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Acetaminophen – Not Worth the Risk

DSV sent us this: Acetaminophen – Not Worth the Risk, by the Children’s Health Defense Team.

An excerpt:

“Despite its ubiquity, acetaminophen also has many critics. These argue that the drug’s path to prominence has been littered with errors, false assumptions and undue complacency about risks. Documented problems include life-threatening liver damage in individuals who consume acetaminophen in “excess amounts”—something that is all too easy to do, given the drug’s different aliases and the sheer number of products in which it is present—as well as cardiovascular disease and renal injury risks associated with long-term use. In the critics’ view, these and other problems make acetaminophen “one of the most dangerous compounds in medical use.”

In the U.S., roughly 500 deaths are attributable to acetaminophen each year, as well as 100,000 poison control calls, 50,000 emergency room visits and 10,000 hospitalizations. Most acetaminophen-related emergency department visits are in young children (under age 5), adolescents or young adults. The problem of accidental (or intentional) overdoses is worrisome enough, but there are other reasons to be concerned about acetaminophen use in young people—notably, the drug’s association with asthma and developmental disorders such as autism. The research linking acetaminophen to these epidemic-level chronic conditions suggests that the drug’s automatic inclusion in the childhood medicine cabinet ought to be reconsidered.”

SurvivalBlog Archive USBs Out of Production Until 2020

Reader John M. wrote to ask:

“Any update on when the blog Archive on USB stick may be again available for purchase?”

I replied:  “Sorry, but there won’t be another USB production run in 2019.  The updated version (with one additional year of archives, and even more bonus books) should be available in mid-January, 2020.”

What is Vaccine Shedding?

At the Mercola site: What is vaccine shedding?

Negative Reviews of Business Could Get You Sued

Kim Komando: Think before you post that negative review of a business online – you could get sued.

CSU: Avoid Using Words Like ‘America’ and ‘American’

By way of, there is this: College Urges Students To Avoid Using Words Like ‘America’ and ‘American’.

Chaotic South Africa

South Africa Plunged into Chaos: Army Troops Are Deployed Against Gangs in Cape Town – and Homeowners Fight ‘Land Invaders’ Squatting on Their Land. A quote:

“Johannesburg South residents have vowed to go to war with land invaders if the government continues to allow land invaders to build shacks in the area. The threat comes on the back of widespread protests last week in Zakariyya Park, Lenasia and Ennerdale.

By Friday 19 July, the protests had spread to other areas in the south of Johannesburg including Protea South and Kliptown.

More officers were deployed to the areas on Friday morning as the protests spread.

Many property owners said they had decided to take matters into their own hands because the government was not willing to address the issue of random land grabs in the area. The affected areas were on lockdown on Friday, with the main roads leading in and out of Lenasia blockaded with burning tyres and rubble. Traffic also built up on the Golden Highway as Eldorado Park and Zakariyya Park residents voiced their unhappiness by blocking it.

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) denied suggestions on Saturday that the land grabbers and property owners were attacking one another.”

Russian Nuclear Reactors Taken Offline Again

A hat tip to G.P. for spotting this article at Zero Hedge: Russian Nuclear Reactors Taken Offline In 2nd Serious Incident In Under A Week

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  1. Recipe: quick, easy and delicious

    1 can diced garlic & onion tomatoes
    1 can cannellini beans, drained & rinsed
    1 lb. Ground sausage, such as Jimmy Dean’s
    Shredded cheese (any kind you prefer)

    Brown and crumble sausage in large skillet. Add the beans and tomatoes. Serve with cheese on top. Soda crackers are very good with this meal.

  2. Regarding SB’s USB flashdrives…Please see my comment of Fri Jul 26th under Part4 of Marica Bernstein’s artcle. I stand by it…To me they are a must have.

  3. Re. Chaotic South Africa

    Power videos. Short, excellent audio.
    Questions for folks who are familiar with this crisis. It looks like landowners will have to take on the SA government. Are they capable of this? Do the logistics support organization to prevent divide and conquer?

    1. South Africa will be the site of the next big genocide. Every white living there will be killed unless they escape the country. Of course many non-whites will be killed as well because of multiple tribes who hate each other.

      1. My nephew married an Afrikaner and lived near South Africa. They have left Africa due to the instability, and that was about 5 years ago. Wow the stories I’ve heard.

  4. Negative Reviews of Business Could Get You Sued

    One more step closer to a complete collapse of the 1A. Next will be 2A and so forth and so on.

    Most lawyers are nothing but scumbags, using everything and anything to make a buck, with no regard for ethics or morality. Notice most politicians and Administrative Level Government workers are/were also lawyers. Funny that.

