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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we start out with an article about a Canadian woman who used a sonic weapon against a mountain lion.

Metallica Versus Mountain Lion

Ian sent us this: Alone on a hiking trail, B.C. woman scares off prowling cougar by blaring Metallica. Fittingly, the song that she played was: “Don’t Tread On Me.”

The Root Cellar Capital of the World

Reader Tim. J. sent us the link to this fascinating article at The Natural Building Blog: The Root Cellar Capital of the World.

An OnStar Remote Car Shutdown

By way of OnStar shuts off car’s power, helps state police stop two car thieves. Here is a snippet:

“A little after 8:15 on Friday night, a Troop E trooper attempted to stop a motor vehicle traveling north on Route 12 in Preston that was reported stolen out of Waterford.

The trooper was alerted by the Ledyard PD who were attempting to catch up to the car. Officials have identified the driver of the car as 21-year-old Isaiah Rivera of New Britain and the passenger as 18-year-old Ariana Orkney of Mansfield Center.

Yesterday, Ledyard PD, Troop E and OnStar worked together to stop car thieves. 2 individuals were apprehended after a pursuit causing a crash, stealing another car, located by an off duty Trooper and OnStar shutting the power off.”

JWR’s Comments:  The implications of this technology go far beyond just fighting crime. For those with an interest in privacy who believe that the risks of keeping OnStar outweigh the benefits of vehicle tracking technology, a web search on the phrase:  “Disabling OnStar” could prove useful.

Hong Kong: Lasers Versus Facial Recognition Cameras

Reader G.P. sent this: Watch Hong Kong Protesters Use Lasers To Disrupt Facial Recognition Cameras

New Thermite/Magnesium Breaching Pen

Reader M.M. spotted this ad with accompanying training video: The Breach Pen.

The Not-So-Mysterious Death of Jeffrey Epstein

File under: “I done seen that one a-comin'”.  First, we read on July 25: Epstein found injured in his cell last night. Arkancide? Then, on August 10, there was this headline: Jeffrey Epstein dies by suicide, reports say. Paul Joseph’s Watson’s commentary was fitting: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Reader Mark B.’s comment:  “You should do a web search on ‘Clinton body count’. It is amazing.”  JWR’s Comment:  Go to and slowly type in “Clinton body count”, letter by letter, and carefully watch the supposed “most frequent search requests” auto-fill offered beneath, as you type. Google is evil!

Antifa is Arming Up

The latest turn of a threat spiral, as report by the leftist The New Republic: Antifa Is Arming Itself Against a Trump. Crackdown. Here is a quote:

“…many leftists and even some liberals are beginning to reconsider their feelings about firearms, joining a loose amalgamation of gun groups, from John Brown Gun Clubs (which take their name from the abolitionist) to the Pink Pistols (an LGBTQ group), Liberal Gun Club, and Socialist Rifle Association. Some of these organizations are moderate and traditionalist, others radical and revolutionary. But all share one implicit goal: to normalize firearms ownership and training among liberals. Some of their members hope such efforts will at least make Republicans think twice before attempting a massacre.”

Patreon De-Funds The Gun Collective (TGC) News

A hat tip to reader C.B. for sending this video link: Patreon is Putting The Squeeze On TGC!

Republicans Caving on Civilian Disarmament

G.O. in Illinois sent this: GOP Rep. Kinzinger: Treat All Political Extremist Violence as Terrorism, Raise Age to Buy Guns, Implement Universal Background Checks. A pericope:

“On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) argued that all forms of violent political extremism should be treated as terrorism, the age to purchase a gun should be raised to 21, and there should be universal background checks.

Kinzinger said that any political extremism that resorts to violence should be legally treated as terrorism, and “this is absolutely terrorism. As much as I hate ISIS, I hate white nationalism, and any political violence like that.”

