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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we’ll focus on a gator break-in. But first:

South African Army is Tapped Out

Our Editor-At-Large Michael Z. Williamson forwarded this: South Africa’s army has run out of money – here’s how bad things have got. Mike’s Comment: “Revolution is near in South Africa, and there’s no longer enough military force to stop it.” The article begins:

“The Department of Defence and Military Veterans has warned that a severe lack of funding could impact its ability to protect South Africa.

In a media briefing on Wednesday (17 July), Defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula said that her department has been forced to continuously adjust its plans downwards in response to the declining budget in recent years.

“The Defence Force is becoming progressively more unsustainable in terms of declining defence allocations,” she said.

“We have now reached the point where the Republic must decide on the kind of Defence Force it wants and what it can afford. We need a frank discussion very soon as we risk the irreversible damage to the defence force as a whole.”

In a portfolio committee meeting held earlier this month, the department said that the continued lack of funding may impact negatively on the ability of the SANDF to fulfill its constitutional mandate.

It added that over the past three financial years insufficient funds were available to cover expenditure related to compensation of employees.

This had led to the Department of Defence exploring additional sources of revenue, such as the sale of assets (including land), to cover the shortfall.”

Insurance Claim Denied After Destructive Gator Break-In

Reader DSV spotted this: Insurance claim denied after destructive Clearwater 11-foot gator break-in. A quote:

“A Clearwater [Florida] woman became something of a celebrity when a giant alligator broke into her home back in May.

But now, she says she’s getting anything but the A-list treatment from her insurance company as she tries to claim the damages the gator left behind.

At the end of May, Mary Wischhusen woke up in the middle of the night to find an aggressive, 11-foot-long gator had broken into her Eagles Landing home. The creature smashed windows, wine bottles, and glass furniture, and left holes in her walls.

The giant window toward the front of her home is still boarded up with plywood.”

Man Scales 19-Floor Apartment Building to Escape Fire

H.L. sent this article: Man scales outside of 19-floor apartment building to escape fire in Philadelphia.

The Truly Killer App

Over at Wired: These Hackers Made an App That Kills to Prove a Point. Here is a snippet:

Two years ago, researchers Billy Rios and Jonathan Butts discovered disturbing vulnerabilities in Medtronic’s popular MiniMed and MiniMed Paradigm insulin pump lines. An attacker could remotely target these pumps to withhold insulin from patients, or to trigger a potentially lethal overdose. And yet months of negotiations with Medtronic and regulators to implement a fix proved fruitless. So the researchers resorted to drastic measures. They built an Android app that could use the flaws to kill people.”

We Are on Our Own

Reid Heinrichs of Valor Ridge: We Are on Our Own: Why Voting is Not Going to Work.

Journalist Killed by Somali Terrorists in Ultimate Irony

File under “Burning Irony”: Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Gets Killed by Terrorists.

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  1. We Are on Our Own

    I have been pounding this drum for about 30 years. I’m going to be sixty soon. I’m still fit, I practice regularly, but I’m sure nowhere near as prepared as I used to be, due to my age. We need to do this war NOW!!!

    The snowflakes being turned out by society today will never have the guts or physical ability to make war. Most can’t even pass a basic physical. They will run to their little safe space and pet a puppy. They certainly don’t have what it will take.

    War is the only option left to us. This war should have been fought 30 – 40 years ago. Because of the delay it will be longer and bloodier.

    1. Agreed.

      This country was founded on Christian principles. At one point the USA was a 100% Christian [except for the American Indians]. The Constitution is written on Christian principles whereby human rights are grant from our Creator in Heaven and the government [Liberals] must keep their mitts off those human rights.

      Never are human rights to be summed into skin color, gender, sexual orientation, illegal status, or any other antichrist principle to ID people. Human rights are to be doled out to all of God’s creation EQUALLY and those rights are just what the founders stated… Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

      Does anyone realize that the Christian principled US constitution will be removed because it doens’t uphold human rights…. What? Yes, human rights of gays, women, blacks, illegals, and the like.

      We need this war now because these LEFTists are not supposed to be in this country, nor in politics, nor even protected by the US Constitution under their form of human rights. They are protected by God’s form of human rights.

