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Some Gun Purchases in N.Y. Now Delayed 30 Days

Reader H.L. sent this: Gun purchases in New York will now take longer, after gov signs new law. JWR’s Comment: This underscores the profoundly arbitrary nature of modern statutory jurisdiction.  Why 30 days? Why not 30 months? Our elected “representatives” are just tossing numbers around. Welcome to the era of Feel Good Dart Board Politics.

How Hong Kong Protestors Neutralize Tear Gas Canisters

A hat tip to Karen B. for spotting this: The clever trick pro-democracy protesters use to neutralise tear gas canisters fired by police during Hong Kong riots.

Jet Crash at Star Wars Canyon

By way of, comes this: Navy fighter jet crashes in California’s Death Valley, injuring at least 7 visitors. JWR’s Comment: The low-level fly-bys there, are legendary.

America’s Anglo Population is Aging

Also at Census: White births outnumber minorities by just 2,943 of 4 million

How Civil Asset Forfeiture is Legalized Theft

Reader DSV sent this one: How Civil Asset Forfeiture is Legalized Theft. Here is an excerpt:

“According to author Nora V. Demleitner, Professor of Criminal and Comparative Law at Washington and Lee University, civil asset forfeiture laws “let authorities, such as federal marshals or local sheriffs, seize property – cash, a house, a car, a cellphone – that they suspect is involved in criminal activity.”

Justice Department data highlight that the federal government confiscated a total of $28 billion in assets. Unlike criminal forfeiture, which mandates that a property owner receive a criminal conviction before having their property taken, civil forfeiture “doesn’t require that the suspect be charged with breaking the law.”

According to Demleitner, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are the main agencies that engage in the majority of asset forfeiture cases.”

A $524,600 Kidney Dialysis Bill

Another article sent by DSV: Dialysis Firm Cancels $524,600.17 Medical Bill After Journalists Investigate.

#FREETOMMY Demonstration Protest Planned

A “Free Tommy Robinson” demonstration is planned for Saturday, August 3, 2019 in central London, with a mass gathering on Oxford Street, at noon. Based on the crowds seen at previous events, I expect large attendance.

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  1. Some Gun Purchases in N.Y. Now Delayed 30 Days

    Well the people of N.Y. voted for those people. Why should I concern myself with their voting for crazy Democrats? If you’re not happy move.

    They voted for it, so they should pull up their big boy pants and do what the dictators tell them to do. If they don’t like it STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS!!! Otherwise shut the HE** up.

    1. The problem with promoting people to move(and oh are they doing that by the droves!) is, they are moving and are not in repentance. They want their freedoms and their sins too.
      We are seeing a slew of people moving here with “don’t tread on me flags” and they are ungodly people. We must repent in all our ungodly ways and remember our Creator and His Son Jesus if we are to build our house.

      1. Amen. There were numerous times in Israel’s history where tyranny was swallowing it up due to their generational sin. No matter how much they patriotically sought to defend their freedoms and lifestyle, until they had repented of the sins the Lord had raised with them, they went further into captivity and death. Often those that claim to be freemen and resist wicked authority, also rebel equally against the Lord and his government (rule and law) in their lives. They simply will not have anyone rule in their lives, especially the King of kings! The Scriptures teach and history repeatedly proves that genuine repentance always precedes a restoration of true civil liberty. “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and HEAL THEIR LAND.” (2Chr 7:14, NKJV)

    2. A Republican voice in NY don’t really have a voice there. Did you know, if it wasn’t for the Electoral College, NYC and LA had enough votes to choose the president in 2016? Their only real recourse is to move, and that’s not always financially doable.

    3. Some of us cannot pick up and just move. Many of us don’t vote for Democrats. We are obvious outnumbered and fighting hard against the tyrannical policies. Do you really want us to shut up? I don’t think so. Relax.

      1. John: If you are outnumbered then you will never roll back the damage already done. Taxes are high in NY. Gun laws are bad in NY. Move to a free state and go on with your life. There are 30 states that are free, pick one. People in the military move every 18 months.

    4. “First they came for the New Yorkers
      and I did not care because I was not a New Yorker …..”

      Much of New York state is rural and filled with nice people –who are enslaved by the votes of New York City

      Votes cast by the ignorant and conned — because Democrat billionaires spend massive sums on urban news media to constantly mislead those urban voters.