He added, “I think gun purchases need to be raised — the age needs to be raised to 21. Right now, to buy a handgun in this country, you have to be 21, and the initial thought was, well, we’re exempting under — basically, long guns because that’s things like hunting gear and shooting shotguns. But I think that now, obviously, is defining things like purchasing an AR, which are — in many of these mass shootings is actually used. So, I think raising that age to 21, still allowing people in the military to carry their service weapon or cops that are under the age of 21. The next thing is, we do need universal background checks, and doing it in a way that it’s not cumbersome when there’s a private transfer.”

FBI: Conspiracy Theories are Domestic Terrorism Threat

Yahoo News reports: FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat. (Thanks to DSV for the link.)

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  1. What a co-incidence. While the left is intent on disarming vets, the left is arming itself. Guess they are planning for a civil war?
    What does a laser pointer do to thermal sensors or to night vision users?

  2. Republicans Caving on Civilian Disarmament

    Is there anyone who really believes this dog and pony show put on by politicians?

    It does not matter if they are Democrat or Republican. They are all working toward the same goal……total domination of the American people.

    This supposed fight over gun control Democrats want all guns destroyed and Republicans what to save 2A is a farce…….it always has been. It’s just a Broadway Play being acted on a bigger stage.

    Politicians know they cannot implement any instant confiscation or other plan without causing a mass rebellion. One which they would be outnumbered greatly.

    So instead of an out-right repeal of 2A they play this silly little game. The rubes on both sides, I am guilty of this myself, fight about it. Divide and conquer is the strategy. Whether by political views on 2A or 1A or race, religion…….etc…

    They have managed now to split the gun community into separate little groups, NRA, GOA the list goes on. Even here on this forum patriots are divided on different subjects.

    We will lose this battle for freedom if we continue to let the egomaniacs in power, either side, it make no difference any longer, continue to divide us.

    Keep your powder dry. Practice your skills.

    1. DKL

      My own unverifed theory/ gut instinct, is a collpase of the fiat system AND a world wide new order will be forced upon us ( at least in all Western countries at first ) when the USA falls in line instituting regimented gun control, sure, it will be messy, my feeling is a NWO cannot be put in place because of 2A, the fallout , from stripping away the 2A will be immense, the elites do not care about the results from that, they DO care about establishing their power base. I see the mass shootings as deliberately done.


  3. @ FBI Conspiracy Theories as terrorist threat, TOGETHER with Epstein….

    How could anyone take this seriously? I can not help but to think of the thought police.

    1. “The FBI is the most corrupt police agency in the world, with the possible exception of Putin’s”- I read that on a gun forum, but it is accurate. They will exonerate the Clintons of Epstein’s murder and then they will investigate it. Just like OJ looking for the real killer. LOL

      1. hmmmm……the OSS/ CIA had a fun time with MK ULTRA, they are still just as dirty in 2019, far as I am concerned, there can never be enough bad things said about the CIA.

        FBI, CIA , which is more corrupt ? hard to say.

  4. Judge Jeannine last night said how great it is in Australia and how we do need more control here. I guess she is changing. She still claims to be a 2A supporter but it sure changed.

      1. Speaking of Detroit, the police chief, James Craig, has suggested that the law abiding citizens of the city should gun up to protect themselves. He said there are just not enough police to protect everyone. Detroit has it’s problems, but the good people are really tired of all the cr*p. Finally a Detroit city official that is actually worth a darned.

  5. Antifa arming. Big deal, this is only good for 2nd amendment supporters. When the left supports the Constitution and the right supports the Constitution how could there be a better compromise, even if for totally different reasons. Most conservatives are anti fascist also, we just differ on the definition. An elected leader that does not conform to your political views is not necessarily a fascist, if this was the case, this country would have been run by fascist presidents from it’s inception. We have a good case here for overusing and political definition word changing that has destroyed the actual meaning of words, add deplorable, racist, xenophobe, homophobe, white nationalist etc. to the list, and you pretty much get a ho hum response from most people. This over use of words reminds me of Valley Speak. “Like you know” When words such as “Like” are used as place holders in a conversation while feeble brains cannot just pause but must remain the center of attention while their thought process’s try to catch up with their mouths. Personally, I am a self-claimed racist as I cannot stand Morlocks, or Klingons, or Ferengis.

