prices.



    1. You’re correct. Chuck Schumer just introduced a BILL this morning to stop the sale of BODY ARMOR to private citizens. I recommend getting your multi-cam vests, and make your level IV armor with a blow torch and sheet of steel at home.

  1. Re. Gun Grabbing Trump
    Failure to understand that Republicans are an enemy of liberty is to have missed the whole lesson of America’s slide into gun control.

    1. We have two parties. The Democrats are strongly anti-2nd amendment. The Republicans are not. Some Republicans lean towards weakening the 2nd amendment and some stand for the 2nd amendment. IMHO this makes your entire argument wrong and suspicious. There are people who post on conservative blogs whose intent is to sow the seeds of fear, uncertainty and doubt. To try to convince conservatives to not vote. I think that is what you are doing.

      1. Holy Batman! Here we go again. Anyone who dares to criticize Republicans surely needs to be psychoanalyzed. Let’s stick to the topic, gun control. As Rush Limbaugh would say, this is a ‘teachable moment’.

        Fact: ‘The Gun Control Act of 1968’ brought the wrath of gun registration upon Americans. Without the support of Republicans who voted for it (in BOTH houses) the law would have failed.

        Fact: ‘The Brady Act’ of 1993 brought the wrath of the FBI NICS system background checks and waiting periods upon Americans. Without the support of Republicans who voted for it (in BOTH houses!) the law would have failed.

        OK OneGuy, now it is your turn. Prove me wrong.

        1. look at the NRA ratings for members of the senate:

          52 Senators have an A- rating or better. Only 4 of them are Democrats. That means 48 Republican Senators strongly support the 2nd amendment AND it means you are wrong.

          But you miss the point if you just argue against Republicans because they aren’t perfect. The point is the Democrats are anti-2nd amendment, the Republicans are mostly pro-2nd amendment. But if you dishonestly label Republicans, which you did, you may well convince some people out there to vote for the opposition who are worse. THAT is the point. The Republicans aren’t perfect but who else are you going to vote for.

          1. OneGuy, twice you failed to disprove my facts about Republicans. Instead you brought up new talking points just like Don Williams tried. I stand by my statements.

          2. No, I absolutely proved you wrong.

            Your statement: “Failure to understand that Republicans are an enemy of liberty is to have missed the whole lesson of America’s slide into gun control.”

            My proof that you are wrong: 48 Republican Senators have an A- rating or better on the 2nd amendment only 4 Democrats do.

            Simple as that, you were wrong.

    1. Shortages, perhaps, but not significant price increases. 80-percenters are more of a niche market. Oh, Defense Distributed has mentioned a rush of orders for Ghost Gunner 2 machines.

      1. These Bills turning into Laws… will only slow down the arming of Patriots. I mean in Maryland they banned Assault “style” weapons but with a heavier barrel it is no longer classified as an Assault weapon. We will be making our own body armor out of steel plates soon in garages. We will be making our own AR-15 from 80% lowers. We will be using smoke grenades from paintball stores instead of military supply stores. The list goes on an on….

        What wont’ go on and on… is the ramp up time for all these Senators and Congress people to pass all the laws totally and utterly disarming citizens.

  2. @Montana Guy above and others

    1) I’m curious — what makes you think you will have the will, courage and endurance to use your guns if the USA ever did fall into a civil war?

    2) The Democratic leadership and their billionaire owners have engaged in a relentless 4 year war to gain power by every dirty trick and lie possible. What have you done to stop them?

    3) They tried to lynch George ZImmerman –in order to divert black voters away from looking at who had dumped 8 years of 15% unemployment onto the black community. When they came for George, what did you do?

    4) Americans are supposed to have a constitutional right to peacefully assemble. When Democrats repeatedly disrupted Trump rallies and tried to provoke violence for their new media allies to lie about , what did you do?

    5) Americans are supposed to have a right to speak freely. When Antifa beat the crap out of conservatives at Middlebury and Berkeley for inviting conservative speakers, what did you do?

    6) Trump has some shortcomings but he at least recognizes that the billionaires owe a duty to the American people — to the people who fight this country’s wars and whose sweat produce this country’s wealth. Silicon Valley billionaires have relentlessly attacked Trump for 3 years because they want to import cheap foreign labor. What did you do to oppose them?

    7) Everything Democrat billionaires do has been justified by Republican Libertarians saying “money is speech” and that warnings about massive income inequality/concentration of wealth is just jealousy.

    Well, guess what. That means Jeff Bezos, George Soros, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, the Google billionaires, Apple etc etc have LOTS of speech — while you can only go outside and yell at the squirrels.

    8) The Democrats billionaires and their News Media prostitutes DIVIDE and CONQUER. The national news media has engaged in a relentlessly dishonest campaign to the voters. What have you done to stop them?

    9) The billionaires’s prostitutes imprison Americans at the highest rate on the planet — while Eric Holder let massive fraud on Wall Street skate. What did you do?

    10) Obama spent $1 Trillion per YEAR on “homeland security” and “national security” — yet did NOTHING to provide protection to Americans suffering the some of the highest murder rates on the planet. He did nothing to protect women in places with high rates of rape. What did you do to point out to the voters how Obama was stabbing them in the back? At what point did you explain to urban voters why they should throw every Democrat in Congress out of office and tax every evil Democrat billionaire out of existence. With hostile federal anti-trust regulation if need be.

    Guess what. Now they’re coming for you. Good luck asking for help from your fellow countrymen.

    1. Don Williams, not 1 of your 10 talking points refuted any of the facts I stated. I stand by my statements.

      I’ll repeat my reply to OneGuy. Now it is your turn. Prove me wrong.

  3. I cracked up laughing at the cries of outrage from those discovering that Republican Congressmen are cowardly sellouts.

    Of course they are — they wouldn’t be in Congress otherwise. Our liberty lasts only if we are willing to fight for it — instead of expecting that any member of Congress to care about anything that doesn’t have a $100,000 check attached to it.

    After all, Dick Cheney wadded up the Bill of Rights and wiped his behind with it — what did the Republican Caucus and NRA do? To his great credit, Georgia Congressman and NRA Director Bob Barr objected — and his political career was destroyed. Who tried to defend Bob?

    The Director of National Intelligence lied through his teeth –under oath — to Congress and the American People about NSA’s massive surveillance of us. Obama and the Congressional Intel Committees supported that lie with their silence.

    We only found out the truth because Edward Snowden ruined his life in order to warn us. What did we do to protect Snowden? Now Snowden is living in exile and the News Media has the Director up criticizing Trump every so often like a moral demigod.

  4. JWR – You mention PSA as one of your preferred affiliate advertisers. Unfortunately, I live in a county on their “do not ship list”.

    Do you have any other preferred or affiliate advertisers you would recommend for quality uppers, lowers and parts? I’d like to buy from business that support you.

    Thank you,

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