      Read Matt Bai’s “The Argument”–or his NY Times article on Howard Dean’s attempt to reform the party “The Inside Agitator”. An excerpt:
      “The D.N.C. quit doing much of anything in conservative rural states, and the party’s presidential candidates didn’t bother stopping by on their way to more promising terrain. Every four years, the national party became obsessed with “targeting” — that is, focusing all its efforts on 15 or 20 winnable urban states and pounding them with expensive TV ads. The D.N.C.’s defining purpose was to raise the money for those ads. The national party became, essentially, a service organization for a few hundred wealthy donors, who treated it like their private political club”

      That is not a strategy — that is the essence of the Democratic con game. A few hundred billionaires use expensive mass media to lie to the voters constantly and it is too expensive for anyone to give a counter story.
      The national media exists not to inform us but to divide and conquer us for the sake of their rich masters. Obama and the Democratic Congresses of 2007-2010 stabbed black Americans in the back with 8 years of 15% unemployment — and Democratic leaders escaped accountability by having NBC lynch George ZImmerman and why they shed crocodile tears over Trayvon Martin.

      The idea your war can be fought in the Redoubt is wrong. Mass murders are happening because the perps know they can get away with it — because Democrat billionaires and their judges have made it impossible to quickly try and execute those murderers in order to deter vicious scum.

      But the NRA seems to be too busy trying to buy a $6 million mansion for Wayne LaPierre and fighting over Board control to put out ANY counter argument against gun control in the past 3 years.

      And Fox News vs the Democrats has been the equivalent of Woody Allen fighting Mike Tyson. Partly because Fox News anchor
      Megyn Kelly stabbed Roger Ailes in the back and then went over to collect a $69 million payoff from rival NBC News.

      Sun Tzu said you have to know your enemy — and you guys don’t seem to be getting the info out in the Redoubt. Burying your head is not usually a winning tactic on the battlefield. You should reach out to your fellow Americans in the cities — not dismiss them.

      1. “First they came for the New Yorkers
        and I did not care because I was not a New Yorker …..” and
        “You should reach out to your fellow Americans in the cities — not dismiss them.”
        Just what should I do, living 1500 miles away from New York or California, to help them ? Send a militia to fight crime, maybe ? We would be called racists, and arrested for anything that we tried to do.
        Better to send the militia to the Southern border to shoot at illegals and scare them away from the border. Except our government would put an end to that before it started, and the government would stop anything that we tried to do to help New York or California too. Illegals have overrun our country. California is a lost cause. New York probably is too, because of NYC. IMO most people in NYC and California hate white people, as brainwashed by the democrat party, and only want our tax money.
        What do you suggest that we do to HELP THEM ?
        I know that I have rough edges and speak bluntly sometimes. I don’t intend to offend you, but never learned too much flowery talk or diplomatic words. I have been moderated here sometimes for my blunt talk, but I understand. I do not intend to be or sound belligerent.

    5. DKL,

      To put it charitably, you have a simplistic view. I seriously doubt that “they who voted for those people” are not composed of the gun owners whose rights have been impaired.

      About moving, those who have well-paying jobs, future retirement benefits, and family, and social connections cannot just pack up and move with Granny sitting in a rocker in the bed of the pickup with a 5′ x 7′ U-Haul trailer in tow. Every gun owner doesn’t have a dead end job, a one bedroom apartment lease, and no friends or family to be concerned about.

      Indifference about what happens to people in one state has a way of coming around to affect everyone sooner or later. In the late 1980s, I warned my family back home about the massive influx of illegal aliens in California. All I got was the “thousand yards stare.” Their response was essentially, “What’s that got to do with me?” That response has changed with time. Now, with every new census, California’s Congressional representation (almost solidly Democratic) increases as a result of the high birth rate of illegal immigrants whose progeny vote mostly Democratic. Are all Americans expected to move now? And to where?

      As to gun rights, in particular, I expect that the California Congressional caucus will vote for the coming round of federal anti-gun right legislation. After all, the restrictions that are being proposed are already a reality in California.

      1. The problem is that we [We the People] need to put a stop to this California thing [how California goes so goes the nation]. California just passed a law that all doctors receive medical school loans paid off if they have 30% of their patients on CALMED. Meaning illegals get free health insurance and birth comforts. Both the student load money and CALMED monies come from the FEDs. Our money [tax payers from all 50 states]. California will not stop passing laws to soak up more of American’s money.