    1. “Self proclaimed racist as I cannot stand Morlocks, Klingons or Ferengis.”
      Love it.
      Thank you for making me laugh out loud!

    2. DO NOT underestimate AntiFa, young useful zealots like them helped to murder 100M people in the 20th Century. With a little bit of training and discipline, and the backing of a future POTUS, they could wipe out all the good peoples of the U.S. PBHO talked about an organization like them as well funded as the U.S. Military. They are the beginnings of a National Civilian Security Force. Stultify them at your own peril. You should be gathering information about them in your own communities.
      If or when an economic downturn occurs, their ranks could swell to hundreds of thousands…

  6. Points to ponder:
    You know Epstein is dead because dead men tell no tales.
    If a 18 year old need to be 21 to buy guns, then they are not responsible enough to drive a car.
    White supremacy is nothing compared to running afoul of a black woman.


    1. 1) However, if our cowardly members of Congress feel threatened by a foreign power — or need to steal some foreign assets for some campaign donors — then those 18 years olds will be called up and given LOTS of fully automatic M16s. Drafted and sent to die on some battlefield because some billionaires in a back room decided it would be a good idea. Did they ever find those nukes of Saddam Hussein’s?

      2) We are having these mass murders because the perps know they can get away with it. If some scumbag kills 17 schoolkids, then he will immediately have a swarm of liberal lawyers springing up to defend him –esp if he has $800,000 left by Ma.

      It will be YEARS before he comes to trial, he may get off if he hires a lying psychologist, and even –if by some miracle –he is found eventually found guilty then he will have about 10 years of appeals and even then will probably escape execution. Because corrupt, lying Democrat judges claim the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment –even though people have been executed for murder for 5000 years.

      3) Of course, anyone who kills a member of Congress or a corrupt judge gets the federal needle so fast the angels blink. Because our leaders are special.

      4) That would be the same leaders who spend $1 Trillion per year of our taxes on “national defense” and “homeland security ” — but don’t life a finger to provide police protection to American communities suffering some of the highest murder rates on the planet. Because those tens of thousands of Americans aren’t special. Black Lives Matter? Well, our Democratic leaders have shown by their ACTIONS that they don’t think so.

      5) That would be the national leaders whose prostitution for Wall Street almost destroyed the US economy, threw millions out of work for years and caused 40,000 more Americans to commit suicide than would have been projected back in 2007.

      6) Why does our national news media discuss NONE of the above? In my opinion, it is because the news media exists to stab us in the back with deceit — with their biggest lie being that they try to inform the voters. Our billionaires want us disarmed in case we wake up some day and look at who is really killing Americans for profits.

      1. You don’t even have to harm or threaten a official to get life in supermax,even when you can prove your innocence. Remember the Supremes have ruled “evidence of innocence is not the basis for a new trial”. A acknowledged innocent man sits in supermax for having unpopular political views and the crime of trying to get a law licence.

  7. Concerning the recent gun control/grab/confiscation/red flag frequenting the airwaves, I thought that this article by Patrice Lewis, whom most of us regular visitors of this site should be familiar with, is especially noteworthy and right on time. Cuts to the chase and approaches the heart of the matter of why shootings will continue. Makes a ton of sense to me anyway! Hopefully you can get something useful out of it as well. With all the recent animosity between all parties involved, meaning everyone, it’s getting forever closer to crunch time boys & girls – B ready!

  8. Women between the ages of 18-21 are prime for rape, torture, murder.
    Women who go off to college, women who have children to defend, battered women who need protection–between the ages of 18-21. Will they risk felony to protect themselves?
    As a young lady in college (many moons ago), I had two occasions where a handgun protected me.
    The thoughts of all these recent proposals that will harm the innocent is so appalling.

    1. Do you think the Democratic leaders care about women?

      Obama spend $1 Trillion per year on “national defense” and “homeland Security ” — but did not lift a finger to provide better protection to American communities suffering high rates of rape. Places like Redding California.

      Because many women in those communities are poor or blue collar — not likely to be big Hillary donors or on Emily’s List.