      However, they will destroy this country and make it really difficult for the Christian to live and function once the US Constitution goes.

      Get these LEFTist communist OUT! Would you life in your home with a python lurking around every corner? Just because the python says it has rights to live among your family members doesn’t mean it’s just or prudent.

    2. I’m close to your age and I’ve decided that they’re waiting us out. After we die off America will be lost. I am worried about my daughter and grand-daughter.

  2. Re: South Africa… China will step in (if they haven’t already) and “assist” the So. African gov’t with protection and defense, with no strings attached, of course.

    Re: On our own…
    Reid is absolutely correct. To quote Mark Twain… “If voting made a difference, they’d make it illegal”. Washington DC is not a swamp, it’s a septic tank!
    And for those actually calling for (civil) war, chances are, you’ve never seen war so be careful what you wish for.

    In the mean time… Beans, Bullets, Bics and Band-Aids

  3. It is sad to hear that the young naive journalist was killed in Somalia but it shouldn’t come as any surprise. When you have fanatical Islamic military terrorist organizations like al-Shabab running loose in a country these things happen. Also what is not a surprise is that the story doesn’t even make mention of the 1,000’s of Somalis that have met a similar fate, after all they were not journalists. Most of these Islamic terrorists groups are made up of the lowest intelligent segment of the populations whom I believe are doing this more for a meal ticket than religious beliefs. Check out the IQ scores of sub Saharan Africans. I would put in the data here but I think you will believe it more it if you do the research yourself. Many will ask the question of what is to be done about this terrorism? I submit that you cannot always cure a problem so sometimes you can only isolate a disease and prepare your self.
    What to me is more the pity is that the average Somalis that I have worked with were just normal people and to have to flee your country because it has turned into a hell hole has to be a very sad and disturbing experience.

    1. “I submit that you cannot always cure a problem so sometimes you can only isolate a disease and prepare yourself.”

      What a wonderful phrase and widely useful. Thought of an influenza pandemic first but equally powerful for many situations. How often have we been told…”do not become unequally yoked with unbelievers…we have been set apart as a lantern on a hill”…for what purpose friends?…to start a civil war?…rather, I think, as an example as to how to act and behave.

      Loose war talk is nothing but loose no thought IMHO. Pray, let God lead, and prepare yourself for whatever life throws at you. And get out of your own way. God can mold us into what He wants us to be if we can only…get out of our own way. Individually and as a nation.

    2. One of the reasons that the United States adopted a formal immigration policy was because of the near-idiot low IQ of a massive group of immigrants that were coming to America at that time. The IQ’s of various ethic groups were tested, and this group came in dead last. Who were they?

      Eastern European Jews.

      Their children were stuffing medical schools, law schools and research departments, running corporations, etc. etc. a generation or two later.

      Similarly, village women in Iran once tested in the 60’s range of IQ. (The intricate Persian rugs they made should have raised a red flag on that one, but it didn’t.) Iranians are very, very far from stupid. They are Persians.

      Beware of ethnic group IQ tests. They do measure something, but it may not be what you think. First generation Japanese immigrants to the United States have an IQ that is about 15 points higher than their pure-blooded Japanese grandchildren who were born and raised here.

      IQ tests may not measure what you think.

  4. Rel. Why Voting is Not Going to Work.

    The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession. We need to walk away from Sodom; not start a fight. All members of the U.S. Military on foreign soil need to walk away from their Slave Master and come back home and actually defend their own soil.

    Mercy, start thinking like free people. Stop living in fear.

    1. “The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession.”

      How did that work out??? Right now voting is the most important thing you can do. Don’t believe those who would try to convince you not to vote. I would be suspicious of anyone using a conservative blog or media to try to convince conservatives to not vote.

      As for war/civil war/revolution; maybe it is in our future. Don’t look forward to it. It cannot and will not end with the restoration of a constitutional republic America is supposed to be. It will statistically end in a oppressive dictatorship or worse.

      1. Voting is something you still have to do. I doesn’t do a lot of good except to help keep the barbarians at bey. You vote until you don’t have any choice but to walk away. Now is not the time for secession. Better to subdivide the States than to break up the USA. It is still secession, but carried out on a manageable scale. It can be done without resorting to war.