        Sad but this needs to stop!

    6. Easy for you to say. I never once voted for that party and neither did 2/3rds of the counties making up the state. I would move in a heartbeat if it wasnt for my 4th generation family farm.

  2. Hi C. Bernett.
    Many who live in the redoubt area are experiencing the same growing pains of folks moving here, Myself included. But I am trying to be a little more understanding of why they are moving here. Jesus lived among the ungodly, changing lives from wherever he resided,He didnt live in a safe, secure, protected environment, only stepping out to spread the word.
    I feel your pain, and I also struggle with the caliber of newcomers.
    My Pastor says ” Let them come” and teach them by example. I find it a little easier if I take the position that these people are at least looking for a better life.

  3. Some gun purchases in N.Y. now delayed 30 days: The problem with this is that it sets a precedent. Then the other states fall like dominoes. Check out history, that is the same attitude the Germans had, and look where that got them.

          1. Nice first Impression.
            He acknowledges that weapon Permit/disarmament laws were introduced in Germany before the Nazis, the 1920 law was forced by the Versailles treaty.

  4. “America’s Anglo Population is Aging”

    They [the LEFT] want to kill off the WASPs. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Why? Look up WASP on wikipedia and find out the LEFT believes that WASPs were the elite, in charge of everything, investors, leaders of big business, global economy. So the LEFT who are bent on racism feel that brown, red, black, and other skin tones [nothing else just skin color to look at] are entitled to contribute to human achievement.

    My gripe is that for thousands of years it was the Whites that controlled everything because they were the most innovative/well to do, and had secure families. Today in these third world countries there is little to no progress after thousands of years and no family structure.

    America will be a Third World “sh** hole” soon enough. Instead of reading about how the “West was won!” the LEFT will be celebrating how the “West was lost!”

    Just look at the immigration policy of the LEFT. It is diametrically opposite of WASP [White westernized people, Anglo-Saxon is British English speaking language, Protestant is a form of Christianity and heterosexual marriages ordained by God.

    The LEFT want non English speaking, non-white, non-American, GLBTB, illegal aliens, non-Christian muslims to be our next generation of American hopefuls.

    The LEFTs reason: Everyone deserves a shot at the American Dream. But the LEFT does nothing to promote the American Dream in other counties with their foreign policy.. they want all NON-WASPS here illegally. That’s the LEFTs immigration policy.

    1. “The Left” is a vague target. The real enemy is a few hundred rich men — who control the national news corporations and who employ a few thousand low-paid prostitutes in the Democratic leadership , news media and universities to lie for them. Divide and conquer.

      But note that Jeff Bezos, Tom Steyer, George Soros,etc are so successful in enslaving us because Republican “Libertarians” have put out the message for 40 years that the “government” is the enemy — while being careful to cover up who is the real enemy.

      All men have to sign up for the military draft at age 18 and die on the battlefield to protect this nation –or the foreign investments of the Rich. But it is somehow morally wrong to argue that our richest and most powerful citizens have a duty to this country. Or to hold the Rich to account for what they and their employees in the Congress do –or don’t do.

      The government is the only protection the common citizens has against the predators — although it is certainly a threat if we waste our votes and let the predators win. Because the predators don’t care what we want and don’t need our votes.

  5. When our government (republican or democrat, left or right) and their police come for you, you will need these skills of neutralizing tear gas (and your AR-15).

  6. You all make the case for the States subdividing. New York should be at least 4 States. The same goes for California. The US Senate is too small because there are not enough States to be truly representative of the people. The House of Representatives is likewise too small. We are not being represented properly. How can one person represent 700,000 people effectively. Better to make it 1 representative for no more than every 250,000 and no less than one per county. There are over 3100 counties in the US. I, for one, have absolutely ZERO representation in Washington.

    1. We need to strip Congress of about 90% of its power and return to something like the original Articles of Confederation. I’m not sure what to do about the Supreme Court but obviously you can’t have freedom if 9 prostitutes for Rich men can enslave 325 MILLION Americans merely by making up claptrap. Maybe redefine the Court to be the local District court and scrap the Appeals Courts and the one in Washington.

      Aedanus Burke , a member of the First Congress, claimed that Alexander Hamilton and his allies used the original Constitutional Convention to organize a clandestine Second Revolution. One to take power back from the People and return it to the Rich.