    I’ll be damned if I am going to be muzzled. Speak you mind, don’t be afraid.

    Keep you powder dry.

  5. Vaccine Shedding: Mercola is like a never Trumper, he is a never vaccine. He is also opposed to most life saving medicine and favors the make believe medicine that coincidently he profits from. “First do no harm.”

  6. Acetaminophen
    Maybe we need controls over this. We need the government to save us from ourselves at gunpoint by regulating every actual molecule allowed in medicines and then…finally…utopia will have been achieved or we could simply ban most dangerous substances so that stupid people won’t be stupid. Oh wait, uh, well, those things don’t work. What I really FEEL here is that we need somebody ELSE to do something about keeping my children SAFE from me and my medicine cabinet.

    1. Do you know how every Medicine works you put in your Body or must you trust your doctor `?

      Can your doctor check every Medicine he orders you to take or must he believe what the Producers and FDA tells him?

    2. Everything in moderation. If you are using it everyday then you should be looking at an alternative. I view ALL “medicines” as “chemicals” and strive to keep them out of my body. As one good Doc use to tell me- “Those are NOT side affects those ARE affects!!” Be kind to your live and kidneys.

      1. Yep. They are all bad, just some might solve a problem. I see no reason to take continued maintenance medicine that doesn’t cure the problem. The subscription medicine dependency industry is growing very quickly. Remember a few years back when Gilead Pharma (A large biotech company) cured Hep B? They were berated and admonished by wall street and the rest of the industry.

  7. RE: CSU,
    What a bunch of politically correct, offend no one idiots at Colorado State University. No wonder our country is circling the drain with educators like this preaching this crap to young people .

  8. Dear acetaminophen commenters,

    I’ve been a pharmacist for a loooong time, and have often thought that the MAIN cognitive process that is missing in the public, re: medications, is the failure to fully appreciate that EVERY med consumed bears risk, and, depending on the situation, benefits. This risk:benefit analysis is the very basis of modern medicine (when properly practiced). It should be clear to all that where there is no benefit (or very minimal benefit) ALL YOU HAVE LEFT IS RISK! In this circumstance, even a small risk is unacceptable to me. So, the first step is to ask “do I really need a drug?” – perhaps a Kleenex would suffice, or a little time to let the symptom pass.
    ThoDan, always enjoy your comments, but, with all its limitations and shortfalls, organized medical research (e.g., the FDA) is all we have. The alternative, is the tendency to believe anything OUTSIDE of “legitimate” medical research – strange tendency, indeed!
    Acetaminophen is a good antipyretic (in cases where fever reduction is warranted), but not much of an analgesic in most applications. If it works for you, just make sure you don’t take a combined total of more than 10 regular strength (325mg) tabs per 24 hours, and you won’t saturate the enzyme system responsible for metabolizing the drug.

    1. Many years when my daughter was 16 she had a couple of friends that just slept over almost every night. Good kids as I remember but one day I asked her to not have them stay over all the time. She said the one girl has problems with her mother and doesn’t want to go home. Well that kinda worried my so I insisted she should go home cause I don’t want her mother coming after me. She went home and two days later overdosed on acetaminophen, took about 50 tablets, probably a suicide attempt. 7 days later she died in a coma I’m not sure she ever regained consciousness. Putting aside how guilty I felt and how it affected my daughter it was a lesson about over the counter medications.

    2. @SH in TX

      That was the Point i was trying to make, they Need to be tested and validated if they do what they should and if they´re better than what it´s on the market, if their possible side effects are worth it and so on

  9. ThoDan and 3ADScout, I appreciate your comments. I recently completed a six week class on pain relief using breathing, food, herbs, exercise, singing (yep), and drugs.

    My sweet spouse and I are better equipped now to face whatever pain we encounter.

    Carry on

  10. Pain relief: Paris Island, S.C. Marine Corps boot camp, 1970. Gravel parking lot, on toes and elbows with chin in hands screaming, “Pain is good, Pain is good! Kill, kill, kill. After awhile it became quite enjoyable.

  11. The military IFAK kit carries Acetaminophen because it does NOT promote bleeding, unlike most painkillers. It also includes Mobic for the same reason. Of course, fentanyl or katamine are used for severe pain. But Tylenol and Mobic are recommended for moderate pain to help keep
    soldiers functioning.

    (Scroll down to section 10 — Analgesia )

  12. There are 300+ million people in this country. 500 deaths from acetaminophen does not sound like an enormous risk. (Not to minimize the tragedy for those 500.)

    That said, if I hurt or have sniffles or whatever I consider, do I want the risk in my body pretty my every time. Does not matter the medicine. Sometime I determine the risk is worth the potential relief. Often I do not. I just try to keep the intake low.

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