        I agree with Ladywest. this loose talk of war, a secessionist war, is counter productive. I don’t want to take over the US government, I want to walk away. We can fight the coming war, state by state, and win. Maybe without firing a single shot. Our war is not with our fellow Americans, per say, it is with the large population centers in each state. That is where we need to concentrate our efforts. Isolate out the large population centers in Michigan and the rest of the state is a brilliant red and largely Christian state. The same goes for almost every state in the union. Even little Hawaii want’s to subdivide. The actual Hawaiians want their own state, carved out of one portion of the larger Hawaiian Islands. Push for that, long before you push for a very uncivil war.

        1. I literally PRAY that there is no civil war. But if it comes, it will be a long bloody, horrible tragedy on the order of WWII in Europe with a hundred million dead. But have no doubt that the left will be defeated. Not just defeated, but eliminated completely so the threat never returns. Work for peace, pray for peace, but steel yourself and prep for war. The right and center just want to be left alone to govern themselves, but the left wants the whole world to be ruled THEIR way. They will not leave us be. If they persist, it will mean their undoing, and their total destruction and eradification.

  5. Ole Granny, before you or any American start yet another war I suggest you clean up your own house first.

    You are absolutely correct about America’s founding principle regarding the rights of mankind. Our Declaration of Independence states, “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    But ask yourself, ‘Who has done more to deny these rights to mankind in the last 18 years than your U.S. Military?’ They have murdered, maimed, orphaned or displaced millions of innocent people.

    Christianity today is at the same level of decay as is America.

    1. @Montana Guy

      Thanks for your comment and I like reading yours as well. My point is the Israelites were commanded by God to remove the “…sites– Jebusites, Parasites, etc.” from their land or there wouldn’t be peace. Please read the quote below from Ben Franklin.

      Enough said!

      My thoughts on you military comments the past few weeks…

      The military knows they will fight the “next” war in 2020 (I’m reading this in magazines now). Reason? The Military Complex can only be fined tuned with their inventions of war stress tested in a real combat scenario. Why do think our military is so advanced? And why do you think they pull in Canadian, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, British, Australian, French, German, New Zealand soldiers into combat arenas in Afganistan… Albeit just gunning down goat herders in combat is enough for them to “stress test” their newest form of military complex gadgets.

      The best way to remain the most advanced military force, it is a MUST, to always engage in combat… Training just doesn’t add up to actual combat and deaths.

        1. If all you have to contribute to a discussion is that the United States Military is composed of people who have “murdered, maimed, orphaned or displaced millions of innocent people,” I really have no interest in engaging in a dialogue with you, especially on this web site.

          1. The U.S. military has liberated, freed, unenslaved, and saved the lives of more people in the world than any other organization in the history of the world. They are one of the most honorable, unselfish, and valiant militaries ever, composed of the most honorable men and women.

  6. Shoulda Coulda Woulda
    but yall aint so quit beating the drum, dead horse and whatever else. If that was the direction needed going you woulda already. Reids a grown man why ain’t he doing it right now at this very moment? Same reason your not
    Keep it real and don’t lay into the hype train to hard

  7. In my humble opinion, the US should be rolling out the green carpet for South African refugees. These people would be much more likely to be the types of refugees who will make a serious contribution to this country, much more so than what we are getting now.

    1. The problem with this is that there is absolutely no way to vet 3rd world people. They live in countries where there are few if any records kept on their behavior, what records are kept are easily altered for a few dollars by their corrupt government employees. This altering of records is certainly not unique to other countries. I have seen an illegal alien get a new Social Security card on a Sunday. Personally I believe in merit immigration only, this helps to filter out a lot of undesirables and parasites.

      1. Joe, perhaps I was not clear.

        It is highly likely that the people leaving South Africa would not be “Third Worlders.” They would be the farmers whose land had been seized by the government, as well as the educated class, in general.

        These people would be exactly the type we would get if our immigration system was based on merit. As it is, we are getting way too many of the “strong backs and weak minds” class, people with no education, no skills and no prospects to make a meaningful contribution to the country.

      2. As Survivorman said, it is the whites that are being driven out. We could use some more industrious people here in our country. Many of them are farmers, who could absolutely be successful in our country, as would the business owners, industrialists, and others who need a new home. For years, the left has tried to import only those who can do our country absolutely no good at all, not the best and the hardest working who will support themselves and be a benefit to our society.