      Even though the Convention had been initially called merely to sort out interstate commerce.

      Which was why the Convention was conducted in secrecy and why the Rich mounted a massive campaign in the urban newspapers for ratification –before the opponents could get organized.

      (Note: The first section of the above has a lot of commentary by Saul Cornell re Samuel Bryan’s response to Aedanus Burke’s inquiries re Federalist railroading.
      While interesting, be sure to scroll down to Burke’s questionaire — the subject of the article.

      Back in the 1780s there was a national security argument that the country needed to be more strongly unified to fight off the aggression of European superpowers. That no longer holds. Plus in 1790, a Congressman represented about 3000 people — who could hold his feet to the fire.

    2. Seriously? Be careful what you wish for. The California Republican Party is a shambles and is an endangered species in California. Would you prefer 8 Democratic Senators from a divided California? How about from New York?

      There would be absolutely no reason to even have a Senate if membership was based on population. The House of Representatives is based on population. All states get two senators.

      Back when there was a Quebec Separatist movement, Time Magazine actually posed the scenario that, if Quebec actually seceded, Canada would be divided in half and the remaining provinces would not have a viable national framework. As a result, Time suggested that they might seek to join the US as new states.

      At the time, I thought that this would be a wonderful outcome. Later I thought about how socialist-oriented Canada is when compared to the US, and it occurred to me that adding several million Democrats to the US election process might not be such a great idea. So, in the same vein, it might be a good idea to consider the same issue when you propose breaking up California and New York. It would only multiply the political impact of their liberal populations on national issues.

    3. @Charles K- There are 3,142 counties in our country. Georgia has 159 counties. Texas has 254 counties. Kentucky has 120 counties. Do you really want to add 2700 congressmen/women to our government ? That is crazy.
      What is needed is to repeal the 17th Amendment and return the control of the U.S.Senate to the state legislatures.

  7. I live in NY state and I did not vote for these loons like Commandant Cuomo, Chuck “Bird Feces”, Gillibrand, and (A)lways(O)bjectively(C)razy. The free-stuff mentality/addiction and loose immigration has done its job wonderfully to reinforce their reigns though. I completely believe that social media (MSM, F*!#Book, etc.) has erased free thinking and enslaved many good peoples minds…my family included. Only thing left to do is make more good friends, adjust lifestyle for sustainability, and pray hard. We live in unparalleled times my friends.

  8. Some Gun Purchases in N.Y. Now Delayed 30 Days

    I hate to say, but it looks more like it’s the era of Feel Good lawn Dart Politics. And we the citizens are the ones getting stabbed.

    And DKL, why be concerned? Misery loves copycats. I reside in NM. This last election they hired a Dem gubnor who seems hell bent on acting just like the big state boys…

    1. This is completely off topic, but in case you are interested, I just saw that Frontier Airlines is giving away free domestic round trips to anyone with surname Green or Greene to celebrate national “Green Week” and sustainability.

  9. To all responding to my initial post.

    Excuses are only cop-outs. I can’t move because….you insert you cop-out here.

    I’ve done it several times to escape the leftward leanings of states/cities. I am from New England originally.

    Was it easy….NO! Did I give up a lot…YES! Did I suffer for a while, trying to get started again……YOU BET!! You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone to effect change.

    In my humble opinion..the best thing real patriots can do is move, and take their money and skills with them. You are already starting to see the slow demise of these states/cities. They are becoming a vague shadow of themselves….why…..population and money emigrating away from their evil empires. Examples….LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore….and yes even N.Y.C. Immigrants from South America or wherever, are only further drains on the state/cities finances.

    If the emigration continues the power will be spread out more evenly and less will be concentrated in these evil empires. Will the people leaving learn their lessons….some will…..some won’t. None the less the power will be spread more evenly over time.

    Remember the old saying “evil can only exist if good men do nothing.” We have been doing nothing for to long….I include myself in that statement.

    Keep the trend going and soon these centers of evil will be nothing more than homeless camps full of drunks and drug users…which is occurring currently.

    Keep the faith and your powder dry.

    1. DKL, your original point was “Why should I concern myself with their voting for crazy Democrats? If you’re not happy move.” You are ignoring the facts. As Ole Granny said, “[how California goes so goes the nation].” Trends in this country tend to start in California. When California adopts a new law, it tends to start the ball rolling in other parts of the country. Many state legislators simply obtain copies of the California law, edit it to make it sound “local,” and then introduce it in their state legislature. California law becomes “the new normal.” New York comes in a close second in this regard.