      The whole MeToo is a media fraud put on by Democrat billionaires wanting to distract us away from WHOSE fraud threw millions of women out of work over the past decade.

      Harvey Weinstein’s real crime in their eyes was having several movie flops in a row and being unable to pay off his loans to Goldman Sachs. If Harvey was a success those MeToo actresses would be lining up at his hotel door because that is how minimum wage waitresses jump over a long line of women –who are more intelligent, more talented and more virtuous. Women who perform nude for display to millions of strangers and then pretend to be virgins out of a Jane Austen novel are not just bad actors — they’re bad comedians. But reading the script you are handed is how they become multi-millionaires. In politics as well as in the theater.

      You’ve been scammed, people. What are you going to do about it?

      1. @Don

        Interesting point about Harvey is he was/ is on misdeamor charges, not rape as he would be if his mistakes with women were below legal age, so, a thoughtful considered answer is, the women all had the choice to not engage or engage in sexual shenanigans, young beutiful women all begging for the chance to get in the spotlights, all claiming after the fact they were ” coerced ” how ?, there is a lot of self interest going on especially after those same women now shouting loudly have made millions….is he grubby and a pervert ? quite probably, however with #metoo and all the men hating left grubby bombardment going on against men is any of this really surprising ?, I can’t say I feel any sympathy for those women.

        Just another sad saga of moral degradation.


  9. We, the people of the United States, will be in a shooting civil war by the end of 2020. It is then and only then that the true patriots will be exposed and the rest just fainting fairies. Stack your ammo and arms deep they will be needed soon.

  10. The biggest danger of Universal background checks is that they Reguire Universal registration to be effective. Once they have the first they will move for the second. We all know where that leads.

  11. ” “Disabling OnStar” could prove useful.” … do like I did; buy an old Jeep CJ or even TJ and fix it up real good like in your novel Patriots … and don’t worry about on star or any other star for that matter … well maybe the Northern Star … have t have some form of primitive GPS ….

  12. I took the challenge. I pulled up, entered “Clinton body count” slowly, and laughed out loud as the results changed with each key entry. Then I tried the same thing on DuckDuckGo. Totally different result. Thanks, JWR.

    1. On Google, when I got as far as “Clint,” all the choices went blank. When I clicked on the full phrase in the search bar, the first half dozen choices that came up ALL linked to items that described it as an “insane” or “baseless” or “longstanding” conspiracy theory.

      On DuckDuckGo, it tried to complete the phrase with Clinton Body Count, Cliff Branch, Clifton, Clinique, Clint Walker, lots of other choices that I seem to recall having looked up at one time or another. Which is pretty strange since I just downloaded “DuckDuckGo” so I could compare. Apparently, the iPad remembers searches even if Google doesn’t. Hmmmmmm.

  13. For a long time I have been wondering about these horrible school shootings that are getting too common these days. They are all so similar: A wacko enters a school, starts shooting and, as soon as any resistance shows up-the police or somebody else with a weapon-the wacko kills himself. It seemed to me that somehow these fiends must have been programmed just like certain other things can be programmed. I didn’t know for sure if it was possible or not. But, I have thought for years that somebody must be putting these killers up to their evil deeds. Then I happened to come across THIS:


    “The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.”

    This quote is from the book titled: Behold a Pale Horse. This book is subtitled: “Exposing the New World Order.” This book is available today. I have seen it on both Amazon and e-Bay. This book was written in 1991 (23 years ago) by William Cooper. The author, former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team Member, reveals information kept secret by our government since the 1940s, including UFOs, the J.F.K.. assassination, the Secret Government, the war on drugs and more. At one time, Cooper was considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on UFOs.

    This type of thing has happened before. On February 27, 1933, Adolph Hitler had some of his goons burn the Reichstag. Using that event, he blamed his political enemies and was able to suspend all law and make himself the supreme ruler of Germany. As the old saying goes: “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

    This book by Mr. Cooper could have been written Today! It foretells that the government may be involved in these school shootings in order to disarm the people. The government later murdered Mr. Cooper. They probably felt like he knew too much. “Dead men tell no tales.”