  8. South Africa should serve as a warning to America. The whites built all of the cities, the infrastructure, created the industry, created the agriculture, developed the mining of valuable commodities, and built South Africa into a prosperous nation. The blacks benefited from all of this work that they could not have done themselves. Then, the left started in with their class struggle propaganda, and their anti-colonialism campaign. They convinced the blacks that the whites were taking advantage of them by not giving them that which they had not earned. Now, blacks are taking white-owned farms without compensating the white owners, threatening to kill all whites (just not right now, but eventually), and taking over completely. This will not end well for anyone. Their agriculture industry is collapsing, white people are being chased out, and the economy is failing.
    This is exactly what the left wants for America, and the rest of the world. Take away all private property from the evil white man. Eventually either enslave or kill the whites. Give everything to ANYONE who comes here, as long as they are not white. Eliminate ICE. Eliminate borders. Give drivers licenses and free healthcare to the illegals. Take away free speech from everyone but the left. Let felons and 16 year olds vote.

    Let South Africa be a lesson to you.

    1. Agree!

      Every time my wife and I go on a Christian mission trip to Africa, the first thing we do is build houses and dig wells for water. In fact, the black folk in Africa “love white privilege” as they say, because in their own words, “we get paved roads, MRIs at our newly built hospitals, air traffic controllers for our freshly built airports, homes, schools, books, food, and free hand outs.” They [the Africans] know the scenarios of whom is benefiting from whom — much better than the LEFT does in America.

      There was a Tennessee man [black and democrat] a few months ago spouting off that the “blacks own Trump because blacks were on the earth 2000 prior to whites.” Then out of the other side of his mouth was spouting a perfect example of this was “a black princess just married into the royal family in the United Kingdom.” [Referring to Mehgan Markle].

      I have to ask these leftist [even blacks who believe this rhetoric], just why is it that the blacks had such a head start on whites but live in fields today in poverty all across Africa but the whites in the British empire ran the entire world for over 500 years with the most advanced military, science, maritime, inventions, food processing, economy, healthcare, law and order.

      I have to agree Nathan that once the whites go, it will be a free for all–a society with no boundaries or advancements as such today. But in hindsight, that is the entire goal of the elites because that automatically rolls out the New World Order and the Mark of the Beast.

      Keep your powder dry…

      1. Read Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel for an answer to that question.

        Civilizations are based on readily available, excess quantities of food. The most food-rich place in the world was the Middle East. The vast majority of herded animals and cereal food crops originated there, as well as other staples.

        Only China did as well, and for the same reason.

        Most of Africa is unsuited for herding, and has poor quality food crops, low in protein.

  9. Best to keep shut about your likes and dislikes lest they be used against you. War will come soon enough, no need to wish for it. Keep your lanterns lit.

  10. If I remember correctly – didn’t South Africa develop nuclear weapons (or has the capability)? Having nukes in the hands of definite crazy people worries me – who may end up with one?

  11. The Truly Killer App
    My wife uses a Minimed. I sent her the Wired article. She said Minimed has fixed this issue in new pumps and this only affects the older versions of the pump and sensors. I can see people not wanting to pay for new/upgraded equipment, but there really is a need to replace the old with the new. This is similar to needing to keep your virus protection current on a computer. Bad people do bad things all the time.

  12. Re: Killer App. This was the plot in a Robin Cook novel, Cell.

    Anything created by people can be hacked by people. Use this stuff at your own risk.

  13. Unfortunately there are overwhelming reasons to believe that no one will be happy with the results of the 2020 election. I’ve been yammering about this on Gab for awhile now. I’ll try to put it into a nutshell, and then go replace the trans and clutch in the truck. Google has been exposed by Dr. Robert Epstein, and another senior Google employee, a Sr. Engineer, PHd, computer science, that Google is planning on swinging up to 15 to 20 million votes using various sophisticated techniques to manipulate. And they increasingly censor, and suppress conservative and Libertarian voices on the Big Tech platforms that will decrease political support for the remaining good guys in the government, and abroad, as well as significantly decreasing a turn out for Trump, as they had planned to do 2016, but didn’t bother as they figured they already had the Hag in the bag(a snide reference, a Hilary shoe-in). Trump, btw, doesn’t fully appreciate the influence of alt-media, but Big Tech does.