      Some people can move every time the next month’s rent is due and take their chances on finding some sort of job when they do. There’s not much of anything that will keep them at a particular location.

      Others have “ties that bind” them to certain localities and it will take more than a law passed here and there to cause them to intentionally undertake the social, economic and personal upheaval of moving far from home.

      I simply say this: Life is about choices. Choices have consequences. Make your choice and move on.

  10. Moving is not easy when you are born and raised working class in an awful city full of depravity, deviance and violence.

    I have to take care of my aging family while they keep the dignity of living on their own property. Even though it’s a small plot of land.

    I couldn’t live with myself if I abandoned them to dicker off to the country, even though it would enrich the lives of my immediate family and make us exponentially safer. My parents have given me everything.

    Trust me when people say just move, they are completely right, I completely agree. Sometimes it ain’t the Christian thing to do though.

  11. RE: FreeTommy

    Here is the YouTube channel that I have been following before Tommy was put back in jail. It appears to run by the organizers of the protests, and will very likely have videos from future events. I am surprised it has not been deleted by YouTube. The each protest appears to become angrier and angrier, and larger and larger. During the last protest the FreeTommy crowd was funnel, or steering by their Bobbies directly into another big protest, or group called Antifa . What are the odds that the violent Antifa group of ‘protestors’ would be in the streets, and conveniently located where the two groups could clash? Me thinks that something is rotten in Denmark. It is probably lutefisk, ( an aged, and fermented fish delicacy, that only a viking could stomach).

    Here is a very important interview Matt Bracken did with Micheal Hansen, a Danish American who grew up in Denmark who is attempting to explain to America, how Antifia was used to help cow Europeans who sought to preserve their countries.
    He warns that Antifia activities as seen in Portland, OR will soon be nation wide. Antifia is a tool, the ‘brown shirts’, the globalist use to conquer.

  12. Nathan Hail said… What is needed is to repeal the 17th Amendment and return the control of the U.S.Senate to the state legislatures.”

    Yes! Yes, that is exactly right. The original purpose of the US Senate was to jealously guard the sovereignty of the several States, with each State legislature basically appointing two Senators with marching orders something like “go to the District of Columbia and don’t allow Federal encroachment upon our State’s liberties. Do not yield even one inch.”

  13. 1) @Nathan Hail above: In response to my comment to DKL: “You should reach out to your fellow Americans in the cities — not dismiss them.”

    Nathan replied:
    “Just what should I do, living 1500 miles away from New York or California, to help them ? Send a militia to fight crime, maybe ?”

    2) My reply here applies to other commenters as well.

    a) For the past 4 years, the Democratic leadership and its billionaire owners have been mounting a massive, dishonest campaign to turn this country into a dictatorship. They are doing so with a lying national news media indirectly owned and controlled by the billionaires.

    b) Republican billionaires have done NOTHING to oppose this:

    c) You guys spend thousands of dollars for assault rifles and ammo which would be largely useless in any real social conflict.

    Yet you are unwilling to spend $10 on stamps to send letters to your fellow Americans in the cities to point out how the Democrat leaders are stabbing us ALL in the back — Democratic voters as well as independents and Republicans. Urban residents as well as rural residents.

    d) The real median life savings of black Americans was only $19,000 in 2007. After six years of Obama, it had fallen to $10,000.

    e) The current Democratic Minority Leader in the Senator is smirking Chuck Schumer — who was one of the people most responsible for destroying FDR’s financial regulations so that Chuckie’s Wall Street backers could loot on a massive scale and almost destroy our economy:

    Chuckie was also a leader in raiding the US Treasury in order to pay off the gambling debts of his Wall Street buddies.

    e) 40,000 more Americans died from suicide in Obama’s 8 years than would have been expected from the rate in Bush’s 8 years. Chuckie’s corruption has killed 12 times more Americans than Al Qaeda managed on Sept 11, 2001. Seen any rants in the NYTimes or Wash Post or MSNBC about that?

    f) Democrats have stripped urban residents of their right to own guns. Obama spent almost $1 Trillion per year on “national defense” and “Homeland Security” and “federal law enforcement” — yet did NOTHING to protect American living in places with some of the highest murder rates on the planet. Camden New Jersey. Chester Pa. Baltimore. Flint.