    And, if the government can program people to shoot up schools, they could also furnish a man with machine guns that he can’t get legally, program him to commit some horrible act and then kill himself just like this latest killer did! Is this a government plot?

    Milton William Cooper (58) was shot and killed by deputies of the Apache County (Arizona) Sheriff’s Office while they were attempting to serve an arrest warrant for aggravated assault and endangerment on Nov. 5, 2001. His death on “unrelated” charges is most interesting. Were those charges just a way to shut him up and discredit him at the same time? Did the sheriff’s office go to his home that evening with the intent of getting their man dead and not alive? While there is no proof of this, it does make one wonder.

    And, is it a coincidence that the schools were made “GUN-FREE zones at about the same time?”

    1. Hi

      Some years ago, I did extensive research corelating mental health high security facilities and shootings, one finding stood out, in 1970 there were 500,000 people in secure mental health lockdowns in the USA, the incarcerated number was very stable from 1950 to 1970, there was also almost no active shooter events, then after a major report was tabled in Congress the recomendation were multiple, primary was closing major facilities as it was ” inhumane ” according the Democrats, in 2019, do you know how many serious cases are in lockdown facilities ? 25,000, where are the rest ? they were all released into halfway houses, the streets, combine this with many of those now had children, then there is the SSRI issue of a deadly cocktail of addictive drugs, the same ” reports ” were implimented in the UK, Germany, Australia and many other first world countries, coincidence ? or by deliberate design ?, you be the judge, my research points to a concerted and very targeted to destabilise , first world countries.


  14. The democrats want complete disarmament of the people.
    The republicans are willing to bargain away the 2nd amendment a piece at a time.

    This is called “common sense” and “reasonable.”

    This mentality probably comes from the fact that most of them are lawyers. There are no principles in the law, there are just rules. Just as there are no principles in a game of cards, there are just rules. The rules can be negotiated and bargained and stretched or ignored. When you lose, you just take it calmly and reasonably.

    The fact that supposed conservatives are now touting the Australian system as the way to go, just indicates how far we’ve degenerated.

    The lemmings are in charge and they’re running for the nearest cliff as fast as they can. Buy as much magazines, reloading equipment, bullet molds and brass as you can, while you can. These items may have to last you the rest of your life, and your children’s lives.

    By the way, as long as you are googling, try “Australian Police: 10% of guns seized are homemade”

    “Australian Gangs Making DIY Machine Guns Despite Ban on “Assault Weapons”

  15. OnStar: When OnStar came out it was touted by the NannyState as something to keep you safer and for your convience, if in an accident OnStar would rescue you; lock yourself out of your car, OnStar will open your doors. The plan to control us is ALWAYS hidden by, ” the product is doing you a service”. I shudder when I see commercial for Alexa, Ring, and control your house from your phone, has the common sense of the average person been completely brainwashed out of them??? Just my opinion.

  16. I know while Startpage is not tracked the searches run through Google. I’m not sure of Duckduckgo. But I know with the Google search engine basically erasing many natural health sites but are doing so. Unless you know the exact name the previous sites first on the results are not any more.

  17. These comments I’m reading about gun confiscation reminds me of a conversation I overheard the other day. One guy was lamenting about our second amendment rights being taken away and particularly about door to door confiscation by LE and the military. The other guy just smiled and said “a law that can’t be enforced isn’t a law at all.” Something to think about I guess.

    1. @MRay- That is true. The problem with relying on a law not being enforced is that whatever jurisdiction that is not enforcing it (say it is a bad law) may be coerced into enforcing it at any time in the future. A law that is not enacted has a better chance (100%) of not being enforced. The Bill of Rights are very unusual- they prevent the government from doing certain prohibited actions. Of course, under our current corrupted leftist-controlled government, very little of or Bill of Rights, even our Constitution, are still being honored and adhered to. But if we lose MORE of the Second Amendment, all is lost. Next will be the entire 2nd, then the 1st, or what is left of it, then everything. I am not exaggerating. Socialists NEVER quit until they achieve total domination of the whole society. We cannot afford to lose any more of our rights.

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