    Although Trump is rising in popularity, the yield curve is still inverted, signaling recession. Trump cannot control the failing financial system. Lowering interest rates is not going to fix the underlying problem… Anyway, with the collapse of the border worsening, bring in more future socialist-commie voters for 2020, and beyond, and with Big Tech’s manipulation, Trump could loose, even if the economy is doing well, and it likely will not be doing well in 2020. As it is, for the effects of a good/bad economy on voting, Williams using an informal survey (, shows us that the economy is ‘perceived’ to better in some regions that is it elsewhere. At best, it is a mixed bag of perceptions about how the economy is doing, hence a questionable potential vote for Trump and there is still a year to go. Yet voters are increasingly aware of the debauchery occurring, with some wiser democrats breaking ranks, so it may be that some voters are less likely to vote their pocket book. If Trump wins, the DemSoC’s (democratic-socialist, commies)( does not include traditional democrats) have been spinning up their radical subversives- supporters (especially Antifa), and have a massive influx of radicalized-immigrants continuously invading at a rough estimated rate of 200,000 plus/month. All this is occurring simultaneously along with, the EU politically, and Deutsche Bank, that are both imploding. Rising gold and silver prices are a bad sign. And going into the fall, the stock market may finally correct as confidence can no longer be created by the stock buy backs, and Exchange Stabilization Fund, possibly still the once famous, President’s Plunge Protection Team (Reagan era,), the result of Black Friday, Oct. 87′.

    There is more I could yammer on about, but that is the SITREP (situation report), I got’s for now. Time to get greasy pulling the trans. Trump is like a pilot in a plane headed straight for the ground. He is desperately attempting to re-start the engines when he should considering a bolder to decision to eject. I hope he has a solid COG plan in place. Frankly I think he he should have his finger on the reset button, and be prepared to oversee a bankruptcy proceeding of These United States. Otherwise it will be the un-United States in matter days, a process he will have little control over and 10’s of millions would die. Have no doubt, it will pit neighbor against neighbor, even in your neighborhood. I believe if Trump had time to fully appreciate the Big Tech threat, the collapsing border, and the collapsing financial system, he could justify a bold intervention. It could be that Trump may not perceive that he has the political support yet, but I believe is he literally over his head in the swamp, and regardless, he must be prepared to hit the panic button, and assume the control a President in this unprecedented situation, should have. Trump had to have learned PACE in the military academy. I hope he ain’t forget, or perhaps he has not had the time. After-all who can he really trust to help? If not, Trump is irrelevant to our future. If he takes out Big Tech and closes the border early, then he might win. I do not see that happening fast enough. And the financial system, then economy could crash, and that appears to be happening. The dollar could drop like a rock, and stocks and metals could rise as dollars run to safe haven.

    Well this is bit more than a nutshell’s worth. Please be advised that I’ll be slow to respond, has I am supposed to pulling the transmission today…. but then, may be not….

    1. If not war than what? There are NO other options. Is it going to be pleasant NO. Will it be a horror…..YES.

      Just think where we would be if the founders were afraid to do the right thing. We would still be paying tribute to the King of England.

      Sometimes war and killing is the only option. And nobody is wishing for a war, it has been forced upon us by the leftists. I will NOT give up my way of life and my beliefs. If you want to………go for it, move to South America, they’ll be more than happy to enslave you.

      1. The Soviet Union dissolved without war. Depression yes. Suffering yes. But not war.

        I have some very limited insight into what that looked like from a US ship captain I have worked with a few times. He went over there as a “fishmaster” (basically a consultant) for a major US seafood company right after the fall. The company had acquired new rights to buy fish from the Russians and it was his job to go over and get Russian boats and crews functional and catching fish and then selling those fish to his company.

        First hard currency was king. In his case US dollars. He went over with literally a suitcase of cash.

        Second the poverty and corruption were massive. The sailors were regularly ripped off by “inspectors” who would come on board and steal everything that was not nailed down or hidden well enough, including food. The first US of his suitcase of money was to buy the crews food which he could do in the best stores because he had US dollars.

