Preparedness Notes for Friday — August 9, 2019

An important update: We are about to be stabbed in the back by the Senate Republican leadership, with the consent of President DJT. Read this: McConnell suggests Senate could look at assault weapons ban, background checks. Please call your senators, and remind them the banning private party intrastate sales is outside of Federal jurisdiction! And they must STOP red flag pre-crime laws, and any attempts to ban our ARs or full capacity magazines.

August 9th, 1831 was the birthday of James Paris Lee (August 9, 1831 – February 24, 1904). He was a Scottish-Canadian and later American inventor and arms designer, best known for inventing the bolt action that led to the Lee-Metford and Lee-Enfield series of rifles.

SurvivalBlog Writing Contest

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Round 84 ends on September 30th, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.


  1. Better yet, full reciprocal carry, so I can take my fully legal CCW rights from Wyoming with me when I go to blue-land. And add “must issue”.

    If someone in that Wal-Mart was armed (TX’s GOP stabbed – pun intended – the base in the back by not bringing up constitutional carry), the tragedy would have been much smaller.

  2. tz, you don’t want Congress to pass a reciprocal carry law. That would change our Second Amendment right (not granted by the Constitution, but acknowledged as a natural human right by the Constitution) into a privilege granted by the government. If a “privilege” can be granted, it can be rescinded. The Second Amendment itself should be the only reciprocal carry “law” we need.

  3. Ma G is correct on this. From my understanding of the Constitution, our Constitution is all that should be required for CC (open carry for that matter) nationwide.
    The ability for individuals to carry protection for themselves, family, and or members of their race is a right granted or given by God and no other.
    The Constitution is a contract between the citizens, the States, and the entity referred to as the “federal government.”
    It states the duties (and only what duties) the fed gov is bound by that contract to do for the states and citizens.
    The 2nd amendment is one of the duties the fed gov is bound by that contract to uphold.
    There are no words limiting where, when and how arms are to be limited. Only that the right to keep and bear shall not be infringed. Meaning simply that no laws may be made to limit the carrying of them. Period. If our elected representatives cannot understand that simple wording, perhaps they should all begin with remedial English again.

    Fact(s) as I understand them:
    Guns are heavy (relatively speaking) and get in the way of everyday life, generally a pain to carry around. That is why when our country got more civilized and guns were not needed on an everyday basis for self protection, people simply quit carrying them until it became the “norm.” Now people look strangely and get upset when they see someone open carrying, hence the move to CC.

    In any given 48 hr. period there are roughly 200 deaths attributed to automobile & trucks, as well as roughly 500 due to medical errors. OK, where’s the outrage over that? Should those not mandate background checks? In a number of states you don’t even have to speak English or be a “legal” citizen and you can get a drivers license. But the ability to drive is seen much differently than the ability to “own” guns even though they can both be used to produce the same outcome. And the gun controllers would frown on being controlled in that manner. Hint, you can kill, injure and maim more people with an auto than you can with a gun, just think about it for a short minute. And all in the same venue or area where guns are prohibited, AKA – gun free zones…
    It’s all about control and how out of control our elected representatives have become. Primarily for the perpetuation of their life on easy street at the expense of all the citizens. Always has been about control of the underlings and always will be. Just how much do you want to be controlled by the so called “super class”, the rule makers? The everyday citizen is the ultimate rule maker! Your freedom and liberty to achieve whatever you wish for yourself is in the balance. Choose wisely grasshopper! But that’s just my opinion…..

  4. I have gotten to the point I never vote for the incumbent. I am sick and tired of all the “professional politicians” that is in Washington be it R or D that care nothing of their voting base. They lie to get into office then backstab the one’s who put them there in the first place.

  5. The bad results of the Fed, makes fertile ground for communists/socialists who are being fired up for a revolution, and the gun confiscation that is necessary apart of their plan. They will support the current “Central Planning” model that provides free stuff, with fake money, the communist’s false hope and promise, and tool to compromise. Educating others as to the actual cause of the bad times ahead, will help to strengthen the ranks, who will refuse to repeat the mistakes of the past. We saw the communist ideas arise during the Great Depression, and even take the Presidency in FDR. Although WW2 changed the course of the economy and politic, it did not fix the problem, so the weeds of our destruction eventually dominated.

    Education is the best medicine, yet with the current derelicts in office, who are entirely unprincipled and brain dead, they are unable, or unwilling to discern the facts, and differences in spelling. ‘Intra’ vs. ‘inter’, hey, what’s the diff? We know that words like ‘integrity’ and ‘principles’ are merely ‘sound good’ words, apart of the politician’s lexicon in an ephemeral fantasy for fools, and traitors. Their moralistic morass is meaningless, but for the mindless minion meat heads who are lost, they support this madness and revolution. DJT has no excuse.

  6. I live in Wyoming but since I still have a house in another state I send emails to 4 Senators and 2 Reps. and I contact them often. Since they’re all Republicans they blow favorable smoke up my a** and as I’ve said before never fall in love with a politician, ANY politician. If you happen to live where you have Republican Senators be sure and tell them that the people that are demanding they infringe on our rights, are not the people that voted for them, and they need to pass this along to President Trump. Trekker Out

  7. Interesting. I was told I’d get tired of “winning”.

    Somehow, I don’t think caving into a bunch of liberal/Left protesters screaming “do something” is what I’d call winning…

    I understand that Trump is afraid the soccer moms will abandon him in the next election over gun control.

    What they never figure in their calculations are the people who become tired of politicians throwing them to the wolves. If the election is as close as they say, you can’t afford to have, say 3% of the gun owning public throw up their hands and say “what’s the use of voting?”

    Every time I hear a politician say a law is “common sense” or that some official is a “straight arrow” I know that Washington is not driven by common sense, and the arrow is usually crooked.

  8. Forget voting. It is an act of aggression on your neighbor who may not think like you do.

    Instead, arm up, practice OPSEC, INTSEC, and train, train, train like your life depends on it.

    Because it does.

    My favorite training school is Max Velocity Tactical.

    Look them up.

    Remember, no one is coming to save you.

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