    Only Trump pointed out that many Democratic urban neighborhoods are manure holes just as bad as Central America.

    g) The NRA leadership is doing NOTHING to point out that Americans are dying because Democrats stripped people of the right to defend themselves and lying Democratic judges on the Supreme Court stripped the justice system of the power to IMMEDIATELY put mass murderers on trial and execute them.

    h) The national news media ranted about Trayvon Martin for months — but only British Reuters wrote about the economic collapse of Sanford Florida and the high crime resulting from the High Obama Unemployment. Wrote about George Zimmerman’s black neighbor DEFENDING George for trying to protect their neighborhood. That police don’t show up rapidly in poor neighborhoods the way they protect Limousine Liberals.

    Meanwhile , Democratic NBC News Lied through its teeth trying to lynch George as a racist — in order to distract black voters away from looking at who had really stabbed them in the back.

    The Ku Klux Klan wasn’t running the White House from 2009-2017 –but maybe it should offer honorary membership to the guy who was.

    i) Except for Trump and a few of his backers, Republican billionaires are doing NOTHING to oppose the Democratic march to tyranny:

    3) You guys are living in a dream world. The Redoubt is indefensible against a military under command of a Democratic plutocracy — and the Redoubt’s resources are a pathetic fraction of what’s in the rest of the country.

    Fight now by joining with your brothers in the cities to destroy the Democratic billionaires — or you deserve to be slaves. Look upon their misery and pain with indifference and you deserve what’s coming for you. Let the national news media continue to lie without opposition and your descendents will curse your name.

    1. @DonWilliams- “Fight now by joining with your brothers in the cities to destroy the Democratic billionaires” That is a fine idea. Please be more SPECIFIC. That is vague gobbledygook. ” Look upon their misery and pain with indifference and you deserve what’s coming for you.” What SPECIFICALLY do you suggest that we do ? More to the point- WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?

      1. There are roughly 20 occasions in which the Democratic leaders –working for Democratic billionaire campaign donors — have stabbed the rank and file Democratic voters in the back. I gave several examples above but there are many more.

        As I noted, we need to short-circuit the deceit of the national media by sending letters to random people in the cities noting how and why Democratic voters have been deceived and urging people to vote next year to throw out every Democrat in Congress — or at least to not vote.

        And urge the addressees to send the message on to 20 more people pulled out of the phone book at random. Trigger a nuclear chain reaction — in which every atom that splits sends neutrons outward to split more atoms.

        There is a fracture in the Party between the people who actually believe in the proclaimed values of the party and those who merely give lip service while working hard to coopt, subvert, undermine and sabotage any attempt to help the workers of this nation.

        Or you can continue to let the national debate be shaped by the prostitutes at NBC, MSNBC, Washington Post etc. Who don’t even have to outright lie to the voters — merely loudly attack Trump while covering up and hiding the many ways in which Obama , Hillary, Chuckie etc screwed Democratic voters in major ways for the benefit of rich donors.

        Example: The guys at Goldman Sachs must crack up laughing whenever Harvard Professor/ Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren attacks them. Goldman Sachs merely followed Harvard’s lead in 2008.

        Harvard had lost $10 BILLION out of its $35 Billion endowment due to bad derivatives investments by Harvard Dean Larry Summers (formerly Treasury Secretary for Bill Clinton.) So Harvard dumped $1 million into Obama’s Presidential Campaign and Goldman did the same. Obama won, made Fat Larry his national economic advisor to run the Big Bailout and Shazzam! Harvard recovered its $10 Billion in losses, Goldman was saved from bankruptcy by the AIG bailout and its stock zoomed from $65 to $180 in the first year of Obama’s Presidency.

        Anyone seen our two-faced Elizabeth criticizing Harvard’s sweetheart deal? Obama ran up $10 TRILLION in federal debt. How much of that did you get?

        Anyone seen the moral watchdogs in the news media –who have been attacking Trump without cease — asking Elizabeth about Fat Larry?

        Of course not — in my opinion, because the national media exists solely to lie to us. With its biggest lie being that it tries to inform the voters.

  14. And now we see that “what happens in California doesn’t stay in California.”

    California has had a background check requirement for gun purchases for 30 or 40 years, or more.