        Another example of the corruption. To fuel one of the fishing boats he found himself moored outboard a Russian destroyer, pumping fuel from the destroyers tanks and the paying the crew of the destroyer in US dollars. It appeared the crew of the destroyer was using the money to buy food as they were not getting paid or fed.

        Third the dispacement of the people appeared to be pretty significant. The crews he worked with were largely not professional mariners. They were often displaced doctors, lawyers and other professionals who could not find work in their own fields but managed to find work on the boats somehow. Which always begs the question where were the mariners? I don’t know. Maybe they found work on foreign flagged vessels?

        Anyway, it was ugly but not violent. People were scrambling about doing whatever they needed to do to survive.

        If anyone has any similar insights into what the fall of the Soviet Union looked like for common people, I would be very interested. Or maybe what Iceland’s default looked like for average people. Some interesting information coming out of Venezuela about the plight of average people but over all I don’t see much solid info from other places.

      2. You miss the point completely. War will not end in a glorious victory in three months where you get everything you wish for. It will more likely be a disaster where all of you/the “patriots” are killed off in the first few months and “kids” teens and young men fight on led by fools and die in the thousands for a dream that will never be realized (that by the way is an apt description of the civil war). But in the end the war effort will be co-opted by nefarious forces, probably foreign nations, to overthrow our country which will result in mass murder and enslavement of our citizens. It will not end in some nirvana result where we fully restore all our constitutional rights. At best it is a fool’s errand.

  14. Jesus will not save you from a life like that in South America. I’m sure many of those folks in South America, Cuba, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the list goes on, prayed to their respective gods also.

    Only people determined to live free and willing to fight and die for it will save this country now. You can use whatever, cop out/excuse you want to avoid the inevitable.

    No disrespect meant.

      1. @ Nathan Hail

        I have read the Bible, Koran, Torah, and most religious documents all the back to Zoroastrianism. I was a Theology minor in college at SLU.

        But I don’t know how your last statement addresses the issue being discussed here.

        1. “I have read the Bible, Koran, Torah, and most religious documents all the back to Zoroastrianism. I was a Theology minor in college at SLU.”
          That only makes you an educated nothing.
          The only way to the Father (God) is through the Son.
          How to get to Heaven ? Simply admit to Jesus that you are a sinner and accept His forgiveness. You don’t have to go to church. You don’t have to give any money. Doesn’t matter who you are. Doesn’t matter what you have done. God now sees you as white as snow. Congratulations !
          I will see you in Heaven !

          1. @Nathan Hail

            So you revert to the leftist tactic of casting insults “That only makes you an educated nothing.” when you have no logical argument to pose.

            So sad.

            Again I see no point to your last two comments. They do not move the conversation forward. I guess that is the purpose of them however, to just end any logical conversation. Very similar to the “you’re a racist” conversation killer that the leftists use.

            Maybe you should re-read your bible again.

            Farewell, Mr. Hail.

  15. I have a general question for the astute Survival Blog readers. My grandson went to talk to a National Guard recruiter and he told my grandson something very interesting. He told him that he would have to periodically reenlist unless there was a Civil War then he would have to stay in. Is this something that the National Guard is preparing for now with all the discord in our country? Are they preparing and training for a Civil War? Any comments.

    1. Interesting report. Not too surprising, yet interesting nonetheless. It is probably safe to say is that there is a growing awareness among some parts of the military, just as there is in the general population, yet this recruiter was open about it. IHMO, it does not mean the National Guard is, or is not, preparing, but it does mean some are thinking, and some are likely talking. Anyone who would make a difference is at least, thinking. I could not, for a variety of reasons, advise anyone to join up these days. Families will need all the help they can get, and the young are the most physically able.

    2. Yes.

      The government has been playing war games for decades with the exclusive purpose of targeting American Civilians. With mocked up towns and targets resembling typical Civilians and armed patriots.

      This is common knowledge.

      The Clinton’s put this into practice during the Waco, TX siege and Ruby Ridge.

      You have also seen the government assault ranchers in the West, and assassinate one. This last one was so that the Clinton’s could go forward with their Uranium One deal………..wait for it…………with the Russians.

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