    Today, I heard that Donald Trump was talking about the GOP “leading the charge” for background checks. See how California issues can become the “new normal,” and then how other jurisdictions fall in line? Welcome to the club.

  15. @Don Williams- Oh, I get it. A CHAIN letter. Good luck with that.
    On another subject, @Survivorman- I have written the President, telling him that if he signs a law requiring background checks for private gun sales between private individuals, (private property), he will LOSE the election. Here is the address to contact the White House:

    1. The Declaration of Independence was a Chain Letter.

      And you can send more that 20 — I was just giving you the low rent version.

      Any combat soldier will tell you that the battlefield is extremely exhausting —mentally as well as physically. That is why they run 18 year olds through months of demanding physical training — just a small taste of what they will experience in war.

      If you can’t summon up the energy to make a small effort to enlighten your fellow Americans and change their votes, then you might as well sell any firearms you have.

  16. If Trump loses the election, it won’t be because of background checks.

    Karl Rove was on Fox News yesterday. He said that among the public, in general, the support for background checks was around 90%. Even among Republicans, the support was approaching 90%. I checked and did find this:

    Of course, the specific requirements for a background check are not defined in the polling, so that leaves uncertainty.

    In general, however, can you really say that in November 2020 that, if posed with the alternative of Biden, Harris, or Sanders, that you will not vote for Donald Trump because he helped a background check law be passed? The phrase that comes to mind is “cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.” Once any of the current Dems takes the White House, it’s “Katy bar the door” with regard to a host of new anti-gun rights legislation–as well as a massive socialist onslaught of new legislation on so many levels. Are you really ready for that???

    With that scenario in mind, I’ll be _____ if I will sit back and punish Trump by not voting for him because of his position on background checks.

    1. The choice is between the right to private property or eventual death camps for us and our families. I have been a faithful Trump supporter and have given over a thousand dollars to his campaign. If he signs a law extending background checks to the private sales of guns between private parties, I will not vote. For him or anyone. I have already decided not to vote to re-elect my senator because he has done nothing to help Trump in the past 2 years, with the exception that he did vote for the tax cut. If Trump supports this change to the background checks law, I am through with politics and will be preparing for what is to come. It will not be pretty. P.S.- Karl Rove is a puppetmaster of the deep state, and I don’t believe in what polls say. There are too many variables in polls, and the answers can be manipulated by the way the questions are worded.

      1. P.S.- there are already many gun owners who feel betrayed by his support for the bump stop ban, (unconstitutionally imposing an ex-post-facto law making a gun accessory the legal equivalent of a machine gun) who say he is a gun-grabber and they will not vote for him again. This will be multiplied by the thousands if he makes the sale of private property (guns) between private individuals subject to government meddling (background checks).

  17. Trump is a billionaire who will be 74 years old next year. He could be sitting on a beach sipping Mai Tais instead of enduring a massive, vicious attack from Democrat billionaires . Especially since the people he is trying to help have been too lazy in the past 3 years to lift a finger against the Democratic leadership and counterattack. I don’t think he will be impressed by your tantrums. Especially if you have directed none of them at Democrat plutocrats like Jeff Bezos and at Jeff’s Washington Post.

    The howling mobs on the political and news media blogs — the “social activists” — have lots of energy. In my opinion, it is the energy of paid prostitutes desperate to satisfy their pimps . Their two-faced hypocrisy and deceit is obvious to anyone who looks.

    But most voters are exhausted from earning a living and depend upon the lying national media for information. Because we have given them no other source. Fox? Don’t make me laugh.

    The Democratic Leaders have SCHOOLS to train their volunteers in how to win campaigns. Where is the Republican version. Come to think of it, where are the volunteers?

    Why has NRA and Wayne LaPierre been totally SILENT for the past 3 years while the gun control activists and their news media allies have exploited every mass shooting? Why has NO ONE pointed out that the shooters know they will not be executed because Democrat judges on the Supreme Court in the past several decades have made it impossible to execute murderers .

    An assault rifle is not much more powerful than a lever action Winchester — did we have these murderers 50 years ago?

    Or do the NRA leaders know they will get a lot more donations when gun owners have been stripped of their rights? Leaders who feel their reward is to derail trains and get paid to fix train wrecks instead of making the train run on time aren’t likely to win. Well, not win for their supporters. Personal agendas are another matter.

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